Thailand must investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai Investigate Thailand's Udom Tantiprasongchai
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Prime Minister must investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai

Mr. Tantiprasongchai, chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines, has been granted permission to operate and expand his airlines, despite serious factual allegations made by One-Two-Go pilots and troubling documents and other information made public by Australian television that allege serious illegalities.

They claim that Udom Tantiprasongchai regularly and personally engaged in questionable activities that tragically led to a highly foreseeable crash.

According to these allegations:

  • Mr. Tantiprasongchai personally encouraged One-Two-Go and Orient Thai pilots to fly unsafe airplanes.
  • Mr. Tantiprasongchai paid bonuses to One-Two-Go and Orient Thai pilots for exceeding legal maximum flying hours and encouraged other unsafe behaviors.
  • Mr. Tantiprasongchai bribed Thai aviation authorities (the DCA) to overlook these improper activities.

If any of these allegations is true, clearly Mr. Tantiprasongchai is guilty of criminal conduct and, should that be the case, Mr. Tantiprasongchai must be prosecuted and prevented from expanding his airlines.

There can be no question that tourism in Thailand will suffer as word continues to spread that the authorities do not control Thai-based airlines. Thailand is a popular destination because of its beauty and its hospitality, but only a full investigation of this wrongdoing will reassure tourists of air safety.

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Full petition text:
“After the crash of Flight OG 269 resulting in 90 deaths, only an independent and transparent investigation by authorities can allay the fears and suspicions caused by allegations of apparently illegal actions on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines. Prime Minister, please set the fears and suspicions of citizens and future guests to Thailand to rest.”


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I lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269.

I would vacation in Thailand, if I felt safe.

I invest in Asia.

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This campaign brought to you in memory of the passengers of Flight OG 269.
Please direct inquires to Bonnie at

We, the families and friends of those who lost their lives on flight OG 269, along with other concerned individuals,
seek justice for the dead and injured as well as safety for future travelers.

Signatures - 6312

1. Bonnie Rind (on Feb 19, 2008) United States
"Thailand needs to show the world she cares about the safety and well-being of her guests. Show us you want us to visit. Investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai."

2. Leah Scheuerman United States
"Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai's role in the airline crash of Flight OG 269 in Phuket on September 16,2007. My 42 year old son, Stefan Woronoff, full of life and looking forward to a great future was killed in the crash."

3. David S. Woronoff United States
"Simple justice requires a fair, unbiased,thorough investigation of this man."

4. Karen Woronoff United States
"So many lives were lost due to the greed and indifference of the chairman of One-Two-Go Airlines. How does he sleep at night?"

5. Debra Pressman-Gimbel United States
"Please investigate thoroughly the cause(s) of this crash, future lives are at stake."

6. Mark Wilenski United States

7. John Coleman United States
"Please investigate and determine the cause(s) of the crash and any and all contributing factors.
Please ensure swift corrective ands lasting action."

8. Linda Chester United States
"please investigate - this is too important not to, thank you"

9. Jamie Kusmik United States
"The investigation of Udom Tantiprasongchai is a necessity to ensuring the safety of future visitors of Thailand. Because of the callousness and greed of Mr. Tantiprasongchai, I lost a brother and friend who held Thailand deep in his heart."

10. Carole Miller United States

11. Rachel Gimbel United States
"Truth comes out one way or another. Do the right thing and gain back people's trust. Redeem the Thai travel industry by openly weeding out the unsafe and corrupt airlines. Prove that only safe travel is Thai travel. Who really benefits from allowing this airline to cut costs and do bad business? Not Thailand. I was planning to study Thai Massage in Thailand next year, but I definitely don't feel safe flying there now. My family shouldn't lose more than one child to your airplanes! "

12. Caesar Naples United States

13. James M. Fauvell United States

14. Stefan Kozlowski United States

15. ELLIN S. RIND United States
"I have postponed a planned trip to Thailand because of what I perceive as dangerous flights."

16. William Kusmik United States
"Please fully investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai and his responsibility in the crash of flight 269 in Phuket, so that others are not killed needlessly as was my brother & friend. In doing this I ask that you please ensure that other families are not made to suffer the loss that his family has. Thank You"

17. Will Gimbel United States

18. Marie Pechet United States
"Please investigate this crash, for so many reasons already named."

19. Pamela D Sullivan United States

20. Michael McGee United States

21. Kenneth Rind United States
"My wife has been urging me to vacation in Thailand, but I will not do so until I feel this crash has been resolved."

22. David Rind United States

23. Oleg Gitin United States

24. Michael Lippert United States

25. Gael Ann Dow United States

26. Janet Danforth United States
"Please demonstrate to the world that One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines care more about human life than corporate greed by conducting a full investigation into the crash of Flight OG 269."

27. Michael C. Ward United States
"Situations like this accident must be addressed without hesitation and analyzed in a complete and impartial manner. Safe air travel is a key factor in a nation's growth and its international standing. Your duties as the elected head of state require you to take the steps necessary to re open this investigation.

Your attention is appreciated,
Michael C. Ward"

28. Zoe McLaughlin United States

29. Mirella Georgescu United States

30. Dickran Ghazarian United States

31. Susan DeFonzo United States
"Please investigate this terrible crash thoroughly and fairly. The families of the victims deserve peace, and future travelers deserve safety. Thank you."

32. Johanna Cushing United States

33. Victoria Bilski United States
"It is incumbent on those in power to use it wisely, justly and humanely. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Thailand should make certain that a fair unbiased investigation of the cause(s) of this tragedy is made in a timely manner to prevent future tragedies. Equally important, the government should make sure that the information regarding the on going investigation is communicated to those who have lost loved ones. The government should show the world how Thailand handles such a tragedy by sharing the results of the investigation and the corrective measures it is taking to ensure that this doesn't happen again."

34. Rick Hughson United States

35. deborah shapiro United States
"this is inexcusable!"

36. James Langlois United States

37. Elliot Rosengarten United States

38. Charlie Atwood United States

39. john Blackall United States
"My CLose Freind Lost his Brother on this Flight. After hereing about this, and the cover up's that takeing Place, IF something is not done to correct the problem, it will happen again. Next time maybe some one you know or worse yet a family memebr. do not let this go with out reconizing there is a problem and makeing the right people accountable for their Actions."

40. Doug Tedder United States

41. Renee Atwood United States
"Please investigate this tragic accident of Flight OG 269 to insure this type of accident doesn't happen again. Everyone that boards a plane deserves to know that the pilots are qualified and capable of safely flying with all the lives that are entrusting them to reach their desination. No airline should ever compromise the safety of their passengers by flying unsafe airplanes under any circumstance. "

42. john weeks United States

43. Debra Elliott United States
"I am appalled to hear of the lack of adherence to safety standards. I used to work for The Boeing Company and I know from experience that Boeing supports older planes and that service requests/advisements on these planes. This airline must be held to a minimum level of standards for maintenance and for crew working hours. Please investigate and bring this airline into compliance."

44. Mark Brown United States

45. ron cohen Israel
"human lives are more important then money!!!!!!!!!!111"

46. robert lano United States
"This terrible abuse by One Two Go management must be stopped.
It is incumbent on those in power to use it wisely, justly and humanely. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Thailand should make certain that a fair unbiased investigation of the cause(s) of this tragedy is made in a timely manner to prevent future tragedies. Equally important, the government should make sure that the information regarding the on going investigation is communicated to those who have lost loved ones. The government should show the world how Thailand handles such a tragedy by sharing the results of the investigation and the corrective measures it is taking to ensure that this doesn't happen again.""

47. Philip D. Hill United States

48. James Fauvell United States
"I cancelled my planned trip to Thailand and will not reschedule until I know something has been done to make this airline safe for its passengers."

49. Ann Collette United States
"Dear Sir,

I have been to Thailand 6 times in the last 6 years, and have visited Phuket. But, until this situation is resolved, I doubt I will return to Phuket by air, as this horrific crash makes me worry about the safety of another trip there."

50. Alan D. Rose United States
"It is vitally important to the victims of the crash of Flight OG 269, and vitally important to your country as well, that you investigate the causes of the crash and publicize your findings as soon as possible. Full disclosure is mandatory."

51. Helene K. Handelman United States
"Please publish and correct the causes of the crash of Flight OG 269, which caused 90 deaths."

52. Sharon Rydbom United States

53. Binu Johnson United States

54. michael remmey United States

55. brian remmey United States

56. kate remmey United States

57. Al Scheuerman United States
"There has to be standards that all airlines must abide to without letting greed interfere with the safety of human life. I lost a great friend that had a very bright future and will never be able to live his dreams. As a prime Minister, you need to make sure that the airlines are safe for everyone in the future. It appears that lives have been lost due to poor judgment, greed and unlawful acts by many. Please make those responsible for this tragedy accountable. This kind of senseless accident could have been avoided if the rules and guidelines were followed. With that said, this must not be overlooked and must be investigated for the safety of ALL."

58. Lisa Procaccini United States

59. Susan Bennett United States

60. Dawn McGee United States

61. Susan Suwalski United States
"My sister-inlaw lost her brother on flight OG269!!!!!"

62. Sue Simmons United States
"With regard to One-To-Go Flight OG 269, an investigation needs to be pursued on behalf of those who perished and those who lost loved ones. Despite his connections and wealth, Udom
Tantiprasongchai needs to face accountability, and not be able to subtly escape the responsibility he has in the airline disaster. Please, persevere on behalf of the deceased."

63. Anne Eglinton United States
"All travelers want to know that they can trust the airline with which they fly. If there is any doubt, an investigation is imperative."

64. Jason Cromwell United States

65. Royal Weddingfeld United States

66. Stephanie Jerrick United States

67. Larry Nathanson United States
"There should be an independent investigation of this tragic crash and the serious allegations concerning the cause. I would not feel safe traveling to Thailand if this was not taken seriously."

68. Lorena McDonald United States
"Everyone deserved to know the details of how their loved ones die, and those who are responsible for that death need to be held accountable. "

69. Kathy Schenck United States

70. Jill Myers United States

71. Lisa Burnsed United States

72. Sarah Shaver United States

73. Susan Allard United States
"I hope that this tragedy forces your country to re-evaluate how airlines run there. We have very strong guidelines which has prevented issues like this.

Thank you for your time."

74. David Bennett United States

75. Mel D. Paulson United States

76. shari shapiro United States
"please stop flying your planes with inept pilots and a landing field not big enough for safe landings!"

77. Michael Cassettari United States

78. Stacey Nathanson United States

79. Adele Revella United States

80. Jim Davidson United States
"Dear Sir:
I have flown to Phuket before on vacation and would like to do so once again. However, the unsettled nature of this horrible crash makes me nervous to visit Phuket in the future.

I respectfully urge you to fully investigate the cause of this crash, to make the results public, and to inflict fines and punishment to anyone found responsible.
Thank you for your jelp
Sincerely, Jim Davidson"

81. Tavon Davis United States
"Please take the time to investigate this tragic accident. Families that have lost loved ones deserve to know what really happened and have this investigation resolved. Travelers need to be assured that they are on a safe plane and Airlines are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their passengers."

82. Paul Chafetz United States

83. Dona McCormack United States

84. Vincent United States
"probably not your decision all together, but still not a good one."

85. Mary Jane Suzman United States
"Our neighbor lost her brother in this crash. It is critical to the safety of future passengers that the causes of the crash be properly investigated and necessary safety regulations be instituted. "

86. Ryan Gloden United States

87. James Cassettari United States

88. Robin Woronoff United States
"Please allow the families and friends of the victims of flight OG269 to have some sort of closure. My brother died on that flight and I need to know what happened. My family would love to travel to Thaliand and see the place that my brother held so dear to his heart. We will not make that trip until we feel safe flying in your country. Thailand should want to provide tourists with a sense of ease regarding travel and safety. Udom should not be allowed to put any more lives at risk! Please investigate the cause of the crash of OG269 and the serious allegations regarding One Two Go Airlines!!!"

89. Aaron Krause United States

90. Patricia DeMuth United States

91. Suvi Kinnarinen Finland

92. Lily Coleman United States

93. Adam Stanley United States

94. Ann-Mara Lanza United States

95. Brenton Sellers United States

96. Joyce L. Barnes United States

97. Jason Holmberg United States
"It is imperitave that every effort is made to work on behalf of those who have been lost so that the passing is not in vain. "

98. Roxane Offner United States

99. Michelle Riley United States

100. MacKenzie Budd United States

101. Diana Hess United States

102. Tony Quinn United States
"My heart goes out to the Woronoff family. I'm very sorry for your lose. You deserve an investigation. Tony"

103. Geoffrey United States

104. Adam Bitz United States
"Please open an investigation into this."

105. Cassie Johnson United States

106. Pam Perez United States

107. Deborah Bretzfelder United States
"I lost a relative who was dear to me. He was a young man planning yo begin a new and exciting career,and came to Thailand, where he had lived for several years, to visit with this beloved person, before beginning an exciting new career in the United States.It is pitiful to know that he died because of neglgence on the part of a Thailand airplane. His parents, siblings and friends all grieve for him. This crash seems to have been due to avoidable causes that took his young life and many others with him."

108. Deborah and Robert Bretzfelder United States

109. Brent Edmonds United States

110. susan guber United States

111. VJOLLCA DORE United States

112. Kathryn Evans United States
"How many other people must loose their lives before such negligent business practices are looked into? Don't wait until it is your loved one who becomes a victim."

113. Thanpitcha Chanid Thailand
"Mr Prime Minister,I lost my beloved Stefan in the air crash. This has ruined my life.The least you can do is bring those responsible before the Court. "

114. Holly Vitow United Kingdom
"My friend Alex Collins was on this flight - if he died due to negligence then those responsible need to be made accountable. "

115. Becky Farley United Kingdom

116. Daniel Ward United States
"The truth is already known, especially with the reports from Australia. It's time to take responsibility, reopen this case and unbiasly, share that information publicly with loved ones whom have lost someone as well as all who could potentially travel by air.
How long will it take before the right thing is done?"

117. Robert M Newton United States

118. Kimberly R Paulson United States

119. Lawrence Brenner United States

120. Deborah Bretzfelder United States

121. Karl Bretzfelder United States

122. Marc Bretzfelder United States

123. Avi Fogel United States
"The allegation are quite serious and will cause tens of thousands of potential; tourists with choice to select other destinations. Only an unbiased 3rd party investigation, with appropriate corrections, if needed, will revive people's faith that you can visit Thailand, without risking your life."

124. Margaret Collins United Kingdom
"My 22 year old son Alex and his girlfriend Bethan both lost their lives in the crash. Both had just graduated and had a wonderful lust for life, looking forward to their well earned six month break. Only three days into their holiday they innocently booked this flight, it was not part of their plan. My only child innocently booked an airline ticket and lost his life, please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai. Alex and Bethan were beautiful, intelligent people and deserve at least this much."

125. rita effron United States

126. Mario Macera United States
"Anyone in a position of responsibility must be accountable when their actions to ensure peronal gain hurt others."

127. William Remmey United States
"Please investigate this crash of flight OG 269 and Udom Tantiprasongchai
Thank you

128. Linda Smoke United States
"Please investigate this crash and any actions legal or otherwise on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai. Regards"

129. Lisa DiBlasi United States
"Nothing will bring back our loved ones, but the owner of this airline should be punished if there is any indication that he was dealing negligently in order to make more money. Thailand's reputation as a vacation spot is at stake. "

130. John F. DiBlasi United States

131. Natalia Sigal Israel

132. Debby United States
"Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai"

133. Ann R. Kusmik United States
"My daughter-in-law lost her brother on this flight."

134. Jeff Kroeker United States

135. Kim Zeylmaker United States
"Sad end for all that were lost in this tragic crash. We want to make sure it never happens again."

136. Patricia Rind United States
"I urge you to make sure there is a proper and thorough investigation into the causes of this crash. The families of the victims have a right to know what caused it. Additionally, it is incumbent upon you to make flying in your country safe for all future passengers."

137. Doris & Frank DiBlasi, Jr. United States

138. Peter Preko Ghana

139. Lena Kumassah-Preko Ghana

140. Michael Siegel United States

141. Monika Kakucska Canada

142. brandon godin Canada

143. Bembaron France
"Puisse cette petition ouvrir les yeux au monde entier sur l'horrible deshonneur que one two go fait votre pays"

144. JONI eVANS United States

145. Michael Effron United States
"To: Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,

Please begin this investigation without delay.

Michael Effron"

146. Guedon Nicole France

147. Guedon Eric France

148. Kristen DeBias United States

149. Bembaron France

150. Deanna Malara United States

151. Lori Daniels United States
"Please, out of respect of the many lives lost, investigate and make necessary changes to prevent future crashes."

152. Sara Sewell United States

153. Bruce and Susie Bendel United States

154. William von Wartburg Australia

155. Robert A. Scheuerman United States
"The allegations warrant a major investigation. My friend lost his life, and everyone who knew him lost something that makes life good. Please find out exactly what happened and why. The truth can certainly help prevent a similar tragedy."

156. Josie A. Scheuerman United States

157. Greg Silliman United States

158. Planchon Hlne France

159. Macaire France
"My two parents died in this accident. Time has come for this man to face his responsabilities. Give the world a message : "this will not happen again"."

160. Bernard Davison Australia
"All accidents on mass transportation should be investigated to international standards."

161. Fred Hagist Australia

162. Nancy Kalin United States
"This was a tragedy waiting to happen. With such mis-management of One-Two-Go airline, it is bound to happen again. A new and thorough investigation is in order."

163. Kim Zeylmaker United States
"I hope that the problems that led up to the needless death of one of my dearest friends will be fixed so ithers will not suffer the same fate."

164. Edward Gross United States
"I have vacationed in Thailand several times, but now feel that the government is unwilling to pursue reasonable measures in trying to learn the root cause of this crash. This is something a reasonable and concerned governing body should and would want to investigate- not just dismiss it. "

165. Amy Donahue United States

166. aimee lambert United States
"Not looking into this is a crime!"

167. Leslie Roy United States

168. Mabel Liang United States

169. Joseph N. Paulson United States

170. Zemmour France

171. Gambu France

172. ABECASSIS France
"il ne faut plus que cela arrive!"

173. Thierry LE DANTEC France

174. CAHUZAC France
"A great country like Thailand can not suffer to jeopardize his future development by leaving unpunished such behaviours and criminal lack of standards.
Some of us have lost parents others friend or relatives: Justice shall prevail.

175. Julien Amouroux France

176. COORNAERT Frederic France
"It is essential for the families of victims and the development of Thailand to set up a thorough investigation so as to clarify roles and responsabilities in this matter."

177. Donna Savoy United States

178. BREGEARD France
"Faites en sorte que les responsables soient punis et que a ne ce reproduise plus. Les familles des victimes ont confiance en vos autorits, soyez en digne svp.

Rmi Brgeard (pre dcd dans le vol OG 269)"

179. Conquet France

180. Tyson Goodridge United States

181. Jaime Bramble United States

182. Julie Carmann United States

183. Brendan Donahue United States

184. Frank Smietana United States
"This disgraceful state of affairs must be addressed immediately.
Prime Minister, please investigate these charges immediately."

185. Franklin Andrew McQuay United States
"What we do in life attracts energies - what we don't do in life also attracts energies - please do what is right and investigate why your fellow humans lost their lives on your watch. What you do now sets Karma upon you for eternity."

186. Nick Gauthier United States

187. Scott Raderstorf United States

188. Linda Banchetti United States

189. Lindsay Bramble United States

190. George Linthicum United States

191. Neil Savage United States

192. Nanette Simenas United States

193. Richard Taylor United States
"Please Investigate"

194. Mark Friedman United States

195. R.P.F. Kozlowski United States

196. anne Bollinger United States

197. rachel United States

198. Gloria Stauff United States
"Mr. Prime Minister:
Please do the right thing and conduct an unbiased investigation of these allegations"

199. christian nelson United States

200. Hyuk Jo United States

201. Janet Kozlowski United States

202. bembaron gerard France
"cette petition est signe tant en mon nom personnel qu'au nom de l association cee en france a la suite de cette tragedie."

203. Melanie United States
"Please do an investigation to prevent further careless loss."

204. Margaret and John Budd United States

205. Elena Kozlowski United States

206. JoAnne Zarling United States
"I lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269."

207. RUSSO France

208. lefevre France

209. DeAnna Hill United States

210. Laura Doyle United States

211. Laura Wike United States
"Please investigate into the crash of OG 269. Many precious lives were lost."

212. Kim M. Geltz United States

213. Colleen United States

214. David Cross United Kingdom

215. Malcolm Johnson Thailand
"Usual Thai whitewash I'll stick to Thai airways in future"

216. jamie franklin United States
"the truth needs to be told so this does not happen again"

217. crespin France
"Il est trop dur de voir partir un ami dans ces conditions. J'ai visit la Thalande en 2004, trs beau et chaleureux pays que j'aspire revisiter mais avec des conditions de scurits certaines.
Notre ami nous manque tellement. Il faut que les responsables soient jugs. "

218. CRESPIN France
"Ma douleur est trop profonde pour russir l'crire !

Le pb est qu'elle se transforme peu peu en colre !"

219. Sven Lans Norway

220. Sarah Stoughton United Kingdom

221. John Woodland United States
"These allegations seem strong enough to encourage a transparent and objective investigation into the practices of One-Two-Go & Orient Thai Airlines. "

222. Michelle Dannaher United States

223. Christine D. Maze United States
"I lost my young, talented nephew on this flight who was only attempting to take a vacation from all his hard work. Now he is gone and the world has lost a great man. For him and all the others lost in this terrible crash this must be investigated to give some peace to the survivers and to keep it from ever happening again."

224. Jeff David United States

225. M. Grimaldi United States

226. thous France

227. Sharon Cassettari United States
"appreciate your investigating this travesty. A brother of a dear friend died in this crash. thank you so much"

228. Dean Pilato United States
"Investigate the unsafe practices of this airline!!!!
This kind of business parctice is totally unacceptble!!!!"

229. randy suinn United States
"Thailand is such a wonderful country to visit. I've been there several times myself and have flown into Phuket from Bangkok before. These are terrible and quite unsettling allegations which I hope a thorough and open investigation would be able to determine if these airlines were indeed negligent. If these allegations are true and knowing that an airline such as One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines is allowed by the Thai government to operate in such unsafe manner, I cannot recommend to anyone that travelling by air in Thailand is safe. I hope you will take this matter seriously and launch a thorough investigation into One-Two-Go and Orient Thai airlines.
Thank you very much Prime Minister."

230. MARNEF France

231. Doris Geiselman United States
"I am the greiving mother of Michael Falcone who was killed in this horrible and senseless accident. Mike was a beautiful and talented person only 35 years old and now he is gone. We need an investigation to get closure and justice for ALL of the families who are suffering every day with the loss of their loved ones. Please don't ignore this as though they were not important enough. Mike deserved better. "

232. Patricia Jasso United States

233. abecassis France
"do something and quickly please."

234. Erna Donahue United States

235. Sharon Harris United States
"My nephew was killed in this crash. It was an error on there part also with the pilots. It is such a trial for the whole family. We just can't believe it yet. Such stupidity on the airlines part,and neglect. We will never get over this. "

236. jennifer O'Connor United States

237. Connie Taylor United States
"My Friend Ann's daughter-in-law lost her brother in this crash."

238. Clement Campeau Canada  
"I am an ex Orient Thai pilot and would happily testify of OX's criminal conduct. I have in my possession documents that could serve as proof of wrongdoing in a court of law"

239. kris mailhotte United States

240. Susan Berry United States

241. John Suwalski United States
"Something has got to be done to protect the safety of airline passengers. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law lost their brother from circumstances that could have been avoided. Death from an accident is tragic. Death from something avoidable is unconscionable."

242. william ames United States

243. Glen Craigie Thailand
"As a resident of Thailand I ask that you, as the leader and PM of the country, "do the right thing" and conduct an honest unbiased investigation of this person and not allow politics, money, or position to influence the outcome as it usually does here in Thailand. It is far past the time that Thailand set a new standard with respect to corruption, bribes, kickbacks, nepotism, and most importantly *equal* justice."

244. Stacey New Zealand

245. Luis Pauchard Germany

246. Richard Suinn United States

247. Rob Parson United States
"My brother,(best friend), died in this crash. I will never be able to fill the empty void in my soul,But he will live in my heart forever, His name is Mike Falcone."

248. Joe Chiang United States
"Please allow NTSB investigation of the OG269 accident be published to the public for it will clearly show that Udom and the corrupt culture at Orient Thai is clearly responsible.
Thank you!"

249. RICK FALCONE United States
"My Son and only child precious life was taken Aboard Flight OG269,All Mikes hard work and time finally gave way for a promising future in the music industry,Which now will never be,cause of One-two-go Airlines,The airline needs to cease operations before more lives are lost"

250. Paul Barstow United Kingdom
"As a frequent visitor to Thailand on both business and pleasure, and with many friends there both Thai and farang, I have a keen interest in airline safety there. It reflects badly on the government if the fine Thail people and their visitors do not get an honest and open investigation ito this disaster."

251. Samuel Estrada United States

252. stanley J. Straub United States
"I feel the families of those who died deserve a better investigation into this plane crash."

253. Maureen A. Straub United States
"This plane crash needs to be THOROUGHLY investigated SOON."

254. Richard W Schober United States
"Please look into this further so we can prevent it in the future and put it to rest. "

255. Chailli-Lamre Odile France
"Il faut vraiment tre entirement honnte, et faire la transparence sur cette enqute, mon fils a t grivement bless et a perdu sa fiance, il a besoin de la vrit pour arriver revivre."

256. Eddie Budinski United States

257. David Burton United States
"Companies should not pressure pilots to exceed regulations of flying time."

258. crespin jean-pierre France

259. Brendan Tozer United States

260. Jennifer Molan United States

261. CAROLE A. SANDS United States

262. simsuinn Thailand

263. Barry Gardner Malaysia
"The cause of the crash that claimed the life of my friend and destroyed the life of his wife MUST be explained if we are to believe the desire of the Thai Authorities to be honest, open and ambitious to develop the country to be amongst the best.
All such incidents, whether it be a plane, a train or even a car crash need to be investigated with action taken and new initiatives taken to lessen the chance of a repeat. We cannot learn just by our successes, we learn much more from our mistakes, IF we rise above the corruption and fear which incidents like this seem to have generated.

264. Sathi Daya Malaysia

265. Cave Man Australia  
"I worked for Orient Thai...I am aware of all allegations made and can confirm most of them as happening. Since leaving Oreint Thai, I have maintained to fellow pilots that was not a matter of IF an accident would happen, but WHEN!! The writing was on the wall long before this happened but the company refused to acknowledge it...they have no right to claim \\\"they did not know\\\". I had worked with one of the cabin crew on OG269...she lost her life! Udom and his \\\"management team\\\" are directly responsible for the outcome."

266. Russell Thomas United States
"The world is watching. Just do the right thing."

267. anne merlin France

268. DARCOURT France

269. Phil Nabarro United Kingdom
"I lost a good friend Stefan Woronoff from America on this flight. I was asked by his family to identify Stefan. To do this I had to go behind the scenes. The way the authorities were working was awfull. The Prime Minister must do something to bring this airline company to justice, and make the people of the world feel safe to visit Thailand."

270. Sylvain PINEAU France
"Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai's role in the airline crash of Flight OG 269 in Phuket on September 16,2007

This is due at least for famillies who need to know the truth.

Best Regards."

271. FITOUSSI Alexandre France

272. Marita Marley-Villanueva United States

"My 27 years old Daughter lost her life in the crash. Her Boy Friend is still in the hospital...since the 16th of september. We need knowing the true.


274. Wendy Brandes United States

275. Jeffrey Burton United States

276. LINA FALCONE United States
"Mr.Prime Minister,Please investigate the tragic accident Of Flight OG269 Sept.16-07 in Phuket,My stepson Michael Falcone lost his life on that flight,His life and others was cut short because of negligence,Michael was a gentle and caring person and a talented young musician,It was a terrible shock for the entire family and all his his friends that loved him,Our lives will never be the same without him,the pain and suffering we are enduring no one can imagine,Please have a thorough investigation for the cause of this terrible accident ,We,The family and friends that lost loved ones have the right to know the truth ,Mr.Udom Owner of One Two Go ,Should be held responsible for any violations He is resposible to maintain his airline up to standard and have well trained and qualified pilots that can make wise decisions for situations thet may encounter ot their flights for the well being of their passengers Thank you "

277. Gerard M. Costa United States
"I am a pilot of over 43 years with major U.S. and Asian airlines. This type of conduct cannot be tolerated in any airline at any time.
I urge you to conduct a proper and transparent investigation into this accident."

278. Cahuzac Frederique France
"Monsieur Le premier Ministre de Thalande, Je vous conjure de mener bien un enqute impartiale, juste et sans compromis. Faites que la tragique et cruelle disparition de ma mre chrie Brigitte et de mon beau-pre Philippe, lors du crash du vol OG269, trouve un sens en permettant de sauver la vie des milliers de parents, de fils de frres et surs, d'tre chres qui, demain, dans l'insouciance, iront placer leurs vies dans les mains de personnes comme d'Udom Tantiprasongchai."

279. alan nabarro United Kingdom
"Dear sir
I hope that after all the e-mail's you get after what happend to those poor people that where killed on flight og269,that you make sure that it never happen's again you have the power to say or no if the plane takes off or not.
thank you "

280. Jeff Cochran United States
"I will continue to discourage travel to Thailand to anyone who will listen until those responsible for this tragedy are held accountable."

281. theresa toxie United States
"My family member was killed in this crash. What steps are you taking to assure no family ever has to go through what our family has had to endure??"

282. ALETTI Edouard France
"Pour viter que cette tragdie ne se reproduise!!
Pour les familles touches par ce drame."

283. Aru Barita Saudi Arabia

284. Lecuyer France

285. Anna Bartholomew United States
"I,m a friend of Lina Falcone, who lost her step-son Michael Falcone."

286. Tavernier France

287. Tracey McCormick United States
"Please reopen this investigation. The truth needs to come out!

Tracey McCormick"

288. Le' Garrett United States
"I have, for many years considered parts asia to be my second home. I have not yet visited Thailand, and frankly as of this time my feeling is I may never visit. You see, I lost a very dear friend in this horrible tragedy. My buddy Mike Falcone absolutley loved asia enough to call ir home. On Mike Falcone's behalf (as well as my own), I feel so disrespected by Mr. Tantiprasongchai's practices. Mr. Tantiprasongchai has done not only Tailand a disservice, but the world. I have heard the words paradise, beautiful when Thailand has been described for me. My only words at this point are "I'm not sure that I'd ever visit." Now this is coming from a person who still loves asia and plans, in the future, to move my entire family there. Please Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, understand that I mean no disrespect. Im 100% sure that the people including my dear friend Mike Falcone (Mike spoke very highly of Thailand), on flight OG 269 loved Thailand. These lives lost deserve more. Mike Falcone deserves more. "

289. Roger D. Patterson United States
"Michael Falcone was part of my Family. He was a good kid, talented in so many ways. He was on Flight OG 269 that went down in Phuket on Sept. 16, 2007. Please don`t let this man,Udom Tantiprasongchai get away with flying unsafe airplanes knowingly just because of GREED! Enough people have suffered because of him! The lives of people all over the world now and in the future are at risk, Thank you!"

290. wayne oliveira United States
"i would love to see all the beauty & hospitality asia has to offer and take my family as well. however unless i feel completly safe about the safety standards of the airlines that could potentialy provide the flight...i won't risk my family...or me. "

291. Larry L. Chadwell United States
"Keep this investiogation going. Please do not give up. Thank You.."

292. Dana Maguire United States
"This is horrific. Please do not allow another tragedy like this occur before launching a full investigation. "

293. Adrien Grous France

294. Patritia A. Santos United States
"I have always wanted to visit this part of Asia. To be able to go to Thailand is the ultimate dream vacation. I learned of this tragedy through my son who is a very good friend of one of the passengers who was aboard Flight OG 269 that fateful day in September. Listening to the news I thought it was another unfortunate incident, but now I am learning though unfortuante it was completely preventable. I sincerely hope the Thai government or whatever the Thai equivelant is of our TSB investigates this matter to the fullest extent possible. I am so sick and tired of greed and the injury and harm it yields. When will enough ever be enough? Mr. Tantiprasongchai shame on you and your need to forego safety issues for more Bhat, and shame on the Thai government if they don't initiate a full scaled investigation. The families of those who lost their lives deserves at least this much."

295. ivorysmith United States
"Mike Falcone was a good friend and we lost him to this crash i think he and the others that died and there familys need to know that they did not died because of one two go airline failure to keep up the standard on there flights and they should do at least a proper investigation so we can stop this from happing again i miss mike ivory smith usa do the right thing prime minster"

296. Lisa Blank United States
"We lost a very good friend on this flight and we want to know that other people won't feel the pain of losing their loved ones. Every person counts."

297. Martin Feldberg United States

298. vinod China

299. VUONG Diem France

300. SAUVAGE France

301. Lemarquand Aurlie France

302. Bayne Guillaume France

303. Lemarquand Yoann France

304. Tony Ciarlariello United States
"I lost my cousin, Michael Falcone in the crash of Flight OG 269. He was a talented musician and he is deeply missed by those who love him. Prime Minister Sundaravej, please do not let this senseless loss of life go without a thorough investigation into the cause of this crash. Thank you."

305. Valery Zelixon United States
"Please investigate the cause of this crash and bring the parties responsible for it to justice. These things should not have happened."

306. Dawn Werner United States

307. Deb Ryley United States
"I am a student pilot and I know what can happen when owners and operators of aircraft mismanage their fleets and pilots. DO SOMETHING to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else."

308. Mike Purcell United States

309. Jeremy Lew United States

310. Ralf Berger Germany

311. Kim Duesler United States

312. Jennifer Quinn United States

313. Rona satten United States

314. Tim Coleman United States

315. Kevin Godbout United States

316. caillot France

317. GAMBU Patrick France
"Dans cette catastrophe j'ai perdu ma fille et je veux que toute la lumire soit faite sur les causes rlles de cet accident"

318. Hautefeuille France

319. parahy France

320. LEHAY France

321. gael France

322. FADLE France

323. GUILCHER France
"truth, only the truth"

324. epalle France

325. Dominque David France

326. garsaud France

327. Tsang Grgoire France
"No more Time"

328. Matha UCCELLI France


330. FERTEL France

331. RAVISE France
"Monsieur le Premier Ministre il ne s'agit pas mon sens seulement d'apaiser les craintes des futurs visiteurs de votre beau pays mais surtout d'oeuvrer pour la justice et la vrit."

332. Eisenberg Nathalie France

333. GIRAULT France
"que justice soit faite.
je boude la thailande"

334. GAYOT France

335. Shehara Hanwellage France
"I had the chance to visit your beautiful country a couple of years ago, and even flew back from one of te islands back to Bangkok. Last December, the daughter of a friend did the same thing and lost her life in the crash. It could have been me or my brother, who was with me. "

336. BODIN France

337. Joel LANDRAS France

338. gregoire France
"Parce que a ne doit plus jamais se reproduire. Je pense la douleur des proches, je pense ces vies voles. Je me dis que a aurait pu arriver aux miens. Je pense que c'est injuste et j'ai beaucoup de peine. Trs sincrement. Christelle GREGOIRE"

339. Franois de Balincourt France
"Parce qu'aucune recherche d'conomie ne peut justifier la perte d'une vie humaine."

340. callimoutou Reunion

341. sammut France
""il ne faut plus que cela arrive!""

342. vannucci France
"Dear Sir
Agood friend of mine lost his daughter in the crash flight 0G269.Please open a real and complete investigation into this.Sincerely"

343. HOOGSTOEL Catherine France
"Monsieur le Premier Ministre,
La douleur est l pour les familles, les proches, les autres... et ils ont le droit de connatre la vrit ! pour moins de vies perdues... pour quoi ?"

"One of my collegues last his daughter on the flight"

345. Marais Philippe France

346. CAULA France

347. Claudine VIAUD France

348. Gencheva France

349. POMARES France

350. Demichel France

351. meunier France
"Encore une question de "fric".... au dtriment de la vie des gens !"

352. juan agns France

353. gaudin France

354. Lardire Nadine France
"La vie des gens mrite sans doute plus d\'attention en matire de formation des quipages et de maintenance du matriel "


356. joinovici France

357. FRANCOIS France

358. Metha France

359. SEILLIER France

360. melanie preveraud France

361. PETITGONNET Claude France
"Please make all the light and keep the right highest than the interest of One Two Go Airline."

362. Rory N. Patterson United States

363. Fitoussi France

364. JELFA France

365. JELFA SOFIA France
"La mort est l'vnement de la fin d'une vie.
La mort nous enlve notre famille, nos amis.
Tout ce qui vit meurt et tout ce qui meurt est vivant.
La mort se voit par l'arrt de tout mouvement.

Aujourd'hui, la guerre est un moyen de mourir.
A prsent, l'effet de ma mort ne touche personne.
Maintenant, on prfre plus mourir que souffrir.
Aujourd'hui, les larme coulent lorsque la mort sonne.

Chaque jour, chaque moment, chaque instant un coeur saigne.
Certains profitent de la vie et d'autres s'teignent.
Peu de gens peuvent entendre ce coeur si silencieux.

La mort nous envoie quelques invitations.
La mort nous emmne dan un endroit tnbreux.
La mort est comme le vide, le vide d'motion"

366. John Lawton United States

367. huysman France

368. MOURI Ali France

369. collonge France

370. Stephen Teixeira United States

371. Joe Shapiro United States

372. Valerie Northrop United States

373. Perrin France


375. garuz France
"un collgue de travail a perdu sa fille dans le dernier scrach sur ce vol cit je lui apporte mon soutien"

376. LEBOUBE France

377. Blandel Nicolas France

378. di rezze david France

379. DUHAMEL France

380. Ronald F Hicks United States

381. Richard E. Swanson United States

382. ARBEY Maria France
"Un ami a perdu sa fille "

383. Colin Allen United Kingdom

384. craeye France
"plus de precaution"

385. Tavernier Anglique France

386. Eugenie France

387. jouffroy France

388. Louis J Fratto Jr United States

389. Marcel Gamache Canada
"The previous investigation was a joke, as is your present government. Should things remain the same, there should be severe sanctions against Thailand's tourism industry."

390. GERARDIN France
"Que les coupables soient punis pour que l'ame des parents de ma cousine repose en paix.."

391. MALTESE France
"Soutien d'un ami ayant perdu sa fille dans ce vol"

392. REYNAUD France

393. GILBERT Jrme France
"A la mmoire des victimes"

394. gontard France

395. Annie-France DUHAMEL France

396. Scott Monteverde United States

397. James D Jacobs United States

398. Ruth Abrams United States
"If you want travellers you should investigate the airlines"

399. Pauline A. Strawder United States

400. Renee' Wills United States

401. Jacqueline Strawder United States

402. Diana Sucich Ph.D United States

403. Mildred Sucich United States

404. Louise Denny United States
"Please get to the bottom of the events that lead to the loss of my dad, & severe trauma & injuries sustained by his wife in the crash on Sept. 16, 07."

405. sophie denny United States
"My dad was on this plane. I will never ever get to spend one more minute with him because of this! We deserve a full investigation!!! His wife was one of few survivors and unfortunately will not fully recover. The fact it has been 5 months with no outcome has been disgusting! families deserve to know. I deserve to know why I'll never see my father again. "

406. Shannon Morrison United States

407. Clyde Steptoe Thailand
"This is a national embarrasment! Even my friends in the States are talking about this!!!"

408. Candace Hernandez United States

409. John Stenton Thailand

410. takournant France

411. Amourous France

412. ZANETTINI France

413. GUTBIER Boris France

414. COQUART France

415. ivan allen United Kingdom

416. ottaviani France

417. Mike Stone United States
"Please be honest in your investigations of this terrible accident. It is essential that the victims are recognized and their families are provided for financially as they try to survive the future without them."

418. Henry Sigourney United States

419. Isobel Lafferty France
"Please investigate this aircrash thoroughly. I have a friend here in France who says that One Two Go company is a joke in Thailand. He was so surpised that our friend Mr Colin Denny ever entertained travelling with them."

420. Jeremy Hayden Portch France
"You need to do further investigation in to the is crash, otherwise your International Airlines will be jeopardised by these findings, and tourism is a major income for your country."

421. Abigail Stone United States

422. Crissy Knox United States

423. Robert Harvill United States

424. Gwen Shaw United States

425. Daniel Davies United States
"Please investigate openly and give the surivors of the victims some closure of their ordeal "

426. Travis J. Matheny United States

427. Justin Green United States
"I hope that we can all come together to find out the true cause of this tragic accident that caused soo many innocent people so much pain and suffering. To all that lost someone on this flight, you will always be in my thoughts and prayers."

428. AUFRERE France

429. margaret walker United Kingdom

430. John Mills United Kingdom
"I lost a friend who loved your country and was working to help its development."

431. Monique Mills France

432. Alison Harris United States

433. Erin Mahoney United States

434. Nichole Lilley United States

435. April M United States

436. emily taylor speer United States

437. Ryan Potter United States

438. Ryan Mahoney United States

439. Erica Tull United States

440. Gillian Denny United States

441. Gillian Simpson United States
"My children lost their Father in the crash. They love and miss him and they need closure and compensation. He lived and worked in Thailand; his wife sustained serious injuries and she also needs compensation and closure. Please do the right thing for all the families involved in this tragedy."

442. susie alverson United States

443. THOMAS Franck France

444. LALLEMENT Laurence Burkina Faso
"Je tiens par la prsente signer cette ptition, ma tante tant dcde sur le vol de Phuket le 16 septembre 2007."

445. May Dolotina United States

446. elisa schindler United States
"I will NOT travel to Thailand or do any business in Thailand until this matter is resolved.
Thank you Respectfully submitted. Elisa R Schindler"

447. Joanne Boyette United States
"Please order an independent and transparent investigation of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the airlines and the activities leading up to the crash.

448. SHO AKUZAWA Japan

449. Ann Wooten United States

450. decorde danielle France

451. Mary Dep Uruguay

452. Donald L Whitehead United States

453. Brae Eberle United States

454. Myrla Vanegas United States

455. Sheila Whitehead United States
"We beg you to please look more thoughly into this horrible; possibly could have been avoided crash. Thank you"

456. Kay Rathert United States
"Friends lost loved ones."

457. Joan Roche United States
"Investigate the air crash on 16th september 2007 or this will happen again, with dire consequences, My nephew was married to one of your citizens and now she is a widow through incompetence, and my two nieces are without a father."

458. Alfredand Christina Blackie United Kingdom
"My nephew Colin Denny was killed and his wife was severely injured in the Bankok crash,she is a thai national and deserves to know the truth"

459. Joyce Ager United Kingdom
"Its your duty to investigate the death of so many people, we lost our oldest nephew in the disaster,"

460. Irene Faulkner Spain
"Thaniland needs tourism and tourists need to feel safe and protected."

461. Mark Roche United Kingdom
"Investigate the crash, My cousin Colin Denny died unnecessarily due to neglect. I will not visit Thailand until you do "

462. FOUCHER Charline France

463. Jamie ferraro United States
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,
Please open a new investigation on the plane crash of Flight OG 269!! That airline has had reason to crash and we believe that it was not the weather... These families want to know what happened to their loved ones! bring peace to the families of the victims of Flight OG 269! Thank You!"

464. rasmy vongthong United States
"i plan to go to thailand this year but now i dont feel as safe"

465. Connie Brecht United States
"Please investigate further the true cause of the crash of flight OG 269. Thank you!"

466. DIANA SENGDARA United States
"please investigate the plane crash so the family can have peace."

467. Michael Crandal United States

468. Madhavi Ramesh United States
"Please investigate into the crash."

469. Tiffany Till United States
"As a pilot in the United States, I can attest that questions and fears about safety must be dealt with in an honest manner and resolved to maintain the confidence of the flying public."

470. Adam Till United States
"As a pilot for a major US airline, I will say that you must investigate and deal with these discrepencies in an honest and transparent manner. Your country's airlines will join the ranks of the respected world airlines only when you place safety and a culture of safety above all other considerations."

471. Vicky Ratliff United States

472. Rose Donovan United States
"Mr. Prime Minister Sundaravej, please have the crash of flight OG 269 investigated. If this was anything other than a tragic accident it must never be allowed to happen again. Our family/friends and the music industry lost a wonderfully gifted young man, Michael Falcone along with the others who lost their life that day. Thanking you in advance for your consideration."

473. ZAPPALA France

474. Sabrina France

475. picard France

476. clemens France

477. inch zoe France
"Je partirais en vacances en Thalande SEULEMENT si je me sentais en scurit."

478. villate France

479. ROUSSEL France

480. Laura Griffiths United Kingdom

481. Isabella Roger Netherlands

482. Alex Medina United States

483. colombel France

484. Jaime Cowan United States

485. Elaine Dolotina United States

486. Christine Nofsinger United States
"Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Please help to restore international travelers trust in the Thai airlines by allowing for an independent and transparent investigations of One-Two-Go and Udom Tantiprasongchai.

I love traveling to Thailand and I would like to travel there again but these sorts of allegations make me feel unsafe about Thai air travel.

Thank you,
Christine Nofsinger"

487. Isabel Montalvo United States

488. Marinella Roger United States

489. willaime France

490. carol kelly United Kingdom
"Air users need to know that everything is being done to highest possible standards, this does not appear to be the case at present"

491. LAMY France

492. LALLEMENT Jean-Paul Martinique
"J'ai perdu, dans ce crash, une soeur et un beau-frre.
Cela me rappelle un crash du mme type, au Vnzula, le 16 aot 2005, o 182 Martiniquais, dont quelques amis et collgues avaient perdu la vie (compagnie West Carribean).
Il est temps que ces compagnies ariennes dangereuses, souvent appuyes par leurs gouvernements, cessent leurs activits; une "liste noire" ne suffit plus !"

493. bausmayer France

494. William G. Parkos United States

495. Bibi Luzrraga United States

496. Sandra Crichton United States
"I own a travel agency in
New York and sold a ticket to
Thailand to a very good friend's son who was killed in the recent airplane crash of
One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines . Our Travel Agency
Community was very upset to hear that this airline was able to continue flying and expand their operation after breaking
all the rules of safe travel for their passengers. I will
not be sending anyone to Thailand until this matter is investigated and I can feel
comfortable with the government
taking action to make sure that
all passengers are not put at risk by flying on unsafe aircraft.
Sandra Crichton,
Regal Travel Service,Inc. "

497. Sara T. Rabbino United States

498. Andy McCone United States

499. Sandi Walder United States

500. Bianca Procaccini United States

501. Seena Amsel United States

502. Steven L. Schenck United States

503. kathy Ciarlariello United States
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,

Please reopen this investigation so that a full explanation of this horrible crash can be established. My cousin, Mike Falcone died at the age of 35 in this crash, and we miss him so much. If there was any kind of negligence, the problem needs to be rectified before others lose their lives in such a senseless way. Thank you for your consideration. "

504. Catherine Welykoridko United States

505. Natalia Sigal-Gitin Israel

506. melissa wohlgemuth United States
"There is no reasonable reason not to look into this crash. I hope that you will do so immediately.

Thank you."

507. Anna Marie Kellar United States
"Attention: Prime Minister Samak Sudarevej: "WORDS" can not express how deeply this has affected the lives of those left behind. This has been a big impact on my life. Day in and day out, I have to watch the hurt, pain and anger that possess the families of those that lost their loved ones. I want you, Mr. Prime Minster to have "zero tolerance" and do a complete investigation of the crash of Flight OG 269. "Michael Falcone" had a whole fulfilling life ahead of him, but it was snuffed out due to careless, thoughtless and unsafe conditions that should have been prevented. I know you have family, think of how you would feel if it happened to one of yours. God give you the strength and faith to move forward on this investigation. Thank You...."

508. dessertaine France

509. Karen Briggs United States

510. amy United States

511. lesley mavrakis United States

512. Captain D. F. Hudson Canada  

513. GOURET France

514. Raymond Prete United States

515. Henri Marnet-Cornus France
"go, please !"

516. KAREN RODGERS United States

517. KATIE ROWLEY United States

518. GREG RODGERS United States

519. MILCENT France

520. Kristofer Andersson Thailand

521. Captain Peter Ireland Australia
"If not you then who shall speak on behalf of the dead? What right does Udom have to be held unaccountable from his responsibilities?"

522. Steve Wells United Kingdom

523. landemaine armelle France

524. Prosper MESSAN France

525. Todd Robbins United States

526. Tammy Bircher United States

527. MAMAN France

528. Neil Smith United Kingdom
"If postings on several different internet forums are to be believed then OG269 was an accident waiting to happen. An investifation must be launched to prevent another accident occurring, without this Thailand loses my respect."

529. ventre clara France

530. Claire Klenosky United States
"I know a mother who lost her son on this flight."

531. Nick Halliwell Thailand

532. Marie Schauder France

533. Dewi Jones United Kingdom
"My sister lost her Life in this crash. She fought for 10 long days but the burns she sustained as a result of the crash were too great, then at 20:30 on the 26th of september she finally gave up the fight. Please do something so that other brother don't have too see their baby sisters badly burnt and left fighting for their lives. The vision of her lying there in that hospital bed will haunt me for the rest of my life. Please don't let anyone else suffer. Do something about it."

534. Keith Woronoff United States
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and others reading this memo, please do not let my brother's loss of life be forgotten. Honor our family and others who have lost loved ones by prosecuting Mr. Tanyiprasongchai for his malicious wrongdoings. It saddens me to think that I have only memories of a brother when, by right, I should be entitled to much more time with such a wonderful human being."

535. Mary Jenkins United States
"I have many pilot friends there with the Thai airlines, this corruption needs to stop, we get this news first hand from our pilot friends operating there.
Thailand is such a nice country, why do you allow people such as udom destroy your image?"

536. Hannah Kinasz United Kingdom

537. marc adams United Kingdom

538. Karen Sands United Kingdom

539. pauline young United Kingdom

540. milly United Kingdom
"investigate please"

541. jonathan jenkins United Kingdom

542. gavin thomas United Kingdom

543. David Sims United Kingdom
"An investigation of the crash, Udom Tantiprasongchai and the airline must take place."

544. Susan Musinsky United States

545. Simon Stranks United Kingdom

546. Kerry Knight United Kingdom
"A full independent and transparent investigation of the crash of flight OG269 must happen, no matter what boundaries it must overcome to give people, who have suffered as a result, the truth. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please do not let the tragedy go unanswered. Let the families of the passengers of flight OG269 find some closure and justice…. "

547. Hannah Sugg United Kingdom

548. Chris Harvey United Kingdom
"There is no excuse for you not starting an investigation. You can make it happen!"

549. Ben Powell United Kingdom

550. Kerry Knight United Kingdom
"A full independent and transparent investigation of the crash of flight OG269 must happen, no matter what boundaries it must overcome to give people, who have suffered as a result, the truth. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please do not let the tragedy go unanswered. Let the families of the passengers of flight OG269 find some closure and justice…. "

551. Dave Morgan United Kingdom
"My dear friend lost her life on this airline. Do not make that count for nothing."

552. Anders Forseth Norway
"The only way we can improve aviation is by learing all lessons possible from crashes that occur. A crash investigation that has the primary concern (as with OG269) to cover up the mistakes made by the Thai regulatory authorities will give us nothing."

553. Kirsti Stephenson United Kingdom

554. Tracy Davies United Kingdom

555. ian weston United Kingdom

556. Joanna Jones United Kingdom
"I lost a friend, Bethan Jones, in that crash I knew her for 21 years and all that was lost due to that air rash. It needs to be investigated, Please"

557. Rachel Tranter United Kingdom

558. Gareth Evans United Kingdom

559. Simon Davies United Kingdom

560. Lucie Williams United Kingdom
"You owe it to the families of those who died, would you like it if you never got answers if your parents/siblings/ partner/ children were suddenly and unexpectedly? Some of them never even got to say goodbye, or I love You"

561. Adam Hitchings United Kingdom

562. Stuart Lendrum United Kingdom

563. Laura John United Kingdom

564. Luisa Canale United Kingdom

565. chloe bees United Kingdom

566. Stephanie Jones United Kingdom

567. Danielle Norris United Kingdom

568. David John Anstee United Kingdom

569. Susan MacNish United States
"My friend's son was killed in this disaster. The loss of so many lives is a tragedy beyond belief. Furthermore, family members of those who died are devastated. They will never have the joy of experiencing more time on this earth with their, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives. An independent investigation of this tragedy must be undertaken."

570. Stephen Mac Nish United States
"An unbiased third party investigation of this crash and the allegations of serious illegal actions is imperative for Thailand's credability in the tourism and aviation industries."

571. Georgina Jenkins United Kingdom

572. Mona Zeftel United States
"If this does not happen, I will be reluctant to visit Thailand or to encourage any of my friends, colleagues, or relations to visit Thailand. My husband travels to Asia frequently overseas."

573. Amy Davies United Kingdom
"The loss of 2 passengers on that flight has greatly affected many people close to me. Please do not let them down by failing to investigate. "

574. laura wilkins-Lynn United Kingdom
"My Husband and I holiday yearly in thailand, the last flight we had was very frightening, so I can onyl start to imagine how the people on the flight and thier failies must be thinking and I believe everything should be done in your power to put the people's minds to rest and allow them to grieve for their lost loved ones. "

575. nicola southcombe United Kingdom

576. sallystranks United Kingdom
"I lost a dear family friend - an amazing bright and lovely girl in the full bllom of her youth - this should be fully investigated so that no other family suffers the terrible loss that Bath's family have!!"

577. lee goodwin United Kingdom

578. Rob Summerhill United Kingdom

579. natalie morgan United Kingdom

580. greg rees United Kingdom

581. Linda Ciarlariello United States
"Pls investigate this tragic accident so others are not at risk. Many have already suffered."

582. John Hasell United Kingdom

583. LYNDSEY AVERY United Kingdom

584. Jen T Jones United Kingdom

585. Kathryn Williams United Kingdom

586. Vivene Tranter United Kingdom

587. Stephen Williams United Kingdom

588. Grayson Keith Jones United Kingdom

589. zoe davies United Kingdom

590. Laura Moulding United Kingdom

591. Katie Phillips United Kingdom

592. Andrew Davies United Kingdom

593. emily venting United Kingdom

594. gill venting United Kingdom

595. Bethan Evans United Kingdom

596. Sara Quick United Kingdom

597. Gavin Johnson United Kingdom

598. Gerwyn Davies United Kingdom

599. Matthew Jones United Kingdom

600. Emma Wheeler United Kingdom

601. Gwilym Lewis United Kingdom

602. Katie Sarah Hill United Kingdom

603. carla west United Kingdom

604. natalie struebig United Kingdom

605. Ashley Vaughan United Kingdom

606. paul marshall United Kingdom
"you have to do it"

607. Sean Broadbent United States
"Per ICAO standards, this accident musdt be openly and fairly investigated to answer the safety concerns"

608. charlotte jones United Kingdom

609. Jodie Neale United Kingdom

610. Melanie Held Spain
"6 months ago i lost someone close to me, Mike Falcone. His smiles would brighten my day and his hugs would make my day, now because of what happened, all these things will have to stay as memories and will never become a reality again. The Falcone family lost someone very special, as did many others too, for an absurd reason"

611. Kathryn Viner United Kingdom

612. Kadie Jones United Kingdom

613. John Jamie Mardon United Kingdom

614. judith caddy United Kingdom

615. Stephen Shapiro United States
"Please investigae this accident."

616. isobel reed United Kingdom

617. Kate Ellis United Kingdom

618. Samuel Bees (BA Hons, MA ,PHD) United Kingdom

619. joyce wright United Kingdom

620. Kirsty Rowlands United Kingdom
"it needs to be ivestigated, it's as simple as that!! Do it!"

621. Captain Glyn Taylor United States  
" As an airline Captain with 19,000+ hours of flying experience for major airlines worldwide, I have personally experience the pressure placed on pilots, by their employers, to fly beyond the paramaters of safety.
I implore you to conduct a thorough, transparant investigation of this accident. Safety must be the determining factor in your all of your airline's operations. "

622. emma james United Kingdom

623. Amy Roberts United Kingdom

624. melanie jenkins United Kingdom

625. lynwen jenkins United Kingdom

626. Christopher Lowbridge United Kingdom

627. hannah jenkins United Kingdom

628. angela jones United Kingdom

629. Adam Scott Owens United Kingdom

630. sherry sensecall United Kingdom

631. Jenna Szarun United Kingdom

632. Kate Lewis United Kingdom

633. Ben Bowen Zimbabwe

634. Rosalind Thomas United Kingdom

635. Chris Thomas United Kingdom

636. Lynsey Harris United Kingdom

637. steven david United Kingdom

638. Bethan Rees United Kingdom

639. nicola bradshaw United Kingdom

640. Andrew Davies United Kingdom
"If these allegations are correct, then Mr Tantiprasongchai is responsible for the murders of 90 people and more ruined lives than I have the heart to count and should be punished to the full extent of the law. I personally have no time or mercy for ANYONE in a position of such power that would choose to put lives at risk in the name of furthering his own business interests."

641. Gemma Louise Dyer United Kingdom

642. Michael Dyer United Kingdom

643. kathryn oakley United Kingdom

644. Jamie Evans United Kingdom
"It is important that the truth is known, for the families of those who lost their lives."

645. fred guyenette United Kingdom
"sort it out!"

646. hannah ellis United Kingdom

647. Jaime Steinberger United States
"Please look into"

648. Natasha Morris United Kingdom

649. Shabina Lateef United Kingdom

650. Zoe Hamill Northern Ireland

651. Caryl Griffiths United Kingdom

652. Dave Prince United Kingdom
"Please can we investigate the possible injustice of it all...


653. Delyth Lane United Kingdom
"The families of the victims need to know the truth, they are owed that much, please."

654. Joanne Coates United Kingdom

655. Matthew James Tucker United Kingdom

656. lucia mather Ireland

657. Jonathan Penny United Kingdom

658. Lucy Hope United Kingdom

659. Alex Parsons United Kingdom

660. Harry Barracuda Bahrain
"I have no intention of flying to or in Thailand until these criminal acts are properly investigated and prosecuted."

661. Lori Ludlow United States
"Please provide appropratiate closure to the families... everyone deserves at least the truth!"

662. ALY DOWN United Kingdom

663. Amy Llewellyn United Kingdom

664. Kathryn Parker United States

665. Cerwyn United Kingdom

666. Natasha United Kingdom

667. Paul Morris United Kingdom

668. Rhian Norris United Kingdom

669. Sharon Walters United Kingdom

670. Ceirion Norris United Kingdom

671. Martyn Walters United Kingdom

672. Richard Thomas United Kingdom

673. samantha white United Kingdom

674. angela davies United Kingdom

675. Rebecca Bradfield United Kingdom

676. Jemma Cooper United Kingdom
"I feel that an enquiry is essential as people lives were cut serverly short and familly and friends will morn this loss for the rest of our days. People who had so much to give in life and made those around them happy have been taken away and no justified reason can be given which is unacceptable. People deserve to know the full deatils of what happened. When someone's life is cut so short a reason needs to be given. We have all been deeply affected by this tragedy and an enenquiry is essential. We will all truley miss our dearest friends who will never be forgotten, we cannot rest untill we are given the full series of events, 90 deaths can not simply be overlooked We have a right to know and i can safetly say the people who have been affected by this tragedy will not rest untill answers are provided. "

677. Suzanne Cooper United Kingdom
"If not you then who shall speak on behalf of the dead? What right does Mr. Tantiprasongchai have to be held unaccountable from his responsibilities? Peoples lives were taken a reason needs to be given Justice has to be provided to the people who have lost loved ones. Without this investigation Thiland has lost the respect of myself and many others throught the world. "

678. Claire Hughes United Kingdom

679. Oli Puckering United Kingdom

680. Mr Nicky Harris United Kingdom

681. Lindsay Stephens United Kingdom

682. David Roberts United Kingdom

683. Emma Jones United Kingdom

684. WEHREY jerome France

685. Lindsey Yeoman United Kingdom

686. james parsons United Kingdom

687. kayleigh ashton United Kingdom

688. Jason Sibley United Kingdom

689. kyle lewis United Kingdom

690. emily davies United Kingdom

691. Kane Lambourne United Kingdom

692. Rhydian Lecrass United Kingdom

693. Kimberly Thomas United Kingdom
"Please help. She Beth was a good friend to us. Her family deserve to know what happened!"

694. Alex Bell United Kingdom

695. Rickelle James United Kingdom
"Too many lives were ruined to leave this without being investigated."

696. gerwyn james United Kingdom

697. Gershoni Avi Israel

698. KElsey Richards United Kingdom

699. Rhian McTiffin United Kingdom

700. Stephanie Bees United Kingdom
"Please investigate , PLEASE"

701. Carl Prior United Kingdom

702. Matthew Robbins United Kingdom

703. Rhianydd Williams United Kingdom

704. Alice Lediard United Kingdom

705. Megan Heffey United Kingdom

706. katie United Kingdom

707. Lucy United Kingdom

708. Julia Sandberg United Kingdom

709. Alice Lediard United Kingdom

710. Lewis Richards United Kingdom

711. Geraint John United Kingdom

712. J Lediard United Kingdom

713. Thomas McCann United Kingdom

714. Geraint John United Kingdom

715. G John United Kingdom

716. K John United Kingdom

717. Rhodri John United Kingdom

718. Sarah Johnson United Kingdom

719. Hannah Payne United Kingdom

720. Nikita Payne United Kingdom

721. Tanya Payne United Kingdom

722. Simon Payne United Kingdom

723. Jordan Payne United Kingdom

724. Balaji Rajan United Kingdom

725. Melanie Luangpanh United States

726. Andrew Sims United Kingdom

727. Daniel Boobyer United Kingdom
"Investigate this or I will be very mad and upset "

728. kat booker United Kingdom

729. Geoffrey Muspratt Austria

730. lauren United Kingdom

731. LAVERTU Valérie France

732. MERIEL France

733. laura ivin United Kingdom

734. Leanne Marie Roberts United Kingdom

735. Samantha Werrett United Kingdom

736. Norma Davies United Kingdom

737. angela godfrey United Kingdom

738. David Bargiela United Kingdom
"It's the right thing to do"

739. Laura Sugg United Kingdom

740. craig cole United Kingdom
"theres no harm in finding out what exactly went wrong and preventing this from happening again in the future!"

741. Linda Bendel United States
"Safety should always be a priorty, there is nothing of more value then a human life"

742. Bruce Bendel United States
"respect life"

743. Sarah Foulkes United Kingdom

744. rachel williams United Kingdom

745. Rosie Williams United Kingdom

746. Lauren O'Leary United Kingdom

747. Leigh Edwards United Kingdom

748. gareth burrough United Kingdom

749. Cara Latcham United Kingdom

750. becky booker United Kingdom

751. Amy Lewis United Kingdom
"The family and friends deserve an investigation. "

752. Richard Morgan United Kingdom

753. Laura French United Kingdom

754. Christopher Phillips United Kingdom

755. catherine ryall United Kingdom

756. Shelley Owen United Kingdom

757. Mark Price United Kingdom

758. Paul Geary United Kingdom

759. Anne Sileno United States

760. Anthony Sileno United States

761. Steven Sheppard United Kingdom

762. Adam John Rees United Kingdom

763. owen jones United Kingdom

764. David Locke United Kingdom

765. Claire Goodwin United Kingdom
"A friend of mine lost his only sister in this crash. You owe it to her memory ho give the families of the victims some answers."

766. Lauren Bailey United Kingdom

767. karen mathieson United Kingdom

768. Natasha Jones United Kingdom

769. Antonia Thomas United Kingdom

770. shaun parry United Kingdom
"Please allow investigation."

771. Susan Goodwin United Kingdom

772. Ashley Goodwin United Kingdom

773. Kathryn Leibovic United States
"Please do the right thing"

774. Paige United States
"I think they should investigate this crash. Give the family of those who lost their lives in this crash a peace of mind!!"

775. Danielle Canada
"The families of the victims of this tragedy deserve to know. To have closure. Think of how you would feel if it were your loved one."

776. Ashley Goodwin United Kingdom

777. Lexie D United States
"my daddy lost his best friend
and he is never going to come back"

778. Charlotte Goddard United Kingdom

779. TFoster United States

780. Lisa Wolf United States

781. Michelle Hanley United Kingdom

782. Steve Hanley United Kingdom

783. samantha francis United Kingdom

784. marc lloyd United Kingdom

785. christine francis United Kingdom

786. meirion daniel United Kingdom

787. gerwyn francis United Kingdom

788. rebecca francis United Kingdom

789. kim bodman United Kingdom

790. kirsty United Kingdom

791. Helen Mardon United Kingdom

792. Yoni Alon-Schurgast Israel
"too many people lost their life over ther and this Udom continue with his life like nothing happend!
someone must do something!!!!
after this kind of crash the only thing I think that should be is to close this company!
I lost my sister over there and my life changed and this man didn't say "I am sorry!" please.... DO SOMETHING!!!!!"

793. Ami Cleary United Kingdom

794. kara jones United Kingdom

795. Emmy Josephs United States

796. Leigh Jones United Kingdom
"Please dont just forget and let it pass"

797. Luke United Kingdom

798. dale loyd United Kingdom

799. Jade Davies United Kingdom

800. Aaron Hughes United Kingdom

801. camille hamer United Kingdom

802. matthew bryer United Kingdom
"do iy 4all the people who lost there loved ones its wa they deserve"

803. Elliot Bodman United Kingdom
"let those who lost loved ones knew the reason behind this devestating incident."

804. Tisa Schaefer United States

805. Dian Phillips United Kingdom

806. Danish Khan United Arab Emirates

807. J Katz United States

808. Christiane CAHUZAC Mauritius

809. Jan-Olav Storli Thailand
"Why shouldn't this crash be extended a full investigation like all other crashes. Out of the respect of victims and potential future deaths, investigate the crash! "

810. L W Agar Thailand
"I live with my Thai family here and we travel around Thailand> I support this petition wholeheartedly"

811. Matthew Roberts United Kingdom

812. Elaine Sunman United Kingdom

813. Dylan Evans United Kingdom

814. Lara Morris United Kingdom

815. carol gibbons United Kingdom

816. Kerry Davies United Kingdom
"I lost someone I cared about.
Please investigate this."

817. Puiyee Wong United Kingdom

818. Gaynor Griffiths United Kingdom

819. Puiyee Wong United Kingdom

820. Delydd Rees United Kingdom

821. Emma Jane Davies United Kingdom

822. Andy Smith United Kingdom

823. Ronald Moloff United States

824. Kirsty Murrell United Kingdom

825. Mathew Hoskins United Kingdom
"Two of my close friends died in the September 2007 plane crash in Phuket. I am doing my most to highlight to as many people as possible what has happened here. We demand an independent investigation into the actions of Udom Tantiprasongchai. "

826. Andrew Paget United Kingdom

827. Francesca Schubert United Kingdom
"You can never bring Alex and the others back but you can try and give people closure about why this happened."

828. Gemma Hughes United Kingdom

829. Susan Gilmore United Kingdom

830. Jonathan Howe United Kingdom

831. Simon Pollard United Kingdom

832. william 'ben ' evans United Kingdom
"something needs to be done about this"

833. Andrew Williams United Kingdom

834. Aimee Brown United Kingdom

835. valerie hughes United Kingdom
"get an investigation going "

836. Joel Dujsik United States
"There must be a complete investigation where the results are made public."

837. Kirsty Greenfield United Arab Emirates

838. Louisa Davies United Kingdom

839. Tom Bush United Kingdom
"I worked teaching children in Nan for a year and love your country deeply. However I lost one of my closest friends on this flight and if this man is not investigated i feel it would confirm the very worst of what is alleged about your country and i doubt i would ever return."

840. Daniel Street United Kingdom
"My brother is living in Thailand at the moment, and if something happened to him I would also like to know why."

841. Andrew Maddern United Kingdom

842. jarrad young United Kingdom

843. gwyn nash United Kingdom

844. julie nash United Kingdom

845. J Williams United Kingdom

846. Hayley Thomas United Kingdom

847. David United Kingdom

848. rebecca o'brien United Kingdom

849. Tom Davies United Kingdom

850. Oliver Petty United Kingdom

851. Joanne Lowton United Kingdom

852. Anders Johanson Sweden

853. Melissa Salter United Kingdom
"My school friend Alex Collins died on this flight. His parents arew shadows of their former selves. He was so excited to visit Thailand and experience the culture- His family deserve an investigation. "

854. Andrew Kasper United Kingdom

855. Louise Gash United Kingdom

856. Angharad Loveday United Kingdom
"Please make sure this man is NEVER put in charge of anything, he obviously cannot do any job properly! He needs stringing up!"

857. Joss Plant United Kingdom

858. Jenna United States Minor Outlying Islands

859. judith United Kingdom

860. Heather Williams United Kingdom

861. Nicola Richards United Kingdom

862. George Sotello Indonesia
"Mr. T = Corruption? An independant investigation must be launched."

863. Tony Jones United Kingdom

864. Lynn Jones United Kingdom

865. Angela Marie Griffiths United Kingdom

866. Barbara Davies United Kingdom

867. Sam Woronoff United States
"We lost our brother in this tragic accident. It is enough that we have to deal with our losses but to have the added fear of safety when flying. We need assurance-please, we request you conduct a thorough investigation to prevent any future harm to the public"

868. Joanne Waters United Kingdom

869. Rachel Cordy United Kingdom
"You must investigate there are so many unanswered questions, do it for the families that lost their loved ones."

870. Richard Collins United Kingdom

871. Peter Davies United Kingdom
"PLease investigate this horrific disaster so that the families affected can have closure at their darkest hour."

872. richard salmon Australia

873. Brock Aldred United States
"Please investigate this tragic event. My dear friend Sam Wornoff lost his brother. Many families deserve this closure. Thank you and God Bless"

874. Amy Schuiling United States

875. Victoria Leyton United Kingdom

876. Judith Wallach United States

877. Allyson Reece United States

878. lisa john United Kingdom

879. Ann Phillips Spain

880. Fiona Rogers United Kingdom
"Pleas do all you can to ensure that air travel in your country is as safe as is possible"

881. Gemma Arthur United Kingdom

882. Julie Goorman United States

883. Katherine Lapins United States

884. rick ellsmore United States

885. Kari Lundberg United States

886. john stokrp United States

887. sonia gerth United States

888. sarah davies United Kingdom

889. judy massa United States

890. Janet Bender United States

891. RAYMOND J PITTMAN United States
"It behoves you country to bring closure to this incident. I for one, would not fly your airlines."

892. julie United Kingdom

893. Kimberly Birch United States

894. Matt Bender United States

895. Jim Fries United States
"There is no ill intent and we wish no harm to Thailand or the tourism industry. We hope only for your protection of future travelers from any possible danger. Thank you for your concern and efforts."

896. Chris MacLaughlin United States

897. Kat Kennedy United States
"Please help our friends get the answers they need so they can gain closesure for their loss."


899. Leah Baker United States
"Please set the record straight and help the families find closure."

900. Rodney Camper United States

901. Sam Camper United States

902. Robbie Thurley United Kingdom

903. Daniel Yoo United States

904. Elin Robbins-Geman United States

905. Courtnie Kline United States

906. aaron grimstead United Kingdom

907. Dilwyn Phillips Spain

908. Gareth Fletcher United Kingdom

909. Stephen Kim United States

910. diane evans Australia
"Dear Sir, My darling mother and Father were killed in this crash, only a full investigation will assist in preventing any other family suffering the way I am. If there is nothing to hide, then why is there an issue with a full investigation."

911. Daniel Vallez United States
"I was thinking about visiting Thailand this summer but after reading about the unsafe planes, I am thinking I will not. Please make your planes more safe!!! "

912. Andras Pap United States

913. yang e kang United States

914. myung j kang United States

915. Mario Dodaro Canada

916. Violet Dodaro Canada

917. Jill Dobberpuhl United States

918. Angela Kilpatrick United States

919. Judith Ortega United States

920. Judy Pinnow United States
"Mike was in the prime of his life. He trusted their airlines to get him safely to his destination. They failed him. Please find out why. "

921. Geri Katz United States

922. debbie dunn United States

923. Genevieve Natvig United States

924. Johnny Coleman Jr United States

925. Katie United States

926. Victoria Hope United Kingdom

927. shaun dyer United Kingdom
"please help the familys of the deaceased to move on with their lives."

928. the staff of DD&FES United Kingdom
"please help us understand what happened to our friends and family. "

929. Christy K Sweet Thailand
"YOu want tourist dollars, you better do something about lax safety. 1 more crash and and it's only pedophiles whore-mongers from here on out.
Oh that's all right you say?"

930. Stephen Chapman United Kingdom

931. Diane R. Spicer United States
"Please investigate using and independent authority. We need to know what happened. Thank you."

932. Chris Thomas United Kingdom
"It's nice to see so many people sign the petition, hopefully it will count to something and Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and the thailand authorites will wise up, investigate and do thier job."

933. Nerys Forster United Kingdom

934. Julie Yusoff Singapore

935. soucoline France

936. Darren United States Minor Outlying Islands
"Aloha Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej!
a grave injustice to allow questionable business practices to prevail: in light of the forgone cost impacts to consumers. the unwillingness to continue the investigation into this case is a travesty - To you, to me, to the people of your country, and the people of this world. The larger and long withstanding impacts to consumer confidence and pride in your country, your nationality, will prove a much greater loss to your society; than rather to own up, take the smaller blow, force change!, see betterment of society, and watcht he greater 'forgone' BENEFIT of this travesty shine through.
In best regards,
with my solomenest of hope and prayer for change,
Darren McDaniel"

937. Sarah Harding United Kingdom

938. Andrew Goff United Kingdom

939. Katherine Schmittt United States
"Please put our minds at ease by investigating this horrendous tragedy!"

940. Jackie Garcia United States

941. Donald Garcia United States

942. catherine lee United States

943. Eva Miller United States

944. David Quon United States
"A good friend of mine was killed in on Flight OG269. We had traveled together to Thailand in 2002 where he fell in love with your country and people. So much that he spent a good part of his life in the past 3 years visiting, living and working in Thailand. It's a shame that the country that he loved so much is the country that took his life. Please don't let Stefan Woronoff's life lost be meaningless. Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines and bring the responsible people to justice. Thank you for your time and effort.


945. alan nabarro United Kingdom
"Dear prime minister
I have already sent an e-mail and i hope that samething has been done about about what happend to those poor people that were kiled in the plane crash flight no one-two-go og269,i hope that you have done samething about it as i lost a good friend on that fight and do dont want to see that happen agian to those poor family's to lose there loved ones, hope all these e-mail's will make you do samething to make sure that it never happens again. "

946. carly jossund United States

947. John Swanson United States

948. Menna Jane Box United Kingdom

949. Mary Lawrenson United States

950. Diana Bucquet United States

951. Susan Beekey United States

952. Jen McCarye United States

953. silvio manziano United States

954. Tina Martin United States

955. Melanie Prusinski United States

956. Paula Chamoun United States

957. Sara Pfaffenroth United States
"Our family really needs closure in the death of these passengers. It is too important for you to brush it under the rug as you have done thus far. "

958. Holly Swanson United States

959. Anthony Edu United States

960. Tamara Minard United States

961. Ronald Minard United States

962. Cecil Craig United States

963. Jonathan Stearn United States

964. Frank Vessel Thailand  
"Even more important than the investgation into Udom is a full investigation in the department of civil aviation and an immediate replacement of their Director General."

965. Tina Baker United States

966. Kalpana United States
"Please make us feel safe to visit Thailand. "

967. Grace Tu United States

968. Katie Barton United States
"We need an investigation of this tradgedy"

969. Debbie Dunn United States
"Please help all the families have closure on this flight please give them find the facts they need to do so. "

970. James McGowan Thailand
"I was in Phuket at my house there the day of the crash. The wind and rain were blowing sideways at over 50 KPH. It was one of the worst stroms I had seen since living there. When I saw the news, I wasn't too surprised. I think the flight just before the One Two Go flight that crashed had a very rough landing as well. The airport should have been closed!"

971. Joachim Hartmann Indonesia
"These practises must be abolished and the responsible people severely punished. In Indonesia where i live the same phenomena are rampant"

972. M. Stayton United States

973. Mary Ann Stamper United States
"I would be afraid to ever fly on this airline! Please investigate!"

974. Tassin France
"Families need to know the truth and deserve an impartial investigation. Do it to prevent that such disasters from happening again and in memory of the victims of this tragedy."

975. Linda Brandl United States

976. Michael Beekey United States

977. Peter Pfaffenroth United States

978. Debra A. Wallace United States
"I know someone who lost someone they care about!"

979. Shannon Roark United States

980. Robert Silver United States

981. Shelia Peyton Neave United States
"Please further investigate the cause of this crash. The families of those loved ones lost deserves that."

982. Robin McKinney United States

983. Rosario Alvarez United States
"Currently in Thailand on my honeymoon. This is very disturbing news and I'm sure if more people knew about it, tourism in Thailand would definitely be affected."

984. dafydd gwyon United Kingdom

985. Kirsty pettit United Kingdom

986. Lyndon West United Kingdom

987. emma powell United Kingdom
"My small town lost a loved citizen in this crash."

988. lorraine watson United Kingdom
"please investigate plane clash"

989. Nancy Wang United States

990. BRENDA ARTHUR United Kingdom
"Please investigate as this should never be allowed to happen again"

991. JOHN ARTHURj United Kingdom

992. Sunny Yang United Kingdom
"Please investigate"

993. Krystal Aspey United States

994. David Hughes United Kingdom
"Please investigate."

995. William ELLIS United States
"please investigate fully if you want tourists to feel safe."

996. Heather Longerbeam United States

997. Kathy Ayers United Kingdom

998. Susan Stevens United States

999. amy wolff United States

1000. Lucille Schmitt United States

1001. Emmett Toland Ireland
"My twin brother was killed in the crash my family would like to know why the plane landed in bad weather. Life will never be the same for my family again. "

1002. Catrin Thomas United Kingdom

1003. james travers Ireland

1004. kara mc daid Ireland

1005. Bobby Wisdom United States
"Please take action on this matter! Thank you."

1006. ciara carlin Ireland

1007. Alex Konnaris Thailand

1008. Chatchawarn Jirupathum Thailand

1009. Kelly United States

1010. Stephen Friel Ireland

1011. Howard Hartenbaum United States
"Only open and impartial studies can uncover the truth and fix the problems. If not, I will chose to vacation elsewhere."

1012. Assaf Lahav Italy

1013. Rhianon West United Kingdom

1014. oberti antoine France

1015. oberti reine France

1016. oberti andré France

1017. Jamie West United Kingdom

1018. richard brady United Kingdom

1019. Brenda Eadon United Kingdom
"Shame on you Prime Minister Samak"

1020. mary mitchell United Kingdom

1021. Melissa Hannigan United Kingdom
"People need answers!"

1022. John Ingleson United Kingdom
"Farang will not visit your country if you allow corrupt people to cause deaths of others. The ghosts are watching you..."

1023. jessica sage United Kingdom

1024. Kieran Connell United Kingdom

1025. diane buckland United Kingdom
"I was in thailand after the crash, and I feel that the tragic loss of innocent lives should be investigated, your moral if not your legal stand should dictate this. thailand is a wonderful country and should not be marred by questionable conduct. And i feel it is your duty to find the details of this tragic event so it never happens again"

1026. Holly Everitt United Kingdom

1027. Dawn Sealey United Kingdom
"Please carry out an enquiry as to the cause of this terrible accident. I lost two very dear friends in this accident and I would love to visit Thailand but do not feel safe in doing so. I would appreciate your response that an investigation will be carried out as soon as possible."

1028. fiona kersey United Kingdom
"My sister in law lost her parents in this crash and i would like her to have some peace of mind as to what caused this accident"

1029. Annmarie bellamy United Kingdom
"Our close friends parents died in that crash and the tradegy affected so many people around them. Please make sure an investigation is undertaken so this cannot happen again."

1030. Grainne Devine Ireland

1031. Claire Feeney Ireland

1032. Edele Moore Northern Ireland

1033. Etain McGuinness United Kingdom
"this size of "accident" warrants an investigation."

1034. louise travers Ireland

1035. Caroline Curran United Kingdom

1036. christopher forbes Ireland
"aaron toland (legend) lost christy cooley legend survived"

1037. Elen Moore United Kingdom

1038. Michael Duddy Ireland

1039. peter budina Northern Ireland

1040. Michael R Mackay United Kingdom
"What have you got to hide ?"

1041. Joanna Dyer United Kingdom
"My work mate lost her parents on this flight. It needs to be investigated

1042. Will Spreadbury United Kingdom
"How can you have a plane crash and not investigate it? That smells of corruption."

1043. Melanie Dunbar United Kingdom

1044. Mairead Mc Gahan Ireland

1045. Ian Palmer United Kingdom
"Mr Sundarevej, You should not obstruct a full investigation as we in Great Britain still feel very strongly about this. It would actually gain you more respect if you went ahead with it, then at least you would have done something not hope the problem will go away. Believe me, it won't and I will never contemplate visiting your country until my good friends who lost loved ones get some sort of answer."

1046. Kathryn Mc Gahan Ireland

1047. Nancy Himel United States

1048. Maayan Fogel United States

1049. Colleen Callaghan Ireland

1050. Michelle Ramsey United Kingdom
"Please help the Irish Victims families with their grief by allowing an investigation"

1051. Pat Ramsey United Kingdom

1052. Fubara Pepple United Kingdom

1053. Kevin Thomas Northern Ireland

1054. DIXIE WADLINGTON United States

1055. Claire Kent United Kingdom

1056. Katrina Doherty Ireland

1057. Emily Kemp United States

1058. N Davies United Kingdom

1059. Danny Yun United States

1060. Hyun Yun United States

1061. Kay Thorndyke United Kingdom

1062. Claudia Papiro United Kingdom

1063. Liam McGuinness United Kingdom

1064. james leggett New Zealand

1065. Nora McGuinness United Kingdom

1066. David Dishart United Kingdom

1067. Deirbhile Logue Ireland

1068. SUSAN CORKE United Kingdom
"Please investigate and hopefully the findings may prevent further tragedy"

1069. Caolan Logue Ireland

1070. Patricia Logue Israel

1071. Simon Mc Nabb Ireland

1072. John Roberts United States
"Two of my loved friends were killed on that flight. We would like to know the full details of what happened."

1073. Roisin Ward Northern Ireland

1074. Anne Pierce United States

1075. Andrea Davies United Kingdom
"Please authorise and independant investigation. I would love to visit your country and will do so if this investigation is done soon."

1076. Mandy Mulligan United States
"“Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please set the fears and suspicions of citizens and future guests to Thailand to rest. After the crash of Flight OG 269 resulting in 90 deaths, only an independent and transparent investigation by authorities can allay the fears and suspicions caused by allegations of apparently illegal actions on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines.” "

1077. Jonathan Caruth United Kingdom

1078. Claire Skiggs United Kingdom

1079. Neil Rees United Kingdom

1080. Seána Mc Veigh Ireland

1081. Nicola Davies United Kingdom

1082. Joanne Butler United Kingdom

1083. Andrew Brace United Kingdom

1084. Joseph B. Young United States
"Judy and Tony Weston were Dear people and are missed. There lives and the others lost deserve a collaborative investigation."

1085. Rebecca + Michele United Kingdom

1086. Mark Weaver United Kingdom

1087. jacqueline lewis United Kingdom

1088. Susan Nowak United States
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please set the fears and suspicions of citizens and future guests to Thailand to rest. After the crash of Flight OG 269 resulting in 90 deaths, only an independent and transparent investigation by authorities can allay the fears and suspicions caused by allegations of apparently illegal actions on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines. "

1089. Tracey Scullion United States

1090. Emily Mason United Kingdom

1091. Charlotte Crockett United Kingdom
"This is not just business and money, these are people who have lost their lives, they are not just numbers."

1092. H Cho United States

1093. Mae Chen United States

1094. Christine Lee United States

1095. Kevin King United Kingdom
"We owe it to loved ones and future passengers to find out what happened."

1096. Erik Wohlgemuth United States
"I have been to your beautiful country and invest in your region. I am disturbed by the lack of any thorough investigative progress in to the crash of flight OG 269. Such investigations are essential to identify and learn from errors, prosecute crimes if proven, to ensure such tragedies don't reoccur. I urge you to investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai to understand why this crash occurred and to provide an explanation to grieving families."

1097. Harry Candelario United States

1098. Elif Kimyacioglu United States

1099. Vanessa Davies United Kingdom
"Dear Prime Minister
Please ensure that a thorough investigation takes place. The people who lost loved ones that day deserve to know the truth. How can anyone feel safe travelling to Thailand until the truth is known?"

1100. katie mc cullough Ireland

1101. caolan harkin Ireland

1102. Sarah McEleney Ireland
"I hope you do everything you can to find out what happened to this young man."

1103. Denise Coyle United States

1104. David Ferguson Ireland

1105. Belle Yen United States

1106. Allison Russell United States

1107. brian molloy Northern Ireland

1108. Daniel McCafferty Ireland
"do the right thing!!!!!"

1109. Shannon Kirby Ireland

1110. Rionaigh Kirby Ireland

1111. SCOTT HEROLD United States

1112. Jan Elias United Kingdom

1113. Jacqueline Meltzer United States

1114. Orla Henderson Northern Ireland

1115. Jeannie McCullough United States
"I would hesitate coming to Thailand for vacation given the unsafe air practices that the governement allows to exist. Please change this situation."

1116. PAUL MARTIN United Kingdom

1117. Ruth Sage United Kingdom
"There are familys who have lost loved ones in this air crash, these people deserve answers please help them"

1118. Gareth Sage United Kingdom

1119. Siuinin McBride Northern Ireland

1120. jemma morgan United Kingdom

1121. g hurley United Kingdom

1122. Justin Hall United Kingdom

1123. Moyra Evans United Kingdom

1124. Nikki Evans United Kingdom
"This horrific incident needs to be investigated as to firstly, help the bereaved with their grief and secondly, to restore faith in the safety of Thailand Airlines. "

1125. Bethan Lane United Kingdom
"I'm signing this as my sister lost her best friend Bethan Jones in this accident."

1126. Melissa Cushing, MD United States

1127. Ciara Doherty United States

1128. caroline mc caul Ireland

1129. deirdre martin Ireland

1130. Helen Saies United Kingdom

1131. Lynsey Jones United Kingdom

1132. linda webb United Kingdom

1133. Sarah King United Kingdom

1134. susanna lu United States

1135. Christina Pope New Zealand

1136. Rama Weizmann Israel
"Iwill not visit until I learn that your airlines are safe"

1137. James Yaegashi United States

1138. Rosie Wu United States

1139. Louise Phillips United Kingdom

1140. Caryl Hurford United Kingdom
"You must have a full investigation for all the people on the plane and their families so they can make sense of it all."

1141. Philippa Carter United Kingdom

1142. GEMMA HOLMES United Kingdom

1143. Julie Davies United Kingdom

1144. paul pomfrey United Kingdom

1145. Claire Blight United Kingdom

1146. Lynn Flanagan United Kingdom

1147. Declan Mc Guinness Ireland

1148. Fiona Coyle United Kingdom

1149. Cher Elanor United Kingdom

1150. Lisa Adams United Kingdom

1151. Mark Williams United Kingdom

1152. Geraldine McGuinness Ireland
"Need to know the truth about what happened and how safe was this aircraft!"

1153. Dean Reynolds United Kingdom
"Please investigate this disaster. Refusing to do so does nothing for the image of Thailand abroad or at home."

1154. Alan Duckett United Kingdom
"Sir Please Investigate the aforementioned allegations so others do not suffer"

1155. Gareth Morgan United Kingdom

1156. Catherine Walker Ireland

1157. lee sage United Kingdom
"Very good friends of ours lost their parents in the tragic accident and has had a terrible impact on the family and grand children. Tony and Judds future was taken away in the accident, THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY AND A FULL INVESTIGATION SHOULD BE HELD AND CONCLUSIVE ANSWERS SOUGHT to enable remaining loved ones to be at peace with the future. "

1158. Eoghan Mc Glinchey Ireland

1159. Bela Patel United Kingdom

1160. Kalpesh Patel United Kingdom

1161. assumpta breslin United Kingdom
"please order investigation to ensure this doesnt happen again"

1162. Tom Kimber United Kingdom

1163. Maria Nanson United Kingdom

1164. KEVIN HUTTON United Kingdom
"Aaron Toland was a legend a complete lovely person who did not deserve this this horrific ending..
If you where any type of a leader you would indeed hault these proceedings..
How very dare you.. Wait to you loss someone you care about.."

1165. Sian Summers United Kingdom

1166. Odhran McGuinness Ireland
"Tourism in Thailand will suffer as word spreads that the authorities don't control Thai-based airlines. Thailand is a popular destination because of its beauty etc however only a full independant investigation will reassure tourists of air safety."

1167. Johanna Mc Veigh Ireland

1168. John Mc Veigh Ireland

1169. Odhran McGuinness Ireland
"Tourism in Thailand will suffer as word spreads that the authorities don't control Thai-based airlines. Thailand is a popular destination because of its beauty etc however only a full independant investigation will reassure tourists of air safety."

1170. Laura Mc Callion Ireland

1171. Seána Mc Veigh Ireland
"Aaron Toland was our nephew and cousin who we loved and miss very much.....please investigate for all the families involved!!!"

1172. paul cogdell United Kingdom

1173. Shane Doherty Ireland
"Sort it out"

1174. Emma Ireland

1175. claire roach United Kingdom

1176. Rachel Harkin Ireland

1177. Crista Hazell United Kingdom
"Please ensure that a full and impartial investigation takes place so the cause of this tragedy can be found & dealt with to allow those who lost family members & friends to have some answers."

1178. dearbhaile doherty United Kingdom

1179. Kenneth Rind United States

1180. Vannessa Marshall United States

1181. Patricia Logue Ireland
"These airlines need to make sure that their planes are safe and fit for purpose.Lives before profit! "

1182. Keelan Mc Kinney United Kingdom
"Get ur act together"

1183. joan barry United Kingdom
"Please investigate do not let any other family suffer like our close friends who lost their BELOVED SON ALEX"

1184. Joanna barry United Kingdom

1185. debby hepburn United Kingdom
"how can a fatal air crash not be investigated?"

1186. Vickie Doherty Ireland

1187. Jude Patterson United Kingdom

1188. Ciara Hyndman Ireland

1189. Peter Quilt United States

1190. Helene Greenwald United States

1191. Ryan McGinley Ireland

1192. jane eberle United States
"We plan a trip to Thailand next year and feel a growing concern about the airlines regulated by your country's businessmen. Please consider a review of Mr. Tantiprasongchai's safety procedures for all that want to use the local airlines.
Thank you"

1193. Kenneth Eberle United States
"Travel within Thailand needs to be reviewed for safety before I will book a flight within the country itself. Please respond with details to the American public that safety in your transportation system is dilegently being corrected."

1194. Tracy Currie United Kingdom

1195. Orlagh Mc Veigh Ireland
"Aaron Toland was my cousin who i love and miss, please investigate for all the families"

1196. kirsty Hamilton Ireland

1197. Conor Mc Veigh Ireland

1198. Andy Porter Ireland

1199. Ian Parsons United Kingdom

1200. Donal Doherty Ireland

1201. kate Russell United Kingdom

1202. Mike Worthington United Kingdom

1203. Donnie Lamirande United States

1204. christopher cooley Ireland

1205. Siu United States

1206. Daniel Weizmann Israel

1207. Marilyn Mason United Kingdom
"There is no way I will travel to Thailand until I feel that air safety is taken seriously in your country"

1208. karen upton United Kingdom

1209. emily upton United Kingdom

1210. chloe upton United Kingdom

1211. DIANE SPRIGGS United Kingdom
"get this man where he belongs behind bars for murder "

1212. cora spriggs United Kingdom

1213. ryan spriggs United Kingdom

1214. kate spriggs United Kingdom

1215. Shaun McCafferty Ireland
"A friend of Aaron Toland!!"

1216. Robert Norris United States
"Do what is right."

1217. Emma Mullery Australia
"I lost my husband and father of our four children in this crash. "

1218. Ron Pring Thailand
"I was in Phuket that fateful day. the weather was appalling with very strong winds and heavey rain. Surley the flight should have been diverted to another airport.I support the Woronoff family in asking for a full and seaching enquiry so that lessons can be learnt.I have witnessed the heartbreak that this accident has caused to many people. Please treat this matter seriously."

1219. Elizabeth Rees United Kingdom

1220. Siuinin McBride Ireland
""A cousin of Aaron Toland""

1221. Rcahel Rodger Northern Ireland

1222. Karen Wohlgemuth United States
"I have friends who sing the praises of Thailand and the Island of Phuket.They have spent a great deal of time there. I will share this story with them, and I will reconsider my own wish to tour there in light of this issue."

1223. Caitlin McBride Ireland
"Cousin of Aaron Toland."

1224. M.Elliot United Kingdom
"Do the right thing. I fly regularly in Thailand (NOT with this outfit) and I don't want to share the same skies with an unsafe operator. "

1225. Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo United States

1226. Donna Donaghey Ireland

1227. June McLaughlin United States

1228. george mclaughlin United States
"Please investigate this crash. This crash reflects very poorly on Thailand. It makes it appear that Thai regulated airlines are not safe to fly on. "

1229. Trevor Tan United States

1230. C.G. Pugh United Kingdom
"An investigation is paramount to ensure that relatives and friends can come to terms with their loss. If this coesn't happen then I'm convinced that the impact on tourism in the region will suffer and ultimatley your economy."

1231. Rhodri West United Kingdom

1232. Sebrina Mc Carron Ireland

1233. Bernadette Roberts United Kingdom
"Questions need to be ANSWERED!!!!"

1234. stephanie shiels United Kingdom

1235. Lauren Mc Gahan Ireland
"investigate nw

1236. kiera doherty Ireland

1237. Caoimhe Donaghey Ireland

1238. kiera doherty derry Ireland

1239. Emer Mc Guinness Ireland
"Do this 4 Aaron he was amazing and truly deserves it!"

1240. paul gibson United Kingdom

1241. Clare Flockhart United Kingdom

1242. charlene McCrudden Ireland

1243. aisling hargan Ireland

1244. Conor Mc Guinness Ireland

1245. ciara Dunlop Ireland

1246. gerard mac farland Ireland

1247. Chris Cunningham United Kingdom

1248. Kathleen Nix United States

1249. Stephanie Griffin United States
"My neighbor lost her father in this crash. Please bring them justice."

1250. Joe Griffin United States

1251. Theresa Nix United States

1252. Una McGuinness Ireland
"I lost my cousin Aaron Toland on flight OG 269 and he is sorely missed by our whole family. An investigation will go a long way to convince people that your country is safe to visit. "

1253. Gareth McColgan Ireland
"1 person lost in this tragedy would be enough for an investigation. To ignore these allegations is a disgrace."

1254. Conchúr Gill Ireland

1255. Erin Ramos United States

1256. Brad Barkey United States
"Please investigate this event and enforce Thai and international travel safety standards."

1257. Brian ODonnell United States

1258. An Glorieux United Kingdom

1259. Robert Faulds United Kingdom
"A safe system for all operations concerning Thai airline carriers must be put in place.The DCA has a moral responsibility to ensure that all Thailand based carriers follow all the safety guidelines for airline and aircraft operations."

1260. Rebecca Searle United Kingdom

1261. Seamus Hegarty Ireland

1262. aisling fullerton Ireland
"please investigate, precious lives were lost"

1263. Oisin McGowan Ireland

1264. stephen Northern Ireland
"Investigate Now!"

1265. Kara Hasson Ireland

1266. Nota McGuinness Ireland

1267. Nora McGuinness Ireland

1268. Paula Phillips United Kingdom
"This incident needs to be investigated by the authorities to allow families that have lost loved ones come to terms with their grief."

1269. GemmaNicholl Northern Ireland

1270. Lorna McGee United Kingdom

1271. Gavin Doherty Ireland

1272. Jane Ward Ireland

1273. Niall Blee Northern Ireland
"Get it sorted"

1274. Marcia Walsh United States
"Please create some peace for the families of these victims."

1275. Kathleen watson United Kingdom

1276. Anna Davies United Kingdom

1277. Brenel Menezes United Kingdom

1278. Sharon Davies United Kingdom

1279. Joanna McLean United Kingdom

1280. Lara Flanagan United Kingdom
"My friend lost a very close cousin in the crash. "

1281. Diana Hardesty United Kingdom

1282. Gemma Taaffe United Kingdom

1283. Louise Witham United Kingdom

1284. ciara healey Ireland

1285. Terri Holmes Ireland

1286. caoimhe United Kingdom

1287. Robert Makari United States

1288. Digna Flor United States

1289. William McGuinness United Kingdom
"Please authorise an independent and transparent investigation into the crash of Flight og 269 and the business practices of One-Two Go and Orient Airlines and their chairman Udom Tantiprasongchai"

1290. Henry J. Nix United States

1291. Margaret M. Nix United States

1292. Joyce A. Sackey United States

1293. Paula Butler Ireland

1294. Joshua M. Schindler, Esq. United States
"I am very upset about your handling of the disaster of flight OG 269. I will not travel to Thailand nor will any of my relatives until you take satisfactory steps to improve your airservice. Many of my clients were concerned when they heard of this matter and are revisting their decision to travel to Thailand. I assure you that my promise not to visit your country will not change unless immediate steps are taken against those involved in this tragic incident and that you clean up the airline industry in Thailand."

1295. Veronica Hennessy United Kingdom
"Please help, don't delay any further, save future lives."

1296. Richard Gallagher Ireland

1297. hannah foulkes United Kingdom

1298. arlene st john mosse Ecuador
"All other countries investigate flight accidents, regardless of the accident circumstances is this not why planes are fitted with the black box. The rest of the World assisted the Thai government during their worst disaster, the World can easily assist with the crash investigation."

1299. grainne hargan Ireland

1300. Grainne Mc Cafferty Ireland
"Stop penny pinching on peoples lives!"

1301. karyn Cunningham Ireland

1302. Gary Harte Ireland
"i visited the family of a victim. the famly deserves to know the truth"

1303. Isawa Niruvana Japan
"Please show the blackbox!"

1304. pat lemmon Canada
"I have no faith in the Thai aviation safety and the officials responsible for its implementation
I will definitely not visit Thailand this year."

1305. Nutthapong Mongkholsin Thailand
"I'll be very mad and upset"

1306. Aisling Gallagher Northern Ireland

1307. Danielle McCartney Ireland

1308. julie roberts United Kingdom

1309. Helen John United Kingdom
"Please do all you can to get the right answers"

1310. Laura Wilkins United Kingdom

1311. Andrea Sagar United Kingdom

1312. David Stone United Kingdom
"The lack of care or interest in the safety of its airlines and the foreign tourists they carry is a serious black mark on the repuation of Thailand.
I continue to do what I can in the British publication I edit to warn British travellers of this."

1313. Eugene Burke Ireland

1314. James Wray Ireland

1315. Charles Jonathan United Kingdom

1316. Christopher Hamilton Ireland

1317. Charles Salvador Australia

1318. Hanna Fogel United States

1319. NAOMI MCMONAGLE United Kingdom

1320. julie anne houston Ireland

1321. Stan United States  
"As a pilot for one of your airlines I think you need to have closer inspections, especially with the airlines that operate in KSA.
80 percent of flights here are illegal and against the regs."

1322. alan waldie South Africa
"In the real world a bad name will affect you forever,this operator needs to be stopped"

1323. Dean McCullagh Ireland
"Lets see justice prevail for all the family and friends who lost loved ones on the 16th September 2007"

1324. Serla Moore Ireland

1325. annie carlin Ireland

1326. Seana Ireland
"it was a terrible accident which could have been avoided"

1327. Mike Lee Thailand
"I flew for Udom in the late 90's and all stated allegations are true. Many pilot websites have info from former pilots at Orient Thai, and this was my feeling: It was not a matter of if but when it was going to happen. Mr. Wutachai from Thai DCA is retiring right now and guess that is to get the heat off him. Udom supposedly is expanding his operations at this time and continues to enjoy no pressure from the local authority. Money talks. The Australian news show was brilliant and spot on. Unbelievable that he is still operating with the same type of crews and disregard for safety. I never, ever fly One Two Go or Orient Thai, no matter how cheap it is. God bless the families of the victims of One Two Go. "

1328. Scott Pinfold New Zealand
"If there is nothing illegal there is nothing to worry about. Respect the family and friends of the victims in this tragic air disaster and allow a full and proper investigation so there lives were by no means in vain."

1329. john_bonnell Thailand
"Right is right. Do what's right. "

1330. JamesWoodcock New Zealand

1331. David Grogen Australia

1332. Diane Allen United States Minor Outlying Islands

1333. Kevin J. United States
"Mr. Samak,
You have to get your act together and start getting after these corrupt people even if they are in your own political party. You swore to the king you would run the country fairly and honestly. Don't protect cheats and be honest!!!"

1334. Paul Houston Ireland

1335. Jennifer Cassidy Ireland
"Someone from our home town was killed."

1336. Mark Mc Laughlin Ireland

1337. P Cassidy Ireland

1338. Caroline Devine Ireland

1339. Cheneen Mc Laughlin Ireland

1340. Kevin Magee Israel

1341. mary logue Ireland

1342. SUSIE RIDDELL United Kingdom

1343. dana robinson Ireland

1344. Peter O Doherty Ireland

1345. cianan toland Ireland
"my older brother Aaron Toland died on the plane. nothing will ever be the same again without him.he was a great person and my family are devestated and it angers us that an investigation hasnt been carried out."

1346. Ruairi Devine Ireland

1347. Ronald Baracka United States

1348. Alexandra Digilio United States

1349. Stephanie English Ireland

1350. Minty Thompson Ireland

1351. Tony Sheehan Ireland

1352. davidparnell United Kingdom

1353. Tony Doherty Ireland

1354. Sarah-jane Elliott Ireland

1355. Sarah Davies United Kingdom

1356. Rachel Owens United Kingdom

1357. Capt. H. McNicol United States  
"Dear Prime Minister. As an ex-Air America and retired airline pilot with over 25,000 hours, it is your duty to investigate this accident and find the

1358. Laura Grant Ireland

1359. Chris Healy United Kingdom

1360. Elizabeth Dawkins United Kingdom

1361. Daniel Holden United Kingdom

1362. Nick Terpstra United States

1363. Myles and Ann marie Toland Ireland
"our son Aaron who was only 22 years old lost his life on the plane. Aaron was a beautiful young man who had everything to live for. He just got his degree and wanted to go on a trip of a lifetime to australia. he was only away 3 days. we are devestated at what happened to Aaron and we miss him so much. we need answers! investigate the crash please!"

1364. Aisling Hutton Ireland
"Aaron Toland was my cousin and a wonderful young man with many prospects in life ahead of him. The very least that can be done by you is to provide answers as to why this tragic accident happened."

1365. Kristian Hutton Ireland
"Investigations need to be carried out as the families of all the deceased need answers, sooner rather than later. Aaron Toland was a close family relative and will be sorely missed by us all."

1366. Gary Tracey Ireland

1367. Gary Morrison Ireland
"sadly missed- Aaron Toland "

1368. Ryan Morrison Ireland

1369. Paul Morrison Ireland

1370. Tony O'Kane Ireland

1371. Paul Morrison Ireland

1372. McFadds Ireland

1373. Paul Morrison Ireland

1374. McFadds Ireland

1375. John Morrison Ireland

1376. Terence Morrison United Kingdom
"due to aaron toland!"

1377. james s United States
"Does the Thai CAA board having something to hide. Remember the FAA and Valujet until the crash of J7 (Valujet) 592 inthe Everglades, they had incident after incident after incident until a major crash occured.
up your eyes!"

1378. Adam Harrison Australia
"Prime Minister

the responsible parties for this horrific aircrash MUST be brought to justice.

As the ruler of Thailand, its your responsibility to ensure this happens. "

1379. TAN Thailand
"I have no hope with this current PM"

1380. Michael Doyle United Kingdom

1381. Thomas J Miles United Kingdom

1382. gillian harris United Kingdom

1383. George Kerrigan Ireland

1384. Catherine Griffin Ireland

1385. Gareth Mc Grory United Kingdom

1386. Brian McDonnell United States

1387. Victoria Sparks United Kingdom

1388. c geil United Kingdom

1389. mridul phookan India

1390. brenda sheerin Ireland

1391. megan crockett Ireland

1392. sandra doyle Ireland

1393. Matthew Tuck United Kingdom

1394. lemasson France

1395. jonathon hobbs United Kingdom

1396. David Bennett United Kingdom
"These allegations need to be proved or disproved.

If true, then action is needed to prevent a repitition."

1397. Stephanie Davies United Kingdom

1398. Anna Ireland

1399. Paul Ireland

1400. Danny Devlin Ireland
"For Aaron Toland (yn) !"

1401. Patrick Appleton Ireland

1402. Jon Nance United States  
"As any former pilot with Orient Thai will tell you, the aircraft are unsafe to fly. We ask that the Bangkok Post or the Nation newspapers investigate this story more throughly in a hard hitting expose. Please contact former employees of Orient Thai to find out the real truth about Orient Thai and One-Two-Go."

1403. Gary Gilbert United States
"I live in Phuket and fly often to Bangkok, I want all airlines in Thailand to be throughly investigated and those found in anyway guilty of compromising safety to make themselves rich or richer made to suffer the most severe punishment allowed in Thailand."

1404. Niall McGuinness Ireland

1405. Colleen Brown Ireland
"Dont let anymore lives be lost!"

1406. Charles Marley Ireland

1407. Aaron Flanagan Ireland

1408. Jason Meagher United States
"I just crossed Thailand off my list of possible vacation spots for my family's summer vacation.

Call it knee-jerk American myopia if you want (I know little about the facts surrounding the incident in question), but I will continue to write off Thailand until such a time as I hear that the Thai airline industry is cleaned up.

And, whether fair or not, I will probably tell others of my decision.

So why should you care? Well, consider all the signatures above mine. Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, commercial life has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. Your PR disaster is now a global one. You are living in a hyperaware, superconnected world. And that world is watching. But it won't watch forever. Eventually, if no new news emerges, the global community will form a consensus about Thailand and brand it as dangerous.

judging by the number of signatures, you really don't have very much time."

1409. Mike Volpe United States

1410. Marilyn Mann United States

1411. James Logue Ireland

1412. Mrs G M Fernandez United Kingdom
"How would you feel and what action would you want taken if one of your family members had been on that flight? So many lives lost. So many lives changed forever as they try to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. The least you can do is make sure a full enquiry is made into this tragedy to answer their questions and try to ensure that it doesn't happen again. The economy of Thailand could also suffer if travellers decide to give the country a miss because they believe that lives come a poor second to profit."

1413. Stephanie Glackin Northern Ireland

1414. Michelle Dunn Ireland

1415. P McMenamin United Kingdom
"Flgiht OG269 should be fully investigated"

1416. Olusola Omolayo United Kingdom

1417. Gregory Doherty Ireland

1418. Neil McLarnon Ireland

1419. David Tancred Ireland

1420. Brendan Doherty Ireland

1421. BRIAN MCGOWAN Northern Ireland

1422. Ann Lynch United Kingdom

1423. Paul Healy Ireland

1424. Patrick English Ireland

1425. James Alcorn Ireland

1426. Kevin McLaughlin Ireland
"A young man from my city lost his life. This tragedy must be investigated thoroughly and justice served."

1427. Damien Coll Ireland

1428. Graeme Parker United Kingdom

1429. Aaron Cassidy Northern Ireland

1430. Darren McConway Ireland

1431. Damian Curran Ireland

1432. Ciaran Mc Guinness Ireland

1433. Carolyn Curran United Kingdom

1434. Matthew Doherty Ireland

1435. Sean Francis Ireland

1436. michael burns Ireland

1437. Kevin Moore Ireland

1438. Louise Dunne Ireland

1439. Emmet Owens Northern Ireland
"Too many people lost their lives for this to be ignored, and to prevent the same from happening in the future!"

1440. Paul C Ireland

1441. Michael Clarke Ireland
"Justice must be the number1 target, to show respect to the dead and injured and their families


1442. Pl Gairmleadhaigh Ireland

1443. keith redden Ireland

1444. Sean Doherty United Kingdom

1445. Noel McDaid Ireland

1446. Rory Quigley Northern Ireland

1447. Jimmy Mallon Ireland

1448. MC HARRIGAN Ireland

1449. Kieran Doherty Ireland

1450. Derrick Daly United Kingdom

1451. robby mitchell United Kingdom

1452. richard mckinney Ireland

1453. Clare Edmonds United States

1454. Conor Gallagher Ireland

1455. rachel mc closkey Ireland
"It was a terrible loss of great people which has hurt so many families."

1456. Roddy Large Ireland

1457. Dick Tucker Ireland

1458. Joe Dornan Ireland
"do the right thing"

1459. Bouthillon France
"membre du conseil d'administration de la FIVAA (International Federation of Victims of Air Accidents)"

1460. Sean Quigley Ireland

1461. David Doherty United Kingdom
"Please do the honourable thing, and have an independent investigation into the crash of Flight OG 269 at Phuket."

1462. Mark Owens United States
"A fellow contryman perished on that flight, an investigation is a small request to make in my opinion."

1463. Aisling Mohamat Ireland

1464. christina ingham Ireland

1465. Carolann Doherty Ireland

1466. stephen faller Ireland
"please investigate this plane crash,my friend died and he will never be back"

1467. Julie Coleman United States
"Please put into place better safety measures for your country's airlines. "

1468. chris coleman United States
"Until this matter is resolved I am not advising anyone to visit Thailand on on business or pleasure"

1469. Christopher Martin Northern Ireland

1470. Gary Slevin Ireland

1471. kieran doyle Northern Ireland

1472. Stephen McCallion United Kingdom

1473. mark mc carron Ireland

1474. Liam McCallion Northern Ireland
"Sort it out!"

1475. george deeney United Kingdom

1476. Declan Meenan Ireland

1477. emmett murphy Northern Ireland

1478. emmett murphy Northern Ireland

1479. neil doherty Northern Ireland

1480. Sean O'Kane Ireland

1481. Masha Birkby Canada
"If he's innocent, he will prevail. If he is guilty, he does not deserve to have people's lives in his hands ever!"

1482. Mike Inwood Canada

1483. Marc Tacchi Canada
"The fact Udom is allowed to operate makes all Thai business suspect and the government appear corrupt"

1484. Giles Thomas United Kingdom

1485. S. Maloney Canada

1486. Anne Thomas United Kingdom

1487. Jani Patokallio Singapore

1488. Steve Pedrotta Australia
"Dear K. Samak, the lives lost mean a great deal not only to those who were close to the victims, but also to the future of the Thai tourism industry and all the Thais and others who depend on it. Surat Thani and now Phuket. Where next K. Samak ? An independent and thorough investigation into the allegations raised here is necessary."

1489. Sean kivelehan Ireland

1490. Brian McCafferty United Kingdom
"This accident needs an independent enquiry"

1491. Michael Pacholuk Canada

1492. danielle dorrity Ireland

1493. Sacha Hutton United Kingdom

1494. Liam Gallagher United Kingdom

1495. Christine Donnelly Ireland

1496. Hugh Gallagher Ireland

1497. Paula Cullen Northern Ireland

1498. Daniel McLaughlin United Kingdom

1499. natalia laskaris United States

1500. Samantha Ferris Canada

1501. Min Jeon United States

1502. Rodney Daughtrey United States

1503. Sarah Buckwalter United States

1504. Chilena Toland Ireland
"rip aaron toland .
please investigate this tragedy"

1505. caolan toland Ireland

1506. ciaran toland Ireland

1507. Aidie & Majella Toland Ireland

1508. ed lazenby Canada

1509. Aisling Faulkner Ireland

1510. claire canney United Kingdom
"Those poor people lost there lives for an accident that should never of happened"

1511. Natalie Doherty United Kingdom

1512. Shane Tracey Ireland

1513. name withheld United States

1514. Tognan Switzerland

1515. Wiangnon Switzerland

1516. vidal France

1517. Michel LIOT France

1518. declan United Kingdom

1519. Danielle Duddy Ireland

1520. sinead nolan United Kingdom
"please help families need this."

1521. sinead nolan United Kingdom

1522. Betsey Benagh United States

1523. Tina Mallett Ireland

1524. Sinéad Morrison Ireland
"I am a close friend of the Toland family whose beautiful son Aaron was tragically killed on flight OG 269. It's terrible to see how their lives have been turned upside down. This tragedy most definitely needs a thorough and proper investigation to prevent this from happening again... Aaron will never be forgotten!"

1525. Paul Morrison Ireland

1526. Una Quigley Ireland

1527. Joe Quigley Ireland

1528. Pat Duffy Ireland

1529. Bernie King Ireland

1530. Paul Harkin Ireland

1531. Maria Harkin Ireland

1532. Sarah Louise Harkin Ireland

1533. Jessica Harkin Ireland

1534. Meghan Harkin Ireland

1535. Amy Harkin Ireland

1536. Paul Harkin Ireland

1537. una morrison Ireland

1538. Tess Morrison Ireland

1539. marjorie smith United Kingdom
"having lost a dear friend in this crash we need to be reassured that all is being done to investigate"

1540. Constance United States

1541. John Kirk United Kingdom
"This disaster touched both myself and my entire home town deeply as a son of the town and a friend of mine was killed in the crash. It would be a travesty and a crime against justice not to investigate the cause of the crash."

1542. Bethan Lewis United Kingdom

1543. Georgie Powell United Kingdom

1544. Holly Fisher United Kingdom

1545. Nicky Phillips United Kingdom

1546. hannah mowbray United Kingdom
"please let the investigate proceed."

1547. kerry jones United Kingdom

1548. Matthew Parry United Kingdom
"the reason for my friends pre-muture death should be investigated. this would rest the hearts of the people who lost someone special that day, and stop them wondering if anything could have been done to prevent the tradegedy from happening. if negligence is involved then the people involved should be prevented from making the same mistakes again."

1549. Frances Watkinson United Kingdom

1550. Carly Llewellyn United Kingdom
"please investigate"

1551. Gavin Coyle Northern Ireland

1552. Alice United Kingdom

1553. lucy roddy Ireland
"Aaron was a close friend of mine and the uncle of my daughter,this is a matter that would need to be seriously investigated."

1554. Rebecca Thomas United Kingdom

1555. daniel goornaden United Kingdom

1556. HOLLIE YOUNG United Kingdom

1557. Carrie Jenkins United Kingdom

1558. Conan Toland Ireland
"Aaron Toland is my brother he was an amazing person who really appreciated life. please investigate the cause's of this crash, the families needs answers."

1559. Anna Mordecai United Kingdom

1560. Rhys Davies United Kingdom

1561. Sarah Back United Kingdom

1562. Conor O' Hagan United Kingdom

1563. Bronach Mc Knight Ireland

1564. Carys Gray United Kingdom

1565. Andrew Gray United Kingdom

1566. Salim Khan United Kingdom

1567. Rebecca Howells United Kingdom

1568. kay trotman paul trotman United Kingdom

1569. daniel tidball United Kingdom
"you must investigate the reasons behind the crash ! "

1570. Joe Doherty Ireland
"Miss you Aaron!"

1571. craig hill United Kingdom

1572. Katherine Brown United States

1573. Teleri Bevan United Kingdom

1574. Anne Seldon United Kingdom
"This accident should be investigated thoroughly. The victims and their families deserve that much at least. "

1575. Owain Leach United Kingdom
"What happend, planes dont fall out of the sky"

1576. Tracey Villa Northern Ireland

1577. Fiona Blackwell United Kingdom

1578. Samantha Guildford-Sharp United Kingdom

1579. Eleanor Shallcross United Kingdom

1580. arleen tracey Ireland

1581. Angela Aiello United States
"Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai and the crash of flight OG269. Lives were lost because of his greed and this NEVER should have been allowed to happen!"

1582. stella coyle Ireland
"This man should be held accountable.Innocent people died"

1583. Fiona Blackwell United Kingdom

1584. Jonathan Davies United Kingdom
"Disgracefull. These were inocent people. Show some humanity and respect."

1585. paul coyle Ireland

1586. aisling coyle Ireland

1587. Rachel coyle Ireland

1588. Maria Quigley United States

1589. Meghan Haley-Quigley United States

1590. Donna Peterson United States

1591. Jimmy O'Donnell United States

1592. Joseph Aiello United States
"This plane should have never been allowed to fly under those conditions.The greed of this man cost lives of innocent people and should not be ignored."

1593. bernie cooley Ireland

1594. eddie cooley Ireland

1595. aveen cooley Ireland

1596. sean cooley Ireland

1597. Brad Haskel United States

1598. bronach mcmonagle Ireland

1599. Dao Viet Nam
"Dear Sir, please allows free and fully investigation on the case.The reputation of Thailand is been questioning.MAny thanks."

1600. Gemma Godzicz United Kingdom
"With so many travellers, both young and old, coming from the UK to see your country, giving your economy an invaluable boost, surely it is your duty to make sure that you protect these people. The more Brits who die in your country the less will come. "

1601. Kitty Hoffman Canada

1602. Lucia Peoples Ireland
"Please investigate this matter Aaron's family need to know exactly what happened to their son. Would you not want to investigate if he was your son."

1603. Gerry Peoples Ireland
"The family of Aaron need answers. Please investigate so this does not happen again. "

1604. patrick doyle Northern Ireland

1605. The Hamilton Family Derry City Ireland
"Please give this family the answer they need as to why their son died so tragically."

1606. Stephen Luke United Kingdom

1607. Allison Brady Northern Ireland

1608. Alister Mc Laughlin Northern Ireland

1609. Patrick Turner United Kingdom

1610. rebekah rees United Kingdom

1611. ryan o' donnell Ireland

1612. nicola United Kingdom

1613. Anne Marie Quigley Ireland

1614. Leah Quigley Iceland

1615. alicia Quigley Ireland

1616. Diane Young Northern Ireland

1617. Seanna Farren Ireland

1618. Mickey Glenn Ireland

1619. declan meenan Northern Ireland

1620. rosemarie griffin Northern Ireland
"We want a full public inquiry, give families some closure!"

1621. darren meehan Northern Ireland
"We want a public inquiry, give families some closure!"

1622. grace Ireland

1623. kevin mcgilloway Ireland

1624. clodagh devlin Ireland

1625. seana mcgilloway Ireland

1626. gearoid mcgilloway Ireland

1627. gerard mcgilloway snr Ireland

1628. chris mcgilloway Ireland

1629. sarah mcgilloway Ireland

1630. CLAIRE MOORE Ireland
"unjustified loss of life"

1631. sadie mcgilloway Ireland

1632. Charlie Kelpie Ireland
"I have been to your beautiful country,and I would love to return,but only if it is safe to do so,so Prime Minister tighten up you safety prodedures with all airlines,"

1633. Allyn Davies United Kingdom

1634. Gareth Kerhaw Ireland
"the families need answers now!"

1635. Louise Murphy United Kingdom

1636. nazi moore Ireland
"do this for the families."

1637. bam mcCleary Ireland

1638. Sharon Gormley Ireland

1639. BARRY TURTON Ireland

1640. Orla Mc Cafferty Ireland
"We seek justice for Aaron Toland and for the other 89 lives tragically lost aboard the ill fated flight 0G269.Please carry out an independent investigation into the tragic crash and publically outline its findings. The family of Aaron and that of the other 89 lives lost deserve to know the truth however painful that is.Aaron Toland R.I.P.sorely missed though never forgotten by all at St. Joseph's Boys'School and within the wider Derry community."

1641. Mari Lilburn Northern Ireland

1642. lisa mc callion Ireland

1643. Laura Ross Ireland

1644. Gary Nash Ireland
"tell the truth"

1645. Elaine McCracken Northern Ireland

1646. Yvonne Mullan Ireland
"Please invesigate this air disaster as many people have lost loved ones and need closer in their lives. It would also bring back the trust in many people to visit Thailand again!"

1647. Catherine Quigley Ireland
"Please investigate this horrific disaster that has turned the lives of so many upside down. The families involved need answers! Aaron you were a great guy and you will never be forgotten. "

1648. Orla Flanagan Ireland

1649. Josh Willis Northern Ireland

1650. michael roddy Northern Ireland

1651. Seamus McConnellogue Ireland

1652. FIONA MCMANUS Ireland

1653. charlie mc menamin Ireland
"support the families who lost their loved ones"

1654. patricia moore Ireland

1655. Fergus Begley Northern Ireland
"Safety above profit!!!!!!!!!"

1656. Barry McNally Ireland

1657. charlie mc menamin Ireland
"support the families who lost their loved ones"

1658. Jack Mullan Ireland

1659. Damien Mullan Ireland

1660. Tom Mullan Ireland

1661. Ciaran Mullan Ireland

1662. Stephen Quigley Ireland
"Please help the families get answers!"

1663. bridgeen mc menamin Ireland

1664. kay deehan Ireland

1665. catherine mc menamin Ireland

1666. james cuthbert Ireland

1667. annie mc menamin Ireland

1668. Louise Doyle United Kingdom

1669. Patrick Mc Guinness Ireland

1670. Laura Canavan Northern Ireland

1671. anna henry Ireland

1672. Dessie Collins Ireland

1673. Laura Glenn Ireland

1674. orlaith mc menamin (derry ireland) Ireland
""All travelers want to know that they can trust the airline with which they fly. If there is any doubt, an investigation is imperative."i will pray for the families"

1675. Lindsay Aiello United States
"I know someone who died in this crash and it is one of the most heartbreaking things to see what his family is going through and what happened to such a good natured person. Please look into this crash further and see why this had happened."

1676. Liam Mc Conway Ireland
"Give justice to the dead of flight OG269.If these planes were not worthy of flying we demand to know why they were in the air."

1677. Liam Barr Ireland

1678. MARIE BARR Ireland

1679. GRACE BARR Ireland

1680. Aubrey Evans United Kingdom
"Can you please order an investigation regarding the crash of flight OG 269, so that friends and family can get some closure."

1681. Charlotte Evans United Kingdom

1682. Michael Toner Waterford Ireland

1683. Shelley Evans United Kingdom

1684. Dale Evans United Kingdom

1685. Donall Breslin Ireland

1686. christie-ann thomas United Kingdom
"I knew Alex Collins who died on this flight and feel that it would be a great help to the family and friends of Alex to have an explanation as to what occured on that tragic day which cost him to loose his life as well as others"

1687. linda Ireland

1688. AINE BARFORD Ireland


1690. Cllr Tierna Cunningham Ireland

1691. Patricia Kelly Ireland
"I think personal there should be an investagation into the lives of these people who were lost on the flight in Tialand OG269"

1692. Olivia Houston Northern Ireland


1694. CATHERINE GILLESPIE United Kingdom

1695. Mark McSherry Ireland

1696. Adrian Kelly Ireland
"The Prime Minister should do a investagation into the Deaths of these innocent people as its hard enough on the Familys and they are intitled to an Answer"

1697. Olive Houston Northern Ireland

1698. Gerry Houston Northern Ireland

1699. Elaine Logue Ireland
"I am an Aunt of someone Killed on this Plane and i have watch what it has done to his Family Friends and close Relatives i most Definately agree that there should be an investacation on Flight OG269"

1700. Tony Logue Ireland
"Hi My Nephew was Killed on this Flight OG269 and i will never get over the Death as he was a young Man Who wanted to Travel and See the World he also was a Gentleman and i feel that the Goverment own it to these familys to do a full investagation into there Deaths"

1701. Maeve Mc laughlin Ireland
"An Independant open inquiry"

1702. Maeve Mc laughlin Ireland
"An Open Independent Inquiry"

1703. Patrick Downey Northern Ireland

1704. Aine Logue Ireland
"Hi my name is Aine and i lost the best Cousin in the world on Flight OG269 he is sorely missed by his Friends cousins and Especailly HIs MUM DAD and Brothers and intire Family GOD Bless him so i think there most Definately should be an investagation into these people Deaths as they were Precious to us all"

1705. Sarah Luke United Kingdom

1706. Shelly McLaughlin Ireland

1707. Connor McLaughlin Ireland

1708. Connor McLaughlin Jr. Ireland

1709. catherine mc menamin Ireland

1710. Ainé Murphy Ireland

1711. Pierce Maguire Ireland

1712. Daniel Toland United Kingdom

1713. Aoifé Maguire Ireland

1714. Tomas Maguire Ireland

1715. Ciara Seydak Ireland

1716. Ian McLaughlin Ireland
"Please carry out an independant investigation"

1717. Richard McLaughlin Northern Ireland

1718. kieran coyle (mearno) Ireland

1719. kevin campbell Ireland

1720. Lauran Northern Ireland

1721. Cathy Nelis Ireland

1722. carole McAdams Ireland

1723. sharon meenan Ireland

1724. laura incorvaia United States

1725. Cora Macc Ireland
"Aaron Toland RIP"

1726. Rachel Thomas United Kingdom

1727. Phillip Thomas United Kingdom

1728. Neil Gallagher Ireland

1729. catherin o hagan Ireland
"One-Two-Go airlines are guilty of the death of innocent people.
Their lives have been lost because of the greed and indifference of the chairman."

1730. Terry Lamberton Ireland

1731. kate o hagan Ireland

1732. ciaran o hagan Ireland

1733. Ryan Curran United Kingdom

1734. Kathryn Doherty Ireland

1735. James Mc Cartney Ireland
"Jutice for the families!!"

1736. Conor Hynes Ireland

1737. Shaun Maguire United Kingdom
"please investigate"

1738. patrick mc sheffery Ireland
"thinking of all the families are prayers are with you"

1739. Gina mc Bride Ireland

1740. emmet hutton Ireland

1741. the mc sheffery family Ireland
"hope you get to the truth thoughs are with you "

1742. lauren hutton Ireland

1743. patrick mc sheffery Ireland
"thinking of all the families hope you get to the truth"

1744. Lucy Callaghan Northern Ireland

1745. John Mc Fadden Northern Ireland

1746. rebecca davies United Kingdom
"its the right thing to do and to Make sure it doesnt happen again."

1747. padraig mcconway Ireland

1748. Kathleen Mc Bride Ireland

1749. barbara duffy Ireland
"We as a working class family lost someone extremely precious to us on flight OG269.I can truly say our lives will never be the same.A light that had shone so brightly has been extinguished so abruptly.How can you sleep at night?"

1750. Frances Breslin Ireland

1751. Nicola Duffy Ireland
"My brothers friend was a passenger on flight OG269.He and all his other friends lives will never be the same again.WHY?"

1752. CIARAN DUFFY Ireland

1753. Thomas Cavanagh Ireland

1754. Ryan McBride Northern Ireland

1755. Thomas Cavanagh Ireland

1756. Eddie Mc Bride Ireland

1757. carolann o doherty Northern Ireland
"i am doing his petition on behalf of derry man Aaron Toland so there can be an investigation into the plane crash!!!!!"

1758. Marion Cavanagh Ireland
"Please give the familes the answers they need"

1759. Pete Cavanagh (Derry) Ireland
"Give Them Answers, Give Them Closure"

1760. Aoife Choamhanach (Doire) Ireland
"Help the families find the truth. "

1761. Norreen McBride Northern Ireland
"aarons family needs some answers about what happened on that tragic day they lost their son aaron."

1762. Caroline Tracey Ireland
"Aaron Toland was my brother's best friend. His family and friends need answers to why he is not at home in Derry and died on flight OG269."

1763. Lexie McBride Northern Ireland

1764. Aoife Choamhanach (Doire) Ireland
"Help the families find the truth. "

1765. Caoimhe Mc Caul Ireland

1766. Lisa Ireland
"please investiagte this accident.A small town has been very shocked by the sad death of aaron"

1767. Stephen Kelly Ireland

1768. michael obrien United Kingdom
"please do all you can to ensure the safety of passengers on your airlines. You have a beautiful county and people like me who would like to visit are put off with the uncertainty of what has happened pleae order a full investigation into flight og 269"

1769. Caroline O'Hara Northern Ireland

1770. Vanita Patel United Kingdom

1771. joanne mc gowan Ireland

1772. john mc gowan Ireland

1773. patricia cauley Ireland

1774. Laura United Kingdom

1775. Amanda Harkin Ireland
"I would like to sign this for aron as he was a well knowing good fella from this town, we miss him very much"

1776. Eoghan Reddan United Kingdom

1777. Eoghan Reddan United Kingdom

1778. Michelle Pritchard Northern Ireland

1779. Valerie Ward Norway

1780. annmarie corcoran Ireland

1781. leanne powell United Kingdom

1782. paul o'doherty Ireland

1783. wendy Ireland

1784. eamon gibson Ireland

1785. John Mc Guinness Ireland

1786. john friel Ireland

1787. chris houston Ireland

1788. karen houston Ireland

1789. caitlin houston Ireland

1790. tiarnan houston Ireland

1791. jamie houston Ireland

1792. taylor houston Ireland

1793. natalie palmer Ireland

1794. anthoney palmer Ireland

1795. shaun palmer Ireland

1796. caolan palmer Ireland

1797. david houston Ireland

1798. christine houston Ireland

1799. amy houston Ireland

1800. kerry houston Ireland

1801. harry ward Ireland

1802. christina ward Ireland

1803. marion ward Ireland

1804. kevin ward Ireland

1805. callum ward Ireland

1806. lucus ward Ireland

1807. kellie ward Ireland

1808. kellie ward Northern Ireland

1809. robin ward Northern Ireland

1810. Shaun Henderson United States

1811. Margaret McCartney Derry Northern Ireland

1812. tina mc court Ireland

1813. Nicola Mc Donald Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland,,he was only 22yrs old and begining a trip of a lifetime...this was a disaster that never should of happened.
My thoughts are with the families of all who were, they all deserve to know what really happened."

1814. Clare Wilson Ireland

1815. M taylor Ireland

1816. Andrew John United Kingdom

1817. carla mc devitt Ireland

1818. martina kelly Ireland

1819. Clare Wilson Ireland

1820. Ann O'Doherty Ireland
"our exceptional brave special nephew miraculously survived this easily preventable crash with horrific injuries, he lost his friend whom he planned to have the trip of a lifetime with, he will never be able to come to terms with this loss.
please prime minister Sundaravej, get justice for these families and shut this airline down & investigate Udom."

1821. Michael O'Doherty Ireland

1822. Michael O'Doherty Ireland

1823. martina mc gilloway Ireland

1824. Gary Mc Nutt (Derry) Ireland
"RIP Aaron
Missed By Everyone
Please Investigate"

1825. j g United States

1826. Ruth Mason United States
"Yes I am MIke Falcone's 2nd cousin & we lost a wonderful man & relative on that tragical crash of One Two-Go in Sept of 2007 .there must be justice done in this Lost of life. "

1827. Patrick Loughran Ireland
"We need a transparent and independant investigation otherwise I would never holiday in Thailand again."

1828. MatthewBradley Ireland

1829. john Ireland

1830. leeannmcglinchey Ireland
"please take this petition serously!!!"

1831. Darrell I Mason United States
"Mike Falcone was my cousin and I think the people who are responsible for his death should pay."

1832. Walter Patterson Jr. United States
"Let the truth be known"

1833. Paul Gormley United Kingdom

1834. megan foggitt United States

1835. Owain Bevan United Kingdom

1836. Jim Cregan Ireland

1837. Denise Cullen Ireland

1838. Billy Mc Laughlin Ireland

1839. Paul Moore Ireland
"Required urgently"

1840. Melissa Doran Ireland

1841. Sharlene Gill Ireland

1842. Bronagh McCallion Ireland

1843. Melissa Power Ireland

1844. Ben Hillidge United Kingdom

1845. Conor Hegarty Ireland
"Aaron Toland will be sadly missed, i hope the truth is uncovered."

1846. Ryan Toland Ireland
"Family member sadly missed"

1847. Mark Concannon Ireland

1848. Daniel Hegarty Ireland

1849. Joanne McDaid Ireland

1850. Anne England United Kingdom
"We can only improve air transport if we understand why accidents happen."

1851. Rhodri Bwye United Kingdom

1852. lila mullan Northern Ireland

1853. Peter Kehoe United Kingdom

1854. Kristie Bowen United Kingdom

1855. Darren Quigley Ireland

1856. Michelle Quigley Ireland

1857. Michael Connor Northern Ireland

1858. Joel Quigley Ireland

1859. Ella Quigley Ireland

1860. Mark Boyle (Derry) Ireland

1861. Kevin O'Toole Ireland

1862. Daniel Mc Cafferty {Derry} Ireland

1863. James Felix Doherty MA BA BSc Ireland

1864. Michelle Craig Northern Ireland

1865. Daniel Friel Ireland
"Let the world know the truth"

1866. Katie Watkin United Kingdom

1867. Gareth McCay Ireland

1868. Colleen McBride Ireland

1869. Annie McCay Ireland

1870. mary coyle Ireland

1871. Arlene McKinley Ireland

1872. Liam McKinley Ireland

1873. Arlene McKinley Ireland
"Aaron was a great young man,loved by so many people, he had his whole life ahead of him! Surely his family and friends deserve to know why and how his life was so cruelly cut short!"

1874. Nicola Walker Ireland

1875. Michael Muldoon United Kingdom

1876. james maguire Northern Ireland

1877. pol mc loone Ireland

1878. Kathryn Price United Kingdom

1879. Annie McCay Ireland

1880. Iwan Adams United Kingdom

1881. Delyth Price United Kingdom

1882. Dilwyn Price United Kingdom

1883. James United Kingdom

1884. linda hutton Ireland

1885. Jonathan Price United Kingdom

1886. CIARAN DUFFY Northern Ireland
"get it sorted!"

1887. sarah davidson United Kingdom
"I have visited Thailand but will not choose to fly low cost airlines in Thailand because of this incident. "

1888. Paul McCay Ireland

1889. Danielle Doherty Ireland

1890. Eleanor Conaghan Ireland

1891. Amanda Page Ireland
"This tragedy should never of happened!!!
The breaved family and friends of these vitcims need answers!!

1892. Alana McCay Ireland

1893. orla mcfadden Northern Ireland

1894. Alana McCay Ireland

1895. D O Hara Ireland
"Stand up against corrupt practices"

1896. Emily mclaughlin Northern Ireland

1897. Gerard Mc shane Ireland
"Please give the Toland Family and the other families the answers they need to help bear the brunt of such a tragic loss."

1898. Marie Boyle Ireland

1899. Seán McLaughlin Ireland
"We lost one of the best. But why? R.I.P. Aaron"

1900. Bonnie Argo United Kingdom
"Investigating this plane crash is ESSENTIAL and is simple matter of human rights"

1901. mariaohagan United Kingdom
"the family and friends need answers!!!!!"

1902. Asif Maqsood United Kingdom

1903. Andrew Harris United Kingdom

1904. Jacqueline Crumlish Italy

1905. janine crumlish Ireland

1906. Rhodri Lewis United Kingdom

1907. Maureen Mc Closkey Ireland
"Please carry out the appropriate investigation."

1908. Carol Radcliffe Ireland

1909. Rhian James United Kingdom

1910. Ceri Hall United Kingdom

1911. Sean Morrin Ireland

1912. Una McNulty Northern Ireland

1913. Kirsty Leanne Whelan United Kingdom

1914. paul coyle Ireland
"how would you feel if it was one of your friends or family, help us"

1915. stephaine glenn Ireland

1916. Daniel Mc Cafferty {Derry} Ireland

1917. do coyle Ireland

1918. Simon Tamlin United Kingdom

1919. paul coyle Ireland
"help the family and friends who have lost loved ones"

1920. Patrick Friel (Derry) Ireland

1921. Daniel Archer United Kingdom

1922. emmett mc guinness Ireland

1923. Sara Pugh United Kingdom

1924. michelle kelly Ireland

1925. catherine Mc Daid Ireland

1926. Daniel Lennox United States
"Please investigate this crash properly."

1927. alana halse United Kingdom

1928. Gareth Maus United Kingdom
"To just stand back and not investigate this accident would be utterly wrong. Do whats right. Alot of people died who will be missed, the least you can do is help their familys by letting them know why this happend!!!"

1929. rachel kehoe United Kingdom

1930. Ciara Irvine Ireland

1931. lynsey morris United Kingdom

1932. Alex Bevan United Kingdom

1933. lynda rutherford Ireland
"please investigate this incident, these families have been left devasted and need answers. i would not feel safe using an aircraft in thailand since this crash. "

1934. Katherine Hubbard United States

1935. Breidge McGarvey Ireland
IN support of Arron Toland family who lost their son in the crash. Please investigate all practices within this airline."

1936. Gemma Glenn Ireland

1937. Sharon Boyd Ireland

1938. GENNY MC CLINTOCK United Kingdom

1939. Lorraine Duddy Northern Ireland

1940. shamus o'carrigan Thailand

1941. ruairi mceleney Ireland

1942. Ciaran Payne Northern Ireland

1943. gioconda quigley Ireland

1944. Sabrina McCloskey Northern Ireland

1945. gioconda quigley Ireland

1946. Patrick Friel (Derry) Ireland

1947. Benjamin Sullivan United States

1948. The Payne Family Northern Ireland

1949. Aisling Gormley Ireland

1950. gavin melly Ireland
"A fella from derry where i live was killed on this car, i feel there should be an investigation so his family can no what happened to their son."

1951. martin connolly Linda connolly Northern Ireland
"Time to be open and upfront about what happened on this flight, the innocents and their families suffer again."

1952. caroline meehan Ireland

1953. fergal melaugh Ireland

1954. christine melaugh Ireland

1955. leanne melaugh Ireland

1956. orla melaugh Ireland

1957. mark mullan Ireland

1958. paul monk Ireland

1959. mary duddy Ireland

1960. Joanne McGinley Northern Ireland

1961. andrew lee United Kingdom

1962. Colleen Boyle Northern Ireland

1963. Rebecca Morgan United Kingdom
"Please invesitgate"

1964. Amy White United Kingdom

1965. Michelle Eadon United Kingdom

1966. John United States
"Do the right thing! "

1967. Naomi Stewart United Kingdom

1968. Rachel Lewis United Kingdom

1969. Eva Northern Ireland
"Please investigate for the truth"

1970. megan Faulkner Ireland

1971. M McGahey Northern Ireland

1972. Jay United States
"It would be yet another tragedy not to investigate this incident."

1973. katie United Kingdom
"do it"

1974. alex carr United Kingdom
"you cannot let this pass you by. This was a tragedy, but if it was a tradgedy that couldve been prevented then the party responsible should be punished."

1975. philomena gormley Northern Ireland

1976. Nina Louise Richards United Kingdom

1977. kelly pothecary United Kingdom

1978. Rachel Aiello United States
"Please investigate the crash of Flight OG 269. I am close to a family that lost their loved one. This should never have happened and justice needs to be served for all the families that are suffering. "

1979. Sian Davies United Kingdom

1980. Donna Kelly Ireland

1981. Jennie Kelly Ireland

1982. Chucky Mc Ginley Ireland

1983. rachel morgan United Kingdom

1984. Geraldine Mc Bride Ireland

1985. Barry Logue Ireland

1986. Rosie Kelly Ireland

1987. Aisling Logue Ireland

1988. dean williams United Kingdom
"Please investigate!!!"

1989. Veronica Mc Gowan Ireland

1990. Darrren logue Ireland

1991. Diarmuid Logue Ireland

1992. Sean Mc Gowan Ireland

1993. siobhan logue Ireland

1994. Fiona Morrison Ireland

1995. Mike Griffiths United Kingdom

1996. Patsy mc chrystal Ireland

1997. Margaret mc chrystal Ireland

1998. danielle power United Kingdom

1999. Helena Mc Veigh Ireland

2000. Marie shiels Japan

2001. Gerald shiels Ireland

2002. Rhiaanon shiels Jordan

2003. Noel mc chrystal Ireland

2004. Donna mc chrystal Ireland

2005. Noel mc chrystal junior Ireland

2006. Patrick mc chrystal Ireland

2007. Conlaoth Rodgers Ireland

2008. jonathan lynch Ireland

2009. audrey lynch Ireland

2010. Ceri Miles United Kingdom

2011. claire richards United Kingdom

2012. Sarah Barry United Kingdom
"Please investigate this tradgedy!"

2013. Tiffany Greer United States
"In memory of Mike Falcone. Please investigate so that others do not have to feel the pain of such an unneccasary loss!"

2014. BrianKelly Ireland
"For the sake of justice,please open an invistigation."

2015. James Shawe United Kingdom

2016. Kathryn Richards United Kingdom
"Please investigate this crash. Imagine how you would feel if it was a close friend or family member had died on this flight. What would have happened if you had died on this flight, they would want it investigated"

2017. sophie lynch Ireland

2018. rebecca lynch Ireland

2019. david lynch Ireland

2020. betty lynch Ireland

2021. christine lynch Ireland

2022. Kevin Doherty Ireland

2023. lucy williams United Kingdom

2024. Rachel O\'Donnell Ireland

"These families deserve a full investigation"

2026. John Mc Kinney Ireland
"The families involved deserve a independent and transparent investigation"

2027. Brie Hilliard United States
"Investigate this crash please! My best friend is curently a Peace-Corps volunteer in Thailand and I worry about him when he travels."

2028. Fiona Montgomery Ireland
"Aaron Tolands family and all those families that have been affected by this disaster, deserve a full investigation."

2029. Michael Tyre Ireland
"Aaron Tolands family deserve an investigation. "

2030. Charlene mc Kinney Ireland

2031. Patrick Doherty Ireland

2032. shauna moore Ireland
"for the family and friends of aaron toland please investagate."

2033. Emmett Crumley Ireland

2034. Matty DeStefano United States

2035. Dearbhla Dobbins Ireland

2036. Winifred Connolly United Kingdom
"My grandson lost his life in this crash. Please investigate!"

2037. marian farren Ireland

2038. james beattie Ireland

2039. THOMAS KELLY Ireland

2040. David O'Callaghan Ireland

2041. Krista Coyle Ireland
"This tragedy should be investigated so parents, family and friends can be assured that their loved one did not die in vain. Any ignoring of this tragedy and no investigation would be a disgrace."

2042. Declan Coyle Ireland
"Justice for Aaron and all those who died. A full investigation should be launched immediately to bring those responsible to justice. "

2043. Mavis Coyle Ireland

2044. Patrick Coyle Ireland

2045. Colleen Coyle Ireland

2046. Anthony Brooks United Kingdom

2047. chris madden United States

2048. Thomas O Rees United Kingdom

2049. Liam United Kingdom
"Please Mr Prime Miniser I understand that you are a very busy person, but please take time and look into the case of the aeroplane crash that took place in thailand last year(two victimes were welsh/british)i completely understand if you cannot reply directly but plesae will you have someone respond to the family just to offer some sort of support,or maybe an e-ail so i can pass it on to the relevant people

yours sincerly,

Liam Shields"

2050. Vinny Cunningham Ireland

2051. Andrew Watkin United Kingdom

2052. tracy evans United Kingdom

2053. Andy Fricker United Kingdom

2054. Helen Clark United States

2055. Amy Williams United Kingdom
"This needs to be investigated to provent other people dying."

2056. susan wilkes United Kingdom

2057. pamela long United Kingdom

2058. jane apperley United Kingdom
"I am travelling to Thailand later this year and am sufficiently concerned about the allegations made against the conduct of One-Two-Go that I am thinking of cancelling my trip. I cannot be the only person to be thinking like this. It can only be in the interests of the Thailand tourist board to thoroughly investigate the circumstances around the loss of OG269 and I urge you to do so"

2059. Leo Gozbekian United States

2060. Joanna Sophia Thomas United Kingdom

2061. Terry Downey Ireland
"Dear Prime Minister

As one who travelled in your country many years ago and greatly enjoyed the experience and the people, I would be grateful if you could do all in your power to put these serious allegations to rest once and for all. A young man from my own community, travelling in much the same way that I did in my youth, died along with many others in this air crash and I feel his and their families deserve at least to know the cause of their loved ones' deaths. Thank you."

2062. Conor mcveigh Ireland

2063. Debbie Hunter United Kingdom

2064. paul moore Ireland

2065. Sarah Santens United Kingdom

2066. Alexandria Horton United Kingdom

2067. Peta Longstaff United Kingdom
"You owe this proper and official investigation to the bereaved relatives of the victims who are still suffering terribly"

2068. Richard Sweeney United Kingdom

2069. James Trythall United Kingdom

2070. Aidy Guy Ireland

2071. Jonathan Hopkins United Kingdom
"We lost close friends, and there is no explanation for this.
We want answers."

2072. Michael Jenkins United Kingdom

2073. Lisa Bwye United Kingdom

2074. alison green United Kingdom
"i knew aaron toland who died wile on the trip of a lifetime. he was the same age as me an i hate the thought that someones life especially so young can be taken away like that its not fair, A full investigation should have already been done and it shouldnt have come to this just to get an investigation. It looks like there is something to hide."

2075. Rebecca Cheng United Kingdom

2076. Caoimhe Logue Ireland
"Please investigate now. The families need answers."

2077. Barry Deeney Ireland
"Please investigate the crash. The truth needs to be told."

2078. Seamus Soal Ireland
"The hidden truth creates further pain and injustice and truth hidden is always revealed."

2079. Mary Deeney Ireland

2080. Jim Deeney Ireland

2081. Elaine Mc Cool Ireland

2082. Carol Radcliffe Ireland

2083. ivor United Kingdom

2084. Sandra Doherty Ireland

2085. Tracey Mc Glinchey Ireland

2086. Lee M Lewis United Kingdom
"This should be investigated more! my friend and his gf died on a plane to this country"

2087. Heather Wood United Kingdom
"For the good of your tourist industry, it is vital to be seen to have a full and open investigation which meets international standards. "

2088. Louise Phillips United Kingdom

2089. Leanne Marvelley United Kingdom

2090. Katie United Kingdom

2091. Prof John Goldman United Kingdom
"You do have to take this seriously

2092. eddie devine Ireland

2093. edwin devine Ireland

2094. felicity devine Ireland

2095. a themen United Kingdom
"good friend of mine who is a mother of four children lost her husband in this tragic accident."

2096. Sarah Richards United Kingdom

2097. Gareth Howells United Kingdom

2098. G MCKAY United Kingdom

2099. Paul O'Loughlin United Kingdom

2100. Gemma Kirkness United Kingdom

2101. nicola rose United Kingdom

2102. amanda oatley United Kingdom

2103. ciaran mackey United States
"To one of my best friends,please investigate,for the families sake."

2104. rebecca edwards United Kingdom

2105. claire feiven United Kingdom
"Please do the honorable thing!!"

2106. theresa coyle Ireland

2107. sean mctrye Ireland

2108. ruairi palmer Ireland

2109. lucy United Kingdom

2110. chloe coyle Ireland

2111. seanin coyle Ireland

2112. wendy palmer Ireland

2113. siobhan Ireland

2114. chloe coyle Ireland

2115. Laura McHugh United Kingdom

2116. Daniel Themen United Kingdom

2117. Cass Goldman United Kingdom

2118. monica wilson Ireland

2119. matthew mc court Ireland

2120. johnny coyle Ireland

2121. Hannah Thomas United Kingdom

2122. Owen Roberts United Kingdom

2123. lynne davies United Kingdom

2124. CLARE LAVERY Northern Ireland
"Dear President Samak Sundaravej, please investigate this fatal aircrash with a thorough and transparent investigation. Two local men from my hometown were on this flight- one unfortunalely lost his life and his friend was seriously injured. Thank you."

2125. Odhran Logue Ireland

2126. Kerrie Wallace Ireland

2127. Niamh Logue Ireland

2128. Marian Wallace Ireland

2129. catherin gillespie (derry) Ireland
"people should boycott your country if you refuse to give consideration to the families rights"

2130. elaine breslin United Kingdom

2131. Aveen Cooley Ireland
"almost lost my brother in it . needs to be investigated !"

2132. Jamie Feeney United Kingdom

2133. Rob Summerhill United Kingdom

2134. liam wallace Ireland

2135. Tom Hollamby United Kingdom

2136. Karen Strain Ireland

2137. Lynda lee United Kingdom

2138. rhia williams United Kingdom
"alex collins was a very close friend of mine. and sadly lost his life on that plane crash along with many others who had lost their lives. i think you owe it to the families and friends of those who lost their closest loved ones to make this investigation. they need closure and peace of mind to their loved ones deaths."

2139. Carmel Dunn Ireland

2140. Eugene Dunn Ireland

2141. Paul Dunn Ireland

2142. David Rees United Kingdom

2143. Leah Rees United Kingdom

2144. kelly downing United Kingdom

2145. kerry downing United Kingdom

2146. john ramsay Ireland

2147. LARA DAVIES United Kingdom

2148. nicola devenney Ireland

2149. Caroline United Kingdom
"Please initiate a full, transparent and impartial investigation into the events leading up to and surrounding this terrible tragedy.
Our loved ones can't ever be brought back but future victims may be spared if the appropriate actions are taken now.
To do nothing not only serves to support the allegations of failure against both the airline and its chairman, but challenges the integrity of all those with the power to facilitate this investigation.
Thank you."

2150. Graham Benedict United States
"Sometimes it's easy to know what is the right thing to do."

2151. Pascale Thibodeau Canada
"It was to tear my heart out of my chest to loose my good friend Larisa on that flight. Please bring justice!"

2152. john barr Ireland

2153. Richard Moore Ireland

2154. Martina Moore Ireland

2155. Stephen Moore Ireland

2156. Donal Moore Ireland

2157. Gillian Wolpert Canada

2158. CharlesSack United States

2159. Thomas Petty United Kingdom

2160. Nanami Ushiroji Canada
"I simply can not trust any of Thailand's based airline companies until the right action will be taken. And prove that you care for passenger's safty. "

2161. Eric Thibodeau Canada

2162. Tara Quigley-Curror Ireland

2163. Lauren Richards United Kingdom

2164. Karen Saunders United Kingdom

2165. seamus mc callion Northern Ireland

2166. lee mizen United Kingdom
"It must be investigated"

2167. Robert Fairfax United Kingdom

2168. Janet O'Kane Northern Ireland
"I feel there should be futher investagation into this tragedy"

2169. Rabhi Charles France
"Good morning, Thailand is my favorite place in the world. I never took On to go and I guess I will never take it. WE need very secured Airline even lost coast compagny must take safety very seriously.

A concern citizen.


2170. carly smith United Kingdom

2171. Huw Parker United Kingdom
"My cousin's husband died aboard flight OG 269, leaving a wife and three children without a husband or father. For the sake of the survivors and relatives of those who died, please ensure that the subsequent investigation is completely independent and far reaching to identify the full causes of this tragic accident."

2172. Sarah Ewing United Kingdom
"It is in your country's interet to comply to this request."

2173. Daniel Middleton United Kingdom
"It is in your country's interest to comply with this request."

2174. Shoko Hayashi Japan

2175. katie morgan United Kingdom

2176. Sue Stacey United Kingdom

2177. Claire Gormley Ireland

2178. Michael Cooper Ireland

2179. Eileen ward Ireland
"famlies need the thruth "

2180. gerard mc caul Ireland
"we want answers now"

2181. jj magee Ireland

2182. caitlin mullan Ireland

2183. peter mc kane Ireland

2184. Elizabeth Wride United Kingdom
"This NEEDS to be investigated. "

2185. Ellen Arnison United Kingdom
"Please carry out a full and transparent investigation."

2186. hannah coles United Kingdom

2187. rgmcauley Ireland
"Familes have the right to the truth. Possible visitors to your country need reassured."

2188. Rachel Rees United Kingdom

2189. Sharon Stewart Ireland

2190. Teresa Feeney Ireland

2191. Michael Stewart Ireland

2192. ronan logue Ireland

2193. Dale Moore Ireland

2194. nia morris United Kingdom

2195. Phil Poole United Kingdom

2196. Caomhan Logue Ireland

2197. Melissa McCafferty Ireland

2198. kristie parry-jones United Kingdom

2199. deirdre morrison Ireland

2200. john m morrison Ireland

2201. emma morrison Ireland

2202. kelly pothecary United Kingdom

2203. jennifer morrison Ireland

2204. YVONNE SMYTH Ireland

2205. vincent morrison Ireland

2206. Rosie Hubbard United States

2207. Simon Gibbon United Kingdom

2208. Ciara Lindsay Ireland

2209. Linda Doherty Ireland

2210. catherine witcombe United Kingdom

2211. Hannah Bevan United Kingdom

2212. Gillian Wride United Kingdom

2213. Andrew hirst United Kingdom
"My friend Alex and his girlfriend lost their lives in this tragedy, lets not see this happen again."

2214. Vernon Wride United Kingdom

2215. Lianne Francis United Kingdom

2216. Niall Doran Ireland
"I am signing this On Behalf Of Ógra Shinn Féin in Doire..."

2217. Suezanne King United Kingdom
"Alex Collins was a friend of mine and deserves justice. As a lawyer I believe this incident should be properly investigated to determine whether there is an issue of negligence either on the part of the pilot or the company. "

2218. familia scanlona United Kingdom

2219. teresa hughes United Kingdom

2220. Carol-Ann O'Hagan Ireland
"for a relative of one of my best friends, may his soul rest in peace"

2221. Joseph Mc Colgan United Kingdom

2222. Raj Kothari United Kingdom
"A friend's sister lost her husband on this flight, leaving her with four children to look after on her own. Anyone facing that terrible loss needs closure which can only happen if the reasons for the disaster are fully known. That can only happen through a completely impartial and legally validated enquiry.

Raj Kothari (Barrister)"

2223. tina odonnell Ireland

2224. CHLOE BARR Ireland

2225. JACK BARR Ireland

2226. DEAN BARR Ireland

2227. LILY BARR Ireland

2228. JOHN BARR Ireland

2229. FINNY BARR Ireland

2230. MARY ODONNELL Ireland

2231. JIP BARR Ireland

2232. Caoimhe Devine Northern Ireland
"Let there be answers for the families of those who have died"

2233. louise hall United Kingdom

2234. Rosie Devine Northern Ireland

2235. caoilfhionn Mc Gowan Ireland

2236. Tommy Devine Northern Ireland

2237. Kerri Devine Northern Ireland

2238. samantha stevens United Kingdom

2239. David Graham Northern Ireland

2240. Matthew Jones United Kingdom

2241. Shannon McColgan Ireland

2242. Tracy McColgan Ireland

2243. thomas mccallion Ireland

2244. Brian Ward Ireland

2245. Gerry Ward Ireland

2246. Eileen Ward Ireland

2247. Rachel Campbell Ireland

2248. Megan Campbell Ireland

2249. p mcc orkell Ireland

2250. David Dunn Ireland
"Justice for the families who have lost people they love and care about!"

2251. laura duddy Ireland
"a friends relatiative died on that flight"

2252. Rosalind Thomas United Kingdom

2253. Kevin Delaney Ireland
"Its the right thing to do."

2254. Laura Quinn United Kingdom
"Please investigate this terrible incident. So many people's lives have been affected – both the families and friends of the people who died that day and others who now are fearful of flying in your beautiful country. You owe it to the dead and the reputation of your government and country. "

2255. Stuart J Bowen-Davies South Africa
"Unsafe airlines will prevent me and my family continuing with our planned trip to visit your beautiful country."

2256. Edel Hutchman Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

2257. lisa Mclaughlin Ireland
"I have been to Thailand twice before and love the country. I will not return or advise any friends to visit if you do not proceed with an investigation into what went wrong with Flight OG 269 which resulted in not just the death of my brothers friend and serious injury of another friend but the deaths of 89 other people whos family and friends will also be affected by this. You owe it to all these people."

2258. Debbie Shaw United Kingdom
"Please investigate for the sake of all those people who have lost loved ones.You can't bring them back but you can ensure saftey in the future and answers for the crash victims families. Have some backbone and investigate."

2259. Liza Schreiner United States

2260. J GALLAGHER Ireland

2261. Gemma Savill United Kingdom

2262. Daisy Mules Ireland

2263. Nuala Bonner Ireland

2264. John Bonner Ireland

2265. maggie donnelly Ireland

2266. daithi mcgonigal Ireland

2267. Eamon Sweeney Ireland

2268. Rhian Evans United Kingdom

2269. Nicola McDaid Northern Ireland

2270. shirely kennedy Ireland

2271. philippa porter Ireland

2272. Clare Doherty Ireland

2273. Lauren Thomas Netherlands

2274. camilla march United Kingdom
"I know of someone who died in this crash. Having lived in Thailand for 3 years, i love the country, but more could be done regarding the safety of its citizens & visitors and an investigation into this crash is vital."

2275. ashling Northern Ireland

2276. annette higgins Ireland

2277. David marin United Kingdom

2278. louise ansell Ireland
"a young man from derry died on that flight and his family need to no who is at fault."

2279. Maeve McGowan Ireland

2280. Cathal Bradley Ireland


2282. Paul Ferguson Ireland

2283. Brendan McDaid Ireland

2284. Sue Amberton United Kingdom

2285. danielle doherty Northern Ireland

2286. Tara Cameron Ireland

2287. Jason Cameron Ireland

2288. Tara O Neill Ireland

2289. Luke Mc Daid Ireland
"you cant allow innocent lives to be taken for the sake of profit. the directors of the company should be taken and hung from the tallest tree you can find."

2290. David Kavanagh United Kingdom

2291. Ian Pickens United Kingdom

2292. Johnny McGibbon Ireland

2293. mary Cruickshank Ireland
"There should be an independant enquiry of this crash to determin how it happened. People will have no confidence in using this airline if this is not done and any safety issues are not addressed. "

2294. Jennie and Tom Howe Portugal
"Pleas help my friend to get some answers as to why she lost her loved ones on flight OG269"

2295. Denise Traynor Ireland
"Help the Toland Family find the Truth. R.I.P aaron. They need to know what happened to their son."

2296. Colette Guy Ireland

2297. Ciara Doherty United Kingdom

2298. Paul Ferguson Ireland

2299. sean mcmonagle Ireland

2300. Paul Ferguson Ireland

2301. Roy Hunter United Kingdom

2302. Shaun Hough United Kingdom

2303. Brendan O Mara Ireland
"Dear Prime Minister,

The allegations made are a source of serious concern to travellers both your own citizens and citizens of other countries visiting Thailand. These allegations should be investigated and the findings published.

Brendan O Mara"

2304. Tony McBride Ireland

2305. Melissa Meenan United Kingdom

2306. Tony McBride Ireland

2307. Melissa Meenan United Kingdom

2308. Conor Mackel Ireland

2309. Oisin McGowan Ireland

2310. Noel Mc Cartney Ireland

2311. Tina Zaborney United States
"justice for the dead and injured as well as safety for future travelers"

2312. Caitriona McLaughlin Ireland

2313. Chris Kerr Ireland


2315. GARY MC DEVITT Ireland

2316. Adrian Logan Ireland

2317. Elizabeth McKee United Kingdom
"Please allow a full investigation into this awful tragedy to take place."

2318. Theresa McClean Ireland

2319. Rhys Francis United Kingdom

2320. Catherine Ireland

2321. Damian Melaugh United Kingdom
"I have visited Thailand twice now and I intend to do so next year again.

I usually fly with AirAsia but this disaster has made me think again about flying at all within Thailand. "

2322. Anne Hutton (Derry) Ireland

2323. Billy page Ireland

2324. Eric Mcginley Ireland

2325. Rose McCafferty Ireland

2326. Margaret Doherty Ireland

2327. Paul Fleming Ireland

2328. Will Downie United Kingdom

2329. Marian McArdle Ireland

2330. alison canning Northern Ireland

2331. Bridgeen Mckinney Ireland
"sort it out"

2332. Dympna Deeney Ireland
"You cannot ignore this sir, someone has to be held responsible. Take action please so that the victims may rest in peace. God bless."

2333. maureen pettit United States

2334. jackie mc daid Ireland

2335. gemma mc daid Ireland

2336. james mc daid Ireland

2337. karen o doherty Northern Ireland

2338. martin mc daid Ireland

2339. conor mc daid Ireland

2340. Carolyn Palmer United States

2341. eamon mc daid Ireland


2343. nicky jonas United Kingdom
"please ensure justice for the bereaved families. If someone is the head of a company they must be accountable for their actions"

2344. Paul Pauluzzi United States
"We have several business interests and investments which are impacted by unsafe travel conditions in Thailand . We urge you to investigate the crash and correct the errors of this tragedy."

2345. Rachel Doyle United Kingdom

2346. Ciara Bradley Ireland

2347. Jonathan Howe United Kingdom

2348. Lynda Howe United Kingdom

2349. Mark Howe United Kingdom

2350. danielle Ireland
"want the truth on what happened on flight OG 269, on why it crashed."

2351. owen mc glinchey United Kingdom

2352. tracey mcteir United Kingdom

2353. toal toland Ireland
"godfather of Aaron Toland.He is sorely missed. Let justice be done and carry out an investigation "

2354. Patty Green United States
"I want a fair investigation so I when I travel to Thailand I have fears for my safety."

2355. dolores toland Ireland
"Aunt of Aaron Toland. An investigation needs to be carried out!"

2356. ryan mccloskey Ireland

2357. Mark Doherty Ireland

2358. Breandan Clarke Ireland

2359. helen watkin United Kingdom
"my sister in law lost someone very close to her and the family will never get over thier loss"

2360. anne marie murray United Kingdom

2361. lisa mc gowan United Kingdom

2362. conor feeney Ireland

2363. damien mc nicholl United Kingdom

2364. Sian Seymour United Kingdom

2365. micheal mc gowan United Kingdom

2366. Orlaigh Collins Ireland

2367. Ciaran Collins Ireland

2368. Michael Logue Ireland

2369. A Davies United Kingdom

2370. Shannon Fazio United States

2371. Ann Moore Ireland
"Please have an investagation into what has happen for all the families sake"

2372. Gareth and Libby Thomas United Kingdom
"We lost our son-in-law who left our daughter with four teenage children to bring up. This matter MUST be investigated properly so that others will not have to suffer the trauma that our daughter continues to suffer."

2373. claire clifford Ireland

2374. CLAUDINE WILLIAMS Northern Ireland

2375. LEO WILLIAMS Northern Ireland

2376. Chris Castino United States

2377. siobhan mc grenaghan Ireland

2378. Dermot McNamara Ireland

2379. Donna Wray Ireland

2380. Daxi Mocroft United Kingdom
"This matter msut be investigated thoroughly and honestly; safety is citiical in air travel and any deficiencies in safety which may have contributed to this tragedy must be brought to light in order tht others may travel safely."

2381. Carol Johnson United States

2382. Cormac Campbell Ireland

2383. Evie Breslin Ireland

2384. Simon Stodart Australia
"My only second cousin Brian Mullery, and father to my Godchild was killed in this accident. His family of his wife and his 4 children remain."

2385. Anne Marie Thibodeau Canada
"It is of the greatest importance that you stop the activities of this company until you can insure the safety of passengers and respect all international rules. Maintenance of air crafts and competent staff are of the utmost importance."

2386. Ronald Geiselman United States
"My wife lost her son Mike Falcone on that dreadful flight OG269. The pain on her face shows daily, and I doubt she will ever get over losing him. She needs answers now! Her heart is broken and she needs to know why Udom would allow the airplane to take off knowing of the storm and the conditions of Phuket? Why there were unsafe conditions with the maintenance of the plane? She needs to know why! And only an investigation will give her that answer. Please investigate!!!!!"

2387. gillian mcnamee United States
"Please investigate the very sad crash in Phuket. Families and friends ---and future travellers---should know what the cause was."

2388. Dee Hubbs United States
"Mike Falcone was my nephew and my sister will never be the same without him. Please investigate."

2389. Danny Hypes United States
"You won't be forgotten Mike Falcone. Please investigate."

2390. carolyn barry Ireland

2391. Edward Parson United States
"Mike Falcone was my grandson. He was a special and very talented boy. He was coming home to start his own business in music in January 2008 but his life was cut short because of negligence and greed. He will be missed very much. Please for all the families of the lost and injured , investigate."

2392. Terrie Rice United States

2393. June Parson United States
"Mike Falcone was my grandson and we miss him terribly. We miss and love you Mike."

2394. Robert Rodgers United States
"Mike Falcone was my great nephew and he will be very missed by us all. The family needs answers. Please investigate.,"

2395. Andrew Schaefer United States
"Mike was my uncle and I miss him."

2396. Kimmy Schaefer United States
"Uncle Mike, I miss you. please investigate for everyone."

2397. Richard Schaefer United States
"Mike Falcone was my brother-in-law and his Mom and sister(my wife) are having a very hard time dealing with this. Please investigate to help them get some closure."

2398. Catherine Geiselman United States
"Mike Falcone was very special to all of us. Investigate this terrible crash."

2399. Mark Geiselman United States
"Please investigate for the family of Mike Falcone."

2400. lydia coyle United Kingdom

2401. Millie Breslin Ireland

2402. noel christy Ireland

2403. Conal Duffy Ireland
"I lost a best friend on this flight,i miss him every day and if someone is to blame for this then i feel we should have a right to know ! "

2404. Joseph Cooley Ireland

2405. Richard Warr United Kingdom

2406. pat o donnell Ireland

2407. Berit Munro Australia

2408. Laura C *DERRY ~ IRELAND ~ Ireland
"If any of these allegations is true, clearly Mr. Tantiprasongchai is guilty of criminal conduct and, should that be the case, Mr. Tantiprasongchai must be prosecuted and prevented from expanding his airlines....MAKE NO MISTAKES ABOUT IT, INVESTIGATE!!..Nothing will bring back the people lost, but it will save many others from broken hearts...My thoughts are with all those affected.."

2409. Denise Clarke Australia

2410. Laura Cunning Australia

2411. margaret ross Northern Ireland

2412. james ross Northern Ireland

2413. Leonie Featherstone Australia

2414. Jane Denison Australia

2415. Kim Hawkins Brady Australia

2416. Kim Le Grant Australia

2417. Sally Ashwin Australia

2418. roisin hazlett Northern Ireland

2419. Mark Westcott Australia
"Please allow a proper investigation of this tragic accident."

2420. Tracey Woodbry Australia

2421. Michael Woodbry Australia

2422. glenn cooley Ireland
"please take a detailed look at this accident for all those concerned as there ar somthing very not right about what has happened yours sincerely glenn cooley, uncle of 1 of the survivors"

2423. Toni Birch Australia
"My family business sends employees to Thailand quite often and after having a friends husband killed in the crash of Flight OG269, it has made us very conscious of our travel arrangements in Thailand, especially after the recent reports of Mr Tantiprasongchai business practices"

2424. Nicci Wilson Australia

2425. Mary Banks Malaysia

2426. Imogen Lyons United Kingdom

2427. jos Ireland

2428. Rosemary Done Australia

2429. jim mc monagle Ireland
"to help the family and friends off aaron toland who also died in this terrible accident to get justice and help to save the lives of other people in the future "

2430. james mc monagle senor Ireland

2431. margret mc monagle Ireland

2432. liam mc monagle Ireland
"to help aaron tolands family"

2433. gary mc monagle Ireland
"to help aaron tolands family "

2434. ooangh harkens Ireland
"to help aaron toland family"

2435. debbie mallet Ireland
"to help aaron tolands family"

2436. Belinda Lorking-Tanner Australia

2437. Phil Tanner Australia

2438. Malori Wike United States
"Please investigate. Mike Falcone was on that plane and his family and friends will never be the same. They miss him terribly. It is time for answers."

2439. Krista Wike United States
"Mike Falcone was only 35 years old. He had so much going for him. He had more talent than anyone I have ever seen. His life was taken away from him. Please investigate now. "

2440. Tony Mc Laughlin Ireland

2441. Terry Brown Australia
"The allegations made are a source of serious concern not only to your own citizens, but to all citizens of other countries visiting Thailand. These allegations should be investigated and the findings published, not just for the health of Thailand’s aviation industry, but for justice to those who perished or were injured and the families left behind. "

2442. Marsha Wood United States
"Please investigate. There are many family members left to wonder why this happened to their loved ones."

2443. Ray Karenas United States

2444. Rebecca Paranthoiene Australia
"Close the airline down"

2445. Bronagh Masoliver Northern Ireland

2446. Julia Dyer United States

2447. Lucy Higgins Australia
"Every family tragically affected by this plane crash must have clear honest and urgent answers"

2448. Mani Thompson Australia

2449. Kate Rutherford Australia

2450. Alain Jeanrod France
"Punir les tous les dirigeants des companies de vol et des ministere , jusqu'à l'encadrement, qui ne respectent pas les critéres internationaux de la securité des avions commerciaux comme des crimiels par métiers."

2451. alain jeanrod France
"Punir tous les dirigeants des companies de vol, jusqu'à l'encadrement, qui ne respectent pas les critéres internationaux de la securité des avions commerciaux comme des criminels par métiers.""

2452. Jo Kochner Australia
"The devastation and irreparable damage to families caused by this apparently avoidable incident warrants a formal investigation.Prime Minister, if one of your family members had been killed on this flight, would you not be instigating an investigation? It should be no different for any other individual. "

2453. Erhard Thiel Germany
"Please help unbureaucratic."

2454. Ashleen Meenan Ireland
"from derry"

2455. Rebecca Jones United Kingdom

2456. Rachael McConnell United Kingdom

2457. Matt Lee United Kingdom

2458. Elizabeth Galbraith United Kingdom

2459. Joanna M. K. Yates United Kingdom

2460. michelle sloan Ireland
"I have lost a friend on this flight and would like this to be investigated."

2461. alexander brady Ireland
"this is a sad loss of life which something has too be done."

2462. Katrina Prior Australia
"This accident need not and should not have happened. A dear friend lost her husband on OG269. Please ensure a thorough investigation takes place so it does not happen again and that maybe those who lost loved ones can find some peace."

2463. Grainne Nolan Ireland

2464. Mark Wallace Ireland

2465. Jayne Thomas United Kingdom
"Please ensure a thourough investigation into the circumstances of the crash of flight OG269"

2466. Thomas Walsh United Kingdom
"Sir you should not ignore the concerns of many many people."

2467. Sarah Fransen Switzerland

2468. Shane O Curry Ireland

2469. gerald dunlop Northern Ireland
"please have a public inquiry so this young derry mans family can find closure to his untimely death"

2470. Mark Wilkins Australia
"Please investigate the plane crash."

2471. mary aquino Northern Ireland

2472. berniebrowne Northern Ireland
"would like to see more done about crash"

2473. florriemccafferty Ireland
"if it was your son you would want it investegated"

2474. Leona Mc Menamin Northern Ireland

2475. Martin Quigley Ireland

2476. Anna Quigley Ireland

2477. Nina Jones Greece
"The first tragedy is the accident itself and the loss of lives the second and damnest tragedy is not investigating it - give these families the closure that they deserve."

2478. catherine horlor United Kingdom

2479. sarah dale munro Australia

2480. lisa porter Australia
"Would encourage people not to fly with your airline even if it was the cheapest flight available it is very unsafe"

2481. Anne King Kuwait

2482. Alan Bell Ireland

2483. Pauline Ward Ireland

2484. mark evans United Kingdom
"please responed to the above petition for the sake of all people involved"

2485. Sally Arnison United Kingdom

2486. mark Evans Australia

2487. Ros Dewey United Kingdom

2488. The Whistle Project Northern Ireland

2489. George Friend Australia

2490. Jamie Lamberton Northern Ireland

2491. amber spear Australia

2492. paddy logue Ireland

2493. theresa logue Ireland

2494. Nuala logue Ireland

2495. willie o hagan Ireland

2496. jenny nixon Ireland

2497. anna ellis Ireland
"its not so cheap wen people pay with their lives!"

2498. Eamonn K Ireland
"Everyone should boycott Tailand until their safety record is improved & give justice to the families of flight OG 269"

2499. Eddie McBride Ireland
"It is important that the truth is known, for the families of those who lost their lives.""

2500. Brian Kealy Ireland

2501. Dwayne Carleton Ireland
"Investigate now precious lives were lost in this tragic accident"

2502. Connor Mc Elhinney Ireland

2503. Karen Anne Kyle Ireland

2504. caroline Kyle Ireland

2505. Paul Kyle Ireland

2506. Connor Mc Elhinney Ireland

2507. julie doherty Northern Ireland

2508. Jason Bent United Kingdom

2509. Bridie Doherty Northern Ireland

2510. Chris Concannon Ireland
"I knew someone on that flight and think their families should know what happened!!"

2511. Caoimhe Toland Ireland

2512. Donna Toland Ireland

2513. Cailin Toland Ireland

2514. Sinead Toland Ireland

2515. Patrick Toland Ireland

2516. Dessy Mc Cosker Ireland

2517. Meghan Chambers Ireland

2518. Stephen Brolly Ireland

2519. Amy Mc Dowell Ireland

2520. Jean Chambers Ireland

2521. Donna Toland Ireland
"for my cousin aaron, the toland family and all the other families who have lost someone. x"

2522. Kathryn Doherty Ireland

2523. Michaela Gallagher Ireland

2524. Melissa Toland Ireland

2525. Sarah Lousie Mc Kinney Ireland

2526. Federico Cecchini Italy

2527. Amie Crossan Ireland

2528. Catherine Crossan Ireland

2529. Harry Crossan Ireland

2530. Damien Crossan Ireland

2531. Darren Crossan Ireland

2532. Sabrina Lynch Ireland

2533. marguerite doherty Ireland
"the relatives of the people who lost their lives and all those who were injured deserve to know the truth,do the right thing and conduct the investigation without any more delay."

2534. Tony O'Donnel Ireland

2535. Mary-Rose O'Donnell Ireland

2536. Adam Mc Crystal Ireland

2537. Laura roddy Ireland

2538. Peter Roddy Ireland

2539. Liam Glen Ireland

2540. sarah cull United Kingdom

2541. Catherine Roddy Ireland

2542. Peter Roddy Ireland

2543. john cull United Kingdom

2544. Majella cox Ireland

2545. Adam cox Ireland

2546. Eoghan cox Ireland

2547. Conor mc Intyre Ireland

2548. Terrence Roddy Ireland

2549. Patricia Roddy Ireland

2550. John Roddy Ireland

2551. Debbie Moore Ireland

2552. Andrea Moore Ireland

2553. Mark Ansell Ireland

2554. Vanessa green Ireland

2555. Megan toland Ireland
"My beautiful uncle Aaron who i will never forget was taken from me due to this air crash, please investigate as it will give our family and the families of those others who were involved some peace of mind, this is the least that you can do. love you always Aaron.xx"

2556. Charlie Moore Ireland

2557. Ciaran Moore Ireland

2558. Claire Moore Ireland

2559. Lynette Nixon Ireland

2560. John Nixon Ireland

2561. Jenifer Kelly Ireland

2562. Jim Kelly Ireland

2563. Bernie Ansell Ireland

2564. Gerry Ansell Ireland

2565. Martina Leonard Ireland

2566. Ciaran Armstrong Ireland

2567. Ronan Magill Ireland

2568. Sabrina Nicoll Ireland

2569. Charlene O'Kane Ireland

2570. Bridget O'kane Ireland

2571. Kieran o'Kane Ireland

2572. Kevin O'Kane Ireland

2573. Gerard Elliott Ireland

2574. Bronagh mc gonigle Ireland

2575. damien mc gonigle Ireland

2576. ruairi mc gonigle Italy

2577. Lee Blunt United Kingdom

2578. tal kesari Israel

2579. Tom Stoneman United Kingdom

2580. Clara Hutton Ireland

2581. Kate Hutton Ireland

2582. paul lowry United Kingdom

2583. Aimee McLaughlin Ireland

2584. Sheila Griffiths United Kingdom

2585. Terry Griffiths United Kingdom

2586. GAVIN COOLEY Ireland
"dear sir my cousin lost his best friend in this accident,i wouldnt like any1 else to go through wat him,his family and his late friend aarons family went through,i no it is not personally your fault sir but better measures can be taken to prevent such accidents thank you for your time, Gavin Cooley"

2587. richard seel United Kingdom
"Please investigate this aircrash"

2588. emily seel United Kingdom

2589. craig hopkins Belarus

2590. Bruce Stobo Australia
"Do the right thing. Too many places to go with good service and records. Who wants to travel somewhere that is unsafe so a few can make more money. Not me."

2591. Eamon Robinson United Kingdom
"Please help the families grieve with some answers"

2592. janet & scott millimet United States
"We lost our dear friend, Brian Mullery that day and his family along with all of the others deserve to know the truth behind the crash! please investigate."

2593. Chet & Chris Wasik United States
"Prime Minister, please do what must be done to end this disaster, prtevent future ones and help stop the continuing suffering of families & friends of the victims. "

2594. Jane Akbil United States
"People deserve to trust the transportation company that they plan to travel on."

2595. amanda Australia

2596. Brad and Shelley Rose Australia
"Sir, do the right thing."

2597. Linda Mc Kinney Ireland

2598. Martin Mc Kinney Ireland

2599. Sean Mc Kinney Ireland

2600. Jason Mc Kinney Ireland

2601. Megan MC Kinney Ireland

2602. Helen Mealins United Kingdom
"It is morally indefensible not to investigate."

2603. Lyn Webster Qatar
"Please don't let this tragedy cause further suffering to all of us who lost loved ones. Show us that Thailand has an honest legal system."

2604. Cara Mc Adams Ireland

2605. Barry Mc Adams Ireland

2606. Brian Mc Adams Ireland

2607. Aveen Peoples Ireland

2608. Tracey Sewell Australia

2609. Liam OConnor United Kingdom

2610. denis mcmacken Northern Ireland

2611. Celine Toland Ireland

2612. Stephen Kearney Ireland

2613. Jennifer Bortnick United States

2614. Robert Bortnick United States

2615. Martina Anderson Ireland
"My city lost a beautiful young man in the crash and he is missed by all who knew and loved him - especially his family. The people of Derry wnat you to carry out a full and transparent investigation into this incident. "

2616. Ella Hegarty Northern Ireland
"The families deserve a full investigation."

2617. Louise Mc Intyre Northern Ireland
"The families deserve an investigation into the deaths of their loved ones."

2618. Rudi Mc Cartney Northern Ireland

2619. gina galvin Belgium

2620. Jessica Quinn Ireland

2621. Danielle Doherty Ireland

2622. Emma Duffy Ireland

2623. Caroline McLaughlin Ireland

2624. kerry nicholas Ireland

2625. Ella O Dwyer Ireland
"Investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai"

2626. carmel mc geady Ireland

2627. fiona bonner Ireland

2628. Gareth Phillips Australia

2629. declan bonner Ireland

2630. tracey mc erlean Ireland

2631. Anne Phillips Australia

2632. Paul Phillips Australia

2633. Gerard O'Kane Ireland

2634. Geoff and Alison Mitchell United Kingdom

2635. Councillor Bernice Swift Ireland
"In total support of families of OG269 atrocity, I seek justice for their dead and injured."

2636. Colleen Tierney Ireland

2637. Rebecca Griffiths United Kingdom

2638. paula dunnion Ireland

2639. denise dunnion Ireland

2640. eve lentz Thailand

2641. Lisa Brougham United States
"Please prevent further atrocities from occurring on unchecked planes. "

2642. Rob Brougham United States

2643. Pauline Dherty Ireland

2644. Monica Jarves Ireland

2645. Roy Jarvis Ireland

2646. Mairead Slevin Ireland

2647. Tony McMonagle Ireland

2648. John Slevin Ireland

2649. Cathy Doherty Ireland

2650. Martin Doherty Ireland

2651. Theresa Doherty Ireland

2652. Emma Doherty Ireland

2653. Brona Doherty Ireland

2654. Cathy Mc Laughlin Ireland

2655. Lauren Mc Laughlin Ireland

2656. Danielle Mc Laughlin Ireland

2657. Stephen Caillion Ireland

2658. Amy Jarvis Ireland

2659. Dean Jarvis Ireland

2660. Aidan Jarives Ireland

2661. Kim Du Fulon Ireland

2662. Chris Du Fulon Ireland

2663. Amy Fisher Ireland

2664. Paul Fisher Iceland

2665. Erin Nixon Ireland

2666. Jordan Doherty Ireland

2667. Lauren Slevin Ireland

2668. Chris Sliven Ireland

2669. Nell Mc Cool Ireland

2670. Sean Mc Cool Ireland

2671. Alex Mc Cool Ireland

2672. Sarah Mc Cool Ireland

2673. Fiona Mc Cool Ireland

2674. Joanne Mc Cool Ireland

2675. Stephen Mc Cool Ireland

2676. Ryan Mc Cool Ireland

2677. Eddie Gill Ireland

2678. Rita O Donnell Ireland

2679. Les O Donnell Ireland

2680. Gary O Donnell Ireland

2681. Ryan O Donnell Ireland

2682. Karen O Donnell Ireland

2683. Stephanie O Donnell Ireland

2684. Jonny Kelly Ireland

2685. Lily Kelly Ireland

2686. Frances Kelly Ireland

2687. Elizabeth Kelly Ireland

2688. Gary Kelly Ireland

2689. Thomas Kelly Ireland

2690. Vincent Kelly Ireland

2691. Tony Kelly Ireland

2692. Nora Kelly Ireland

2693. Frank Kelly Ireland

2694. Tony Mc Laughlin Ireland

2695. Dane Coul Northern Ireland

2696. Martin Mc Laughlin Ireland

2697. Alana Mould Ireland

2698. Kevin Mould Ireland

2699. Sorcha Mc Cool Ireland

2700. Sean Mc Cool Ireland

2701. Oisin Mc Cool Ireland

2702. Attracta Mc Cool Ireland

2703. Jake Mc Cool Ireland

2704. Moira Gallagher Ireland

2705. Connor Curran Northern Ireland
"i hope this takes one more step towards achieving this investigation.Justice has to be done."

2706. Jim Gallagher Ireland

2707. Joylen Gallagher Ireland

2708. JD Gallagher Ireland

2709. stephen harrison Northern Ireland

2710. Mary Gallagher Ireland

2711. Ria Donnelly Ireland

2712. Karen Donnelly Ireland

2713. Killian Johston Ireland

2714. Sinead Mc Gowan Ireland

2715. Olive Gill Ireland

2716. Angharad smith United Kingdom
"The pain that has been caused by this crash to local residents of Maesteg is unthinkable the thought of losing a child is devastating and the families have dealt with this horror with dignity. The least your country can do is give these people answers so that they can have closure and so that they know that their lives were not taken in vain."

2717. Eilis Mcgrenaghan Ireland

2718. Jeanette Trickey United Kingdom

2719. John Dougherty United States

2720. Christian Pearce United Kingdom

2721. gemma mc daid Ireland

2722. lyn Connolly United Kingdom

2723. stephen williams United Kingdom

2724. Simon Stranks United Kingdom

2725. Laura brooks United Kingdom

2726. kris o brien United Kingdom
"justice is needed!"

2727. David Jones United Kingdom

2728. Zoe Richards United Kingdom

2729. Joe Stoate United Kingdom

2730. chris madden United States

2731. Sara McHugh United Kingdom

2732. allan bateman United Kingdom

2733. Stephanie Bracher United Kingdom

2734. Lauren Benjamin United Kingdom

2735. Joanne Lewis United Kingdom
"Get serious, these are peoples lives you are playing with."

2736. isobel rees United Kingdom

2737. Michele Card United Kingdom

2738. Rush United Kingdom
"For those who have suffered a great loss from this tragedy. "

2739. Joanne Cook United Kingdom
"Please investigate so the families can have some closure on this tradgedy."

2740. Laura Pearce United Kingdom

2741. Anja Bloom United Kingdom
"Trust can only be build up again by trying to help and telling the truth. "

2742. Breige McGuinness Ireland
"Investigation please"

2743. Angela Mailey Ireland
"Please carry out an investigation"

2744. Steven Williams United Kingdom
"The least a loss of human life deserves is an investigation."

2745. Lindsay Harvey United Kingdom

2746. eireann murphy Ireland

2747. Janice Lanyon Australia
"Tourism in Thailand is important to the Country, please do the right thing and investigate the aircrash so all can feel safe."

2748. Mererid James United Kingdom

2749. Steve Maddern United Kingdom
"Two wonderful people I knew were lost.

You have a duty to them and to your people to act to stop more preventable deaths.

Only your concience can guide you.

Steve Maddern

2750. lynne davies United Kingdom

2751. Brian Galliers United Kingdom

2752. Leanne Barrett United Kingdom

2753. Neil Hiatt United Kingdom
"Please do somehing about this terrible tragedy, dont let these young people die in vain, take some responsibility for this accident"

2754. gareth rice United Kingdom

2755. Leah Rhiannon Rees United Kingdom

2756. sarah roberts United Kingdom

2757. Edele Doherty Ireland

2758. Damian Healy Ireland

2759. Mark Sewell - Derry Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic accident and help the families of the people who died!"

2760. Rhodri ap Dafydd United Kingdom
"The safety of air travel must improve as this terrible incident has shown. Please make changes to ensure the best possible safety for all"

2761. Gemma Bisagni United Kingdom

2762. Tricia United Kingdom

2763. Daniel keay United Kingdom

2764. edelle gormley Ireland

2765. Conchúr McCauley Ireland
"investigation please, something went wrong!"

2766. Dwayne St. Arnauld United States

2767. joe Maione United States

2768. glyn mills United Kingdom

2769. Ryan Jones United Kingdom
"the families of the victims of the crash deserve answers to help them move on with their lives"

2770. Pansy Falcone United States
"My Grandson Mike Falcone was killed on flight OG 269 plane crash. I miss him so much. Our family will never be the same. Please investigate this crash."

2771. Betty McCauley United States
"I lost my nephew Mike Falcone on this flight OG 269 plane crash. He was such a talented young man. We miss him so much. Please investigate the negligence and greed on this man's part so we can find closure. We love Mikey so much."

2772. Michele O'Neill United States

2773. Tiberius Z.D. St. Judge United States

2774. ian watson Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
"Please tell us why this plane crashed?? no more lies.."

2775. daniel smaller United Arab Emirates

2776. jessica United Kingdom

2777. Fay Lewis United Kingdom
"Losing two people from our comunity on that flight had such a huge effect on us all and to see how lost and broken the family are now is heartbreaking. Accidents like this have to be investigated fully so the people left behind can have peace of mind!"

2778. Paul Curran United Kingdom

2779. Jessica Williams United Kingdom

2780. Kerrie Anderson Australia
"I lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269."

2781. D & E Short United Kingdom
" Sir.
Please help"

2782. Andrew John United Kingdom

2783. michelle morgan United Kingdom

2784. Yuka Kato Japan

2785. liam stars Ireland

2786. aimee boner Ireland

2787. Gavin Mc Shane Ireland
"u should investigate the crash because the families deserve the write to know what happend"

2788. Paul Moore Ireland
"I think you should investigate the crash as families deserve to know what had happened in the flight."

2789. nathan sweeney Ireland
"i request an inquiry into the crash of flight OG 269"

2790. Damon Carlin United Kingdom
"you should investigate the crash on flight OG 269 because the family deserves what happen in the flight"

2791. Barry Mc Menamin Ireland
"U should investigate the crash because the families should know what happend to make the plane crash."

2792. Niall Grace Ireland
"I request that there should be a an investigation of flight OG 269. "

2793. John McLaughlin Ireland

2794. Christopher Clifford Ireland
"I request that you please hold an investigation into why Flight OG 269 had crashed.


2795. Oisin Kennedy Ireland
"the familys of the descesded need to no what happened to there love ones. Human live are worth more than money"

2796. Sean Hamilton Ireland
"I request that there is an investigation into the plane crah flight number OG 269. "

2797. Niall Cunningham Ireland
"I request an inquiry into the plane crash Flight OG 269"

2798. Mark Kelly Ireland
"i request that there should be a further investigation to what happened on flight 0G 269."

2799. Sean Robertson Ireland
"I request an inquiry into flight OG 269"

2800. Paul Moore Ireland
"I think you should investigate the crash as families deserve to know what had happened in the flight."

2801. Niall Cunningham Ireland
"I request an inquiry into the plane crash Flight OG 269"

2802. Super Mario LAAD Benin
"super mario galaxy"

2803. Christopher Clifford Ireland
"I request that you please hold an investigation into why Flight OG 269 had crashed.


2804. Niall Cunningham Ireland
"I request an inquiry into the plane crash Flight OG 269"

2805. Christopher Clifford Ireland
"I request that you please hold an investigation into why Flight OG 269 had crashed.


2806. shane coll Ireland

2807. Christopher Clifford Ireland
"I request that you please hold an investigation into why Flight OG 269 had crashed.


2808. damon carlin United Kingdom
"Am sorry about the message my last comment it was a mistake"

2809. Gerry Beattie United Kingdom
"Aaron Toland, one of the people who lost their life on flight OG269 was a pupil in my class. A charming young man full of potential, whose loss has devastated his family - anything which can be done to prevent a future loss like this and which can bring comfort to the families of the survivors, should be an immediate priority. "

2810. adam donaghey United Kingdom

2811. seán quigley United Kingdom

2812. daryl Ireland

2813. jamie mc cormick United Kingdom

2814. paul nelis United Kingdom

2815. daryl United Kingdom

2816. gregory mc dermott United Kingdom

2817. declan mc garvey748 United Kingdom

2818. greogory mc dermott Uganda

2819. Reece Gillespie United Kingdom

2820. Conan Smith United Kingdom

2821. Anne ferry United Kingdom

2822. dean edgar Ireland

2823. garry carlin Ireland

2824. jamie williams Ireland

2825. jason doherty Ireland

2826. laurence powell United Kingdom
"i am really sad"

2827. Jay Quigley Ireland

2828. Louise Troke United Kingdom

2829. Toni O'Dwyer Australia
"The people have a right to answers."

2830. jay quigley Ireland

2831. Katherine Harper United Kingdom

2832. Elin Dafydd Owen United Kingdom

2833. demi logue Ireland

2834. nuala logue Ireland

2835. jim logue Ireland

2836. catherine logue Ireland

2837. james logue Ireland

2838. gary logue Ireland

2839. philomena logue Ireland

2840. fiona williams Ireland

2841. Caroline Barnett Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a bright young man whom I taught here in Ireland, tragically he died on flight OG269, his family and friends need an independent enquiry to ensure closure on their bereavement. Please help them achieve the answers they need."

2842. Stephen Connor (Derry) Ireland Ireland
"Independent investigation needed,to bring peace and closure to the devastated Toland family.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2843. Andrew Carlin (Derry) Ireland
"A terrible tragedy. Please investigate this accident. (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2844. Eugene Devlin (Derry) Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a family friend, a full independent investigation is needed into this tragic crash.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2845. Manus Mc Brearty ( Derry) Ireland
"A terrible tragedy,and loss of life. Please investigate fully to give the Toland family closure.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2846. Jonathan Barlow United Kingdom

2847. Natalie Mc Breatry (Derry) Ireland
"Questions need answered into the tragic loss of Aaron Toland and the other 89 people who lost their lives upon the flight.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2848. Shannon Duffy Ireland
"Toland family need answers to the death of hteir son Aaron, taken from them in the prime of his life.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2849. Aisling Barr (Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash and find answers for the Toland family.( St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2850. Matt Norrby(Derry) Ireland
"Questions need to be answered into the tragic loss of 90 lives upon the flight.Aaron Toland R.I.P. (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2851. Neal Larkin (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an independent inquiry into the circumstances that led to the tragic loss of 90 lives.Toland family need closure. (St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2852. Darren Breslin (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an inquiry into the tragic loss of 90 lives upon the flight. Aaron Toland is a former pupil of my school, and I come from the same neighbourhood. The Toland family are devastated, please bring them closure. (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry."

2853. STEPHEN GARGAN Ireland
"I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful countary in 2001 and used one of your airlines for an internal flight but until I have seen an independent investigation carried out into the crash of Flight OG 269 I can assure you I will not return to Thailand. And further more I will encourage others to do the same!"

2854. Caoimhghin mc Feely Ireland
"Investigate this terrible tragedy.Aaron Toland was a former pupil of my school,and his family need to know answers of why he died.(St. Joseph's Boys' Soxth Form, Derry)"

2855. Carrie Richards United Kingdom
"Give families and friends some peace"

2856. elaine anderson Ireland

2857. Caoimhghin mc Feely Ireland
"Investigate this terrible tragedy.Aaron Toland was a former pupil of my school,and his family need to know answers of why he died.(St. Joseph's Boys' Soxth Form, Derry)"

2858. Connor Morrow (Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash.The Toland family deserve answers for the loss of their son, Aaron.Our thoughts are with them(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2859. Sinead McGowan Ireland

2860. Ryan Curran Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash, your country depends upon tourism. If people do not feel safe travelling in your country they will not go. Toland family deserves answers (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2861. Aaron O'Hagan Ireland
"Please investigate this crash. The toland family and the other 89 families need to know to bring closure. (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2862. Leighton Thomas United Kingdom

2863. Sean Breslin Ireland
"Find the truth please, don't let the dust settle! (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2864. Brendan McIntyre Ireland

2865. Connor Murray (Derry) Ireland
"Tourism is the main Industry within your country, if not for the families of the people who lost loved ones upon the flight,have the investigation to allay fears of travel within your country.Toland family deserve answers.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2866. Charles Mc Fadden (Derry) Ireland
"Aaron Toland is a past pupil of the school that I attend, he went on to the local University where he obtained his degree and was doing what alot of young people do, going on a GAP year prior to starting his career.If you wish to still attract Gap year students to your country you should hold an independent investigation into this crash, to make travel safer within your country (St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2867. Terry Cassidy (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an investigation into this tragic crash. The Toland family deserve answers for the loss of their son, Aaron.(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2868. Diarmuid Shiels (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an investigation into the tragic crash of this plane. 90 people lost their lives, Aaron Toland was one of thoose- he is a past student of my school and his family are devastated.(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

2869. sara Ireland

2870. Gareth Kelly(Derry) Ireland
"Investigate this tragic crash. The Toland family needs answers for the loss of their son Aaron (St.Joseph's Boys' School,Derry)"

2871. Rhys Evans United Kingdom

2872. Cormac Mc Eleney (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an independent investigation into this plane crash.People will not come to visit your country if they do not feel safe to travel.(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2873. Sarah Halpenny(Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an investigation into this tragic crash."

2874. Sean Coyle Ireland
"If Thailand is to continue to enjoy the benefits of tourism,safer travel and more safety regulations need to be introduced to safeguard the independent traveller.Aaron Toland's family like the other 89 who lost their lives deserve answers. (St. Joseph's Sixth Form, Derry)"

2875. Caolán Mc laughlin Ireland

2876. Rory Cartin Ireland
"Get a full enquiry"

2877. Christopher Nash Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2878. Gemma Elliot (Derry) Ireland
"Please give the Toland families and the other families who have lost loved ones answers.(St. Joseph's Boys' School, Derry)"

2879. Connor Gallagher Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash. People need to know that it is safe to travel in your country (St. Joseph's Boys' School, Derry)"

2880. Caomhan Friel (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an investigation into the loss of the 90 lives.People will not feel confident to travel to your country - investigat now (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form, Derry)"

2881. Michelle Norfolk United Kingdom

2882. Joanna Barry United Kingdom

2883. Kathleen McLaughlin Derry Ireland

2884. seanod Ireland

2885. Peter Smith Ireland
"Such allegations about Mr. Tantiprasongchai must be fully investigated to measure their veracity. Accidents can happen but negligence is intolerable. As a former teacher of Aaron Toland the behaviour of the Thai authorities is disgraceful but not surprising."

2886. William McLaughlin Derry Ireland

2887. Kristin Catalano United States

2888. Carly Ferguson United Kingdom

2889. Shaun Kelly United Kingdom

2890. lisa morris United Kingdom

2891. Paul Nicholl Northern Ireland

2892. Lauren Jury United Kingdom

2893. Gillian Doherty Ireland

2894. Peter Given Ireland

2895. Nicole Downey United Kingdom

2896. Siobhan O'Toole United Kingdom

2897. louise moruzzi United Kingdom

2898. Ryan Porter United Kingdom

2899. Jennifer Jones Canada

2900. Rebecca Moseley United Kingdom

2901. lucy richards United Kingdom

2902. Una Dunne Ireland
"the family of Aaron Toland and the other passengers deserve to know what happened."

2903. ciara Dunne Ireland
"The familes deserve answers"

2904. Aisling Divin United Kingdom
"we would be please if you gone support to the families who have lost."

2905. Rory Dunne Ireland

2906. Gerry Dunne Ireland

2907. Paul Morris United Kingdom

2908. Kellan Owens United Kingdom

2909. Thomas McAdams Northern Ireland

2910. teresa brennick Northern Ireland

2911. Mathew Tidball United Kingdom

2912. paddy mc chrystal United Kingdom
"madness wat brothers friends twin died.... R.I.P aaron"

2913. Brian Bellamy Australia

2914. Lisa Di Bella Australia

2915. Vincent Di Bella Australia

2916. Marcus Di Bella Australia

2917. Robert Watson Australia  
"As Prime minister of Thailand, it is your duty and indeed your responsibility to investigate this accident. The World is watching your response to this request and your actions, or inactions will reflect upon you as a person, as a Prime Minister and Thailand as a whole.
Remember, you represent a nation....

Rob Watson
B777 Captain
Cathay Pacific Airways"

2918. sarah Griffiths United Kingdom
"It needs to be investigated to ensure that something as terrible as this never happens again. My love goes out to all the families effected."

2919. emma waters United Kingdom

2920. Jade Hamilton Northern Ireland
"Justice For My Big Cousin . "

2921. Debora Snow Australia
"My best friend lost her husband on this flight. Life will never be the same!"

2922. Paul Catanach United Kingdom

2923. Alessandro De Blasio Italy

2924. Cathaoir O doherty Ireland

2925. Shea o doherty Ireland

2926. pauline o doherty Ireland

2927. Damien O Doherty Ireland

2928. Una O doherty Ireland

2929. Patrick O doherty Australia

2930. Dagmar Dencikova Czech Republic

2931. Aisling Toland Ireland
"the people that lost loved ones need to know what happened put yourself in their shoes and ask the question would you like to know."

2932. antonio de blasio Czech Republic

2933. Conor Quinn (Derry) Ireland
"The families of the 90 people killed in the tragic crash deserve to know the answers. Investigate this tragic crash fully.Aaron Tolands family like all the others deserve to know"

2934. Ethan Griffin Ireland

2935. Danny Quigley Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a former pupil of my school.He was a very popular student with a bright future infront of him.This was stole from him, and has left his family devastated. His family like the other 89 that lost their lives deserve a full investigation.Mr.Tantiprasongchai needs to be fully investigated (St. Joseph's Boys Sixth Form,Derry)"

2936. Kevin O'Toole (Derry) Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and the other 89 people that lost their lives upon flight 0G 269 will only be achieved by an investigation into the safety procedures implemented by Mr. Tantiprasongchai- there are too many doubts- Thailands tourism industry will suffer, as myself and other future travellers will not travel to a country which has no regard for the safety of its visitors. (St. Joseph's Sixth Form, Derry)"

2937. James Quigley (Derry) Ireland
"Prime Minister Sundaravej, Thailand is renowned for its beauty and hospitality of its people- please do not it be recognised for corruption.Aaron Toland and the other 89 people that lost their lives deserve a full impartial investigation.Their families need answers(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form, Derry)"

2938. Michael Traynor Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

2939. AOIFE TRAYNOR Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

"RIP Aaron Toland"

2941. DAMIEN TRAYNOR Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

2942. Mike Paredes United States
"When will you learn that GREED IS NOT GOOD??"

2943. Jason Guille Ireland
"I would have similar aspirations to that of Aaron Toland, I hope to successfully complete my A-Levels,continue my education at University and embark on a Gap year after obtaining my degree.Aaron Toland achieved most of his aspirations in his short life, though sadly this young mans life was stolen from him.Please investigate the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai so I can be assured of safe travel within your country.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form,Derry)"

2944. DAMIEN TRAYNOR Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

2945. Ryan Brandon Ireland
"Aaron Toland a former pupil of my school,was killed upon the flight 0G 269.Mr Tantiprasongchai airlines need investigating.Please do not let a terrible tragedy like this happen again-Investigate!(St. Joseph's Sixth Form, Derry)"

2946. Meghan Coyle (Derry) Ireland
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, international eyes are upon your country - please prove that it is not corrupt and investigate the actions of Mr Tantiprasongchai and his airlines.Toland family like other 89 families need to know answers (St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form,Derry)"

2947. Catherine Doherty (Derry) Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a young man from my city that was tragically killed upon flight 0G 269.His family are devastated,please investigate fully to bring peace to the minds of all the families involved.(St. JOseph's Boys'Sixth Form,Derry)"

2948. Audrey Barrett Ireland

2949. steph tullett United Kingdom

2950. seana hume Ireland
"this investigation needs to happen so we can find out why people lost their lives"

2951. Johnny Craig Ireland

2952. Sinead McColgan Ireland

2953. sean barbour Ireland

2954. Catherine Doherty (Derry) Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a young man from my city that was tragically killed upon flight 0G 269.His family are devastated,please investigate fully to bring peace to the minds of all the families involved.(St. JOseph's Boys'Sixth Form,Derry)"

2955. Paul Pike Ireland

2956. Fionnuala McDaid Ireland

2957. andrea Italy

2958. Andrew Kydd United Kingdom

2959. Peter Glos Canada

2960. Charlie Clifford Ireland

2961. Christopher Simpson Northern Ireland

2962. Alison Clifford Northern Ireland

2963. Kevin Clifford Northern Ireland

2964. George McCorkell Northern Ireland

2965. stephen mccrudden United Kingdom

2966. Christine Bradley Northern Ireland

2967. keith campbell United Kingdom

2968. Cari Jones United Kingdom

2969. George Kerrigan Ireland
"Please, please hold an investigation into the cause of the crash of Flight OG 269 in which 90 people died. All of the families deserve answers."

2970. Emma Durrant France

2971. sarah davies United Kingdom

2972. chuck mc cleary Ireland
"Get Your crapy Planes out of the sky "

2973. sean mccleary Ireland
"Get those Shity planes Outa te Sky "

2974. patricia mc Cleary Ireland
"Get new Planes :|? "

2975. Helen Mc Adams Ireland

2976. Paddy Mc Adams Ireland

2977. Kitty Rowe Ireland

2978. Pat Rowe Ireland

2979. Gavin Rowe Ireland

2980. Janet Rowe Ireland

2981. Helen O Doherty Ireland

2982. Seamus Rowe Ireland

2983. Erin Mc Mullan Ireland

2984. Darragh Mc Mullan Ireland

2985. Frankie Doyle Ireland

2986. Gemma Doyle Ireland

2987. Bernie Mc Bride Ireland

2988. Georgie Mc Bride Ireland

2989. Stephen M c Bride Ireland

2990. Geraldine Doyle Ireland

2991. Paul Mc Daid Ireland

2992. Fiona Mc Caillon Ireland

2993. Niall Mc Callion Ireland

2994. Rachel Mc Callion Ireland

2995. Cormac Mc Callion Ireland

2996. Eileen Doherty Ireland

2997. victoria lucy hacker United Kingdom

2998. Charlie Doherty Ireland

2999. Joe Tempel Ireland

3000. Paula Concannon Ireland

3001. Karen Kelly Ireland

3002. Joseph Temple Ireland

3003. Gatha Mc Clintock Ireland

3004. Shirley Temple Ireland

3005. Daniel Harkin Ireland

3006. Sarah Harkin Ireland

3007. Angela Mc Laughlin Ireland

3008. Eugene Mc Laughlin Ireland

3009. Sean Mc Laughlin Ireland

3010. Christine Mc Laughlin Ireland

3011. Jinnie Mc Gilloway Ireland

3012. Bernadette Roberts Australia

3013. Paul Roberts Australia

3014. Staphen Deehan Ireland

3015. Pat Deehan Ireland

3016. Martin Deehan Ireland

3017. Tina Deehan Ireland

3018. Julian Shersby United Kingdom
"I will have no confidence in flying on any Thai airline until unsafe practices such as neglecting required scheduled maintenance and bribing pilots to fly beyond the maximum allowed safe number of hours are brought to and end."

3019. Tina Deehan Ireland

3020. James Harder Canada
"I am a pilot for an airline in Canada. I would be appalled at this sort of wrong doings in my airline or any airline that I worked for. It is Criminal to put the lives of people at risk. Please stop this activity and do Thailand a favor and make your Airline a Safe Airline!"

3021. Paul Logue Ireland

3022. Siobhan Logue Ireland

3023. nicola logue Ireland

3024. caitlin nicholas Ireland

3025. eimear logue Ireland

3026. Anthony Logue Ireland
"RIP Aaron "

3027. Sean Irwine Ireland

3028. claire Egan Ireland

3029. leanne curran Northern Ireland

3030. Ursula Hockley Ireland
"A young person who lives in our town died on flight OG 269 and another was injured - their families deserve an answer"

3031. Aaron Wilson Ireland

3032. Ronan Wilson Ireland

3033. Roy Wilson Ireland

3034. John Brown Ireland

3035. Francis Wilson Ireland

3036. Roy Wilson Snr Ireland

3037. Kathleen Harrigan Ireland

3038. Julie Brown Ireland

3039. Conor Lally Ireland

3040. Albie Lally Ireland

3041. Bridie Cunningham Ireland

3042. Eamonn Cunningham Ireland

3043. Ryan Cunningham Ireland

3044. Ciara Boyle Ireland

3045. Liam Divin Ireland

3046. Mary Mc Daid Ireland

3047. Jimmy Mc Diad Ireland

3048. Rita Bonner Ireland

3049. Raymond Bonner Ireland

3050. Physilis Cunningham Ireland

3051. Howard Collins United Kingdom
"We have lost our dearest grandson Alex and his girlfriend Bethan, both 22 years of age. This must be investigated! Jean & Howard Collins, South Wales, UK."

3052. Debbie Smith Australia

3053. jimmy keogh Ireland

3054. Julie Edgar Australia

3055. Jo Fisher United Kingdom
"The families and friends deserve answers"

3056. DENISE United Kingdom

3057. andrew summers Singapore

3058. Helen Quigley United Kingdom

3059. Sophie James United Kingdom

3060. Frances Lowther Australia
"Please look into this matter, my nephew was killed in this crash."

3061. David Murphy Australia
"my cousin was killed in this plane crash, pleae investigate further."

3062. marina murphy Australia
"My cousin Aaron was killed in this plane crash on his way to Australia; we need answers! You can't just sweep this under the carpet and expect us to forget about it."

3063. Brian Stokes United Kingdom
"Your government's ignorance regarding this event is astonishing. This is gross negligence and cannot be avoided. "

3064. Giulio De Blasio Czech Republic
"investigate it til the core or I will never go to thailand or fly anz thai airline!!!"

3065. Larry Bull United States

3066. Julie Kelly Northern Ireland

3067. david brown United Kingdom

3068. Michelle Jones United Kingdom

3069. Brian Valerio SALVATORE Italy
"Just do your job.

End of the story."

3070. mona duddy Ireland
"an investigation is needed regarding flight og 269"

3071. Michael Ahler Denmark

3072. philip mc laughlin Ireland
"people need answers about this plane crash."

3073. paddy tohill Ireland

3074. rachel mc callion Ireland

3075. angela mc laughlin Ireland
"people need answers about this plane crash."

3076. patrick duddy Ireland
"the toland family in derry need answers about the death of their son aaron +the other 88 people who died "

3077. jackie duddy Ireland

3078. lisa strain Ireland

3079. mark duddy Ireland

3080. ursula duddy Ireland

3081. kavina duddy Ireland

3082. adam duddy Ireland

3083. Jackie Mc Veigh Ireland

3084. holly duddy Ireland
"I am from derry +i and my family think that these people died needlessly+ so investigate nowwwwwwwwwwwww"

3085. Kathleen Mc Veigh Ireland

3086. kiera duddy Ireland

3087. patrick duddy jr Ireland

3088. Kathleen Mc Veigh Ireland

3089. danny mc gilloway Ireland

3090. sheila mc gilloway Ireland

3091. seamus mc gilloway Ireland

3092. carmel mc gilloway Ireland

3093. Kathleen Mc Veigh Ireland

3094. matthew mc gilloway Ireland

3095. frances wilson Ireland

3096. sam wilson Ireland

3097. jayne wilson Ireland

3098. robert wilson Ireland

3099. denis wilson Ireland

3100. samuel wilson Ireland

3101. lisa wilson Ireland

3102. conor wilson United States

3103. kay duddy Ireland

3104. kevin green Ireland

3105. liam mc laughlin Ireland

3106. amy mc laughlin Ireland

3107. teresa mc laughlin Ireland

3108. patrick mc laughlin Ireland

3109. nicholette mc gilloway Ireland

3110. leeandra mc gilloway Ireland

3111. paul roberts Australia

3112. angela glidden Australia

3113. mal glidden Australia

3114. peggy moore United Kingdom

3115. kirstie scanlon Ireland

3116. erin kearney Ireland

3117. ciara mc cay Ireland

3118. Diane Doran Ireland

3119. carolann macory Ireland

3120. Margaret Young Australia

3121. melva bissell United States

3122. filippo tassinari Italy

3123. Daniele Jacchia Italy

3124. Erin Ward Ireland

3125. Catherine Llewellyn United Kingdom

3126. Pat Ramsey MLA Ireland

3127. Julie Jarvis Ireland

3128. Nicole Breslin Ireland

3129. Lynn Jarvis Ireland

3130. Celin Jarvis Ireland

3131. robert armstrong United Kingdom

3132. Janet Jarvis Ireland

3133. Eileen Jjarvis Ireland

3134. Aaron Jarivis Ireland

3135. Betty Mc Gonagle Ireland

3136. Georgie Mc Gonagle Ireland

3137. sharon doherty United Kingdom
"One man from my town was killed in this air crash and another seriously injured, the cause of this crash must be investiagated and measures taken by the government to make sure this doesn't happen to others."

3138. Thomas Mc Gonagle Ireland

3139. Gary Harkin Ireland

3140. Jean Harkin Ireland

3141. Hester Tester Ireland

3142. Una Mc Cool Ireland

3143. Christine Slevin Ireland

3144. Liam Tester Ireland

3145. Angeal Tester Ireland

3146. Mary Trster Ireland

3147. Kerrrie Mc Kinney Ireland

3148. Cathy Green Ireland

3149. Laura Mc Kinney Ireland

3150. Mary-ann Devine Ireland

3151. Cathy Mc Gonagle Ireland

3152. Thoma Mc Gonagle [jnr] Ireland

3153. John Devine Ireland

3154. Dylan Divine Ireland

3155. Katie Divine Ireland

3156. Courtney Divine Ireland

3157. Danielle Cooley Ireland

3158. Dylan Divine Ireland

3159. Theresa Doyle Ireland

3160. Cenice Doyle Ireland

3161. Phonsus Doyle Ireland

3162. Shea Cooley Ireland

3163. Gary Cooley Ireland

3164. Brionie Cooley Ireland

3165. Paddy Cooley Ireland

3166. Stephen Cooley Ireland

3167. John Cooley Ireland

3168. Bridget Green Ireland

3169. Sean Mc Carron Ireland

3170. Jammie Mc Carron Ireland

3171. Bridgeen Mc Carron Ireland

3172. Bridgeen Picket Ireland

3173. Joe Green Ireland

3174. Minnie Green Ireland

3175. Kathleen Mc Callion Ireland

3176. Mary Brogan Ireland

3177. Mo Brown Ireland

3178. Robin Brown Ireland

3179. Vonnie Killen Ireland

3180. Tommy Killen Ireland

3181. Christopher Ball Ireland

3182. John Gallagher Ireland

3183. Andrew Robinson Ireland

3184. Conner Curran Ireland

3185. Connor Gallagher Ireland

3186. Patricia Ball Ireland

3187. Laura Ball Ireland

3188. Brian Gallagher Ireland

3189. Rayan Downey Ireland

3190. Mary Downey Ireland

3191. David Downey Ireland

3192. Paul Downey Ireland

3193. Michael Downey Ireland

3194. Catherine Doherty Ireland

3195. Catherine Quigley Ireland

3196. kevin O Hagan Ireland

3197. John Doherty Ireland

3198. Marion Doherty Ireland

3199. Caolian Doherty Ireland

3200. Sharon Doherty Ireland

3201. Sean Doran Ireland

3202. John Mc Devitt Ireland

3203. Alisha Diamond Ireland

3204. Bridgend Caruash Ireland

3205. Ann-marie Diamond Ireland

3206. Ken Diamond Ireland

3207. John Ferguson Ireland

3208. Lee Baxter Ireland

3209. Shauna Mc Intyre Ireland

3210. Kori-lee Deeney Ireland

3211. Rebecca Moore Ireland

3212. Bethany Moore Ireland

3213. Nathan Mc Gowan Ireland

3214. Callum Mc Gowan Ireland

3215. Alex Mc Gowan Ireland

3216. Mark Doherty Ireland

3217. Margaret Brown Ireland

3218. Ryan Brown Ireland

3219. Caolan Brawn Ireland

3220. Lauren Brown Ireland

3221. Helen Mc Daid Ireland

3222. Hugh Mc Daid Ireland

3223. Dermot McCrossan Ireland

3224. Dermot McCrossan jnr Ireland

3225. Kathleen Locke Ireland

3226. Deirdre McCrossan Ireland

3227. George Locke Ireland

3228. Thomas McCrossan Ireland

3229. Michael McCrossan Ireland

3230. Michelle Temple Ireland

3231. Colleen Temple Ireland

3232. Darren Temple Ireland

3233. Jason Temple Ireland

3234. Theresa Kelly Ireland

3235. Levi Temple Ireland

3236. Che-Eoin Temple Ireland

3237. Rebecca Temple Ireland

3238. Kelsey Temple Ireland

3239. Tiarnan Temple Ireland

3240. Courtney Temple Ireland

3241. Kirsty Temple Ireland

3242. Niall Harkin Ireland

3243. Nicole Kelly Ireland

3244. Mary-jo Madden Ireland

3245. Sabrina Long Ireland

3246. Kristen Doherty Ireland

3247. Jeanette Sheridan Ireland

3248. Tony Sheridan Ireland

3249. Sharah Long Ireland

3250. Michelle Mc Gowan Ireland

3251. Mark Mc Gowan Ireland

3252. Tommy Long Ireland

3253. Roisin Deeney Ireland

3254. Ellen Mc Callion Ireland

3255. Christopher Mc Callion Ireland

3256. Brian Mc Callion Ireland

3257. Theresa Mc Williams Ireland

3258. Tracie Doherty Ireland

3259. Damien Doherty Ireland

3260. Sharon Doherty Ireland

3261. Anna Doherty Ireland

3262. Shane Mc Gowan Ireland

3263. Demi-Leigh Mc Callion Ireland

3264. Lennon Mc Williams Ireland

3265. Emma-Jayne Mc Williams Ireland

3266. Searse Doherty Ireland

3267. Kevin Shiels Ireland

3268. Clare Wells Ireland

3269. Sadie Rogers Ireland

3270. James Mc Intyre Ireland

3271. Marilyn Patterson Ireland

3272. Monica Patterson Ireland

3273. Danny Doyle Ireland

3274. Carolinre starrett Ireland

3275. Joe Starrett Ireland

3276. Geraldine Harkin Ireland

3277. Kathleen Campbell Ireland

3278. Peter Griffin Ireland

3279. Michael Mc Daid (snr) Ireland

3280. Kelly Mc Guigan Ireland

3281. Michael Mc Daid (jnr) Ireland

3282. Emily Mc Daid Ireland

3283. Manfred Germany

3284. natalie ramse Ireland

3285. Mark Gallagher Ireland

3286. Stella Gallagher Ireland

3287. Alma Ward Ireland

3288. Catherine Quigg Ireland

3289. Mickey McGeady Ireland

3290. Mark Ward Ireland

3291. Pat Ward Ireland

3292. Connor Ward Ireland

3293. Suzie Ward Ireland

3294. Ellie Ward Ireland

3295. Oisin Ward Ireland

3296. Eoin Ward Ireland

3297. Ronan Ward Ireland

3298. Leah Ward Ireland

3299. Cindy Latino United States
"Please investigate One-Two-Go Airlines. many lives ended tragically due to gross negligence."

3300. Stephen Bell United Kingdom

3301. William Halvey United States

3302. lisa carter United Kingdom
"please please please investigate"

3303. J Forsythe Northern Ireland
"Please do the right thing for justice of those people that died visiting your country, open an inquiry now into crash. Otherwise we will spread the word that your country is not a welcome place to visit."

3304. Maeve McGowan Ireland

3305. Eddie McGowan Ireland

3306. Eoin McGowan Ireland

3307. Fergal McGowan Ireland

3308. Darren McGowan Ireland

3309. Ciaran McGowan Ireland

3310. Linda McGowan Ireland

3311. Eamon McGowan Ireland

3312. Ciaran McGowan (jr) Ireland

3313. Darragh Buchanan Ireland

3314. Cathy Dunne Ireland

3315. Laurie Jones United Kingdom

3316. Cllr Brenda Stevenson Ireland
"Please ensure an open and honest enqiury into this terrible disaster. The relatives of those who perished deserve the truth and the general public travelling to Thailand need to know it is safe to do so."

3317. Jim Keys Ireland
"There are issues here that need to be clarified to restore faith in your airlines."

3318. Ciera Mc Carron Ireland
"Please open an investigation on this tragedy that took so many lives"

3319. Ronan Toland Ireland

3320. stephen reardon United Kingdom
"A full investigation is required into this air crash which is open and transparent to the public, to fully restore the faith in Thailand's authorities and that travelling within the country especially on internal flights is as safe as possible through having in place high standards and safety procedures, which at this current stage and because of this tragedy are in question."

3321. nicola mc carron Ireland

3322. christopher mc carron Ireland

3323. Mary Mc Carron Ireland

3324. Christy Mc Carron Ireland

3325. Margaret Toland Ireland

3326. John Toland Ireland

3327. Tessa Lawrie Australia

3328. Chris McCarron Ireland

3329. Leona Hassan Ireland

3330. Fiachra McGuinness Ireland

3331. Cara Hassan Ireland

3332. Roisin McDaid Northern Ireland

3333. Ciaran Lafferty Ireland

3334. Majella O'Kane Ireland
"Do you not realise this is people's lives at risk??????Those charter flights are a disgrace!!!! RIP Aaron Toland and everyone else who perished in August '07"

3335. TINA O'DOHERTY United Kingdom

3336. Davin Phelan (Derry) Ireland
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej ,please investigate fully the tragic crash that left so many families devastated.Past student of my school, Aaron Toland was one of thoose killed. His family deserve answers.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form,Derry)"

3337. Rachel Mc Chrystal (Derry) Ireland
"The families of Aaron Toland and all the others that sadly lost their lives upon the flight OG 269 deserve a full impartial investigation into the tragic crash.Do not let Thailand be known for corruption. (St.Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form)"

3338. Mark Logue (Derry) Ireland
"For a country to rely so much on tourism a full investigation into the crash of flight OG 269 is of necessity,if to attract future tourists to your country.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form,Derry)"

3339. michaela lavy Ireland

3340. carol lavy Ireland
"my friend last er son in this crash"

3341. davy knight Ireland

3342. micky lavy Ireland

3343. NOEL LAVY Ireland

3344. GERALD LAVY Ireland


3346. KITTY KNIGHT Ireland

3347. DONNA FLETCHER Ireland


3349. NICOLE KNIGHT Ireland

3350. BRIDIE O BRIEN Ireland

3351. LISA CHISOM Ireland

3352. JOHN TIERNEY Ireland

3353. NAN TIERNEY Ireland



3356. GRONIA CASSIDY Ireland

3357. Nicola Hassan Ireland

3358. pat cassidy Ireland

3359. ryan devine United Kingdom

3360. Don Coyle Ireland
"pls find out what realy happened many many tnx"

3361. Lee Kearney (Derry) Ireland
"A full investigation is needed to bring closure for the families of the deceased.There are too many questions surrounding this tragic crash.Thailand should be recognised for its beauty not for its corrupt practices.(St. Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form Derry)"

3362. Daniel Canning (Derry) Ireland
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, tourism is your countries major assest,please let it remain so by investigating the corrupt actions of Mr Tantiprasongchai.Tourists will not be attracted to Thailand if they fear for their safety (St.Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form)"

3363. aodhan campbell Ireland
"Please ensure that a full independent investigation is carried out into the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai and his airlines.A past student of my school-Aaron Toland was killed upon the flight.Please let his family and others have closure.(St.Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3364. James Mc Ginley(Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash.Aaron Toland was killed upon this flight, his family need answers as do the other families affected.(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3365. Gary Glackin (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an investigation into this crash.Due to the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchi Aaron Toland and other innocent tourists were killed.Investigate- international eyes are looking on!(St. Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3366. Thompson Doherty(Derry) Ireland
"Please do not add further suffering to the Toland family and others that have lost a loved one by your hesitation into a full independent investigation.The families deserve answers (St. Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3367. Emmett O' Neill Ireland

3368. Finola Mc Carron Ireland

3369. Niall Doherty Ireland

3370. Joe Doherty Ireland

3371. Christy Doherty Ireland

3372. Carolann Doherty Ireland

3373. Declan Doherty Ireland

3374. Sean Doherty Ireland

3375. Joan Doherty Ireland

3376. Damien Doherty Ireland

3377. Kevin Doherty Ireland

3378. Paul Doherty Ireland

3379. sylvie ROCARD France
"merci, monsieur le Premier Ministre, de faire la lumiere sur cette affaire si douloureuse. La vraie clarté sur le rapport final sera tout à l'honneur de votre pays."

3380. Sinead Barr Ireland

3381. Alexander Thomas United Kingdom

3382. david United Kingdom

3383. orla United Kingdom

3384. jim United Kingdom

3385. emmett United Kingdom

3386. Ilene Kauffman United States

3387. Genna Nicholl Ireland

3388. Lyndon Jenkins United Kingdom
"Do Something!"

3389. Michael Toland Ireland

3390. Michael Toland Ireland

3391. david toland Ireland

3392. shane Hannigan Ireland

3393. Andrew McCaw Canada

3394. alison United Kingdom
"Please take notice"

3395. shane Hannigan Ireland

3396. esther mccorkell Ireland

3397. elizabeth mccorkell Ireland

3398. sylvia mccorkell Ireland

3399. thomas mccorkell Ireland

3400. Tim Wheeler United Kingdom

3401. Bridgeen Wheeler United Kingdom

3402. Shea Wheeler United Kingdom

3403. Kate Meehan Northern Ireland

3404. Fiona O' Reilly Ireland

3405. Shauna Cassidy Ireland

3406. comhghall boyle Ireland
"Do the honest and decent thing and investigate this crash. "

3407. Gavin McCartney Ireland

3408. gemma browse Ireland

3409. philip browse Ireland

3410. Karolyn Kusmik United States

3411. gary Ireland

3412. joe Ireland

3413. Chrisey Evans United Kingdom
"Please set the fear and suspicions of my countrymen and women to rest and investigate what happened. Thank you so much. I know you are a just man and will do what is right for everyone. I have some friends living there in Thailand and they love it. They say you are a wonderful man who says what he thinks and is just and worthy.

Kind regards
Chrisey Evans"

3414. John Gallagher United Kingdom
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,
please set the fears and suspicions of citizens and future guests to Thailand to rest. After the crash of Flight OG 269 resulting in 90 deaths, only an independent and transparent investigation by authorities can allay the fears and suspicions caused by allegations of apparently illegal actions on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines.” "

3415. Marie United States

3416. trina doherty Northern Ireland

3417. Andrew Morris United Kingdom
"Do the right thing. Imagine that you knew someone on the flight."

3418. rob griffiths United Kingdom

3419. fiona russell United Kingdom

3420. Simon Doherty Ireland

3421. George Mc Callion (Derry) Ireland
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please take notice of online petition, so many people have been affected by this tragic crash.One of thoose killed was Aaron Toland a young man from my town who after working so hard to obtain his degree had his life tragically ended.Prayers are with his family and all the others affected.Please give them closure-investigate.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3422. Lisa Henry(Derry) Ireland
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,too many lives were lost in this tragic crash for people worldwide to ignore.Investigation into the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai will go some way to reassure future tourists that Thailand is a safe place to return, as at present I or thoose that I know are of the same opinion - Thailand is to be avoided due to lack of air safety for tourists.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3423. Gareth Harkin Ireland

3424. Curtis Taylor United Kingdom

3425. Martin Mc Callion (Derry) Ireland
"Investigation immediately is crucial for international reassurance of safety procedures within your country, as at present too many questions are left unanswered for all thoose that have lost loved ones.My prayers are with them.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form)"

3426. Matthew Gillespie (Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate this tragic crash, the family of Aaron Toland and thoose of the other 89 people that lost their lives need answers so that they can have closure on their bereavement.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3427. Gareth Harkin Ireland

3428. Sean Brennick (Derry) Ireland
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,I wished to list the names of the 90 people that tragically lost their lives upon the flight 0G 269 to highlight to you the enormity of this tragic loss upon the international community and upon your own country.I felt sick when I read all the names of thoose that have lost their lives,I have decided to say a prayer instead for thoose that are dead and for the families they have left behind.I will say a prayer for you, to come to terms with the further grief that you are inflicting due to your hesitation of investigation.Aaron Toland R.I.P."

3429. Paul Brown(Derry) Ireland
"Grief for anyone is difficult, trying to get closure without answers on how your loved one died is impossible.Please investigate to give the Toland family and all other families affected closure.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3430. Kirsten Zaffino United States

3431. Steven Carlin(Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate this crash.Your country should be known for its beauty not for its corrupt practices.R.I.P. Aaron Toland.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3432. ally United Kingdom

3433. Eamon Doherty (Derry) Ireland
"Please take into account the signatures on this online petition this is just a brief overview of the depth of feeling felt within the communities of each of the 90 people that died on the tragic ill fated flight.Please hold an open investigation, so that the families can have answers.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3434. Danielle Deeney (Derry) Ireland
"Please investigate as families have went through enough trauma.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3435. diane mc carron Ireland

3436. sheena mc carron Ireland

3437. louise mc carron Ireland

3438. esther mc carron Ireland

3439. leona mc carron Ireland

3440. charlotte mc carron Ireland

3441. darren mc carron Ireland

3442. martin gallagher Ireland

3443. regina wray Ireland

3444. christina mc carron Ireland

3445. imelda mc carron Ireland

3446. bridget mc grath Ireland

3447. Dermott Stewart (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an impartial investigation into the tragic loss of life upon the 0G 269.90 families have lost loved ones, please give them closure.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Sixth Form)"

3448. Canice Francis Ireland
""I knew people on that flight and think their families should know what happened!!From Derry"

3449. Keifer Corcoran Ireland
"the parents and friends have a right to know how he died.
why are they lieing to the family"

3450. Lee Porter(Derry) Ireland
"the parents of the young man aaron toland who has died deserves to know what happened to him."

3451. ryan mc cann Northern Ireland

3452. Lisa Garrity Northern Ireland

3453. padraig mc guigan Ireland

3454. catriona crossan Ireland

3455. erin mc guigan Ireland

3456. michael mc guigan Ireland

3457. laure porter Ireland

3458. laura mc guigan Ireland

3459. gerard o brien Northern Ireland
"Investigate this as you would if it was one of your own relatives."

3460. MAJELLA O BRIEN Ireland

3461. fitsy o brien Ireland
"Investigate this as you would if it was one of your own relatives."

3462. aisling mc laren Ireland

3463. Michaela McCallion Northern Ireland
"Help support the family of aaron toland "

3464. Diane Hume Northern Ireland

3465. Adrian Kelly (Derry) Ireland
"An impartial investigation is needed to allay the fears of future tourists to your country as air safety is of major concern after the tragic loss of 90 lives upon the flight OG 269.The actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai has resulted in devastation to 90 families and widespread dismay on your countries lack of investigation.(St.Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form)"

3466. Conor O'Hagan(Derry) Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a young man from my neighbourhood, someone that had achieved so much in his short life, and had embarked upon a gap year to your beautiful country when he tragically lost his life along with 89 others upon the flight 0G 269.Please hold an investigation into the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai so that your country can still be known for its beauty and not corruption(St.Joseph's Boys' Sixth Form,Derry) "

3467. James Mc Ginley (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an open investigation into this terrible tragedy.90 people lost their lives upon this flight.My prayers are with the families.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys Sixth Form)"

3468. Matthew Bradley (Derry) Ireland
"Please hold an open investigation into the actions of Mr.Tantiprasongchai and his airlines.90 people have tragically lost their lives.Families need closure.Aaron Toland R.I.P.(St.Joseph's Boys'Sixth Form)"

3469. Charlotte Gillespie Ireland

3470. Diana Krass United States

3471. ciaran doherty Ireland

3472. aine o'reilly Ireland

3473. bronagh o'reilly Ireland

3474. daniel daly Ireland

3475. daniel daly Ireland

3476. Joanne Donaghy United Kingdom
"I think this needs to be investigated as some many people have been hurt because of this plane crash and I think it shows neglet on your part for not ensuring that it was investigated and people have died as a result. I would urge you to investigate this so no further death is caused due to neglect."

3477. Emer United Kingdom

3478. Nicola Crothers Northern Ireland

3479. Ciaran Harte Ireland
"Have a heart and carry out this investigation, it means a lot to many people. We all lost a good friend in the tragedy and we want justice for Aaron, Chris and both their families. Is it not right that we deserve a reason why such a great friend, brother and most importantly son lost his life in such a way. Put yourself in the family’s place, would you not want answers of how this was able to happen. We just want the truth and it is only fair that we get to find out what happened so that we can understand why this terrible tragedy happened in the first place.
You did not know Aaron but I can tell you one thing he was a great, loving and caring person and I feel it is only right that, especially, his family and friends get answers so that they can grieve properly without always asking questions and getting no answers!"

3480. Peter Temple Ireland
"We need to know the truth! Justice for Aaron"

3481. Danielle Ireland

3482. Kyle Cooke Northern Ireland

3483. joe doran Ireland
"get your act together, and find the truth"

3484. Kyle Cooke Northern Ireland

3485. Marie Mc Closkey (Carndonagh.Co.Donegal) Ireland
"In memory of Aaron Toland whose family deserves to know what happened on that awful day.An enquiry into this crash is important so this tragedy does not happen again."

3486. Ciaran McLaughlin Northern Ireland
"In memory of Aaron Toland whose family deserves to know what happened on that awful day.An enquiry into this crash is important so this tragedy does not happen again.""

3487. claire fakler Northern Ireland

3488. Danielle Campbell United Kingdom

3489. Ryan Dunn Northern Ireland
"I believe if people want to visit such a beautiiful country, they have to have faith in the countries health and safety laws."

3490. wendy coogan Northern Ireland

3491. Sinead Breslin Ireland
"This needs to be investigated.
I Worked with Aaron in Dunnes. A really nice guy

RIP xXx"

3492. emma mc laughlin Ireland

3493. Carole Sands United States

3494. anita villa Ireland
"The families of the young people who lost their lives have a right to know waht happened and who is responsible"

3495. gemma cairns Ireland

3496. marc cairns Ireland

3497. mairtin O Cathain Ireland

3498. Kris Doherty Northern Ireland
"I feel it vital to have an enquiry into the crash of Flight OG 269, not only for the families of the vistims but for the necessity of the the future safety of passengers. If an enquiry could possibly prevent a similar disaster then surely it is required. People need answers."

3499. Diana United States

3500. laura meenan Ireland

3501. Sally May Jackson Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a much loved brother, son and friend and just one of the 90 people who died tragically. Each of the families deserve to know the truth, there has to be an investigation."

3502. laura meenan Ireland

3503. Catherine Breslin Northern Ireland

3504. Sarah Breslin Northern Ireland

3505. Christine Doyle Northern Ireland

3506. Michelle Morrow Northern Ireland

3507. Shauna Crockett Northern Ireland

3508. Cahir Crockett Northern Ireland

3509. Clare Crockett Northern Ireland

3510. Margaret Doyle Northern Ireland

3511. Kim Doyle Northern Ireland

3512. Christine Doyle Northern Ireland

3513. ann duddy Ireland

3514. shannon duddy Ireland

3515. Martin Mc Intype Ireland

3516. Neil Duddy Ireland

3517. Kathy Gent United States

3518. JIMMY JONES Ireland
"If any of these allegations is true, clearly Mr. Tantiprasongchai is guilty of criminal conduct and, should that be the case, Mr. Tantiprasongchai must be prosecuted and prevented from expanding his airlines."

3519. CARAGH TIERNEY Ireland

3520. EOGHAN TIERNEY Ireland

3521. JENNIE O KANE Ireland

3522. PHILLEY O KANE Ireland

3523. BERNIE O KANE Ireland

3524. EUGENE O KANE Ireland

3525. DEBORAH CURRY Ireland

3526. RICHARD CURRY Ireland

3527. COURTNEY CURRY Ireland

3528. EMILY CURRY Ireland

3529. LINDA ROBINSON Ireland

3530. JANET ROWE Ireland

3531. MAJELLA DUNNE Ireland

3532. NOEL ROBINSON Ireland


3534. BERTIE DEEHAN Ireland

3535. AMY ROBINSON Ireland

3536. NATHAN DUNNE Ireland

3537. CIARA DUNNE Ireland

3538. RACHEL DUNNE Ireland

3539. DEREK COYLE Ireland

3540. MARYANN DEVINE Ireland

3541. JOHN DEVINE Ireland

3542. MARION FARREN Ireland


3544. NORMAN GLEN Ireland


3546. AINE DOHERTY Israel

3547. PAUL DOHERTY Ireland

3548. CONAN DOHERTY Ireland

3549. FLYNN DOHERTY Ireland

3550. DANIEL HARKIN Ireland

3551. GARY COOLEY Ireland

3552. STEPHEN COOLEY Ireland


3554. ERIN MORAN Ireland

3555. REBECCA MORAN Ireland

3556. SEAN RODGERS Ireland

3557. KAREN HOUSTON Ireland

3558. MICHEAL BURKE Ireland

3559. FEARGAL MC SHANE Ireland

3560. PAT MC COOL Ireland

3561. MARTINA MC ANEE Ireland

3562. DAVID SMITH Ireland

3563. CAMERON SMITH Ireland

3564. CALISTA SMITH Ireland

3565. AARON GILL Ireland

3566. GRACE TIERNEY Ireland



3569. JOHN TIERNEY Ireland


3571. BRENDAN MOORE Ireland


3573. CINDY HEGARTY Ireland

3574. BRENDA MOORE Ireland

3575. JANET JARVIS Ireland

3576. LYNN JARVIS Ireland

3577. EILEEN JARVIS Ireland

3578. CELINE JARVIS Ireland

3579. JULY JARVIS Ireland

3580. MARY DOWNEY Ireland

3581. RAYNA DOWNEY Ireland

3582. RITA O DONNELL Ireland


3584. GERRY HOUSTON Ireland

3585. MARK HOUSTON Ireland

3586. SHARON HOUSTON Ireland


3588. GERALD HOUSTON Ireland





3593. TONY MC GILLOWAY Ireland

3594. AMANDA FEENEY Ireland

3595. SEAN FEENEY Ireland

3596. DAVEY KELLY Ireland

3597. LAURA CLARKE Ireland

3598. andrea dolan United Kingdom

3599. t.cadman United Kingdom

3600. C.CADMAN United Kingdom

3601. shaun morrison United Kingdom

3602. Patricia Doyle United Kingdom
"People who lost family in this tragedy deserve to know what happened"

3603. Sean McAleer United Kingdom

3604. Anna Walsh Ireland

3605. Vivienne Walsh Ireland

3606. Jennifer Walsh Ireland

3607. Kadie & Ben Walsh Ireland

3608. Anne Grant Ireland

3609. David Grant Ireland

3610. Amelia Lindsay (University of Ulster) Northern Ireland

3611. andy simm United Kingdom
"Please do the decent thing and make safety a priority for Thai people first and foreign tourists second "

3612. Caroline Magee Ireland
"University of Ulster Magee Campus"

3613. Gena Healey Ireland

3614. Elaine Brown Ireland

3615. Jim Healey Ireland

3616. Jamie Healey Ireland

3617. Shay Healey Ireland

3618. Caolan Healey Ireland

3619. colleen healey Ireland

3620. Caitlin Brown Ireland

3621. Dr Sharon Loane University of Ulster United Kingdom
"This student had a potentially brilliant future - I want to know why he has been lost to the world"

3622. Sibeal Duffy Ireland
"Friend of Aaron Toland"

3623. Norah Heaney Northern Ireland

3624. Joanne Toland Ireland
"Friend of Aaron Toland"

3625. Margaret Kelly Ireland

3626. Kevin McGowan Ireland

3627. Aisling McCallion Ireland

3628. Kevin McGowan Ireland

3629. Kevin McGowan Ireland

3630. Kevin McGowan Ireland

3631. Dr Trevor Morrow, University of Ulster United Kingdom

3632. Dr Shirley Barrett, University of Ulster United Kingdom

3633. Brian o'Donnell University of Ulster United Kingdom
"I was one of Aaron Tolands tutors at U.U. such a waste of such a life should not be condoned or forgotten,A full and proper investigation into the facts of the case and underlying reasons must be established otherwise how can tourists put any confidence in tourism in thailand."

3634. david mcaree (university of ulster) Ireland
"investigate the Thai air crash, flight og269"

3635. Nora Heaney (University of Ulster) Northern Ireland

3636. Lauren Davidson Ireland

3637. Ciara Hone United Kingdom

3638. Jennifer Herron United Kingdom

3639. Rachel Farrell United Kingdom

3640. Jemma Gallagher United Kingdom

3641. Sara Yacobb United Kingdom

3642. Julie White United Kingdom

3643. Ciara Mc Dermott United Kingdom

3644. Susan Forbes Germany
"Mr. Prime Minister,
Do not lose face over this terrible tradgedy. Respect the families of the victims and allow an independent investigation. This could happen again!"

3645. Mark Rankin United Kingdom

3646. COUTURIER Clément France

3647. Winifred Heaney Northern Ireland

3648. winifred Heaney Northern Ireland

3649. lorraine gilmour Ireland

3650. Jeffrey Parkos United States

3651. Michael Parkos United States

3652. Jeffrey Parkos United States

3653. Earl & Betty Reiter United States

3654. Robert & Heather Hayes United States

3655. Bobby & Robin Hayes United States

3656. Mike & Connie Ruff United States

3657. Kevin & Sandy Ohlson United States

3658. Darren Crossan Northern Ireland

3659. Francisco Amesquite United States

3660. Max Gallegos United States

3661. Matt Mondragon United States

3662. Mark Martinez United States

3663. Toribio Salinas United States

3664. Henry Valencia United States

3665. Marty Valencia United States

3666. Troy Valencia United States

3667. Tom Wesemann United States

3668. Tony Bernal United States

3669. Gabe Archuleta United States

3670. Bill & Natosha Woods United States

3671. Orlando Gallegos United States

3672. Willie & Marylou Ruff United States

3673. Marv & Pat Moser United States

3674. Bill Lower United States

3675. Doug & Dani Davies United States

3676. John-Michael Sebben United States

3677. Mark Borland United States

3678. Brandon Johnson United States

3679. Gemma mc connell Ireland

3680. Ernest Espaza United States

3681. Charlie & Jane Wilkenson United States

3682. Nuala Mc Daid Northern Ireland

3683. Michaela Mc Gilloway, Derry Ireland

3684. Brian Hasson Ireland

3685. Patricia Hasson Ireland

3686. Conor Hasson Ireland

3687. Emma Hasson Ireland

3688. Robin Simpson United States

3689. Grainne Hickey Ireland

3690. Gavan Saunders Ireland

3691. Wendy Richardson United Kingdom

3692. Annette McCallion Northern Ireland
"Investigate flight OG269"

3693. Paul Rowlandson, University of Ulster Northern Ireland

3694. ciaran devine Ireland
"I will never set foot in Thailand with things like this going on, i will make sure everyone i know, knows how unsafe it is"

3695. joe roberts Ireland
"Tis just confirms how corrupt Thailand is."

3696. Fiona McCarron United Kingdom

3697. sean o hara Ireland

3698. kevin wilson Ireland

3699. mustaf mohammed Afghanistan

3700. mark o neil Ireland
"If this happened in any other country the right thing would have been done by now."

3701. Arianwen Watkins United Kingdom

3702. paul smith Ireland
"so many lives taken and now the familys aren't going to get answers. do the right thing."

3703. dave jones Ireland
"i will not be travelling to Thailand in the summer as i planned. i will choose a SAFER country."

3704. jack quigley Ireland
"I hope you know that the fact an investigation isn't being held is going o seriously affect the amount of people that will travel to your country, because i know that i won't ever be flying there."

3705. simon ferguson Ireland
"Me and my fried were going to stop in Thailand berfore we went to Australia, but we have now changed our flights to go straight to Australia. Im not going to put my life in danger so corrupt people can make money."

3706. chris mc laughlin Ireland
"I wont ever fly to Thailand which i was going to do when i finished school. Aaron Toland rip "

3707. edel hartin Ireland

3708. Emmett Jackson United Kingdom
"This is going to make so many people avoid flying to Thailand if a proper investigation won't take place."

3709. Eamon Harrison Ireland
"The familys deserve to know how this happened. "

3710. michelle mc guiness Ireland

3711. Aaron Brown Ireland

3712. Paul Duffy Ireland
"This shows how unsafe it is to fly in Thailand."

3713. James o sullivan Ireland

3714. Ciaran Doherty Ireland

3715. seamus taylor Ireland
"Even ex piolts have signed this claiming how corrupt the airline is. I hope your country suffers with a drop in tourisim because who wants to put their lives in danger when we could tavel to a safer country."

3716. Sarah Mc Daid United Kingdom

3717. Laura Collins Ireland
"plz give aaronns family some answers... they at least deserve that much...."

3718. Karla Meenan Northern Ireland

3719. Betty Meenan Northern Ireland

3720. Susan Meenan Northern Ireland

3721. Martina Meennan Northern Ireland

3722. Charlotte Donnell Northern Ireland

3723. Carrie P United Kingdom

3724. Sole Gómez Spain

3725. Ciara Duddy Ireland

3726. Sinead Duddy Ireland

3727. Theresa Duddy Ireland

3728. Bernadette Duddy Ireland

3729. John Duddy Ireland

3730. Paul McAlister Ireland

3731. christina Northern Ireland

3732. mr chips plaice (Staff) Ireland

3733. christy canning Ireland

3734. kirsten doherty Ireland

3735. marion maes Ireland

3736. kathleen allen Ireland

3737. jim dalton Ireland

3738. geraldine canning Ireland

3739. ursula logue Ireland

3740. baubha Logue Ireland

3741. finbarr logue Ireland

3742. cahir logue Ireland

3743. jim o reilly Ireland

3744. kelly simpson Ireland

3745. kayleight robinson Ireland

3746. jack doherty Ireland

3747. david gill Ireland

3748. kelly gallagher Ireland

3749. charley gallagher Ireland

3750. christopher frazer Ireland

3751. mary mc daid Ireland

3752. BJ mc veigh Ireland

3753. micky o donell Ireland

3754. helen mc guigan Ireland

3755. JP montaith Ireland

3756. majella dunne Ireland

3757. nathan dunne Ireland

3758. david murray Ireland

3759. leontia murray Ireland

3760. nicole fisher Ireland

3761. janet jarvis Ireland

3762. lynn jarvis Ireland

3763. eileen jarvis Ireland

3764. pat deehan Ireland

3765. julie jarvis Ireland

3766. mary downey Ireland

3767. raymond downey Ireland

3768. rita o donnell Ireland

3769. rachel kavanagh Ireland

3770. stephen little Ireland

3771. ronnie mc clenaghan Ireland

3772. joanne mc clenaghan Ireland

3773. lorraine mc bride Ireland

3774. lynch nicell Ireland

3775. lynda nicell Ireland

3776. ciaran nicell Ireland

3777. rebecca nicell Ireland

3778. jenifer nicell Ireland

3779. jerry mc goldrick Ireland

3780. michelle temple Ireland

3781. mary brogan Ireland

3782. aishling mc monagle Ireland

3783. tina burke Ireland

3784. shannon francis Ireland

3785. stephani mc laughlin Ireland

3786. paddy campbell Ireland

3787. adele wells Ireland

3788. linda beswick Ireland

3789. james beswick Ireland

3790. james steele Ireland

3791. mark kelly Ireland

3792. ann mc intyre Ireland

3793. james mc intyre Ireland

3794. keith mc intyre Ireland

3795. keith mc bride Ireland

3796. sean mc intyre Ireland

3797. patricia delaney Ireland

3798. brian chada Ireland

3799. geraldine chada Ireland

3800. aaron chada Ireland

3801. mary henderson Ireland

3802. john henderson Ireland

3803. martin mc callion Ireland

3804. liza henderson Ireland

3805. mary hendarson Ireland

3806. michelle henderson Ireland

3807. john mc carthy Ireland

3808. eileen mc carthy Ireland

3809. maura mullen Ireland

3810. auidan mullen Ireland

3811. chris logue Ireland

3812. aidan mullen Ireland

3813. christopher logue Ireland

3814. aidan mc laughlin Ireland

3815. tony mc laughlin Ireland

3816. carol mc laughlin Ireland

3817. paul mc laughlin Ireland

3818. brendan kelly Ireland

3819. aaron mc grady Ireland

3820. Tony Lowry Germany
" "

3821. damien o kane Ireland

3822. marie mc gee Ireland

3823. john begly Ireland

3824. mark begly Ireland

3825. john curbit Ireland

3826. lee curbit Ireland

3827. mark curbit Ireland

3828. willie lynch Ireland

3829. george harkin Ireland

3830. june harkin Ireland

3831. davy harkin Ireland

3832. margret harkin Ireland

3833. gerdine harkin Ireland

3834. denise mc daid Ireland

3835. eddie mc iwee Ireland

3836. john anderson Ireland

3837. dominic anderson Ireland

3838. jerry lince Ireland

3839. gerald downs Ireland

3840. jerry downs Ireland

3841. tommy downs Ireland

3842. terance mc guigan Ireland

3843. joe mc guigan Ireland

3844. lee mc guigan Ireland

3845. andy rush Ireland

3846. michael rush Ireland

3847. del davis United Kingdom

3848. sharon davis United Kingdom

3849. simon davis United Kingdom

3850. michelle davis United Kingdom

3851. tom davis United Kingdom

3852. debbie davis United Kingdom

3853. davey rush Ireland

3854. michael rush Ireland

3855. tom mallen Ireland

3856. angela gallop Ireland

3857. rachel dillon Ireland

3858. helena melarky Ireland

3859. linda faith Ireland

3860. donna campbell Ireland

3861. winfred o grady Ireland

3862. gary harkin Ireland

3863. barney prunty Ireland

3864. kieran moore Ireland

3865. brian campbell Ireland

3866. rhonda mc claean Ireland

3867. steven mc clean Ireland

3868. laura mc clean Ireland

3869. eva mc clean Ireland

3870. ivan mc dowell Ireland

3871. noel mc callion Ireland

3872. george gormley Ireland

3873. neil farren Ireland

3874. harry gilmour Ireland

3875. ernie wiggins Ireland

3876. graham halsey Ireland

3877. liam kelly Ireland

3878. william kelly Ireland

3879. phil kelly Ireland

3880. jim kelly Ireland

3881. betty wells Ireland

3882. ron wells Ireland

3883. kevin wells Ireland

3884. sabrina moore Ireland

3885. sean boyle Ireland

3886. tammy boyle Ireland

3887. bruce boyle Ireland

3888. margret payne Ireland

3889. keith payne Ireland

3890. david payne Ireland

3891. deidre payne Ireland

3892. mark payne Ireland

3893. barry robb Ireland

3894. michael toland Ireland

3895. patricia toland Ireland

3896. margret toland Ireland

3897. stephen toland Ireland

3898. breidge toland Ireland

3899. michelle toland Ireland

3900. connor toland Ireland

3901. margret patton Ireland

3902. john patton Ireland

3903. danny patton Ireland

3904. maureen patton Ireland

3905. frank mc laughlin Ireland

3906. marie mc laughlin Ireland

3907. chris curry Ireland

3908. gerald lynch Ireland

3909. sandra lynch Ireland

3910. william lynch Ireland

3911. A E tucker Ireland

3912. paul butcher Ireland

3913. kevin butcher Ireland

3914. hazel butcher Ireland

3915. mervin mc awee Ireland

3916. peter butcher Ireland

3917. brian butcher Ireland

3918. colm butcher Ireland

3919. tommy clarence Ireland

3920. allison clarence Ireland

3921. brian alcorn Ireland

3922. ann alcorn Ireland

3923. thomas moore Ireland

3924. mary moore Ireland

3925. bob west Ireland

3926. mary alcorn Ireland

3927. bob alcorn Ireland

3928. annmarie alcorn Ireland

3929. richie butcher Ireland

3930. marie butcher Ireland

3931. john galbtreth Ireland

3932. peter gail Ireland

3933. richard gail Ireland

3934. que gail Ireland

3935. gary mc daid Ireland

3936. sharon mc daid Ireland

3937. john harkin Ireland

3938. arthur brown Ireland

3939. arthur khron Ireland

3940. michael mc callion Ireland

3941. brenda mc callion Ireland

3942. ellen whittiker Ireland

3943. donna mc callion Ireland

3944. tina mc callion Ireland

3945. david mc callion Ireland

3946. philip mc callion Ireland

3947. michael mc callion jnr Ireland

3948. gerry mc callion Ireland

3949. phil mc callion Ireland

3950. ann mc callion Ireland

3951. stephen mc callion Ireland

3952. diane mc callion Ireland

3953. debbie mc callion Ireland

3954. caroline mc callion Ireland

3955. jean mc callion Ireland

3956. desmond mc callion Ireland

3957. paul mc callion Ireland

3958. mellissa mc callion Ireland

3959. gary mc callion Ireland

3960. michelle mc callion Ireland

3961. gavin mc callion Ireland

3962. gerrard mc callion Ireland

3963. mark bradley Ireland

3964. fergal bradley Ireland

3965. maura bradley Ireland

3966. lousie clarke Ireland

3967. martin o hagan Ireland

3968. marti o hagan Ireland

3969. gerard o hagan Ireland

3970. ann barr Ireland

3971. damien barr Ireland

3972. brenda mc laughlin Ireland

3973. ryan barr Ireland

3974. hugh mc laughlin Ireland

3975. liam mc laughlin Ireland

3976. eileen mc laughlin Ireland

3977. james jennings Ireland

3978. kieran mc laughlin Ireland

3979. christopher mc laughlin Ireland

3980. patricia mc laughlin Ireland

3981. josephine dillon Ireland

3982. patricia callaghan Ireland

3983. edel mc laughlin Ireland

3984. maria brown Ireland

3985. kate brown Ireland

3986. laura dazell Ireland

3987. rachel dazell Ireland

3988. kevin grint Ireland

3989. jenna barr Ireland

3990. allen faulkner Ireland

3991. kevin o donnell Ireland

3992. noel dillon Ireland

3993. paul dillon Ireland

3994. john concannon Ireland

3995. marie melaugh Ireland

3996. john melaugh Ireland

3997. emma melaugh Ireland

3998. karen melaugh Ireland

3999. catherine melaugh Ireland

4000. Elisabeth Rees United Kingdom

"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej you MUST investigate the circumstances surrounding this crash, it has been proven that Udom Tantiprasongchai has acted dangerously and has some part to play in this incident which claimed 90 lives and one life alone should warrant an investigation nver mind 90, you should be embarressed as the leader of thailand. A proper and official investigation NEEDS to be carried out by your government, you can gain the respect or have people doubt your integrity!!!!"

4002. ciara melaugh Ireland

4003. conor melaugh Ireland

4004. donal o connor Ireland

4005. jamie dillon Ireland

4006. jamie allison Ireland

4007. charlie strain Ireland

4008. seamus baldrick Ireland

4009. georgina harkin Ireland

4010. chris harkin Ireland

4011. brendan burns Ireland

4012. erin lynch Ireland

4013. deynah lynch Ireland

4014. grace lynch Ireland

4015. liam lynch Ireland

4016. seamus mc laughlin Ireland

4017. jim burns Ireland

4018. ashely mc dermott Ireland

4019. margret burns Ireland

4020. christopher burns Ireland

4021. mary mc dermott Ireland

4022. damien gorman Ireland

4023. johnny mc dermott Ireland

4024. leon mc dermott Ireland

4025. declan dobbins Ireland

4026. raymond mc callion Ireland

4027. julie mc callion Ireland

4028. cathy mc callion Ireland

4029. eamon mc callion Ireland

4030. betty mc callion Ireland

4031. brian mc callion Ireland

4032. barbara davis Ireland

4033. micky campbell Ireland

4034. Jo Inglis Australia

4035. cheryl burton Northern Ireland

4036. Joy Young United Kingdom

4037. Paula Heaney Ireland

4038. Siobhan McGowan Northern Ireland

4039. Maria Wilson Ireland

4040. Nicola Griffiths Ireland

4041. Angela Newton Ireland

4042. Nicola Griffiths Ireland

4043. alan Ireland

4044. Brendan Frazer Ireland
"This should be manditory"

4045. Gary Clarke United Kingdom

4046. Amanda Frazer Ireland

4047. Maureen Monaghan Northern Ireland
"awful tragedy - could have been avoided!!!"

4048. Edel Mc Caul Ireland

4049. Suzanne Deery United Kingdom

4050. Brendan Henderson Ireland

4051. Mark Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4052. Michael Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4053. Margaret Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4054. Megan Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4055. Seana Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4056. Ciara Mc Cafferty Northern Ireland

4057. Ashleigh Porter United Kingdom

4058. helen mcneill "university of ulster" United Kingdom

4059. Paula Sheerin (University of Ulster) Northern Ireland
"Investigation into the Thai air crash."

4060. Christine Stewart Northern Ireland
"University of Ulster"

4061. Brenda Plummer University of Ulster Ireland
"Please investigate the cause of the diaster for the sake of the families."

4062. Neil Cudmore United States

4063. Bronagh Mc Ginley Ireland

4064. Caoimhe Mc Brearty Ireland

4065. fiona mc daid Northern Ireland

4066. Kirsty Eddis Northern Ireland

4067. Cara Dooley Ireland
"Why did this tragedy happen?"

4068. CAITRIONA DOHERTY(university of ulster) Ireland

4069. Hayley Mc Mullan Ireland

4070. Katie Ennis Ireland

4071. Stephen Friel University of Ulster United Kingdom
"Please launch an investigation into the Thai air crash"

4072. caoilfhionn mc gowan Ireland

4073. Patricia Ireland

4074. Jimmy McCallion United Kingdom
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please set the fears and suspicions of citizens and future guests to Thailand to rest. After the crash of Flight OG 269 resulting in 90 deaths, only an independent and transparent investigation by authorities can allay the fears and suspicions caused by allegations of apparently illegal actions on the part of Udom Tantiprasongchai, the chairman of One-Two-Go and Orient Thai Airlines"

4075. siobhan mckinney Ireland

4076. Michelle Stewart (University of Ulster, Magee Campus) United Kingdom

4077. Rosemary Foster, University of Uster United Kingdom

4078. Lisa Moore Northern Ireland

4079. Craig Parker United States

4080. Chris McKinney (University of Ulster) United Kingdom
"Lives were lost due to negligence! This can't be ignored. The people responsible must be brought to justice."

4081. Liam Callaghan Ireland

4082. Nicole downey Ireland

4083. Bronagh Rodgers Northern Ireland

4084. Daniel Mc Laughlin Ireland

4085. David Mc Gowan Ireland

4086. James Mc Gowan Ireland

4087. Marie Mc Gowan Ireland

4088. Ryan Mc Gowan Ireland

4089. MatthewBradley United Kingdom
"look into this case!!!!!"

4090. Ashling O'Hagan Northern Ireland

4091. deborah morrison Ireland
"my young neighbour was killed.he deserves justice"

4092. sebrina mc carron Ireland

4093. Louise Hughes-Jones United Kingdom
"If any of htese accusations are true, then you are guilty of manslaughter, if they aere not, then you should allow the courts and authorities to prove this and clear your name."

4094. Ann Marie Doherty United Kingdom

4095. Tanya Whelan Ireland

4096. Paula Scullion Ireland

4097. zach hamilton Northern Ireland

4098. Colleen Hamilton Northern Ireland

4099. Kenny Hamilton Northern Ireland

4100. gerry wilson United Kingdom
"My friend Aaron Toland was on this flight - if he died due to negligence then those responsible need to be made accountable.Your duties as the elected head of state require you to take the steps necessary to re open this investigation."

4101. Evelyn Donnelly Northern Ireland

4102. MARY HUNT United Kingdom

4103. Naoimh McDaid Ireland

4104. simona marin United States

4105. valentina contea United States

4106. serena volciuc ionescu Romania

4107. mihai dudoiu Romania

4108. joe curran United States

4109. John Lanigan Northern Ireland

4110. Ann-marie Quinn Ireland

4111. Briege Glenn Ireland

4112. Patsy Glenn Ireland

4113. shauna mc swine Ireland
"Without a proper investigation it seems as if the Thai authorities are putting profit before people. I would think twice now before i would visit Thailand."

4114. LYNSEY SMITH Ireland


4116. JOHN CANNING Ireland

4117. MAE SMITH Ireland

4118. ROY SMITH Ireland

4119. Susan Breeden United Kingdom

4120. Chris & Deirdre Rankin France
"Please have this crash properley investigated. We lost a very dear long term friend. For the sake of his children there must be some closure on \"why\" for them."

4121. Siobhan Walsh Ireland
"We want an inquiry into the death of arron Toland"

4122. Ghiyas Ali Ireland

4123. Brigid Martin Ireland
"I live in Derry, Northern Ireland and can see how it has effected the whole Community. As frequent traveller to Thailand I may have second thoughts about travelling there

Brigid Martin"

4124. Fiona Brolly Northern Ireland

4125. Jaccqueline Martin Ireland

4126. Eamonn Seydak United Kingdom

4127. Caroline Friel Ireland

4128. Oisin Friel Ireland

4129. Margaret Kerrigan Ireland
"Please invesitage this crash for the sake of the victims families."

4130. melody sunman United Kingdom

4131. Catrin Satchell United Kingdom

4132. Deirdré Boyle Ireland
"Its Such A Disgrace That They Are Going To Let This Go!!

4133. Clare McLaughlin Ireland

4134. Stephanie Lindsay (Derry/Dunnes Stores) Northern Ireland
"Closure is most sought after!!"

4135. AMY VIKEN Norway
"Action needs to be taken NOW!"

4136. Anthony Dodd United Kingdom
"I think I speak for everyone who knew Bethan and Alex, when I say we lost not only two outstanding friends, but two individuals who would have no doubt gone on to become assets to our community here in wales. It must be ensured that similiar occurrances to the crash of flight 0G 269 may not be allowed to happen in the future due to a continuation of illegal, irresponsible and incompitent behaviour from Udom Tantiprasongchai. "

4137. Ruth Corey United Kingdom

4138. Colin Smith Australia

4139. John Burke Australia

4140. Clare Mallett Northern Ireland

4141. Deirdre O'Boyle Ireland

4142. Eddie McCallion Ireland

4143. Jacqui Cartin United Kingdom

4144. merle Northern Ireland

4145. Adrienne Marlow Ireland

4146. leona grant Northern Ireland

4147. Laura O'Keeffe Ireland

4148. Joanne flynn Ireland


4150. Lorraine Walsh Ireland

4151. Danny Farren University of Ulster United Kingdom

4152. Andrew Mc Cartney Ireland

4153. ciaran dillon Ireland

4154. Agnes Mascioli United States
"Prime Minister Sendaravej please conduct a proper investigation of One Two Go and Udom he is responsible for the loss of our dear Michael Falcone and others he is missed very much by my son-in-law and my daughter and the rest of family you owe them that much.Thank you"

4155. Maria Rossetti United States
"Prime Minister Sendarqvej investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai operations of Thai airlines Michael Falcone the son of my dear friends lost his life on OneTwo Go flt. 269 you need to give the families answers so they can have closure of this terrible accident. Thank you"

4156. John O'Hagan Ireland
"Get it sorted! too many people lost their lives for this to be forgotten about!"

4157. LOUISE MARTIN Ireland

4158. noreenflynn Northern Ireland
"please investigate this crash"

4159. niamh costello United Kingdom

4160. paul mackey Ireland

4161. elaine Feeney Ireland
"i want to see justice for the victims on the plane"

4162. Sharon feeney Ireland
"i want to see justice for the victims and the family on the planes"

4163. Professor Martin McGinnity, University of Ulster United Kingdom
"I fully support this request for an independent enquiry as a matter of urgency."

4164. belinda Ireland

4165. kerry anne mc daid Ireland

4166. sean gallgaher Ireland

4167. gerard doherty Ireland
"please give the families of the victims of this terrible air disaster peace of mind, too many lives were lost for you to sit back and do nothing about it, put yourself in their position. JUSTICE"

4168. Edele Moore Ireland

4169. eoghain mc kane Ireland

4170. Mark mc Laughlin Ireland
"Wres all the irish ppl comments.

Wat really happen on dey make dis crash a plane jis doesnt crash lik tht? "

4171. frank lindsay Ireland
"working in the public sector its importent that the travel service we offer to our public and visters is the best and safest one can offer. This crash should be investigated"

4172. Packie Mc Feeley Ireland

4173. Bridget-Rose Mc Feeley Ireland

4174. Helen Mc Feeley Ireland

4175. Patrick Mc Feeley Ireland

4176. Maria Mc Feeley Ireland

4177. Maria Brolly Northern Ireland
"You need to do something to rectify this situation and fast! This could end up affecting tourism which could lead to having a negative impact upon your country's economy. We just want justice for Aaron and the others killed in the plane crash on that horrible day!"

4178. Joe Whoriskey Ireland
"Did the Prime Minister loose anyone on the flight....or would he even fly with One-two-go Airline?? I'm heading to Austrailia in November'08...I think I will just by pass Thailand!!"

4179. Bernadette Feeney United Kingdom
"Pleae investigate this crash,you have a duty to do so for the families of the victims."

4180. Patrick Feeney Northern Ireland

4181. Majella Gallagher United States

4182. Haulie Walsh United States

4183. Pamela Davis Australia

4184. Christine Flanagan Ireland

4185. ciara deane Ireland

4186. jenny england Ireland

4187. kellie mc brearty Ireland

4188. Sarah-Louise McKinney Ireland

4189. ivan mc daid Ireland

4190. caroline farwell United Kingdom

4191. Ann Brady Ireland
"I believe there would be an injustice done to all if this was not investigated!"

4192. Mary Mc Crossan Ireland

4193. m.campbell Ireland
"Please set peoples minds at ease"

4194. connor smith Ireland
"This is a discrage, investigate now"

4195. Patti O Hagan United Kingdom

4196. veronica Lopez United States

4197. nicola Ireland

4198. Michelle Elliott United Kingdom

4199. anthony mc keever Ireland

4200. Jacqueline Fish Ireland
"If it was one of your's you would investigate. Aaron is one of our's so where's the difference."

4201. somsak Thailand
"do something Thailand is getting such a COWARD COUNTRY !"

4202. carlann crumlish Ireland
"please investigate this air crash, people deserve to know what happened to their loved ones. it is your responsibility to fulfil this. do your job!"

4203. Joanne Mc Closkey Ireland

4204. Caroline O'Kane Ireland

4205. Ireland

4206. kevin mc gowan Ireland

4207. Joanne Chambers United Kingdom

4208. snowy mc daid derry Ireland

4209. Hugh Turnbull United Kingdom
"The families deserve the truth, and the Thai authorities will be culpable if they do not do everything in their power to ensure the safety of airline passengers."

4210. Sinead Mc Gilloway Ireland

4211. Seana Taylor Northern Ireland

4212. Jonathan Canning Ireland
"This terrible tragedy of so many deaths has to be investigated! Good Luck!"

4213. Shaun Preece United Kingdom

4214. Ron Bowden United States

4215. naomi mc gilloway Ireland
"Please take the time to go through this petition and take everyones word to heart. Families of the victims deserve peace xx"

4216. N. Matthews United Kingdom

4217. sian jenkins United Kingdom
"I urge you to look into this matter to stop this kind of preventable accident happening again."

4218. sally howells United Kingdom
"This is serious coruption and the Thai's should be forcedto FULLY investigate this man's practices "

4219. carla deehan Ireland

4220. Allan Dunlavy United Kingdom

4221. Erin McNamara Ireland

4222. Rosalind Waterhouse Ireland
"Please can you investigate the crash"

4223. Frank M. Coluccio United States
"Please look into this tragedy for all the reasons listed."

4224. Dominic Harkin Northern Ireland

4225. Tracy Flannery United States

4226. Kelly Gray Ireland

4227. Laura Ramsey Ireland
"an investigation needs to be undertaken, why would anything have been reported, such illegailities, if there is not something up. i lost a friend who was only beginning his trip of a lifetime."

4228. rachel campbell United Kingdom

4229. colleen okane United Kingdom

4230. ruchelle lynch United Kingdom

4231. Ian Callaghan Ireland

4232. Geraint Griffiths United Kingdom

4233. Liadhan McCloskey Ireland

4234. jason ceulemans Northern Ireland
"have a public inquiry
you and your country have nothing to fear or hide,you are a progressive country with modern ideals,have an inquirey"

4235. Mrs. Janice Griffiths United Kingdom

4236. Michaela Bradley Ireland

4237. David Mc Laughlin Ireland

4238. Aoife Mc Eleney Northern Ireland

4239. Paul Mc Monagle Ireland

4240. touchet baptiste France

4241. Tina Mcelhinney United Kingdom

4242. Robert Mcelhinney United Kingdom

4243. Teresa Browne Ireland

4244. Catherine browne Ireland

4245. christopher lynch Ireland

4246. Bruce Denner Thailand
"As a long term Thai 'resident' I feel this petition will be a waste of time. Corruption prevails in this country, how much has this man paid you? "

4247. jackie fitzpatrick Northern Ireland
"please investigate the plane crash to help families put colsure to a horific end for there loved ones thank you"

4248. Maria Clarke United Kingdom

4249. claire-marie jones Northern Ireland
"justice for aaron!"

4250. Mark Log Ireland

4251. Geoff Cottorone United States
"The brother of my good friend Keith Woronoff was one of the Americans on that flight. For his sake and the sake of his family please act on this petition."

4252. Mr Richard T Ball United Kingdom
"This airline is regularly involved in other air-safety incidents.
The failure to be seen to investigate the crash & airport's safety-response properly, and the operations of the airline generally, is damaging Thai tourism.
Thailand is perceived, by tourists and other countries, as not caring about the lives of its own citizens, or of foreign visitors.
I therefore urge you to direct the Thai Aviation Authorities to make a full-investigation of the crash, and to call upon outside help from overseas experts, as soon as possible.

4253. Kevin Sheehan United Kingdom

4254. POLLY ERRICKER United Kingdom

4255. thomas Ireland

4256. tommy doherty Ireland

4257. Paddy Ward Northern Ireland

4258. seana United Kingdom

4259. charlotte hill United Kingdom

4260. Emmett Kennedy Ireland

4261. Kellie Haste United Kingdom

4262. Gavin Rooney (Derry) Ireland
"A full impartial investigation is needed to give The parents and loved ones of Aaron Toland and the other 89 people that lost their lives. My prayers are with them. I hope you hold an investigation soon.Aaron Toland R.I.P."

4263. Buffy Wheatley United Kingdom
"Please ensure this is investigated fully."

4264. RS Harrigan United Kingdom

4265. Sharron Canik United States

4266. ronan logue Ireland

4267. Chris Brownhill United Kingdom
"I will not be taking any internal flights in Thailand until this matter is resolved."

4268. Caoimhe Millar Ireland

4269. DELMA BOGGS Northern Ireland
"This matter must be investigated urgently.I would not let anyone I know use this airline or go to Thailand until this is resolved."

4270. Colm Boggs Ireland
"This is a sad state of affairs and must be fully investigated as soon as possible.We are talking about human lives here."

4271. chris coyle United Kingdom

4272. Leyval Switzerland

4273. leyval Switzerland
"Those tragedies must absolutely be avoid in the future, many mothers lost their kids and husbands due to planes in bad shape !!!"

4274. Conall Mc Elhinney Ireland

4275. Philomena mc cormick Northern Ireland

4276. Malchy mc cormick Northern Ireland

4277. liam logue Northern Ireland

4278. Pauline mc cormick Northern Ireland

4279. Catherine logue Northern Ireland

4280. Jim logue Northern Ireland

4281. James logue Northern Ireland

4282. Gary logue Northern Ireland

4283. Colin logue Northern Ireland

4284. Fiona logue Northern Ireland

4285. Paul logue Northern Ireland

4286. Siobhan Logue Northern Ireland

4287. Jane Kelly United States
"check planes and poilets flying hours screened"

4288. Roberta Theiss United States

4289. John Gallagher Ireland
"the familys needs answers they have suffered enough?????"

4290. Karla Doherty Ireland

4291. Dionne Hegarty Northern Ireland

4292. David J Bullock United Kingdom

4293. Stephen Gallagher Ireland

4294. Aaron Gallagher Ireland

4295. ELAINE DALZELL Ireland

4296. dee mc laughlin Ireland
"the families of the victims need closure its the least u could do"

4297. Andrew Clarke Thailand

4298. Martin Gilbert Thailand

4299. Colm & Donna Bradley Ireland
"Aaron Toland was from our city a young man with his whole life ahead of him."

4300. Garth Toland Ireland
"gone please investigate what happened on flight OG 296 i lost my cousin Aaron Toland on this flight"

4301. Tracey Toland Ireland
"Aaron Toland we need to know"

4302. William Fleming Ireland
"Aaron Toland "

4303. Matthew Fleming Ireland
"Aaron Toland "

4304. patricia Toland Ireland

4305. Helen Moore Ireland
"Do the right thing for every family who has been so much affected by this tragedy."

4306. Joe villa Northern Ireland

4307. joanne mclaughlin United Kingdom

4308. Lynda Holloway United Kingdom
"I am signing this petition in the memory of aaron toland and all others affected by the crash in the hope that you will do what is right and allow the investigation that is being requested to go ahead."

4309. Jacob Trotter United Kingdom

4310. DYMPHNA HENRY Northern Ireland

4311. KEVIN HENRY Northern Ireland

4312. JACQUELINE MULLAN Northern Ireland

4313. CHLOE MULLAN Northern Ireland


4315. STEPHEN MULLAN Northern Ireland

4316. Sara Quigley Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4317. Molly Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4318. delatolas France

4319. Molly Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4320. michael hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4321. Faolan Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4322. Fae HAnna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4323. Deibhlin Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4324. Sara Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4325. Mickey Quigley Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4326. NÖSPERGER France

4327. ferraris France

4328. lesley mcfaul Ireland

4329. Gallois Isabelle France

4330. vonnie mohammat Ireland

4331. Corey Hanna Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4332. Abbie McGrath Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4333. orla monaghan Ireland

4334. Adam Gamble United Kingdom

4335. Daragh Ireland
"Aaron Toland ='("

4336. Abbie McGrath Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4337. neidin Ireland

4338. Richard McGrath Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland :)"

4339. pouillard France

4340. Harry mohammat Ireland

4341. Marie Terese McClean Ireland

4342. Joe McClean Ireland

4343. Louise Flood Ireland

4344. Elizabeth McCarey Ireland

4345. Kevin Mohamat Ireland

4346. CLAUDEL France

4347. mario danesi Australia

4348. DOMINIC LYNOTT Ireland

4349. William Deery Ireland

4350. recoquillon cecile France

4351. Aisling mc grory United Kingdom

4352. maria nicell Ireland

4353. Amanda Jackson Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4354. Corey Northern Ireland
"Aaron Toland =O!"

4355. duval France

4356. christopher United Kingdom

4357. Brent Harris United States
"My cousin Mike Falcone was killed in this plane crash. He always worried about me. He was a very caring and responsible person. Please investigate this uncalled for plane crash."

4358. Lance Harris United States
"Please investigate the crash of OG 269. There has to be something done. My cousin Mike Falcone was killed on it. He had so much talent and was such a good person. PLEASE INVESTIGATE!!!!

4359. Randy Harris United States
"Mike Falcone was killed on flight OG 269. He will be missed not only by his family & friends in the U.S.A. but also by his friends in Thailand & other areas around there. He was a well known entertainer. He was my cousin. I will miss him. Please investigate this crash."

4360. Lora Sinclair Australia

4361. Bronagh Cooper Northern Ireland

4362. Niamh Fallon Northern Ireland

4363. John Cooper Northern Ireland

4364. Darragh McCartney Ireland
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej must investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai"

4365. Samantha McConomy Ireland
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej must investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai"

4366. Esther Diego Spain

4367. Thibout France

4368. Paris France
"Une vie n'a pas de prix, la sécurité est indispensable"

4369. MARTEAU France
"Mister the Prime Minister,
Because the life of each person on this planet is invaluable, because too many families are torn, because that should not occur any more, because ......
I ask you to show benevolence and to order an independent investigation so that the doubts will be raised out and that the serenity will come again be able to continue without our sister, brother, mother, father, friends... which are dear to us.

Best Regards,

Marie-José MARTEAU"

4370. descoins laurence France

4371. besset France

4372. GRAMONT France

4373. David Henderson Ireland

4374. Léonie Boittin France

4375. Declan Gill, Derry, Ireland

4376. Donat Desmond Ireland
"Once again commercial imperatives have taken precedence over passenger safety. Prime Minister Sundaravej must assure prospective visitors that the Thai government assures our safety in ensuring your licensed civil aviation carriers comply to international aviation standards, and will facilitate a full and proper investigation. "

4377. Baesjou France

4378. suzannemccloskey Ireland

4379. Sarah Toland Ireland
"If it was to be that bad am sure it will happen again as it is the lack of looking into things that got us here on this site."

4380. Berine Kildea Ireland
"I think its really bad on your behalf if you don't look into this as its your lack in job if you don't."

4381. Aisling Mc Laughlin Northern Ireland
"The Families need to know what happen to their loved ones "

4382. Amy Sharkey Northern Ireland
"People need to know what happend"

4383. Sheilia O Reilly Northern Ireland
"Everyone needs to know what happened"

4384. Birdy O Reilly Northern Ireland
"We need to know what happen"

4385. Caydan Mc Laughlin Ireland

4386. Conor Ireland

4387. Liam Hegarty Ireland

4388. Paddi O Hagen Northern Ireland

4389. Craig Doherty Ireland

4390. Leah Mc Cartney Ireland

4391. Sharon Duffy Ireland

4392. Alex Meikle Ireland

4393. Billy-Jo Ireland

4394. Steven Coyle Northern Ireland

4395. Maria Doherty Ireland

4396. Kelli Devin Northern Ireland

4397. Toni Lyttle Ireland

4398. Ann C Northern Ireland

4399. Deborah Harkin Ireland
"Stop Mr Tantiprasongchai from
murdering n e one else with his faulty planes & bribes ! He can't get away with this again !"

4400. Stacey Mc Connell Ireland

4401. Eimear Lancaster Ireland

4402. Odhran Murphy Northern Ireland
"R.I.P Aaron Toland"

4403. Carole Maloney United States

4404. GESNYS France

4405. duval France

4406. Tracy Dunne United Kingdom
"How can you not investigate if you have nothing to hide? My daughters lost their beloved cousin Alex. The family will never be the same & they deserve the truth as do the others who lost their loved ones. What would you do if you knew someone on the flight? Investigate or forget? "

4407. עדי לייבל Israel

4408. KAy WAlters United Kingdom

4409. proudy France

4410. Karen Green Ireland
"I was going to do a stop over trip in thailand in january however i changed my ticket due to the negligence of your government guidelines that caused the tradgedy in phukett"

4411. stephanie gallagher Ireland

4412. Kiera Ireland

4413. Bernadette Mc Grenaghan Ireland
"please do not let this company operate until they fully comply with health &saftey regulations and update there aircraft ,this will saves lives ,please don\'t let any more innocent people die due to this company"

4414. ראשל כהן Israel

4415. ראשל כהן Israel

4416. שולה נעים Israel

4417. yafit sigawi Israel

4418. Rusanne Seoud Australia

4419. elaine friel Ireland

4420. Betzalel dikla Israel

4421. rivka alia Israel

4422. Bougeard France

4423. ריקי נעים Israel

4424. carina barr Ireland

4425. Douglas Cross Canada
"And they blacklisted all Indonesian airlines from Europe, when will they move to ban Udom and his airlines"

4426. catherine Ireland
"the family and friends of those who lost their life on that plane deserve and need to know what happened !!"

4427. catherine ireland Ireland
"aaron toland"

4428. Carolanne Lynch Ireland

4429. DENOOZ France

4430. Paul Mc Colgan Ireland

4431. Nicola Barr Northern Ireland

4432. John Doherty Australia
"Aviation safety is dependant on a strong safety culture seperate from political or financial influence. Bring in an independant international body to review your aviation systems and then implement any changes if required. You and Thailand will be seen to be doing the right thing and will win the world's respect on this issue."

4433. kevin Gilmore Ireland
"A full investigation needs to be carried out, not only for the famlies of the victims of this crash but for the safety of future passengers also. more lives are at risk if nothing is done."

4434. Breda Collins Ireland

4435. Orla Mc Laughlin Ireland

4436. Aine Houton Ireland

4437. Kathleen Doherty Ireland

4438. Evelyn Mc Gettigan Ireland

4439. Jacinta Mulhern Ireland

4440. Margaret Reed Ireland

4441. Roland Houston Ireland

4442. AliAsghar JannatPour Iran, Islamic Republic of
"I was shocked to hear a lot my fellow Iranians were killed in the plane crash. I was feeling sorrier for them when I learned they were here on their vacation. Nothing will bring them back to this world, but we can bring those who were behind this to justice. They must know that people's lives are far worth than money. The real cause(s) of this tragedy should be disclosed to the public, so that next time, if anyone wants to fly with One-Two-Go they give it a second thought.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, please help justice fulfill here.

God may bless all who died in the crash.

4443. מור לייבל Israel

4444. Francois Berndt France
"Est il vrai?
Que le Pilote etait Musulman ?
Qu il etait en plein Ramadan?
Qu il n avait ni mange ni bu depuis 6 h du matin?
Qu il n avait dormi que 3 heures?

4445. fredsmith Thailand
"do what is right, not what is right for your $ gain. And if your found GULTY you should go to jail. So if you have notting to hide then what our you worry about."

4446. meagan sharkey Ireland

4447. ליאת מיכאליאן Israel

4448. Danielle Doherty Ireland

4449. Eliza MacInnes Australia

4450. טל גרינברג Israel

4451. bronagh clarke Ireland

4452. maureen toland Ireland

4453. saulius lipskis Lithuania

4454. heather toland Ireland

4455. kayleigh toland Ireland

4456. dougie mc ghee Ireland

4457. jason toland Ireland

4458. helen toland Ireland

4459. elaine toland Ireland

4460. james doherty Ireland

4461. Pammy Thailand

4462. David MacInnes Australia
"Dear Prime Minister

For all of those poor souls that are left behind, for those that lost and are still suffering the pain of losing their precious loved ones, at least give them some comfort that their untimely deaths were not because of greed and malpractice. Just think of the impact this will have on you, your people and your country. Sort it."

4463. Henrk R. S: Larsen Denmark

4464. David Wembridge Australia

4465. stephen obrien Thailand
"please do the right thing for these victims families. "

4466. David Hester United Kingdom

4467. Sam Saibua Thailand
"The pilots exceed minimum hours requirement and this is a shameful cover up."

4468. Mr Scott United Kingdom
"Please can you provide a full investigation, that way people (tourists) will have more confidence in coming back to Thailand, which relies heavily on the foreigners."

4469. von Burg Christoph Switzerland
"How can the Thai Government let unsafe, badly maintained planes with pilots working overtime tolerate?
One Two Go should be grounded immediately until they can proof that their maintainance and working hours meet international safety standards.
No further delay."

4470. Peter Donaghy Northern Ireland

4471. Richard McDonald Australia

4472. Colin Vard Thailand
"I was on the same plane same flight 2 days before the crash and overheard one One-Two-Go pilot ask another what experience he had and whatever experience the 2nd man said he had the first pilot was very un-impreessed. "

4473. Barry Daniel Thailand
"It is imperative that a full and frank independent investiation be conducted either to clear the repuation of One Two Go and its executives, or to bring them to justice. There is no other way forward to save Thailand's reputation in this matter."

4474. Ian Schofield Thailand
"I live and work in Phuket and often have to travel to Bangkok at short notice. If I cannot find a seat on any of the other airlines I would rather take a gruelling 12-14 hour bus journey than risk my life with One-Two-Go (now locally called 'Want-To-Get-There' ... or 'Don't Want-To-Go') the last time I flew with them the plane's fuselage was creaking, like it was too old to take the stress and ready to fall apart... it was truly a 1-hour white knuckle ride...Never Again. I believe there is a lot more than bad weather to blame for the crash. This was an accident waiting to happen... and it may happen again if these allegations are not 'fully' investigated."

4475. karen Arnold United Kingdom
"As a member of a small town called Scunthorpe,England we lost four lovely people who were ın the prıme of there lıves,there famıly and frıends are entıtled to a faır and open ınvestıgatıon ınto thıs tragıc ıncıdent. I hope you can help ın thıs matter.. Regards Karen"

4476. Watching Thailand Thailand
"Look at Thailand\'s almost bottom position in the ratin of of over 100 nations in order of safety and security. Bribery, nepotism, cronyism and even worse forms of corruption are the norm in Thailand, I do hope you succeed in getting an independent or even and honest Thai enquiry but I doubt you will."

4477. John McGhie Australia
"Thai Airlines is a good example to the world. Why should your other airlines not be as good?"

4478. peter logan South Africa
"suspicions will be around forever unless the truth outs"

4479. Steve Bradley United Kingdom

4480. Bjarne V.D. Petersen Sweden
"I can only accept aviation being done according to rules and regulations. "

4481. Howard Currin Thailand
"The wrechage was on the ground and easy to get to.
Why is it taking so long?
I think tnere is a cover up."

4482. Pensri Thailand
"I lost my friend, Mullika Koysin, a teacher in Phuket. I look at her picture everynight before I go to bed to remind myself that life is too short."

4483. Sirirat Chamroen Thailand
"Nomore One2Go for me, The management of One2Go must Go2Court"

4484. john allan United Kingdom
"Der Sir,
I visit Thailand often and am concerned at the allegations, if they are unfounded,then the air-line has nothing to fear."

4485. Anthony Green Australia
"Reading this makes me sick. How can the authorities allow this airline to operate knowing this is happening. I would have thought Adam Air incidents and accidents would give all these airlines the alarm bells about what is right and what is wrong. "

4486. Nadine Weier Germany

4487. Juergen P.Dreyer Thailand

4488. Chris Sweden

4489. Jens Hansen Denmark
"PM Samak Sundaravej:
It's about time that Thailand stop the rampant corruption, hypocrisy, double standards, and upfront lies to the Int. Press. Will you enter the rest of the developed world, or continue the age old, feudal "strong man" system??? "

4490. Olivier Berset Thailand
"Never flew OG and never will as well as other low cost airlines in Thailand. I do care for my friends visiting me here in Thailand and strongly advise them not to fly any thai low cost airline as long as safety is so disgustingly ignored."

4491. brian jones United Kingdom

4492. george tinney Ireland

4493. לימור סירוטקין Israel

4494. ענבל נאורי Israel

4495. אורן אוחנה Israel

4496. Ronny van Vliet Netherlands
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundarajev , you are old(and wise)enough to stop the corruption and being controlled by Thaksin Shinawatra.
Show the people that you are the right Chinese Thai!"

4497. Andrew Skinner Australia
"Prime Minister Samak, you have already tarnished your countries image with your repulsive statement that the Burmese Junta are good Buddhists because they 'meditate'. This is just another one for the list. People are slowly waking up to the fact that Thailand has become a very dangerous place indeed. "

4498. Peter Hunter Australia
"One-Two-Go always had the cheapest internal airfares in Thailand,it is evident to me that they have cut corners to save on costs,thus resulting on this horrific air disaster."

4499. דליה אליה Israel

4500. ניסים אליה Israel

4501. מיקי אליה Israel

4502. דוד נעים Israel

4503. M.B Sunny Nepal
"I would like you to find out the sutable (acceptable) reason of the crash of airliner, thank you."

4504. Dufournier Valérie France

4505. Tara Mc Kenna Ireland

4506. Michael Dawson United Kingdom
"cannot cover this up the people must pay for the unsfae practices"

4507. Sean Mc Kenna Ireland

4508. Blathnaid Mc Kenna Ireland

4509. Daire Mc Kenna Ireland

4510. Rossa Mc Kenna Ireland

4511. Alan Law, Ballymena United Kingdom
"Tourism contributes significantly to your economy. Support calls for an enquiry.
Ensure safety.
Bring justice to the familes of the victims.

4512. yifat sasi Israel

4513. hagai Israel

4514. Maurizio Vandelli Italy

4515. Omri Ravia Israel

4516. David Nissim United States

4517. Amit shteinheart Israel

4518. adi Israel

4519. Lawrence Wheeler Thailand
"Please investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai"

4520. יפעת יעקבי Israel

4521. moran Israel

4522. einat yona Israel

4523. liron gabbay Israel

4524. Dana Israel

4525. Adi Nuriel Israel

4526. asher halili Israel

4527. gilat nahum Israel

4528. Michal Israel

4529. navit moshe Israel

4530. yuval grossman Israel

4531. Michael McHugh United Kingdom
"Please lanuch a formal investigation into the crash. Thank You"

4532. Derek Gallagher Ireland

4533. Richard Gallagher Ireland

4534. Kevin Tighe Ireland
"We all want to feel safe in the sky. Bad practises cannot be let go unchecked. An independent investigation will proof the goverements committment to safety."

4535. ענת נעים Israel

"you must stop unsafe airlines coming to this sister died for this"

4537. lamyai dasanthad Thailand
"why do you allow so much bribery in this country? my friend died for your policy"

4538. daniella Israel

4539. gabi golhman Israel

4540. reut swissa Israel

4541. Robert Deane Ireland

4542. Jane Smith Australia
"My best friend lost her husband, a father of four. They have been and will continue to be devastated by his loss.Please Sir help this family and all of those affected by this tragedy gain some answers that may help them in their grief."

4543. david hopkin Thailand
"I have stayed in Thailand for over a year now and like most Thai people in general. It has been made aware to me that as a nation Thai people seem to undermine there guest wellbeing and treatment unless they directly benefit from them. This is a major flaw which i feel needs to be addressed, and upon reading about this petition i felt i had to sign as I cannot believe someone in Udom's position could possibly take the same stance as some of the Thai nationals i have met. Hope this petition works and good luck!"

4544. Mazali Israel

4545. Dror Attias Israel

4546. reem lev ari Israel

4547. GRUNBERG France

4548. Cahir O'Connor Ireland

4549. catherine Wilson United Kingdom

4550. sinead Mc Monagle United Kingdom

4551. Adam Russell United States
"My wife's cousin (Stefan Woronoff) was killed in this crash. We would not consider traveling to Thailand unless airlines are beter regulated and made safer."

4552. emer toland Ireland

4553. Galia Dror Canada

4554. Ighal Szyk Canada

4555. סיון Israel

4556. Ciara Bradley Ireland

4557. Fourey France
"Je partage la peine de toutes ces familles qui ont perdu un proche."

4558. gil Israel

4559. דלית כ. Israel
"שלום רב,
אי קיום חקירה על נסיבות ההתרסקות - ניאלץ לבחור לנו יעדי תיירות אחרים ולא נגיע לתאילנד כשאי אפשר לסמוך על קווי התחבורה ההכרחים.
זוהי חובתך המוסרית לעשות כן."

4560. MR T Ireland
"please sort it out foolz"

4561. Stephen Moore Ireland
"My cousin was Aarons friend and on that flight OG269 and nearly lost his live."

4562. Leon Matsliah Israel

4563. גלי Israel

4564. Ronald Languell United States
"Safety has to be our top priority. Greed cannot outweigh the value of each and every human life."

4565. ghafoor malik Pakistan
"Excelleny, request your support to unveil the truth as service to humanity. Thanks"

4566. joe kelly Ireland
"Give the familys peace of mind. Your country actions area disgrace, all you's care about is money."

4567. leanne quinn Ireland
"I am goin to Australia in Sept, i was due to go to Thailand first but i am now bypassing it. "

4568. Paul Whal Ireland
"Too many people losts their lives on this flight, there has to be an inquiry into it"

4569. רונית ליבוביץ Israel

4570. Mr. shik Canada
"We supposed to travel next month to Tailand and we cancelled it cause we afraid to fly incide the country with those planes.please do something!!!"

4571. Lorraine Tierney Ireland

4572. מירב בלאו Israel

4573. Sarah Methven United Kingdom

4574. Mr Robert Clarke United Kingdom
"Please Help"

4575. kanchana chaijumphon Thailand
" I will never fly with 12-go."

4576. Mrs SAWITREE DENNY Thailand
"I was on this flight,I lost my best friend,my Husband!.I am still in shock,and it will take years,if ever to get ever,to get over his loss.You must help,and only an INDEPENDENT investigation will do."

4577. John Wood United Kingdom

4578. Emma Gallagher Ireland

4579. Kara Retcho United States

4580. מרינה דוידוב Israel
"אסור להעלים עין"

4581. מרינה רומר Israel

4582. שי נוי Israel
"על דבר נורא שכזה יש לתת את הדעת ולהעניש את כל הגורמים האחראיים לרשלנות."

4583. John McDaid Ireland

4584. Rachel Gibbons Ireland
"Please investigate = something went terribly wrong and the passengers paid the price aswell as all their family and friends"

4585. Grace Ott United States

4586. Michael Ott United States

4587. katie murray United Kingdom
"i lost my best friend in that crash i dont feel enough has been done for us who have sufferd so much"

4588. חיים Israel

4589. gerald treacy Ireland

4590. Sinean laney Ireland
"I cancelled my flight to Thailand and am now travelling elsewhere. I will not put my life at risk for a corrupt man"

4591. james collins Ireland
"I will never fly to Thailand. You's obviously have no respect for any other countries. When the Tsunami hit your country all of Irealnd and the UK gave money and support and yet you won't even grant an iquiry into this flight. Your a disgrace. "

4592. sean doherty Ireland
"Just reading the comment from the boy above, he is so right, so many countries around the world helped your country when it needed it, and now you wont even grant an inquiry. Yous are scum. Not even an apolgy letter or anything was sent out to any families. Next time something goes wrong in your country i for one won't be helping you's out"

4593. Micehlle o Reily Ireland
"Never fly with one 2 go, there filth"

4594. John spencer United Kingdom
"Your company is a disgrace, i have told so many people to avoid going to Thailand and i will contiue to do so in the future"

4595. Tony smith Ireland

4596. Paul smith Ireland
"I will never travel to Thailand"

4597. peter jones United Kingdom

4598. noel roddy Ireland
"You owe it to the families to investigate this."

4599. Mark english Ireland

4600. Jack Deans United Kingdom
"Flying to Austrailia in Dec, was going to stopm in Thailand but am not now, wouldn't want my family to suffer to maake UDOM richer."

4601. Steven Ireland
"Aaron Toland so young to die, 1 of the greatest people you could meet. He deserves an inquiriy."

4602. Nicholas Agnew United Kingdom

4603. jimmy stevens Ireland

4604. seamus o tool Ireland
"Won't fly to Thailand to unsafe"

4605. JoAnn LoGiurato United States
"On behalf of the family and friends of those who perished, please proceed with this investigation. It is only right to do so."

4606. Margaret Mellon Northern Ireland

4607. Daniel Mc clockey Ireland
"This crash has to be investigate, in this day and age how can a plance crash killing 90 people and nothing be done about it, that is a joke, families need answers. "

4608. nula mc glinchey Ireland
"Won't ever fly to Thailand, after reading the information on this site i can;t believe that airline is still allowed to operate. "

4609. christian maine United Kingdom

4610. Ann Marie Kennedy Ireland

4611. Michael Juster Portugal
"Mr.Prime minister. Do the only right thing, and launch a proper investigation into this crash...or tourists all over Europe will soon know how aviation in Thailand works.And they will,out of fear, vote with their feet.Avoiding Thai aviation, and thereby Thailand "

4612. קרן Israel

4613. david spindley United Kingdom
"I lost my sister never got to say goodbye sort it out "

4614. Heather Spindley United Kingdom
"I lost my daughter, son in law and her business partner in this disaster Imagine seeing rows of bodies under pink blankets on the tv and knowing that half your family is there. Someone is accountable and I want to know who."

4615. Margaret Cooper Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4616. Clare Cooper Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4617. Ann-Marie Cooper Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4618. Amanda Cooper Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4619. Wendy Mc Laughlin Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4620. Sean Mc Laughlin Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4621. Orla Cooper Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4622. Mary Gillespie Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4623. David Harris Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4624. Lisa Harris Ireland
"Aaron Toland"

4625. revital lev ari Israel
"me and my husbend lost our four best freinds in that crash and our life changed since then."

4626. Andrew Jennings Ireland

4627. Jack Tonta Hong Kong

4628. lisa houston Northern Ireland

4629. Joe Jameson South Africa
"Please go for transparency every time. This gives us confidence in you and your country."

4630. AMANDA ROWE Ireland
"I am a citizen of Derry Ireland where one of the air crash victims came from and i have been greatly effected by the tradegy and i along with thousands of others demand to know the truth!"

4631. Sam Pelham Australia

4632. Alan Jones Czech Republic
"Wake up! You can't hide this kind of behaviour any longer!"

4633. Peter Gillett Australia

4634. Ria Blakemore United Kingdom

4635. Danielle Markey United Kingdom

4636. melanie smith United Kingdom

4637. KAREN HOWELL United Kingdom

4638. צ'צ'יק ליאורה Israel
"למצות את הדין."

4639. ad ketelaars Netherlands
"The never learning,airplanes crashes,hotel on fire,big corruption scandals etc.etc...wealthy people you never find in jails in thailand.I learne what's meaning "the country of the smile"...nothing get chanced,sorry for all of you."

4640. Sam Berrow United Kingdom

4641. Martina Duncan Ireland

4642. Liam Mc Guinness United Kingdom

4643. Lisa Coyle Ireland

4644. nakita coul United Kingdom

4645. fiona john United Kingdom

4646. Michael G. Klenz United States
"This is exactly why I have still not visited Thailand!"

4647. melissa crockett (derry) Northern Ireland
"A young man with a full life ahead had his life snatched away that day it should be investigated to give his friends and family some sort of closure and to ensure no other families or communities have to go through the same torment as the Tolands are having too."

4648. sarah mc brearty Ireland
"this is a tragic incident that needs to be investigated for the toland family and the rest of the families of the passengers who died lost their lives"

4649. Fahim South Africa
"I believe people would be really hurt losing their loved ones. Investigation is essential to prevent a tragedy like this one. "

4650. kim roys United Kingdom
"my brother n sister-in-law lost there precious daughter on that plane. and they sriously need some answers. as 2 wat went so horribly wrong. as you wud if it was a loved one of yours."

4651. Felix Girgensons United Kingdom

4652. lyn george United Kingdom

4653. תקוה בלאיש Israel

4654. Gary McDowell Ireland

4655. vantusso France

4656. KATHRYN Ireland

4657. marty friel Ireland
"do the right thing for the familys."

4658. Shaun Mc Ginley United Kingdom

4659. shauna hamill Ireland

4660. Lee Pugh France

4661. Martin Hickey Australia

4662. Susan Woodbridge United Kingdom
"I lost a good friend in that crash and my best friends lost their dauhter. Please show these families a bit of respect and carry out a full investigation."

4663. Tim Cook United Kingdom

4664. Pornpat Thailand
"I agree that PM Samak should investigate Udom."

4665. הילה Israel

4666. Vicki Barry Ireland

4667. Glenn William Jones Australia

4668. Michael Wright New Zealand

4669. Mary McGlinchey Northern Ireland
"I taught Aaron Toland in Primary School and I can not believe that his life was cut so short. He had so much to give in so many ways, as a son and brother, a person, a friend and an intellectual. Hope he is happy in Heaven. "

4670. Lorna Harrow Northern Ireland

4671. Jason harrow Northern Ireland

4672. Ashley Scott Harrow Northern Ireland

4673. Ken Hoy Qatar
"I am a 20,000 hour captain and as such, I have many pilot friends around the world. The stories regarding these two airlines and their abysmal safety culture would fill a book. Get them out of the sky in order to restore some credibility to your aviation scene."

4674. chris Clifton United Kingdom
"Cut the lies and get real,all is not what it seems in this land of Denial,sorry to say the is little or no respect for life in this country saftey first ah ah "

4675. Andrew Heathcote United Kingdom

4676. Trevor Fivaz South Africa
"Get rid of airlines that are causing concern regarding saftey and also get the CAA jacked up as they dont seem to be up to standard!!!"

4677. Farrah O' Connor Northern Ireland

4678. Sean McGowan United Kingdom

4679. Denise McGowan United Kingdom

4680. Caoimhe McGowan Northern Ireland

4681. Mark Hanna Northern Ireland

4682. James Healy-Pratt United Kingdom
"Air Safety is a right, not a privilege. Thailand is no exception. A full and thorough accident report is mandatory."

4683. Louise McGeoghegan Ireland
"Innocent people have died!!, answers are needed, think if it had been one of your close family members or relatives would you take actio then??"

4684. Rachel Farrell Ireland

4685. gail dunham United States
"On behalf of victims families world wide we demand a transparent and complete air crash investigation into OG269. We recommend that One-Two-Go NOT be certified to fly until the investigation is complete.
Gail Dunham
Executive Director
National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation"

4686. mary burke Ireland
"the relatives deserve closure"

4687. CATHERINE RUSH Ireland

4688. Squinobal Josef Austria

4689. Squinobal Renate Austria
"Unser Sohn war auch in der Maschine!"

4690. laura harkin United Kingdom

4691. majella harkin United Kingdom

4692. amy harkin United Kingdom
"I lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269."

4693. john harkin United Kingdom
" I lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269."

4694. Weilert, Martina Germany
"Sehr geehrter Ministerpräsident von Thailand, Herr Samak Sundaravej,

ich bin die Mutter eines deutschen jungen Mannes, der mit seinem Freund in der verunglückten Maschine vom 16.09.2007 saß und überlebt hat. Beiden geht es bis heute schlecht. Sie sind schwer traumatisiert. Unsere Familien ebenso. Im Namen meiner Kinder bitte ich Sie, sich für eine lückenlose Aufklärung des Unglücks einzusetzen. Das ist sehr wichtig für die Familien, die um Angehörige trauern, die nie wieder nach Hause kommen werden ebenso für die, in deren Nähe 90 Menschen gestorben sind und die mit diesem Bewusstsein weiter leben müssen. Dieses Unglück hat das Leben und die Lebensläufe so vieler Menschen auf der Welt geschädigt und schwer verändert. Bitte helfen Sie allen Betroffenen. Ich danke Ihnen."

4695. Christoph Falchetti Austria
"Ich war auch mit meinem Freund auf diesem Flug! Thailand würden wir auch gerne wieder bereisen, aber erst dann, wenn der ganze Fall aufgeklärt wird und somit das Fliegen in Thailand wieder SICHER ist!"

4696. joanne beattie Ireland


4698. Amanda McGreanery Ireland

4699. KIERAN BONNER Ireland
"Please find out what happened"

4700. Natalie Squinobal Austria
"Mein Bruder war auch in dieser Maschine. Eine Aufklärung dieses Unglücks ist ein Muss, um allen Betroffenen zu helfen dieses schlimme Ereignis zu verarbeiten."

4701. Stefan Waibel Austria
"Eine Untersuchung des Unglücks ist unumgänglich!!!!"

4702. T Tozer Spain
"The expanding nations of Asia do not help themselves but any lack of transparency. As an aviation writer I am obliged to report this event using what facts I can find. An open investigation would serve all causes."

4703. graham Robinson United Kingdom
"Please investigate"

4704. Decky Coyle Ireland
"give the family's answer's"

4705. Louise mc gowan Ireland
"This is tragic what happened, there obviously has to be an open investigation for the familys to get answers. "

4706. jimmy nc niel Ireland
"This puts me off flyiing, it is tragic that young people going away for a year out has to loose their lives because of an unsafe and corrupt airline. "

4707. sean mc cormack Ireland
"Won't ever fly to Thailand!!"

4708. ciaran jones Ireland
"so much evidence points to the fact that this plane was unsafe to fly, your company should be shut down."

4709. bryan mccallion United Kingdom
"plz get this investagated right!!!"

4710. Sharon kerins Hong Kong

4711. marian norwood [University of Ulster] Northern Ireland

4712. alex cadle United States

4713. Martina Weilert Germany
"Dear Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Samak Sundaravej,

I am the mother of a young German man who was in the plane crash of September 16th, 2007 with his friend and who survived it. Both young men are still in a very bad condition up to the current day. They are severely traumatized, as well as our families are.

In the name of our children I beg you to make every effort to completely clear up all circumstances of the crash. This is very important for the families who mourn for their relatives who will never return home as well as for those people who experienced the death of 90 people around them and who have to live on in the consciousness of these memories.

This accident has severely changed and damaged the lives and the destinies of so many people all over the world. Please help all people affected.

I thank you very much

Yours faithfully,

Martina Weilert"

4714. clare nash United Kingdom

4715. Katrina Gormley Northern Ireland
"The friends and family of Aaron Toland deserve this investigation as they lost someone very very special to them. "

4716. Vanessa Schubert United Kingdom
"I lost a very special young man in this crash who could not enjoy the rest of his life please plesae do something about this."

4717. grainne dobbins Ireland

4718. Damien Paul Quinlan Davies Tai United Kingdom

4719. Anne Stewart Northern Ireland
"This crash shames the Thai people"

4720. Gareth Thompson Ireland

4721. gayle United States
"investigate OG269"

4722. Seanna Mc Guigan Northern Ireland

4723. Mark Young United Kingdom

4724. Catherine Lilburn Ireland

4725. Martin HARROW {Granfather} United Kingdom

4726. Dale Kiely New Zealand
"There is an absolute mountain of proof of wrongdoing. What more do you need. The inaction of your country and its authorities is nothing but shameful."

4727. Mary Ratliff United States

4728. Douglas James Hughes United States

4729. Leslie E Morris United States

4730. Kate Hanni United States
"Please don't allow One Two Go to expand any further than they already are. They are already too large to manage themselves."

4731. Charles Fuller United States
"I was in a similar crash in the United States. This is not about nationalism, it's about revealing the truth about actions that put innocent people in moral danger. Please open up this investigation for the sake of your own citizens' safety as well as those of the international flying public."

4732. Karen Darling United States

4733. Susan Mastrola United States
"I lost my parents on TWA800...any investigation into plane safety would get my attention"

4734. Monica Gabrielle United States
"A complete, transparent investigation into the crash of Flight OG-269 is imperative! It is owed to the families of those who perished and to the safety and security of the flying public.
Monica Gabrielle
Board of Directors
National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation"

4735. Chaplain Dave Fair United States

4736. Fred Slautterback United States
"Please investigate this tragic accident and take all means necessary to correct any improper behavior."

4737. sadie hurst United States
"Please do all you can to improve airline safety for the sake of all those who fly and their families. Thank you"

4738. MaryEllen Salamone United States

4739. Pam Removcik United States

4740. d.m. sullivan United States

4741. Mark S. Schmidt II United States

4742. Barbara Ward United States
"We too lost a son on a flight in the USA...and it's no surprise that the NTSB cites "Pilot or crew error" as the cause.....90 percent of their findings are swept under the rug under the heading Pilot error. The government agencies must start being held accountable for deficiencies withing the airlines and take responsibility for correcting instead of putting blame on the crews."

4743. Barbara Skudlarick United States
"Your country must honor the lives lost on your airline with an honest and full investigation into this crash. If you want to be a trusted member of this world and have an airline then you must step up to the job of doing the right thing."

4744. g.h. schwartz United States

4745. Caryl Dawson United States
"I am an air crash survivor. Through my own investigation I found the cause of my crash. I continue to fly but make an educated choice in the airline I choose. With this information on Flight OG 269, it would be very difficult for me to use this airline or to recommend this airline to friends. There are many choices in the world to vacation and ways to get there. The public will not spend to fly on unsafe and uncaring airlines. The word does get around rather quickly. The internet sees to that. Hiding unsafe airline practices is not possible in today's world. Learn and publish the truth!

4746. Stephen M. St. John United States
"I urge the Thai Government to acknowledge and investigate allegations and doubts still lingering about the facts and circumstances of the Flight OG 269 crash. This will reinforce trust and assure adherence to the very best standards in aviation."

4747. Jill Talamo United States

4748. Ellen Sewell United States

4749. Kurt Horning United States

4750. John Wegg United States
"Air transport is a global industry, and global safety standards and practices must be adhered to by all countries."

4751. Glenn Wallace United States

4752. Lance, van Merlin United States

4753. Cathie Ong United States

4754. David Herriman Netherlands

4755. Mark Dunlap United States
"I have vacationed in Thailand before and I want to go back but I'm worried about your aviation system."

4756. Barbara Lang United States

4757. Brock Kartes United States

4758. Adam Shaw France
"Your Excellency,
As an Instructor-Pilot, a formation aerobatic airshow professional (, and author of SOUND OF IMPACT "The Legacy of TWA #514," I urge you -- in the name of responsible goverment, and your duty to your people and to all those who visit Thailand-- to re-open the investigation into the rash of OG#269. And to insist on full and impartial disclosure of the facts. Respectfully, Adam Shaw"

4759. Christine Standing United Kingdom
"One person on this petition said, ‘I personally have no time or mercy for ANYONE in a position of such power that would choose to put lives at risk in the name of furthering his own business interests.’ My husband, a 747 airline pilot died as a result of unscrupulous business tactics. It is about time we gave ICAO more power to deal with abusive employers. Read ‘The Tombestone Imperative’ and find out the value of a human life according to airlines and why their inept risk assessments are an insult to us all. I no longer fly; I know too much."

4760. mark johnson United States

4761. Michel Breistroff France
"Time is over where the Governments were able to hide the truth to their citizens for corruption reason.One day or the other, every one have to report."

4762. Newton J. Burkett, Jr. United States

4763. Andrew United Kingdom

4764. Dorothy J Buecher United States
"The truth must be revealed to honor the dead and to protect future passengers."

4765. Lynda Bloomberg United States

4766. Arnold Korotkin United States

4767. robert scales United States

4768. Belinda (coyner) Piscitelli United States
"Always put yourself in the other person shoes. How would you feel that your loved died over something that could have been prevented. MAKE YOUR SKIES SAFE."

4769. Kay United States

4770. Rich Rutecky United States
"You must investigate these allegations. The world is watching."

4771. M. VICTORIA CUMMOCK United States

4772. John Keating Canada
"I lost my mother on AA Flt 11 on Sep 11, 2001. Please investigate this crash properly."

4773. Janice Watson United States
"To raise the standard of safety, security and survivability for aviation passengers and to support survivors and victims' families." This is the mission of the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation.

To achieve this, open and independent accident investigations are crutial. We owe it to the victims, their families, and to the flying public.

Board Member
National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation


4774. tom omara United States
""Sunshine is the best disinfectant," Holmes, US Supreme Court. Thailand needs to assure travelers it is not lax in managing its commercial aviation industry. A full - open hearing- with consequences for those who failed to protect the public is needed. "

4775. George Schuyler United States
"I lost my only Daughter on flight 261 and no one will explain what really happened.
Was the jet a MD 80 or 90?"

4776. David Forbes United States

4777. John J. Schultz United States Minor Outlying Islands
"I lost my son on Pan Am #103"

4778. Gabe Bruno United States

4779. Sharon S.Williams United States

4780. Cyndi Goode United States
"As a plane crash survivor so I understand the importance of plane safety. Please do all you can to keep your airplanes safe.

Thank you."

4781. Valli Hamilton United States
"My sister perished in a plane crash and I understand how the families of Flight OG 269 victims would not want their loved ones deaths to be cloaked in silence. "

4782. Christine Fitzgerald United States

4783. Veronica Makotoko Canada

4784. Sally E. Walker United States

4785. Jillian Smith United States
"Mister Prime Minister,
All passengers will avoid flying your airlines (and those of us concerned about safety will encourage them to do so) until honesty and integrity exist in your transportation system."

4786. Melissa Byrd Hill United States

4787. Tereasa Shepherd United States

4788. Mark & Mary Hall United States

4789. Michael Stalnaker United States
"this investigation should be complete, unbiased for all as well as the american lives lost. Safety of all must be foremost in all actions taken in the future"

4790. marion kminek United States

4791. Kenneth L. Graham United States
"I will not use Thai Airlines."

4792. Aaron Brlas United Kingdom
"I have been to Thailand twice. It is a very nice place to visit and I enjoyed every minute I was there. Both times I visited was by ship, and knowing how Thailand handles there airline industry will keep me from ever visiting by plane unless corrective actions are taken. Thank you."

4793. Rosaleen Tallon DaRos United States

4794. Sandra Moy United States

4795. andrew United Kingdom

4796. Karen Harris United States

4797. andy ilabor Nigeria

4798. Lisa LaDue United States
"Please provide a thorough and honest investigation of this crash!"

4799. Rich United States

4800. Michelle Gallagher Ireland

4801. Kevin and Susan Campbell New Zealand
"Parents of Lee Campbell Killed UA811 24th Feb 1989."

4802. GMParkinson United States

4803. Mary Rose Canada
"I was in Thailand recently, saw the crash site and thought about the people who died there. This MUST be investigated. "

4804. Marc Tacchi Hong Kong

4805. Kevin O'Donovan United States
"I have flown One Two Go several times in the past and spent a month in Thailand doing relief work after the tsunami - could you maybe show some good will here?"

4806. Pattapong Meesub United States

4807. Matthew Ziemkiewicz United States
" I am the elected President of the National Air Disaster Alliance who represents over 5000 victims, survivors, and family members of aviation crashes. My constituency is spread across the world and committed to promoting aviation safety, security, survivability and support. Please disclose publicly the circumstances of the OG269 crash. It would be prudent for your country to take the necessary measures to assure that this crash does not occur again. "

4808. Cyrot France

4809. cyrot France

4810. Diane Horning United States
"Everyone will benefit from a full investigation; everyone will suffer from ignoring the causes. I'm signing in honor of my son who was killed in another airline disaster."

4811. Lea Ann Adkins United States
"Simple truth is the only goal."

4812. John Titus United States
"When a tragedy of this magnitude happens it becomes paramount that an open and transparent investigation be conducted to address all of the distressing concerns. Anything short of this is viewed with suspicion and fear. Please do the right thing and open this investigation."

4813. FM Rinker United States
"Please improve the safety of Thai airlines. We love to visit Thailand and ask that you make it safe to travelthere."

4814. s hughes United States
"This is serious. Thanks for being proactive."

4815. Babette Levin United States

4816. Dawn Germain United States

4817. Anne Lynch Ireland
"I lost someone in another flight"

4818. Bruce Johnson United States

4819. Francie Mc Cartan Northern Ireland

4820. Rosleen Dobbin Northern Ireland

4821. Mary Mc Grady Northern Ireland

4822. barry glackin Ireland
"do what everyone in derry wants and the family "

4823. Cynthia Bissonnette United States

4824. Chanaporn Limsiriarporn Thailand

4825. Emma Ellis United Kingdom

4826. Aswin Swadi-Chuto United States

4827. Steven Acker United States

4828. Walter Langer Canada
"It's too easy to trivialize an accident and discount it as something that could never happen to you. Think about the families that are affected by these tragedies and imagine that you too lost someone you loved, and then tell me you wouldn't do your utmost to ensure a proper investigation."

4829. Sopis Komolchokthavee Thailand

4830. Pamela Sparks United States
"Sir: You owe it to the ninety people who lost their lives in this horrific crash and their loved ones in addition to the future flying public to do what is right and prevent this from happening again."

4831. kerry kelly Ireland
"I was on the same flight exactly a week previous to this crash. I felt unsafe and it was only time before something so tragic would happen. I know the irish boy who was killed and it is heart breaking for his family. I hope you rectify the wrongs you have made."

4832. jJune M. Marsh United States
" "

4833. Donald W. Land, P.E. United States
"The power of an independent investigation by the NTSB will arrive at the correct crash cause, and improve the entire air traffic system and profits."

4834. Kathleen Clay United States
"Please take the high road and do allow a complete independent investigation of Flight OG 269."

4835. James Clay, Sr. United States

4836. David Godec United States
"As a concerned passenger I believe an airline official should be held responsible for the unsafe procedures of his airline."

4837. Dick Colman United States
"Having been a commercial pilot for 38 years...(UAL) and having lost a loved one on Alaska flight 291 I urge every aircraft accident to be openly investigate to releive sense of loss to loved ones."

4838. יפעת יעקבי Israel

4839. Dr.TAKAO KAWAKITA, Chairman, Organizing Committee for IREI Air Safety Japan
"We, Organizing Committee for IREI Air Safety, the bereaved family members of JAL123 crash which killed 520 people in 1985 in JAPAN, support Bonnie Rind's efforts to improve air safety. We pray the sacrifices of the accident improve the air safety in Thailand."

4840. Nancy Alston United States

4841. TIMOTHY BOYLE United States

4842. Julie Friedmann-Tenin United States

4843. Carla Barr Ireland

4844. Sean McCay Ireland

4845. Nicola Barr Ireland

4846. Kyra Frederick United States

4847. Gemma mcGee Ireland
"please get to the bottom of this disaster and let the families move on. rest in peace aaron toland, your sorely missed.xx"

4848. kevin mc gowan Ireland
" "

4849. Paul McGrellis Ireland

4850. Guy Stansfield United Kingdom
"I was in Phuket last September and should have been on OG269 back from Bangkok having left on the early morning flight out to quickly collect some goods - my saving grace was a fellow pilot who I happened to get talking to near to our home. Had he not insisted on beer after a beer I would statistically unlikely to be writing this right now. As a pilot based in the UK and as a human being you owe it to the people lost and those who continue to suffer a thorough investigation with no cover ups (traditionally adopted). I was at the runway edge 40 minutes before the crash and I saw that the conditions were not good enough for landings and whilst the weather was typical for microburst activity I am not and never will be convinced that this was the cause. People are not stupid and we don’t live in prehistoric times so don’t treat them like this anymore. "

4851. Matthew Rover United States
"Thailand and its people are not above accountability to the rest of the world."

4852. Aveen Boardman Ireland
"Aaron Toland was a young man who set out on the adventure of a lifetime. That adventure was so very tragically cut short, as was Aaron's life. His family are devastated and deserve to know the truth, as does every other family who lost someone on Flight OG 269. Life is the most precious thing we have and you as leader of your country must accept responsibility for your unsafe airlines. Safety for Human life must come before, profit and pride. Please conduct this investigation and help these poor distraught families lay their loved ones to rest and have justice for them"

4853. Michelle Ireland

4854. Claire Ireland

4855. Catherine Ireland

4856. kevin gallagher Ireland
"wise up and give people closure"

4857. Porus N Dadabhoy United States

4858. Carmel/Billy Burke Ireland
"Our son William was severely
burned and suffered spinal injuries on flight no OG 269."

4859. Susan Taylor United States
"I lost my son in an air crash and don't want this to happen to any other person. I have been to your beautiful Thailand. Please take this matter into your heart for special consideration. "

4860. SPELLMAN United States

4861. dubreuil France
"plus jamais"

4862. touret France

4863. dubreuil France

4864. coussot France

4865. macaigne France

4866. joan evans Ireland
"This is so unfair for the poeple that died in the plance and for the families and friends they left behind. I hope the right thing is done for the familys sake"

4867. brendan gill United Kingdom
"the familys of the deceased need answers for there loses, "

4868. poiret France

4869. hanocq France

4870. touret France

4871. touret France

4872. grimaux France
"plus jamais ça"

4873. Cuvillier Maxime France

4874. Macaigne France

4875. Keno France

4876. Gil France

4877. francois France

4878. lafitte FRANCE

4879. LEROYER France

4880. Obolino France

4881. merlet France
"make your best please
do not forget families..."

4882. manier France

4883. pruvost France

4884. Vanberteb Thailand
"Montrez votre professionalisme en réglant ce genre d'affaire, la mort de citoyen du monde n'étant pas réparrable, vous vous devez d'éclairer cette situation et d'viter qu'elle ne se rerpoduise."

4885. Sonia Reid Canada
"I lost someone in plane crash abord flight 5481 Air Midwest, Charlotte, Carolina, US, 8 january 2003....I hope the same erreur will be never reproduce...."

4886. chalaben Thailand
"pleasedo something this is criminal behaviour !!!!!!"

4887. Pierre GRIVOLAS Thailand
"Une vie n'a pas de prix, quelle que soit la nationalité de la victime. L'enrichissement personnel au risque de vies humaines est condamnable."

4888. Rhiumkong France
"Pour une fois montrer nous Monsieur le Premier Ministre que les compromissions et la corruption n'existe pas en Thaïlande pour que de tels accidents ne se reproduisent plus au pays du sourire."

4889. bourbonnais Thailand

4890. john taylor United Kingdom
"money dose not come before lives"

4891. cours stephane France
"please investigate to make the light on this tragedy"

4892. kez France

4893. Alessandro Bovey Switzerland
"Sawadee krab !

Monsieur le premier ministre

Moi qui aime et respect votre pays. Je ne trouve pas normal que l'enquête du crache aérien qui est survenu piétine. Il faut impérativement faire avancer pour que les familles de ce drame puissent faire leurs deuils en toute sérénité et que justice soit faite. montrer au monde que vous pouvez régler les litiges qui occupe votre pays. C'est la sécurité et l'intérêt du tourisme qui est nécessaire pour l'équilibre du pays.
Khob khun mak tuk khon chuay dee na krab.


4894. cole France

4895. Krayzie France

4896. DUPERREX GERARD Switzerland
"je suis suisse je connais la thailande depuis 15 ans et j'ai habite 10ans marie thailandais"

4897. Dominique EPSTEIN France
"Il est indispensable, pour la réputation de la Thailande, que votre gouvernement garantisse l'indépendance et la transparence d'une enquête qui doit rendre justice à la mémoire des victimes et à leurs proches. Le recherche de la vérité est un devoir moral et une obligation au sens noble de la politique. "

4898. coussot baile France
"il fau voir un peu les choses en face un tel accident na pas put se produire san raison alors tel et la question ? "

4899. xavier France
"j ai voyagé une seule foi avec one-two-go et mon siege bougeait ! Et le personnel de l avion n etait pas tres competent a mon avis. (mon amie est thailandaise et etait avec moi dans cet avion)"

4900. martin France

4901. BLANC Michel France

4902. David A Szymborski United States

4903. Pam Fellows United States

4904. starshoot France

4905. Alastair Robb Northern Ireland
"We all want the truth"

"order an independant investigation to counter/eventually deny the allegations, only way. "

4907. Wendy McGuigan Ireland
"Families need answers. Do the right thing and investigate these allegations."

4908. Andre van der Marck Netherlands
"I feel that the truth needs to be explored. One cannot play with safety."

4909. r@mbo France

4910. Jesper Henriksen Thailand

4911. Raymondi France

4912. Mairead Killen Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

4913. Carl Harrow Germany

4914. Grzeskowiak France

4915. liam United Kingdom
" piss off"

4916. sabien France
"Faites une enquete!!!"

4917. Klaus Genes Germany
"took the same flight one year before -puh!"

4918. Arlene Toland Ireland
"Why did this happen
family & friend need answers"

4919. daniel Toland Ireland
"We need answers now
its not good enough

4920. christina Ireland

4921. steven mc gahern Ireland

4922. Lucy Richards United Kingdom

4923. Sandra Richards United Kingdom

4924. gombart France
"de tout couer avec vous je sais que ma signature fera plaisir a une personne a qui je tiens enormement.en tout cas un gros bisou et une pensee pour toutes les personnes disparus."

4925. Lucy Richards United Kingdom

4926. Andrew Breslin Northern Ireland

4927. Riccardo F Peresempio Italy
"You have to conduct an indipendent aircraft accident investigation in accordance with annex 13 of Chicago Convention. I mean a real indipedent investigation for safety purpose."

4928. geraldine odonnell Ireland

4929. Victor Maguire Northern Ireland

4930. Ruby Maguire Northern Ireland

4931. Nigel Dawson Northern Ireland

4932. Jacek Zielinski Thailand

4933. Jack Doe Thailand
"I live in Phuket. About 3 weeks before the accident there was a drill at Phuket airport simulating a similar incident. Seems that it mounted to nothing.

The fire station is just 900m away from the crash site, yet it has been reported it took the rescuers more than 12 min to reach the site. Were they walking ?

In Thailand rules are for people with no money. Only way to get justice is to deal a blow to the tourism industry. Fear of lost revenue is the only way to get Thai authorities to act. Everything else is, has and always will be ignored."

4934. Germano Andrini Italy
"An indipendent investigation is required by international law and is a must for aquire the right degree of civilization"

4935. cherrie preece United Kingdom

4936. Denis CAMUS France

4937. sean odonnell Ireland

4938. Alexandre Takacs Switzerland

4939. cathy regenhard United States

4940. Eamon Mcdaid Ireland

4941. alison thornton United Kingdom

4942. paul thornton United Kingdom
"my wifes best friends lost their only son on that flight so please dont brush it under the carpet please give them some answers"

4943. Graeme Cooper Canada

4944. kellie o kane Northern Ireland

4945. JOAN MC CALLION Ireland

4946. jamie boyle Ireland

4947. mickey rooney Northern Ireland

4948. AAron Baxter Ireland

4949. mickey rooney Northern Ireland
"school friend of aaron. "

4950. vered naim Israel

4951. nicholas thornton United Kingdom

4952. james sims United Kingdom

4953. kathryn purcell United States
"Help your country and the traveling public, investigate thoroughly."

4954. Miguel Spain
"Please don't let this happen again"

4955. Inma Diaz Spain

4956. Justin Groce United States
"A little more detail into why it crashed would be nice."

4957. joseph mc donelle Ireland
"This crash should not have happened, it should be a murder trial, 90 people died because of human actions"

4958. Mary Banks Malaysia

4959. Jan Lohr United States
"Please investigate this tragedy and make the necessary safety improvements."

4960. somchai Thailand
"Samak himself is a corrupt offcial. What are you talking about.
Department of Aviation of Thailand is responsible. The Director General get a monthly salary from corrupt operators like one-two-go. Justice will be a joke. Please do not waste your time. Sue the Department of Civil Aviation of Thailand for murder in the international court might work."

4961. Aine Mc Reynolds Northern Ireland

4962. Marian Smith United States

4963. Karl Schubert United Kingdom
"I visited Phuket directly after the crash to help Richard Collins find his son, Alex Collins,the complete lack of contact or help from any representatives of One-2-Go during our stay was quite shocking and indicated a complete lack of concern.

4964. Cor ten Hove Netherlands

4965. Yvonne Schatorjé Netherlands

4966. Mehnert Sabine Germany

4967. Marni Black United Kingdom
"If all the information is correct then, Mr Tantiprasongchai should be hekd accountable for his actions and that of the company, my Dad did not deserve to die like that, nor did the 89 other people on the flight who perished"

4968. caroline reade Canada
"Aaron Toland was my cousin for the sake of his family this needs to be investigated R.I.P. Aaron."

4969. Jeff Banks United Kingdom

4970. ss fgds Thailand
"enroute this airlines
very dangerous."

4971. sean o donnell Ireland
"i was on flight og269 and was one of the lucky ones too survive my life will nvr b the same again something has too be done so dis nvr happens again"

4972. Squinobal Marcel Austria
"I was with my friend on the flight! Sean o donnel or other victims please notify me!"

4973. trajkov christian France

4974. TONYVU Thailand

4975. owen and ann lloyd jones United Kingdom

4976. sonia lloyd jones United Kingdom

4977. catherine ferguson United Kingdom
"the truth needs to be found and given to the families that are grieving!!!"

4978. kent China
"all of they aircraft no lifevest,oxygent mass if there is, it\\\'s working?,Why DCA allowed them to fly? Pilot fly non stop eversince n they always let\\\'s pilot fly three engine aircraft and it not suppose to be right? But why DCA allowed ? Coz Udom very strong with people there..? Are those pilot work legal in orient-thai wat i heard is all of the pilot they not even have work permit."

4979. diane buckland United Kingdom

4980. Kev Lawton United Kingdom
"Please investigate"

4981. Erik Nihlén Sweden

4982. rachael kavanagh United Kingdom

4983. Barbara Baxter United Kingdom

4984. mrs jean jones United Kingdom

4985. Shahr Shalev Israel

4986. ciara Ireland

4987. Cassandra Lee Bashford Australia
"Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,
If you have ever loved and lost.. or alone just loved someone, and have been blessed by God enough to still have them in your life, I pray that you will shut down this airline as it is a danger to not only lives, but to makinging people live day to day without that extra life that used to be of such luminous presence. Michael Falcone was a man was the love of my life. I'll never get that back. Im so so saddened for all of the victims and victims loved ones that have to live with the heart break a day at a time. Please do the right thing.
Cassandra Bashford"

4988. Brent Boerkamp Netherlands
"Me and my girlfriend were in flight OG269, we survived but it has changed our lives forever. Please investigate! There is a great chance of reoccurrence in this monsoon time. No one wants to be responsible for that..."

4989. Marlene Schumacher Germany

4990. Larisa Mamin Australia

4991. Tamara O`Kane Australia

4992. Gloria Allen United States
" Based the info I've read, this particular airline is careless! As a result lives have been lost! My heart goes out to the families who's lost someone dear to them!"

4993. joy baker Australia
"dear sir, my very dear friend and sister lost her true love on that plane, she is shattered and heart broken . Mike Falcone was her loves name. I also know his mother is shattered as all the many people that have to bare the pain of loosing someone on that plane. My sister is Zenya Bashford she lives in Sydney Australia, her email address is i cannot ask for much but the kind words and recognition of such from you would be so much appreciated. i know you are doing all you can, a man in your position has a high demand from his people. i hope god is holding your hand at this time to see it right for so many. kindest of reguards joy baker of queensland australia."

4994. Mirrah Australia

4995. momo France

4996. Assen Dimitrov Bulgaria

4997. jenni easton Spain
"this musy be thoroughly investigated before another tradgedy happens"

4998. Nichole Walkling Australia

4999. Zaidee Jackson Australia

5000. chad canterbury Australia

5001. Jason davenport United States

5002. andre France

5003. Ben Allix United Kingdom
"Looks like something will finally be done, please please... I want to work in Thailand and teach CRM!!!!!!"

5004. Daniel Wilson United States
"Please allow an independent outside investigation."

5005. Christopher Sweeney United Kingdom

5006. Flor Brazier United States
"Fear is an unusual thing. It is the one emotion that is equally understand through humans and animals without a single syllable announced. It resonates through cultures like a violate wave and magnifies itself with each soul it touches. No one should feel fear when they fly by careless hands. If we can’t look towards the sky for peace and beauty, then we are doomed for a life in continual terror. "

5007. Charlie V Australia
"Through my time of travel, i've never heard such a case, everyone wants to be safe in the air. Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live"

5008. Myriem Harleman France

5009. arty Austria

5010. noel mc connell United Kingdom

5011. สุทธาสินี คำสุยะ Thailand

5012. prasert khinrarauy Thailand

5013. richard tanumi Australia

5014. lois tanumi Australia
"life is too precious for things like this to be happening.."

5015. Zenya Bashford Australia
"Have some pride in your country, have some pride in representing your country, have some value in life, have some dignity. Have the courage to humble yourself in order to give others peace in tragedy. Be bold, and see to it that as a Leader of a nation.. you can make a difference in the best way possible! MAKE YOUR MARK AS A GOOD MAN THAT ONCE RULED A BEAUTIFUL NATION! SHOW YOUR A MAN OF INTEGRITY! May God Lead you in your decision.


5016. Garrett Kostin Canada
"Do something to help other people, not only yourself!!"

5017. Paul Stange Norway

5018. Fredrik Stadler Sweden

5019. Andreas Tuchscherer Thailand
"Not sure whether Samak will still be Thai PM when this petition will be handed over? Therefor no message."

5020. cedric France
"shame on you!"

5021. Khun Jason Barney United States

5022. John Sherwood Ireland
"Life is precious, money is not. Please investigate and regulate."

5023. Daniel Judd United Kingdom
"I flew this route in 2004 with Orient Thai, from the minute the plane took off it felt like something was wrong - so relieved to get off at the other end. Some others weren't so lucky, make an example of this man and send a warning to the others, budget airlines shouldn't mean budget safety!"

5024. slipper1 United Kingdom
"get him locked up with his friend thaxin"

5025. Alex Mahoney Thailand

5026. C. Paul Heins United States
"My father was killed in an aircraft accident in China in 1982 and the Chinese government has to this day refused to provide my family with any details about the cause(s) of the accident and/or post-accident follow-ups. Please don't let the families of this crash suffer the same agonizing uncertainties that my famjily has suffered for 25 years."

5027. David Pitcher China

5028. Haenen Thailand
"I want a independent investigation, not led by Thai authorities"

5029. Richard Cobb Morocco
"Pencil whipping maintenance records is illegal..make him pay with jail time "

5030. paul humphries United Kingdom
"investigation is needed but not by Thai authorities."

5031. Sean Gallagher Thailand

5032. Peter Buckley United Kingdom

5033. Ace Theodore Thailand

5034. James Daly Thailand
"Corrupt Pig face!!"

5035. Dave Koenig United States
"Please do what is right."

5036. Per R. Mabol Norway

5037. Mark de LaFleur Thailand

5038. Alex Germany
"Lock the f***** up. Thailand lost enough face recently with people like you know who I'm talking about. It's time to wake up and become the civilized country they would like to be. I love Thailand but there must be put an end to corruption and its tragic consequences."

5039. Daniel Cooper Australia
"My former girlfriend was a cabin attendant with Orient Thai, 1-2-Go's parent airline and participated in numerous emergency landings. Incidents that stick out in my mind are panels falling from aircraft on two occasions, missing the Tokyo tower by 200m and being escorted from North Korean airspace by military aircraft. "

5040. carlie horne Australia

5041. mmj Turkey

5042. Rachel Sharke Thailand
"I live in Thailand. Corruption is still rife in Thailand, don't expect anything to happen with this case."

5043. Jasz United States
"one-two-go just announced that it is terminating all flights until the mid part of September 2008. They claim it is because of oil prices, but I suspect that it also in part to the pressure they are receiving from the crash.

Deepest thoughts with the families of those that died."

5044. The Emperor Tud Thailand
"Thailand doesn't care about transparency, fairness or justice, it only cares about money.
Rich and corrupt people of the Thai elite like Udom Tantiprasongchai are the ones who really benefit when tourists come to Thailand, and they don't care one jot about endangering lives, especially foreigners.
The reason that Udom can get away with this criminal behaviour is that it is acceptable in Thailand to a higher degree than it is in the West. Corruption is endemic in Thai society.
Think about that next time you book a ticket there."

5045. Tom Degerth Finland

5046. Alison Cowan Australia

5047. Michael Horea Romania
"90 people died!!! That's more than enough to start a proper investigation.

Thank you."

5048. Jean Marie Vander Gucht Belgium
"please will you run investigation in this crash
thank you."

5049. gemma mcgee Ireland
"do something about it soon.. rip aaron toland xxx"

5050. colin hill Thailand
"Thai Air safety reputation, and therefore this country's lifeblood, tourism, is suffering as a result of this crash and the events that led up to it,and what has transpired since
One two Go and Orient Thai aircraft are a disgrace and too old,not to be regularly maintained properly. please make sure this airline never surfaces again under a new brand name."

5051. Gerard Bos Netherlands
"Mr. Prime Minister. I flew with One-2-Go. The planes were very old. What I don't understand is that Orient Thai still fly it's old 747 planes. Less maintainance and playing with peoples life. Is there perhaps a hidden agenda that Orient Thai still flies? Hope this can be investigated till the bottom and that Mr. Udom will face the reality and take responsibility. It's in my point of view unacceptable that I read in the newspapers that 700 employees of One-2-Go have a uncertain future while the CEO is overseas and not in Thailand to solve the problems."

5052. Cheryl Harrigan Ireland

5053. jane Taiwan
"Mr Udom is a total rip-off... "

5054. Yves France

5055. Nigel Hollington United Kingdom

5056. Myrna Dubroff United States
"When I retire in three years I planned to visit Thailand. But, I certainly would not go in your airplanes if you don't keep very high standards for the planes and the pilots. If you want tourist to come to your lovely country, you also need high standards for safety!"

5057. Jean Brunelle Canada
"My thoughts are with the ones who lost a loved one onboard OG269. Please ground 1-2-go and Orient Thai until they are proven safe to fly."

5058. Peta Phillips Australia
"The Thai people are lovely people and I would hate to think that their livelyhood would suffer because tourists believe that your airways are unsafe. You must investigate this Company to secure your future."

5059. Ivan Pasinetti Italy

5060. Ross Gammon United States

5061. haim goldman Israel

5062. david burt United Kingdom

5063. Peter Brear Australia
"If you do not deal with this in a proper manner then it will be one more nail in the coffin of the Thai tourist industry"

5064. Larry Fraser United States
"People working in the airline industry have regarded this as a unsafe operation for quite a while."

5065. Dean Australia
"Wake up and stop this crap..."

5066. marco beggio Italy

5067. Gary kirby Thailand
"Never Compromise on Safety, raise prices to maintain and improve on safety. "

5068. Richard United Kingdom
"I regularly travel in Thailand (by air, rail and car) and on each occassion have felt nervous at the lack of safety and common sense. ANY incident, should be investigated, independently, to assure travellers that safety ranks above profit! "

5069. salvator citiolo Italy

5070. francesco citiolo Italy

5071. elena Switzerland

5072. Karen Arnold United Kingdom

5073. Cesare P. Italy
"This investigation should be carried out by an USA or UN commission. Thai authorities are not reliable. When this will happen, tourists from around the world will build more confidence in using airlines and specifically low-cost carriers."

5074. Igor Galizzi Italy

5075. Giorgio Italy

5076. tiana joubert Australia

5077. mike champion Australia

5078. Ivano Thailand

5079. mauro tama Italy

5080. phil bailey United Kingdom
"Corrupt systems cannot be allowed to prosper where it endangers life.

Thailand is deservedly suffering from an increased public awareness of its abuses at all levels of society - whether it be by corruption, exploitation or indifference to providing a decent education system to maintain the status quo on behalf of the rich.


5081. Mr.Ramundo Tonino Italy

5082. Paolo Giovanni Lombini Italy

5083. A J Worford United Kingdom
"I fly more than most and I have and do spend time in Thailand ..Stop taking bribes ..Life is precious.. Every dollar you have from a bribe has been blood money for these people that died... its time for change ..Karma is a belief in Thailand time is was in politics."

5084. Alexis Connolly United Kingdom
"I lost my cousin Alex Collins in the crash. He was just 3 days into his lifetime adventure with his beloved girlfriend Bethan. I never got to say goodbye, or tell him that I loved him - I thought he would be back in a few months - didnt think there was any need. How wrong I was. I have watched the hearts of my family members being torn to pieces, as well as feel the pain of my own. We need to know what happened and why, so that we can begin to mend our broken hearts. My sister is due to travel to Thailand in September 08 - am I going to have to go through this all over again? Please investigate."

5085. Omar Grossi Italy

5086. Weilert, Franz Christian Halgard Germany
"Mein älterer und sein freund, der auch ein freund meiner Familie und ein freund für mich ist, waren in der besagten Maschine. Glücklicherweise konnten beide zuhause von Familie und Freunden wieder in Empfang genommen werden. Unglücklicherweise jedoch konnten nur wenige Passagiere dieser Maschine wieder empfangen werden, an dieser Stelle möchte ich auch mein Beileid gegenüber denen aussprechen welche nicht so viel Glück hatten wie mein Bruder und sein Freund.
Sehr geehrter Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej ich möchte Sie darauf hinweisen das eine genaue Prüfung der Umstände unumgänglich ist, hier auch ein Appell an ihr gewissen gegenüber denen die in einen Urlaub in ihr Land investiert haben und keine Zweifel an ihren Sinn für Sicherheit hatten, Menschen die vertraut haben und enttäuscht wurden in einem Ausmaß wie es schlimmer kaum sein kann. Bitte helfen Sie den Opfern und Hinterbliebenen in dem Sie ihrer Pflicht nachgehen.
Liebe Grüße aus Leipzig, Germany 20.07.2008

5087. Pasquale Italy

5088. Kowalschek, Mandy Germany

5089. ivan zossi Italy

5090. trotto Italy

5091. Kristy Schulstad Australia

5092. Robin K Australia
"I will not again visit Thailand, not because I have to fly with one of those unsafe airlines but on principle. Do the right thing and investigate this outrage.

Robin K..."

5093. Ann Kimberley Australia

5094. Nick Kenchington United Kingdom
"Sort it."

5095. Phethai Chanthima Thailand

5096. Favaro Maurizio Thailand
"Andiamo ad investire altrove
dove ci sentiremo un po piu sicuri e tutelati"

5097. Randi Montgomery United States
"My best friend's father was killed in that crash. She should have answers."

5098. Levi Rex Frugtniet Australia
"Unsafe Practices of these matters should be overlooked & ensured that it never occurs a second time!Such Practices should legally force the two companies to close down permanently.Immediately Effectively .. "

5099. Sally Hare Australia

5100. vaccese mauro camillo Italy

5101. Stephen Smith Australia
"I have a friend in Phuket who I would like to visit with my family (6 people) but airline safety is very important to me"

5102. Lauro Valentini Italy
"basta con le parole, le parole si perdono nel vento, ora vogliamo i fatti"

5103. Anchalee J Thailand
"I hate Samak....the nomineed of the devil."

5104. Renzo Switzerland

5105. Donna Burke Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

5106. Yvonne Lally Ireland

5107. John Gibbons Ireland

5108. Aleksandra Mitura Ireland

5109. Michelle Crowley Ireland

5110. Diarmuid Coffey Ireland

5111. Michelle Queally Ireland

5112. Liam Kerrigan Ireland

5113. Niamh McNulty Ireland

5114. Rory Donnelly Ireland

5115. paul moffatt Ireland

5116. Paul Ferns Ireland

5117. Catherine Ferns Ireland

5118. Sylvia Murphy Ireland

5119. eileen faherty Ireland

5120. Rani Dabrai Ireland

5121. Michael Joyce Ireland

5122. Seamus Devoy Ireland

5123. jean smith United Kingdom
"my brother and sister in law lost thier daughter and courtney lost her mummy in that crash and we all lost a couisn a nicece a sister and a grandaughter just one life so many broken hearts, in my book that got to deserve an explanation. not just for us but for the other 89 familys that also had our pain then now and always..


5124. Melissa Henry Ireland

5125. Kathleen Cambray Australia

5126. michael thompson United States
"an investigation is overdue. "

5127. Luighi Monegini Italy
"Please investigate."

5128. Paolo Trenti Italy

5129. Paolo Tremonti Italy

5130. Luca Bassi Italy

5131. mandy Thailand
"Now they force to close by DCA look at udom he try to give an interview that the airlines close coz oil price... etc .. comeon do not pretend like you are very good person you just good business man you let aircraft fly even if you know that the aircraft not ready to fly, you never care as long as you earn money, for udom money is god he doesn't care it's right or wrong"

5132. adriano vantaggi Italy

5133. Sandkühler, Christian Germany

5134. Giovanni De Lisi Italy

5135. catherine wilson United Kingdom
"we need justice for aaron"

5136. Kamolkit Witayanukul Thailand
"Life is most value to concern, please think about it."

5137. Patrick Egan Ireland

5138. Audrey Hagar United States
"My best friend lost her father on this flight and has gone through a lot of pain and suffering. Please do anything you can to investigate the errors on this flight."

5139. karina kielty Ireland

5140. Frank Schumacher Germany
"I lost my sister and her boyfriend in this horrible accident. I know, that nothing will bring them back, but I ask how will an accident of this dimension be prevented in future? Does Thailand not care more about the safety of their guests, so that it leaves their destiny to the competence of a badly trained crew or a highly criminal profit maximization or a combination of both? For the sake of the victims I demand a real reconnaissance and in future maximum security to prevent such tragic accidents...


5141. carla nielsen United States

5142. Monica Lancaster United States

5143. Karen Thailand
"This is outrageous. It's about time for a thorough and honest investigation and proper humane compensation to these people who have lost thier family and friends. I hope this will be done. "

5144. Jane Lehany Ireland

5145. Jon Malnick Thailand

5146. annette mc callion Ireland

5147. Diana von Webel Germany
"Prime Minister Sama Sundaravej, Families and friends of victims of flight OG 269 have a right to know the truth! But humane reasons might not count for a politician...
As far as I know, a prime minister takes a vow to serve his country in the best way. By refusing to investigate this crash you will definitely damage your country's image as a beautiful and safe travel destination. I myself refuse to visit Thailand and will encourage others to follow my example until further steps will be taken to investigate this crash and make flights safe according to international standards.
Diana v. Webel, Berlin, Germany"

5148. john o toole Ireland
"One Two Go should never be allowed to fly again. What kind of country allows unsafe planes to fly even though it has been proven that they are unsafe and corrupt. I really hope many people avoid travelling to Thailand because it has clearly shown no respect for any other country, even though half the world gave support to your country during other disaters. I will never risk my life travelling to Thailand and i will ensure that everyone i know also does the same. "

5149. Sam Dale Thailand
"I have lived here for over 15 years and I know the extent of the endemic corruption and total lack of care for life that goes on here. TOURISTS: BOYCOTT THE CORRUPT ANIMALS HERE. GO TO VIETNAM OR MALAYSIA. These places care about you and your value to their economy."

5150. michael pigneguy United States
"Thailand has a reputation of placing commerce above humanity. This is yet more evidence of a corrupt and uncaring system. Redeem yourselves. Investigate Udom Tantiprasongchai. "

5151. Chinnawat Thailand

5152. Peter Wilkinson United Kingdom
"Justice must be done against corrupt companies .....THIS MEANS YOU TANTIPRASONGCHAI"

5153. jailliard angelique France
"Pour Jean-Marie, sa femme ainsi que ttes les autres personnes qui y sont decedées et à la tristesse de leur familles et de leur entourage, personne ne merite cela!! "

5154. Garry Carter United Kingdom

5155. Tony Fitzgerald Ireland

5156. j.southworth United Kingdom

5157. Anja Reuther Germany
"All those people here have the right to get answers!!!
How many more people must die before you will change your mind??"

5158. Lenja Marley Germany

5159. Christine & Paul Buckingham United Kingdom
"Sawadee Kha Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,

We beg you to please respect the wishes of all the bereaved family and friends of flight OG 269 by bringing to justice all those responsible for this terrible disaster in Phuket.
Our best friend lost 2 members of her family on that terrible day.
My husband and I have been visiting Kho Samui, twice a year for the last 10 years.
The day of the crash we were in Samui, we are both aged 64, and we were giving our support to youngsters who were booked to fly to Phuket.We advised them to make other plans.
They just wanted to sit with us and reflect on that very sad day.
We do of course now worry about flying from Bkk to Samui, but life must carry on.

God bless all those who lost their lives on flight OG 269.


Christine & Paul Buckingham."

5160. lorraine fisher United Kingdom
"please i lost my brother in this crash we have to make sure it doesnt happen again"

5161. Isabell Billigen Germany

5162. Declan O'Connor Ireland

5163. nutthanicha wilson Thailand
"Please report the truth. "

5164. Captain Ron Greene United States
"As a previous 747 Captain for Phuket Airlines, a Thai registered air carrier, I was shocked at the level of incompetence with maintenance at this airline. With the most recent incident with aircraft registration number HS-VAC a B747-300 now on ground in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This particular incident involved an engine that had a known problem, (the Saudi Arabian PCA refused to give Phuket Air a 3 engine ferry permit)yet this engine was signed off by Phuket Air maintenance as safe to fly on a ferry flight from Jeddah to Jakarta for an engine change. Upon takeoff the engine exploded. With bits of the engine scattering into the bottom of the wing, they are lucky that the aircraft did not explode as a result of the engine failure. Phuket Air is going to be the next air disaster that could be prevented. Thailand should be downgraded to Cat 2 status as the Thai DCA is not capable to properly oversee Phuket Airlines."

5165. mario francia Italy

5166. franciamario Italia

5167. björn asmussen Germany

5168. JFR Glorieux Belgium

5169. kay williams United Kingdom

5170. John G. Germany
"Don´t let them get away with this! It´s obviously that not only the Pilot was responsible. Think about the remaining families.
Sincere condolences to all involved,especially to Frank and his Family from Germany."

5171. Ian Hayden Australia

5172. liam merrins Ireland

5173. Candace Scalia United States

5174. Jan Bidas Poland
"I hope that One Two Gone will never fly again, hope that Udom is invastigated and gets what he deserves, hope that some justice is done to the families of the victims, hope that a lesson from this tragedy impacts the other low cost operators and increases the safety of flying in Thailand and elsewhere .. please Prime Minister help with all the above .. if not, please God! "

5175. ciaran mc closkey Northern Ireland

5176. Wendy Rutecky United States
"People who lost loved ones in the plane crash deserve to know the truth."

5177. Kristen Cunninghame United Kingdom

5178. Ermite michel Thailand
"Mr le 1er ministre pourqoi n'utiliser vous pas c'est compagnies pour vos déplacement dans votre pays ?vous ne vous trouvez pas en securite peut être ? alors pourqoi c'est compagnies à tuer des est vrai que voir les avions en park ne donne pas tres confiance sur la maintenance avec des reacteur en reparation sur des pallettes c'est léger comme sécuritee!!!!! "

5179. patricia Toland Ireland
"Aaron was my cousin and i urge you to begin an investigation into the loss of this wonderful young mans life and for the other victims. "

5180. leanne United Kingdom
"families need to no what went wrong, wouldn't you if it was your family aboard"

5181. Danielle Jarman United Kingdom

5182. Matthias Buchmann Germany

5183. Annika Bruns Germany

5184. Rita Greeley United States

5185. Eva W. Casey United States

5186. david mc cready Ireland
"No country should have to be forced by the travelling public to investigate such a tragedy like OG 269.An investigation into such a disaster should be immediate,precise,and freely instagated by PM ,without reservation."

5187. Nancy Shapiro United States

5188. Alan Lippert United States

5189. Floy United States

5190. Vincenzo Sona Italy

5191. Nicole zavalunov Israel

5192. Frances Toland Ireland

5193. Lynda Conway Northern Ireland

5194. Jutta Lotte Blum Germany

5195. trevor garrie Belize

5196. Nadia Blackstaffe Canada
"Unfortunately, Thailand lacks fundamental safety regulations and culture that we have a right to in North America, Europe (JAR), Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. As fuel prices rise and penny pinching reaches new heights, you might want to consider a camping vacation, in a tent- within a tank or two of your house. Never have the words, “buyer beware” had more value. Sadly, safe air travel is not always a right, do your research or pay the ultimate price. RIP to all innocent victims of OG 269. "

5197. Jackie lyttle United Kingdom

5198. Audrey Skoog Canada

5199. bronwyn blackstaffe Canada

5200. keri Anderson Canada

5201. Adelhardt Christian Germany

5202. Steve William Knight Austria

5203. Tom Nealon United States

5204. noel slater United Kingdom
"im the father of one of the victims of flight og 269 something as to be done to stop him"

5205. edna slater United Kingdom

5206. claire fisher United Kingdom
"niece of a victim of flight og269"

5207. james fisher United Kingdom

5208. mark fisher United Kingdom

5209. Philippe d'Esterle France
"De grâce faites cesser tout d'abord cette corruption qui ronge votre pays à tous ses étage."

5210. Samuel Spencer Canada

5211. Ursula Van Straaten United Arab Emirates
"All human's have the right to safe travel on board any airline in the world!! It's a country's responsibility to ensure airlines operating are safe and no bribes are made when it comes to human lives!!! "

5212. Eva Örnhammar Sweden

5213. Sylvia Sjostrom Sweden

5214. boetsch jean claude France
"Un pays qui vit du tourisme a l'obligation, plus que d'autres, de respecter les mesures de sécurité de ses moyens de transport.
Les intérêts de quelques voyous ne doivent pas mettre en danger l'avenir du pays."

5215. Michael Nihlen Sweden

5216. Stefan Peter Switzerland
"How could it happen that such an airline is still expanding? "

5217. Clare Gilmore Ireland

5218. Denis France

5219. Carol Rees United Kingdom
"Alex and Bethan should not have died in this way. Both had graduated from Cardiff University and had good futures ahead of them. Please do an investigation to prevent further loss of life."

5220. Fredrik Nihlén Sweden

5221. Don McAuliffe Ireland

5222. adam blackstaffe Canada

5223. Natasha Brdar Canada

5224. roberta tochor Canada

5225. Karissa Robson Canada

5226. Claus Voigtmann Germany
"I didn't loose anybody, but i am a survivor...please lets find out what really happend to avoid other people to have to go through that hell."

5227. Brian Stocks New Zealand
"Its just basic governance to investigate this disaster and to prevent it happening again. It sounds to me like Thailand is not a safe place to invest or do business if this reflects the corperate/goverment ways of acting."

5228. naudin France

5229. Sue Herbst Canada

5230. Christian Herbst Canada

5231. Nicholas Herbst Canada

5232. Chris Herbst Canada

5233. Mitchell Blackstaffe Canada

5234. Susan Taylor Canada

5235. KYLE DEVITO Canada

5236. Göran Guné Sweden

5237. adul ratthanaphalin Thailand

5238. Andreas Maier Germany

5239. Julia Voigtmann Germany
"Ich hätte bei diesem schreckllichen Unglück beinhae meinen Bruder verloren!!!"

5240. Minka Rössner Germany

5241. Andreas Schwab Germany

5242. Kaidy Morgan Canada

5243. catherine mc carron Ireland

5244. Isis Salvaterra United Kingdom
"Please stop this airline from flying! I know one of the victims who is my boyfriend, someone who survived and now has psychological and physical difficulties due to this plane crash. Investigations show that there was negligence, please investigate and make the ones responsible pay for the losses of lots of innocent people. "

5245. Tanit Soobhawan Thailand
"I used to work for Orient Thai Airlines as a Flight Attendant and I know that all the proof and evidence is true and their is alot more. I have one question for you Mr. Prime Minister." WHY IS THIS AIRLINE STILL OPERATING?" Justice must be done!!! The whole world is watching."

5246. Alison Readhead United Kingdom
"please please get this investigation over and done with and help the families that lost loved ones as i know people that lost loved ones on this flight and just want to find the real cause to their deaths"

5247. Wolfgang Schedlbauer Germany

5248. Kanoungnit Thongpunparn Thailand
"We all hope to see the bright sunshine after the raining storm. I was there at the HKT Airport waiting for this same flight to fly back to Bangkok..

God bless us all"

5249. Anita Bortnik Canada

5250. walter blackstaffe Canada

5251. Martin Cubasch United Kingdom

5252. eoin long Ireland

5253. Marielle Nihlén Sweden

5254. Paige Lamane Canada

5255. סטפני אביב United States
"צחי היה אהבת חיי שלא מומשה ואיבדתי אותו לגמרי"

5256. Steve Trumbell Canada
"As a former pilot, I am appalled, at the lack of oversight, on Thailand Airline operations. I vacation in Thailand twice a year, and have traveled on One-Two-Go. I now only travel on Thai Airways."

5257. BRUNEL France
"A la lecture de ces documents accablants nous espérons une action de votre part."

5258. juliano teixeira Brazil
"Please sort your aviation system out."

5259. Isaac Blackstaffe Canada

5260. Neufeld Tanja Germany

5261. Rothmann Helmut Germany
"Wir gedenken der Familien und Freunde, die einen geliebten Menschen verloren haben."

5262. Rothmann Brigitte Germany
"Wir gedenken der Familien und Freunde, die einen geliebten Menschen verloren haben."

5263. Selina McKinney United Kingdom

5264. Cricket Harley Australia
"ONe of my close friends was on that flight, he luckly survived. Please make your planes safer and invest in proper training for pilots so this doesn't have to happen again.,.."

5265. Martina Lyckemo Sweden

5266. Lendner Simone Germany

5267. Adriano Martins United Kingdom
"International Standard Regulations are sadly not enforced in countries like Thailand. It is time to have it changed!"

5268. Maria Nelson United Kingdom
"For Aaron Toland.."

5269. bridget sheerin Ireland

5270. stuart Cadge United Kingdom

5271. paula ashworth Canada
"In memory of my cousin Aaron Toland RIP."

5272. liam duncan Canada

5273. eamon duncan Canada

5274. ewelina rakowska United Kingdom

"Live and work in Thailand.
Indeed, bribery, cronyism and even worse forms of corruption are the norm in Thailand.
Love the people even though they think nothing can be done or are just too lazy trying. Money is king here. Don’t expect much to happen with this case (especially from the PM).
Therefore, we, foreigners, have great power of pressure because we have great purchasing power. So we have to keep pushing Medias and authorities, keep complaining, keep boycotting!!
Let’s investigate all Thai airlines and the DCA for a start!!

5276. Eric Kelly Ireland

5277. Darragh Breathnach Ireland

5278. Gary Gilmore Ireland

5279. Adrienne Gill Ireland

5280. Hans Schobesberger Austria

5281. אדי אלקיים Israel

5282. Luis Muoz Spain
"For someone that survived... someone that conquered my heart...
someone that is always there when I need her...
someone that I could have never met because of this...

For this and for other things that you know and will stay between us,


5283. Allard France
"Bored of Thai's whatever purposed 'Mai Pen Rai' and laxism, now costing human life, both thais and foreigners..."

5284. Charlene Thompson Ireland

5285. Hannes Engelstaedter Germany

5286. Denise Doherty Ireland

5287. Alla Morley United Kingdom

5288. Marcelo Puget Brazil

5289. Antonia Loria Canada

5290. Frances Carlisle United Kingdom

5291. Paul Daly Ireland
"My Friend lost a cousin."

5292. Julie McDonald Jamaica
"I lost my friend. We need answers."

5293. Tony O'Shea Ireland
"An independent investigation is needed.. NOW."

5294. E.Polland Ireland

5295. E Curry United States
"If you fail to investigate, I will spread the word that U.S. citizens should boycott spending their money in your country."

5296. kellie robinson United Kingdom

5297. Maria Rosangela Teixeira Brazil
"Please sort it all out! Thanks"

5298. Cornelia Hammerer Austria

5299. Christian Houdek Austria
" "

5300. Ann Ramage United Kingdom

5301. Barbara Kohler Austria
"Personally I am not involved in this tragedy. If somebody has knowingly taken the risk of letting planes crash it needs to be investigated and even punished.

5302. M. Burtscher Austria

5303. Lambert France

5304. N. Giggenbacher Austria

5305. Tobias Gerhard Burtscher Austria
"Sie brauchen die Ausländischen Turisten,daher haben sie auch die Pflicht das schwere Flugzeugunglück von Phuket zu untersuchen"

5306. Ewald Winder Australia

5307. Daniel J Schillaci, Jr. United States
"I look forward to further data to rectify this situation for the safety of future passengers. I morn the loss of Sabine Schumacher, a very dear friend"

5308. Ulrike Grotehof Germany

5309. Christina Horl Germany

5310. Verena Schneider Germany

5311. Christoph Blaha Austria

5312. kathleen walsh - Derry Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5313. W. THOMPSON - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5314. P DUFFY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5315. K RAMSEY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5316. JAMES DOHERTY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5318. L COLLINS - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5319. M COLLINS - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5320. G MC FADDEN - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5321. N DUDDY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5322. DONNA PORTER - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5323. JOE PORTER - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5324. K HARKIN - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5325. E PORTER - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5326. CIARA PORTER - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5327. M HARKIN - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5328. C LAUGHERY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5329. S FERRY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5330. JOHN FERRY- DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

"Justice For Aaron Toland

5332. ANN COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5333. A CAMPBELL - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

"Justice For Aaron Toland"

"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5336. C MC CARTNEY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5338. P SHEERIN - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland"

"Justice For Aaron Toland"

5340. S SHEERING - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5341. KAY DUDDY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5342. K GREGG - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5343. P COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5344. L COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5345. M COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5346. N COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5347. C COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

"Justice For Aaron Toland

5349. M DUDDY - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5350. J CAMPBELL Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5351. MOLLY COYLE - DERRY Ireland
"Justice For Aaron Toland

5352. walter blackstaffe Canada

5353. Katrina McWilliams, D Ireland
"Investigate now, RIP Aaron Toland"

5354. Theresa McWilliams, Derry Ireland
"Do the right thing and investigate"

5355. Bernadette McGowan, Derry Ireland
"A young man from our town lost his life on this flight, give his family justice, RIP Aaron Toland"

5356. Conor McGowan, Derry Ireland
"RIP Aaron"

5357. Bronagh McGowan Ireland
"Do the right thing and investigate"

5358. Kevin McGowan, Derry Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

5359. J McGowan, Derry Ireland
"Give Aaron Toland the justice he deserves"

5360. S McGowan, Derry Ireland
"Give Aaron's family answers, their lives will never be the same, its the least u can do Mr President. RIP Aaron Toland, sadly missed"

5361. R Quigley, Derry Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland "

5362. D McDowel, Derry Ireland
"Mr President put it right, give these families some closure, RIP Aaron Toland"

5363. P McGrory, Derry Ireland
"Trip of a Lifetime ends in disaster, and you are responsible Mr President, have some respect and give the families the answers they deserve. RIP Aaron Toland"

5364. T Quigley, Derry Iraq
"RIP Aaron Toland"

5365. E Quigley, Derry Ireland
"Aaron Toland had his whole life ahead of him and loved life to the full, please investigate he truly deserves this "

5366. L Ballet Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5367. E Donnelly, Derry Ireland
"Investigate now Mr President, RIP Aaron Toland"

5368. M Donnelly, Derry Ireland
"An investigation is the right thing, RIP Aaron Toland"

5369. D Kavanagh Ireland
"lives were lost and its your fault, fix it. RIP Aaron Toland"

5370. S Kavanagh, Derry Ireland
"a thorough investigation needs to be made, and its your duty to implement it now. RIP Aaron Toland"

5371. Shauna Kavanagh, Derry Ireland
"Investigate now, RIP Aaron Toland"

5372. Shane Kavanagh, Derry Ireland
"Investigate now, give the families a bit of comfort. RIP Aaron Toland, sadly missed by all"

5373. padraig mc guigan Ireland

5374. Pauline Kavanagh Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland. "

5375. Johannes Keller Germany

5376. Christiane Buchmann Germany
"Nothing and nobody is going to bring us Sabine and Andreas back but I hope that the investigations are going to be done. Not only for the respect of the families who suffer because of the loss of a family member or a friend. It cannot be true that people must die because someone wants to save or earn money and therefore disregards the safty policys. I don't belive it!
Andi & Bini we'll never forget you! "

5377. Anni Buchmann Germany

5378. Hubert Buchmann Germany

5379. Marcelo Fozatti Bragagnollo Brazil

5380. Thomas Zenz Austria

5381. Nina Zenz Austria

5382. Johnny Canning - Derry Ireland

5383. Paddy Coyle Ireland

5384. D Lynch - Derry Ireland

5385. K Lynch - Derry Ireland
"Justice for all the families"

5386. Rory Mooney - Derry Ireland
"Investigate now for all the families"

5387. L Canning - Derry Ireland

5388. G Canning - Derry Ireland

5389. c gallagher - Derry Ireland

5390. D Doherty -Derry Ireland
"Rip Aaron Toland"

5391. M Elliot - Derry Ireland

5392. C Elliott - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5393. Damien Doherty Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5394. sean harkin - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for all the people who lost their lives."

5395. Shannon Bradley - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for all the people who lost their lives."

5396. Nicole Gallagher - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5397. S Deeney - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5398. R Mc Cafferty - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5399. Don Mc Cafferty - Derry Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5400. Siobhan Mc Laughlin Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5401. O Mc Laughling Ireland
"Investigate for the familys and for the people who lost their lives."

5402. J Hasson - Derry Ireland

5403. Violet Tewie - Derry Ireland

5404. Tamara Salvatori Austria

5405. W Bradly - Derry Ireland

5406. C Mc Kenna - Derry Ireland
"For Aaron Toland and all the Victims."

5407. M Miller- Derry Ireland

5408. A Duncan - Derry Ireland

5409. M Hasson - Derry Ireland

5410. Roison Hasson - Derry Ireland

5411. Donna Hasson - Derry Ireland

5412. Danny Hasson - Derry Ireland

5413. Martin Hasson -Derry Ireland

5414. G Bradley Ireland

5415. Kevin R- Derry Ireland

5416. M Boyle - Derry Ireland

5417. Anna Boyle - Derry Ireland

5418. L Boyle - Derry Ireland
"For all the victims of this flight."

5419. L Collins - Derry Ireland

5420. M Collins - Derry Ireland

5421. J Smith Ireland

5422. Brian Smyth Ireland

5423. Eamon Mc Cleary Ireland

5424. leona Mc Cleary Ireland

5425. claire Mc Cleary Ireland

5426. Kathleen Mc Cleary Ireland

5427. Darren Hegarty Ireland
"please investigate the crash so that justice can be done"

5428. Chelsey Hegarty Derry Ireland

5429. Jodie lee Toland Derry Ireland

5430. Eoghan Mc Cleary Derry Ireland

5431. James Dalton Derry Ireland
"an investigation needs to be carried out so that this doesnt happen again!"

5432. Pauline Dalton Derry Ireland
"justice for the crach victims and their families!"

5433. Lisa Dalton Derry Ireland

5434. Aaron Dalton Derry Ireland
"a young man from derry lost his life in this crash as did many others....please investigate!!"

5435. Jacqueline Dalton Derry Ireland

5436. Brendan Dunn Derry Ireland

5437. Conor Dunn Derry Ireland

5438. Kevin Dunn Derry Ireland

5439. Gavin Gallagher Derry Ireland
"Udom needs to be investigated so that the families of the victims can gain some justice"

5440. Catherine Money Derry Ireland
"justice for the toland family!"

5441. Kornelia Schmuck Austria
"ich bitte sie in dieser sache entlich etwas zu unternehmen, so lange das nicht erledigt ist, werden wir nicht mehr nach thailand kommen

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
K. Schmuck"

5442. Alfred Schmuck Austria
"Wir hätten fast zwei gute Freunde verlohren, so lange das nicht in ordnung gebracht wird gehen meine gsamten Freunde nicht mehr nach Thailand!!"

5443. Harald Bler Austria

5444. sinead casey Ireland

5445. sean casey Ireland

5446. margaret casey Ireland

5447. A mcgonigle Ireland

5448. darren mooney United Kingdom

5449. Joanne Nicholl Derry Ireland
"When will we get justice?"

5450. Mary Dillion Derry Ireland
"Please, answer all questions"

5451. M Hasson Derry Ireland
"Where's the justice?"

5452. M Kennedy Derry Ireland
"Answers Now!"

5453. C Gamble Derry Ireland
"Answers for the families now!"

5454. R Robinson Derry Ireland
"Answers now!!"

5455. T Dunne Derry Ireland
"Justice Now"

5456. G Donnelly Derry Ireland
"Answer all questions now!!"

5457. E Deery Derry Ireland
"Answers Now"

5458. Siobhan Gallagher Derry Ireland
"Where is the justuce?"

5459. Patricia Brady Derry Ireland

5460. M Doherty Derry Ireland
"Answers Now!"

5461. Jackie Bartley Derry Ireland
"Answer Questions??"

5462. A Hamilton Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron"

5463. Patricia Mc Daid Derry Ireland
"Answers now, for all the families!"

5464. Ward Devine Derry Ireland
"The families need answers"

5465. B Saunders Derry Ireland
"We need answers now!"

5466. D Harrigan Derry Ireland

5467. C Morrison Derry Ireland
"Justice for all the families"

5468. L Mullan Derry Ireland

5469. Matt Shiels Derry Ireland
"No cover ups! Justice for all!"

5470. Christine O Carroll Derry Ireland
"Look into it. Justice!!"

5471. Michael Scullion Derry Ireland
"Investigate Now!"

5472. Kevin Harkin Derry Ireland

5473. A Doherty Derry Ireland

5474. C Mellon Derry Ireland

5475. P Maxwell Derry Ireland
"the families need answers"

5476. C O'Hagan Derry Ireland
"justice now for all the families"

5477. R Mellon Derry Ireland
"invetigate now!"

5478. D Crook Derry Ireland
"Please investigate"

5479. P Allen Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5480. P Allen Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5481. J Holder Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron and all the victims of flight OG269"

5482. K Mellon Derry Ireland
"please give the families answers"

5483. P Herbert Derry Ireland

5484. A Nicholas Derry Ireland

5485. Helge Kerstan Germany

5486. Ann Maire Flood - Derry Ireland
"Justice for all"

5487. A Gill -Derry Ireland
"give the families peace of mind and the victims justice"

5488. C Williamson - Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all Victims"

5489. R Rodden - Derry Ireland

5490. G Brannen - Derry Ireland
"Give the victims of the crash justice. So many lives destroyed to make a corrupt man rich!!! He should be taken up for murder. "

5491. D Rely - Derry Ireland
"Stay away from Thailand, they don't care about safety"

5492. W Hughes - Derry Ireland

5493. Mark Huges -Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all the other victims of this terrible crash. "

5494. C Casey Ireland

5495. Paul Casey -Derry Ireland

5496. L Sonan - Derry Ireland
"Have a full and open investigation into this crash."

5497. M Walker - Derry Ireland

5498. B Walker- Derry Ireland
"People should get answers"

5499. Treasea C - Derry Ireland
"Justice for all!!"

5500. G Canning - Derry Ireland

5501. D Mc Daid- Derry Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

5502. M Mc Laughlin Ireland

5503. Sean Quinn - Derry Ireland

5504. Ann Hayes Ireland
"Investigate now"

5505. Jim Trainer - Derry Ireland

5506. nadi avraham Israel

5507. OSMONT Cyril French Polynesia
"Don't fly with One two go, the truth must be make on this tragedy !"

5508. G Ryan Derry Ireland

5509. G Maguire Derry Ireland
"Justice for all!!"

5510. M Moran Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all the families"

5511. B Moran Derry Ireland
"Answers now!!"

5512. H Maguire Derry Ireland
"Justice for the families"

5513. J Maguire Derry Ireland

5514. B Maguire Derry Ireland

5515. S Ryan Derry Ireland
"Justice for all!!"

5516. K Ryan Derry Ireland
"Answers now!!"

5517. K Mc Veigh Derry Ireland
"Invesigate now"

5518. C Maguire Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all those who died"

5519. S Maguire Derry Ireland

5520. B Maguire Derry Ireland

5521. C Wilson Derry Ireland
"Invesigate Now!!"

5522. J Wilson Derry Ireland
"Justice for all those involved"

5523. M Wilson Derry Ireland

5524. S Wilson Ireland

5525. A Wilson Derry Ireland

5526. R Wilson Derry Ireland

5527. D Anderson Derry Ireland
"Justice "

5528. Mary Murray Derry Ireland
"Answers now!"

5529. Chris Doherty Derry Ireland
"Let the truth be told"

5530. Willie Doherty Derry Ireland
"Let the truth be told."

5531. Kevin Doherty United Kingdom
"Let the truth be told"

5532. Sandra Dickson United Kingdom
"let the truth be told"

5533. Denise Dunnion Derry Ireland

5534. Gavin Dunnion Derry Ireland
"Justice for all"

5535. Eileen Shiels Derry Ireland

5536. Bernadette Robinson Derry Ireland
"let the truth be told"

5537. Liam Deery Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron and all those who died"

5538. Joann Williamson Derry Ireland

5539. Paula Dunnion Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron and all those who died "

5540. Seamus Deery Derry Ireland

5541. Eddie Robinson Derry Ireland
"Justice for all!"

5542. Neille Dunnion Derry Ireland

5543. Jackie Conway Derry Ireland
"Answers Now!"

5544. Eddie Shields Derry Ireland
"Justice for all those involved"

5545. Rick Boerkamp Netherlands
"Please take the necessary measures, so that justice will be done and such a terrible accident will not happen again."

5546. Rik Nienhuis Netherlands

5547. Koen Reijnders Netherlands

5548. Robbert Grijseels Netherlands
"Please investigate this tragic accident so others are not at risk. Many have already suffered.""

5549. Roel Schoenmaker Netherlands
"I'm lucky to still have a friend around. I almost lost him due serious management failures of Thai Airlines"

5550. laura ward Ireland
""Justice for Aaron Toland and all the families""

5551. Claire Kirk Derry Ireland
"where is the justice?"

5552. P Hasson Derry Ireland
"no cover ups, let the truth be told!"

5553. Alex Hasson Derry Ireland
"Justice for all the victims and their families"

5554. Joanne Hasson Derry Ireland

5555. Nijs Korevaar Netherlands

5556. John Hasson Derry Ireland
"Justice Now!"

5557. P Mc Kenna Derry Ireland
"Let the truth be told"

5558. D Mc Kenna Derry Ireland
"Sort it out!"

5559. N Mc Kenna Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5560. D Mc Kenna Derry Ireland
"Justice for the Aaron and all the other victims and families"

5561. D Mc Cauley Derry Ireland
"Answers Now!"

5562. J Ryan Derry Ireland
"The families need answers, investigate now!"

5563. Marie Ward Derry Ireland
"Please investigate"

5564. Gary Ward Derry Ireland

5565. Kieran Ward Derry Ireland

5566. T Ward Derry Ireland
"Investigate now"

5567. Dymphna Moran Ireland
"My nephew william burke survived crash but was badly burned and spinal injuries.He will carry mental scars for life.Please investigate for all lives lost and injured."

5568. Jerome BUHL Australia

5569. Sieglinde & Manfred Noger Austria

5570. Robbie Thurley United Kingdom
"Me and my girlfriend lost two beautiful friends on the still feels like it happened the other day. In a month it will be one year since the crash! Has enough been done in this time?
The only thing I am glad of is that they both went together, I cant imagine how one would cope without the other. x"

5571. Bert Booth United States
"Allowing government oversight agencies to become too close to the people they are supposed to regulate is a recipe for disaster."

5572. Norman Romeike Germany

5573. Hilde Lenting Netherlands

5574. marcella van Harn Netherlands

5575. Marije Spaargaren Netherlands

5576. Anne Smink Netherlands

5577. nico brugman Netherlands
"meer veiligheid "

5578. Sjoerd Dijk Netherlands

5579. Thijs Wilbrink Netherlands Antilles

5580. nico brugman Netherlands

5581. Renate Sloot Netherlands
"There were 2 friends on the plane (OG 269) "

5582. bjorn Netherlands

5583. sanne ahlers Netherlands
"My friend sarah was in that plane. She survived, but I never never never want to expierence such a horror again in my life. Please make sure that an accurate and transparent investigation is going to be held."

5584. jacqueline van rijn Netherlands

5585. Mink Römer Netherlands

5586. andre mulder Netherlands

5587. jeroen Netherlands

5588. Mathijs de Bildt Netherlands

5589. Wouter Netherlands

5590. Linda Hoorn Netherlands

5591. Marian Cornelis Netherlands

5592. Justin de boer Netherlands

5593. P.J. Bloemendaal Netherlands
"Your honour. Please start investigation to avoid more deaths in the near future. Young friend of mine hardkly survived this crash, she was lucky. Others were not. It is within your power to stop these risks. Please do so. Best regards, P.J. Bloemendaal, the Netherlands. "

5594. Liselotte de Wit Netherlands

5595. Nic Beemster Netherlands

5596. Willem Jan Beltman Netherlands

5597. Suzanne Reep Netherlands

5598. Stefan Lucassen Netherlands

5599. marga groenewold Netherlands

5600. Jitske Boerkamp Netherlands

5601. Aaldering Netherlands
"Laat een nauwkeurig onderzoek doen naar het vliegtuigongeluk!"

5602. Mariska Oosterhuis Netherlands

5603. Gerrie van der Meer Netherlands

5604. Gerrie van der Meer Netherlands

5605. Carine Aalders Netherlands
"I nearly lost someone I cared about in fight OG 269"

5606. Maurice Kingma Netherlands

5607. Marit van Campen Netherlands

5608. Ans Aalders Netherlands
"I nearly lost someone I care about on Flight OG 269"

5609. Job Steenland Netherlands

5610. Piet Aalders Netherlands
"I nearly lost someone i care abou on flight OG 269"

5611. Marlou Bloemendaal Netherlands

5612. Monique Oosterhuis Netherlands
"Echt ongelofelijk als hier niets aan gedaan wordt!!! "

5613. richard en carolien Harleman Netherlands

5614. B. Möller Netherlands
"Please find out what really went wrong and give the people who survived the crach and the families of those who dit not, please and rest"

5615. Meister Netherlands
"Two of our friends have been verry lucky on this flight. They got hurt thouhg, but it could have ended much worse for them!!!"

5616. maarten buitink Netherlands
"i almost lost two persons i cared about flight og 269"

5617. Eva van der Pol Netherlands

5618. Paul Plasschaert Netherlands

5619. annet Netherlands Antilles

5620. m hajek Germany

5621. Kelly Verkijk Netherlands

5622. Xander B. Netherlands

5623. judith van leeuwen Netherlands

5624. Timothy Whittington Hong Kong
"Can Mr. Udom Tantiprasongchai still sleep at night?... "

5625. Jasper de Wit Netherlands

5626. Martina Smidt Netherlands

5627. Arno Steeman Netherlands

5628. amanda grasso Italy

5629. Brassel Leandro Switzerland

5630. Brassel Carmen Switzerland

5631. Karin Boerkamp Spain

5632. Brassel Pascal Switzerland

5633. David Hermann Switzerland

5634. Rick Vriesema Netherlands
"Please investigate this terrible crash thoroughly and fairly."

5635. Nienke Staals Mauritius

5636. marjolein Netherlands

5637. D. Lobeek Netherlands
"Breng verandering!"

5638. sigrid Netherlands

5639. lidy de Boer Germany

5640. stijn olislagers Netherlands
"no joke about that, tell the real story!!!!!!!"

5641. Marianne Gerritsen France
"Que la lumiere sur cette douloureuse affaire soit faite ...... 2 amis neerlandais ont ete grievement blesses nous voulons que les "coupables soient punis" "

5642. Hermien en Rein Kalksma Netherlands

5643. Wilma Aalders Netherlands
"Bijna was ik mijn dochter verloren.
Ik verwacht dat er een uitgebreid onderzoek komt naar de oorzaak van die ramp."

5644. Jeroen Gerretsen Netherlands
"A serious investigation is the minimum action. Our daughter and her friend (Sarah Whittington and Brent Boerkamp)- two injured survivors - are still waiting for the results, one year later!!!!"

5645. suzan hauwert Netherlands

5646. claire mc closkey Northern Ireland

5647. Tom Badart Netherlands
"For my friends..."

5648. harleman Netherlands
"Please, mister Sundaravej, for the sake of saver airplanes and airtraffic let the cause of the crash be investigated!!My nephew was lucky to survive but lots did not."

5649. wilco rutenfrans Netherlands
"almost a former friend of my died with that crash. Can't be that the government can act in the future as they did in the past...


5650. Dennis de Greef Netherlands

5651. Trees en Teun Knoef Netherlands

5652. Paul Visser Netherlands
"Follow up your responsibility ouwe!"

5653. Marcel Aalders Netherlands

5654. marleen berendsen Netherlands

5655. Maurits Follender Netherlands

5656. inge spekle Netherlands

5657. Ellen Netherlands

5658. Vincent Willemsen Netherlands

5659. Patrick Banda Netherlands
"hej eikel, doe er eens wat aan man. corrupte spleetoog!!!"

5660. Mare fan fryslan Netherlands

5661. kelly janssen Netherlands

5662. kelly janssen Netherlands

5663. Leis Sommers Netherlands

5664. Lieke Turling Netherlands

5665. René Turling Netherlands

5666. Chris Libert Netherlands
"A friend of mine survived this terrible plane-crash (luckily so did his girlfriend). Please investigate!"

5667. Jordi Jansen Netherlands

5668. Ada Veldhoen Netherlands
"Dit onderzoek is een verplichting naar de mensen die bij het ongeluk betrokken waren en hun familieleden en tevens een noodzaak voor het vertrouwen van alle toekomstige reizigers met deze maatschappij.
Wanneer blijkt dat mensen (van de maatschappij en de overheid) zich schuldig gemaakt hebben aan de zaken die hen ten laste worden gelegd mag een straf niet uitblijven.

5669. debby Netherlands

5670. Jeroen Netherlands
"Investigate Now!!!"

5671. Biezeman Thijs Netherlands

5672. debby Netherlands
"think about the people!!!!"

5673. Sjuulka Netherlands

5674. Miep en Hans Baars Netherlands

5675. Arnold Beuttenmüller United Kingdom

5676. Karine Netherlands

5677. Wendy van Creij Netherlands

5678. Arjan Bisseling Netherlands
"We almost lost two friends on flight OG 269. If Thailand doesn't undertake any action, the world will believe it can and will happen again."

5679. אושרית בלאיש Israel

5680. S. Hilliges Germany

5681. Jonneke Reichert Netherlands
"2 of my close friends (Sarah Whittington and Brent Boerkamp) were involved in this tragedy. They survived as if it were fate, but are traumatized for life. The obscurities surrounding the crash make it necessary to investigate. Not only for the deaths and their family, but also for the survivors. They need that for processing what happened. And ofcourse for the One-Two-Go flyers and personel, who shouldn't have to worry about their (future)safety, which is - unfortunately - still at stake.
If the allegations are not true, there's nothing to fear for the airline and authorities.
Therefore I see it as that Mr. Tantiprasongchai has no other option than to undergo such an invstigation and prosecution to prevent such a crash from happening in the future. He should be a forefighter in casu!
My thoughts are with the people who still suffer from from this crash on a day-to-day basis. My friends are two of them.

Was signed,

Jonneke Reichert."

5682. Willy Reichert-Ronda Netherlands

5683. Emiel Kniest Netherlands

5684. Rinze Stienstra Netherlands

5685. Sandra Cox South Africa

5686. Soetekouw Houtdrogerij Netherlands
"This are things never may happening again. My college was lucky and was one of the less people who overlived this accident. You have to find out why, so the savety of the passengers is garantied. "

5687. Jeroen M Netherlands

5688. William Maassen Netherlands

5689. Mike Hogerhorst Netherlands

5690. Els Barenbrug Netherlands

5691. Leon Dubbelman Netherlands

5692. Suzanne Luken Netherlands

5693. Jetta Oudemans Netherlands

5694. Wouter Huisman Netherlands
"Investigations clarify"

5695. Muriel de wit Netherlands

5696. miriam boerkamp Netherlands
"voor de overlevende slachtoffers van de vliegramp is het van belang dat het objectief wordt uitgezocht wat er toe heeft kunnen leiden dat dit gebeurd is."

5697. C. Verdonk Netherlands

5698. liesbeth Keijzer Netherlands
"Please a independent investigation off the crash of flight OG 269 "

5699. Rene Agema Netherlands

5700. Robbert Wilbrink Netherlands
"I know someone who whas on the airplane, but he survived.."

5701. h steverink Netherlands

5702. Stef Netherlands

5703. Kim Kneepkens Netherlands

5704. Rodrique Vrolijk Netherlands

5705. Paul Aalders Netherlands
"Lost allmost family at this flight!

5706. vivian ten have Netherlands
"I almost lost some friends"

5707. emely arens Netherlands

5708. moni braun Denmark

5709. Elles Beijers Netherlands

5710. Julius Krechting Netherlands

5711. Shane Baker United Kingdom

5712. Charllie Whittington United States
"Please investigate this tragic accident."

5713. Hugo Poot Netherlands

5714. Maud Koershuis Netherlands

5715. Manon Elich Netherlands
"My cousin and his girlfriend survived this plane crash, but their lives and the lives of the people who did die and their families will never be the same. It is important that these accidents will never happen again and that airlines make responsible decisions and take responsibility for their actions."

5716. thea en richard valkman Netherlands

5717. K van Uem Netherlands

5718. leona Dohert - Derry Ireland

5719. Paul Dillon - Derry Ireland

5720. S Harkin - Derry Ireland

5721. S Stack - Derry Ireland

5722. W Campbell - Derry Ireland

5723. P Campbell - Derry Ireland

5724. Karen Doherty - Derry Ireland

5725. D Doherty- Derry Ireland
"Justice for all the victims and families"

5726. T Murphy - Derry Ireland

5727. Willemaerts Gunter Belgium
"Do you have family. Sun, Daughter, wife? What should you do if they died in a crash of your company? Or you don't love them and you don't care or you let them fly with thai airways. Sure about one of the two"

5728. hanneke visser Netherlands

5729. Ans Boerma Netherlands

5730. Kim Maassen Netherlands

5731. Martijn Wuister Netherlands

5732. Ramona Wenner Germany

5733. Maarten Banis Netherlands

5734. Thiago Montenegro Brazil

5735. Roy ten Tije Netherlands
"It's the victims right, to have this accident investigated in an honest way. I almost lost two friends, who's lives changed 180degrees. And what about all the other victims?"

5736. Esther Schepers Netherlands

5737. Sabrina Van Remoortere Belgium

5738. liesbeth keijzer Netherlands
"Wees nu eens eerlijk en onderzoek de oorzaak van dit ongeval waarbij te veel levens zijn verloren en geef degenen die het hebben overleefd erkenning en vergoeding voor al het leed dat ze hebben moeten doorstaan en nogsteeds doorstaan.
De Thaise regering is dit verplicht aan de slachtoffers ."

5739. boerkamp-harleman Netherlands
"We nearly lost our son en his girlfriend with the crash. Please take your responsibility for the people and let it not happend again"

5740. claudia bruins Netherlands
"A friend of mine was on that plane and was badly injured.
There must be an investigation, that accidents like this never happen again."

5741. Jelly Keizer Netherlands
"This is very important for Thailand, the son of my friend was in the plane he is alive its a wonder but the reason of this accident i can,t accept. "

5742. ravit tovim Israel

5743. Mirjam Deen Netherlands

5744. Koiter Netherlands Antilles
"Thailand needs to show the world she cares about the safety and well-being of her guests."

5745. Carlijne ten Dan Netherlands

5746. Eva Meijer Netherlands

Pls make sure that this bad situation will stop as soon as possible. Its a same for the Thais country that this is happening because of bad pilots and bad airplanes. "

5747. Eva Meijer Netherlands
"I almost last somebody, who was int that airplane which crash september last year. This should not happen again. We deserve the best, for our safety and we payed for it for god sake!

dammmn "

5748. Ando Janssen Netherlands

5749. Ria & Nico Simons Niue

5750. Ria & Nico Simons Netherlands

5751. T Murphy- Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all victims of this crash. Udom should be on trial for murder."

5752. N White- Derry Ireland
"Families and friends desrves answers and to ensure nothing like this ever happens again"

5753. C Doherty- Derry Ireland
"Aaron Toland was only 22 yrs of age, his life should not have been taken away due to unsafe airlines. i urge everyone to boycoat Thailand. They are a corrupt government and only want tourist money, this disater shows that they do not care about the saefty of the people who visits thier country. "

5754. W Coogan- Derry Ireland
"Thailand is a disgrace of a country. Don't risk your lives travelling to this place, it isn't worth it. "

5755. Lisa Page - Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5756. P Mc Cal - Derry Ireland

5757. C Mc Fadden-Derry Ireland

5758. Wendy O Hagan - Derry Ireland

5759. Chantelle O Hagan -Derry Ireland

5760. John O Hagan-Derry Ireland

5761. S Reamus - Derry Ireland

5762. W Cavin-Derry Ireland

5763. D Robinson- Derry Ireland
"RIP Aaron Toland"

5764. S Crain- Derry Ireland

5765. F Deeny-Derry Ireland

5766. Paul Thomas-Derry Ireland
"People must get answers"

5767. J Harkin-Derry Ireland

5768. Kevin Little- Derry Ireland

5769. Sarah Little-Derry Ireland

5770. Jim wright-Derry Ireland

5771. R Wright-Derry Ireland

5772. Paul Moore-Derry Ireland
"Justice for all"

5773. Andy Wade-Derry Ireland

5774. Damien Eagon-Derry Ireland

5775. D Mc Cafferty-Derry Ireland

5776. Luiten Netherlands

5777. M Heart _ Derry Ireland

5778. G Leckey-Derry Ireland

5779. C Royce-Derry Ireland

5780. k o niel-Derry Ireland

5781. Tijs Ahlers Netherlands

5782. Ester Wolken Netherlands

5783. De Wit-Nanninga Netherlands
"Ik onderteken deze petitie."

5784. Ellen Martens Netherlands
"Please, we've almost lost someone on that flight and flying to and in Thailand just doesn't feel safe anymore."

5785. Padraig O'Kane Derry Ireland
"Please investigate for all the victims and families"

5786. Kevin Lapoint Derry Ireland
"Investigate now!!"

5787. Jacqueline Hutton Derry Ireland
"Please give the families answers"

5788. Steven Hutton Derry Ireland
"Justice Now"

5789. Marc Hutton Derry Ireland
"Do the right thing, investigate now!"

5790. Stacey Coyle Derry Ireland
"The families deserve to know what happened."

5791. Adam Hutcheon Derry Ireland
"Answers now!"

5792. Mark Mc Closkey Derry Ireland
"where is the Justice?"

5793. Melaine Cameron Derry Ireland
"Please investigate the families need answers"

5794. Lesley Sharkey Derry Ireland
"The family and friends of Aaron Toland and the other victims deserve to know what happened"

5795. Tessa Nagel Netherlands

5796. Kate Mc Ilwaine Derry Ireland
"Please give the families answers"

5797. Mickey Rooney Derry Ireland

5798. Daniel Roddy Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland and all the victims and families"

5799. Chris Madden Derry Ireland
"Sort it out!"

5800. Conor Boyd Derry Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland"

5801. Conor Bradley Derry Ireland

5802. A. Hafkamp Netherlands

5803. Meinou de Vries Netherlands

5804. Ria van Heuven Netherlands
"Flying was always the safest way of travel, please let it be so in the future. "

5805. G. Hunink Netherlands
"Wilt U een onafhankelijk instituut onderzoek laten doen naar dit vliegtuigongeluk !!"

5806. Ruud Smits Netherlands
"Never close your eyes for the truth."

5807. Ilona van Wissem Netherlands

5808. marit monté Netherlands
"friends of mine where in that plane, lucky they are still alive!!!"

5809. J.M> Brekelmans Netherlands
"please investigate this illegal actions"

5810. Inge Buitink Netherlands
"Only independent research can help prevent these accidents in the future. Please make sure that this can happen!"

5811. Nico Rooks Netherlands

5812. M van Mierlo Netherlands

5813. Marc Haarman Netherlands
"Please investigate the cause of this crash so that an accident like this may be prevented in the future."

5814. Wendy van Krimpen Netherlands

5815. Bert en Lia Hobert Netherlands

5816. Marjan Bos Netherlands
"Ik heb niemand verloren maar Sarah zat in dat vliegtuig en heeft het wonder boven wonder overleefd."

5817. Dirk-Jan Poot Netherlands

5818. Mary-Jane Matheson Canada
"How can one feel safe with all the underhanded deals going on in every sector. It is more of a risk to travel to your country than an enjoyment. My brother Dale Henry murdered there being another good example. Even the hitman has been freed?????"

5819. Hidde Boerkamp Netherlands

Last year was a friend of my in Thailand. His plain fel down and is was almost gone. If you be on holiday. you must have a nice time. In swimmingpools and bars. Absoluty not in the HOSPITAL!
So take care by all another flights and be sure the can't have an accidant"

5820. M. Biezeman Netherlands

5821. M. Koenders Netherlands

5822. L Verboon Netherlands

5823. L.Verboon Netherlands
"I will be flying tot Bangkok this november to visist your beautiful country. Hope we can all count on your safety guidelines"

5824. L Verboon Netherlands

5825. Harald H. Austria
"Since i am becoming a pilot for a major airline in Europe (I\'m in training now) I have to insist that safety in aviation has to be the no. 1 concern of the whole industry."

5826. Corine Janssen Netherlands

5827. marina Netherlands
"make it save for everybody!"

5828. Karin Janssen Netherlands

5829. Otto Wijnen Netherlands
"My girlfriend and I landed at Phuket this summer. It was our first visit to Thailand and we loved it! But if airtraffic crashes are not investigated, we won't be visiting soon.
Kind regards,
Welmoed and Otto"

5830. judith van der sanden Netherlands

5831. Sicco de Vries Netherlands

5832. M.J.B.Dorgelo-Licht Netherlands
"Please do something about it!!!!"

5833. Marjolein Joustra Netherlands

5834. Suzan Netherlands

5835. Colette Netherlands

5836. Bert Hanekamp Netherlands

5837. inge Netherlands

5838. th.van Eijden Netherlands

5839. Sean Moore Derry Ireland

5840. Jamie Devlin Derry Ireland

5841. J.J Mc Monagle Derry Ireland

5842. C. Mc Monagle Derry Ireland

5843. A. Fullerton Derry Ireland

5844. C. Francis Derry Ireland

5845. S. O' Doherty Derry Ireland

5846. Martin White Derry Ireland
"justice for the victims and their families!"

5847. Nicola White Derry Ireland

5848. K. Brown Derry Ireland
"an investigations needs to be carried out!"

5849. M. Bradley Derry Ireland

5850. Gerard Mc Clintock Derry Ireland

5851. S. Harigan Derry Ireland

5852. Aine Doherty Derry Ireland
"no one will travel to thailand unless they know it is safe!"

5853. Maureen Boyle Derry Ireland

5854. Michael Mc Laughlin Derry Ireland

5855. Shirely Downey Derry Ireland

5856. Elaine Stevenson Derry Ireland

5857. Neil Boyle Derry Ireland

5858. V. Brown Derry Ireland
"justice for Aaron Toland and the other victims of the crash"

5859. F. Logue Derry Ireland

5860. Michelle Riddles Derry Ireland

5861. Mary Mc Nally Derry Ireland

5862. Shay Ward Derry Ireland

5863. K. Mc Glinchey Derry Ireland

5864. G. Proctor Derry Ireland

5865. G. Heatley Derry Ireland

5866. J.Goodman United Kingdom
"There is no room for corruption in air travel.This does nothing for Thailands reputation abroad, poor as it is is already."

5867. elish lynch Ireland

5868. Fiona Northern Ireland

5869. Ben Koens Netherlands
Proof that safety was always first, instead of money"

5870. Rosemarie Voigtmann Germany
"Mutter eines berlebenden."

5871. Dr. Gerhard Voigtmann Germany
"Vater eines Überlebenden.

5872. Bina Netherlands

5873. Jan van Beuningen Netherlands

5874. liesbeth arends Netherlands

5875. Leon Dieker Netherlands
"Dear Sir, My proffession is airliner pilot. I think and know from my own experiance, that it is of the UTMOST importance to investigate this in a international proper way i.e. transparent and by an independant authority. Silence will only make it worse for all the involved..."

5876. Marjolijn Klinkers Netherlands
"Pilot's Wife;Dear Sir, I also think and know from my own experiance, that it is of the UTMOST importance to investigate this in a international proper way i.e. transparent and by an independant authority. Silence will only make it worse for all the involved..."

5877. Tijn Lambrechtsen Spain
"Dear Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,

How would it be for you to organize a thorough, transparant investigation of this accident?

What is the determining factor in all of the airline's operations?


5878. Untrustworthy Thailand France
"Another MD-82 crashed in Spain yesterday. Let's see how Europe will repond to this tragedy. Anyway, shame on you Khun Samak Sundaravej!!!"

5879. Fieke Netherlands

5880. Anna van Beuningen Netherlands

5881. Giles Birch United Kingdom
"As I pilot I feel these sort of people should never be allowed to run an airline. I have been in the same position as those pilots a chose to give up my job instead."

5882. Lucie Rodust Germany

5883. manon Netherlands

5884. Fleur van der Vet Netherlands

5885. simon lindhuber Germany
"a friend of mine has survived"

5886. remmler Germany
"erst denken, dann handeln(reden)"

5887. heleen van Dongen Netherlands
"Met klem wil ik u vragen om een onafhankelijk onderzoek. De ellende en de impact die zo'n ongeluk heeft bij de getroffen families is enorm. U bent het de slachtoffer verschuldigd."

5888. Wieleman Netherlands

5889. Nuala Cassidy Ireland
"Do not let any more people die. No amount of money can bring back a loved one. Make air travel as safe as possible."

5890. Kealan Kelly Derry Ireland

5891. Helen Mc Arthur Derry Ireland
"Sort it out now!"

5892. Mary Baird Derry Ireland

5893. Liz Callaghan Derry Ireland
"Juatice for Aaron Toland and all those who died on flight OG269"

5894. Ferdal Callaghan Derry Ireland

5895. Justin Callaghan Derry Ireland

5896. Jacinta Callaghan Derry Ireland

5897. Aaron Callaghan Derry Ireland

5898. Corinna Callaghan Derry Ireland
"Juatice for Aaron Toland"

5899. Maarten Netherlands

5900. Floor Vermoolen Netherlands

5901. Luc Schmittmann Netherlands

5902. Luc Schmittmann Netherlands

5903. Mathyas Keijzer Netherlands

5904. lotte Netherlands
"Een vriendin van mij zat op vlucht OG269, gelukkig heeft ze de crash met haar vriend overleefd.Maar meerdere vrienden van mij zijn van plan om naar Thailand te gaan en ook binnenlandse vluchten te nemen.En ben daar niet echt gerust op."

5905. toon Vreman Netherlands

5906. Dion Liebrand Netherlands

5907. Thomas Pietrowski Germany

5908. Richard Henderson United Kingdom

5909. Hans van Hoogmoed Netherlands

5910. Eddy en Rita Pothoven Netherlands

5911. luce van heerikhuize Netherlands

5912. Silvia Titus Netherlands

5913. Denise Beck Germany

5914. Martha Andela Netherlands

5915. Robin Harleman Netherlands

5916. Debbie Pesch Netherlands
"“Na het neerstorten van vlucht OG269, wat resulteerde in 90 doden, kan enkel een onafhankelijk en transparant onderzoek door de autoriteiten de angsten en verdenkingen verminderen die veroorzaakt zijn door vermoedelijk illegale activiteiten van Udom Tantiprasongchai, de voorzitter van One-Two-Go en Orient Thai Airlines. Minister-president Samak Sundaravej, neemt u alstublieft de angsten en verdenkingen van de burgers en toekomstige gasten van Thailand weg.” "

5917. coen Netherlands

5918. Gerhardt Grisenti Austria

5919. arnoud Netherlands
"please make sure that all the planes are safe!!!!!"

5920. Marjon Temmink Netherlands

5921. Huub Vrijkorte Netherlands

5922. Jeroen van der Eeze Netherlands

5923. carolien en richard Harleman Netherlands

5924. Lars Kruger Sweden

5925. Lois Williams United Kingdom

5926. Nicole Vaartjes-Baars Netherlands
"Please investigate this thoroughly, not only because I've had relatives on this crash, but also for possible future visites off myself, and all the other people who would use these airlines. "

5927. Marco Vaartjes Netherlands
"Investigate! "

5928. Vincent van Wissem Netherlands
"Every human being that get hurt is one too much!"

5929. Stephen Ryden-Lloyd United Kingdom
"Hospitaility AND safety are the two things that attract people to any counmtry, if you deny one then you lose."

5930. Jojanneke de Groot Netherlands

5931. Pedro Eckstein Germany

5932. bourdrez France

5933. marcel ebbers Netherlands

5934. Esther Netherlands

5935. Leo Vaartjes Netherlands

5936. ingrid Netherlands

5937. monique fraters Netherlands

5938. Bram Werkhoven Netherlands

5939. Bernadette Mc Namee Northern Ireland
"loss of so many lives needs to be accounted for. that the least they deserve."

5940. claudia Mcnamee Northern Ireland

5941. shaun mcnamee Northern Ireland

5942. carel martens Netherlands

5943. Eric Spies Netherlands
"Dear Mr. Sundaravej,
Everybody understands that this should never happen again. Also you I hope! To prevent this kind of accidents it is very important to learn from the accidents before. So investigate this accident and make your conclusions. Besides that, I think it is very important for the victims who survive this accident to handle this terrible experience for the rest of their life. I hope you really want to do everything to help the victims. So then it is simple: start the investigation soon as possible.

Kinds Regards,

Eric Spies -
Good friend of two of the survivers.

5944. Manon Jansen Netherlands

5945. daphne holthuizen Netherlands

5946. tobie spellbrink Netherlands

5947. Mariska Arendsen Netherlands

5948. ronald flint Netherlands

5949. Charlotte van Batenburg Netherlands

5950. Dipl.-Ing. Werner Heinz Bittner Austria

5951. aishling Haran Ireland

5952. ciara Haran Ireland

5953. marie haran Ireland

5954. chanade Haran Ireland

5955. R.G. van Esch Netherlands

5956. gerard Ferguson Ireland

5957. Jan-Willem Ebbens Netherlands
"I almost lost someone in this plaincrash. So I apply for a independent investigation. "

5958. Susanne Bittner Austria

5959. DPM Warmerdam Netherlands

5960. Jan Velthuis Netherlands

5961. Cornelius Hogan United Kingdom
"I lost a very special friend on flight og 269, The family and friends of the deceased victims need a full report stating the mechanical state of the airplane and answers to why the plane was allowed to land in such terrible whether. Any airline company knows the apparent dangers of wind shear, so why did the plane have permission to land? Its clear to me and others, that one to go knew the dangers of flight OG 269 landing in stormy weather, and choose to ignore the dangers probally due to money and time factors. Other possibities could be that the crash was caused by pilot error, Did the pilot try to land the plane when he shouldnt have and was hit by unrecoverable wind spear which would cause the pilot to trottle up both engines so that the plane could abbort the landing. Which infact caused the plane to lose control and take the lives of 90 people?"

5962. Alexander Mol Netherlands

5963. Sjoerd Harleman Netherlands

5964. Carin Harleman Netherlands
"Please don't let money be more important than human lives, not only for the passengers but also for the crew."

5965. ROBERT BASHFORD United States
"Please honour the lifes of those taken on flight OG269 for the sake of GREED and of the ones that loved and now mourn and greave, rather than a cupupt company that dis honors your country and your laws.
We all must what do is required of us, with our own future life in mind, with honour.
p.s Remember GOD and the WORLD is watching."

5966. ineke braaksma Netherlands

5967. Victoria Payne United Kingdom
"Investigate this properly so the families get some answers. They deserve that"

5968. James Crossan Ireland

5969. Peter Caring United States
"I agree as an Airline pilot that safety is number one but what Americans fail to understand is the FAA are under the thumb of Airline owners in the US. Look at all the crashes in the past. Many could have been avoided if the FAA listened to mechanics, pilots & staff. In my opionion, the US FAA should crumble any Airline that skips good maintenance."

5970. Marcel Bessels Netherlands

5971. kevin Netherlands
"its cray that the safty has too suffer for reasons like monney"

5972. Johan van der Werf Netherlands

5973. Pirmin Vlaho Germany

5974. corry bruggemann Netherlands

5975. Karst Wouda Netherlands
"Action speaks louder than words!"

5976. Gerstner Monika Germany

5977. Johanne Netherlands

5978. Joke Hoek Netherlands
"Please try to start a fair investigation to make Thai airlines safe, and find solutions for the mistakes made."

5979. Aaron Lees Ireland

5980. Liza Harleman Netherlands

5981. James D. and Mary G. Smith United States

5982. Carolyn Joseph-Waite United Kingdom

5983. I. Kok Netherlands
"Undependent investigation!!!"

5984. j mathijsen-slaman Netherlands

5985. Noelle Houston, Derry City Northern Ireland
"The individuals who lost their lives on this plane were not a number, they are valued members of families & groups of friends. These families deserve to have answers regarding the crash. My city lost an amazing young man who was hoping to be on the trip of a life time, I am friendly with members of his family circle & it is heart breaking to watch their struggle every day, no family deserves to go through this. Please do the right thing & investigate."

5986. אורלי אסולין Israel
"יש לחקור את נסיבות התאונה המזעזעת שהשאירה אותנו עד הלום בטראומה ומאז אני חוששת להגיע לתאילנד. "

5987. Emmett Maguire......Derry Ireland

5988. Iris Harleman Netherlands

5989. Adam Verhaar Netherlands

5990. Kim Australia

5991. Martin Hofman Netherlands

5992. Marijke Spexgoor Netherlands

5993. chamrut Thailand

5994. Joe Netherlands

5995. Ewald Winder Austria

5996. shannon loughrey derry Ireland

5997. shannon ferry Derry Ireland

5998. jonathan ferry Derry Ireland

5999. micheala harkin Derry Ireland

6000. paul harkin Derry Ireland

6001. tara doherty Derry Ireland

6002. anna zwelich Derry Ireland

6003. maragret porter Derry Ireland

6004. sean sheekin Derry Ireland

6005. donna sheekin Derry Ireland

6006. danielle sheekin Derry Ireland

6007. niall sheekin Derry Ireland

6008. anne sheerin Ireland

6009. bridie sharkey Derry Ireland

6010. chris sheerin Derry Ireland

6011. paddy gallagher Derry Ireland

6012. kevin mc adams Derry Ireland

6013. ciaran mc adams Derry Ireland

6014. peter mc adams Derry Ireland

6015. keileen swaffield United Kingdom

6016. nicky woodbridge United Kingdom

6017. vincentbrennan United Kingdom
"surely the pilots' allegations need to receive independent, in- depth investigation before the 2 mentioned airlines fly again! "

6018. danielle edwards United Kingdom

6019. Veerle Netherlands

6020. Maarten ten Dam Netherlands

6021. Ryan Deery United Kingdom

6022. D. Jayawickreme United Kingdom

6023. jenny Kleine Haar Netherlands

6024. Henk Goes Netherlands

6025. Paulo Saldanha Medo Portugal
"Mr Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej,we are in the XXI century. The way One-Two-Go airlines are managed is a midlle age behaviour. I would not favor anyone travelling to such a coutry that allows this kind of practicies.

Best Rgds"

6026. Alexandre Portugal

6027. Harry Toland United Kingdom
"My cousin, Aaron, and his devastated family, deserve and demand that a full and public investigation of this preventable disaster takes place!"

6028. Jayne MacDougall Australia

6029. James H. Brown United States

6030. Claire Toland United Kingdom

6031. BION VALERIE France



6034. c.c.posthumus Netherlands
"dear sir and dear governement of thailand, i hope you will allow an independent investigation into the causes of the crash of flight OG 269 resulting in 90 death. this is also important for others who will be thinking of visiting your country to know that you are realy caring for the saftety of the people who fly with your aircrfaft. thank you"

6035. Brenda Netherlands Antilles

6036. Nerys United Kingdom

6037. Mark Gilbert Cayman Islands

6038. François Nénin, responsable de France
""Les passagers ne doivent plus être mis en danger par des compagnies qui s'affranchissent des règles de sécurité""

6039. Sabine Nijenhuis Netherlands

6040. S. Nijenhuis Netherlands
"I almost lost a two people I care about!"

6041. Heather McGee United Kingdom

6042. agnes mc laughlin Ireland

6043. margaret berry United Kingdom

6044. Kevin Harleman Netherlands
"Fortunately two of my friends survived the crash, but it is a disgrace that this could happen! This has to be investigated!

Beste regards,
Kevin Harleman"

6045. sandra mcknight Canada

6046. Daniel PERROT France

6047. Christopher Teague United Kingdom

6048. cavellier isabelle France
"Cela fera un an demain.Après la douleur le besoin de justice.Mes amis me manquent toujours autant."

6049. rik angelini United Kingdom

6050. mick morrison United Kingdom
"PM Sundaravej,this investigation must happen for the loved ones of the deceased."

6051. Jerry Desmond Ireland
"Your behaviour is disgraceful and an insult to everyone that lost their lives."

6052. Roseanne Boyle United Kingdom

6053. Garry Bolton United Kingdom
"please put the lifes lost to the ones who anticipate them comming home to rest.(ALL THEY ASK FOR IS THE TRUTH)god bless you all."


6055. sheena campbell United Kingdom

6056. Michael Dando United Kingdom

6057. bregeard France
"Laisser faire la justice"

6058. Jos Boerkamp United Kingdom
"Investigation required as soon as possible."

6059. collonge severine France

6060. cathy deery Ireland

6061. Desmond Deery Ireland

6062. Marc Deery Ireland

6063. Ana Maria LOPEZ SOLIS France

6064. Robin Gordon Northern Ireland

6065. CORBEL France
"Un an déjà ! et les coupables courent toujours !
Mais que fait la justice !!
Pensez aux familles et aux proches des victimes."

6066. Erwin Adelhardt Germany
"it is difficult parents to lose but to lose a child is cruel"

6067. Marco Seiger Netherlands

6068. perez France
"life is a game but don't play with life !


6069. valerie hacéne France
"que la verité eclate.nous avons perdus un grand ami"

6070. Philippe ZACHARIE France

6071. Douglas Holliston Canada
"To risk human life for commercial expediency is not acceptable. If any of the allegations against the airline are true, and you do nothing about it, then the lives lost will always be on your conscience. "

6072. CARON France

6073. Marjolein van Vuuren Netherlands

6074. Betto Germany

6075. Paula Mc Cartney Ireland

6076. Danielle Mc Cartney Ireland

6077. Darragh Mc Cartney Ireland

6078. Shane Mc Cartney Ireland

6079. Odhrán Mc Cartney Ireland

6080. Ann Quigley Ireland

6081. Catherine Quigley Ireland

6082. Paul Downey Ireland

6083. Sheena Dunne Ireland


6085. Oisín Mc Cartney Ireland

6086. Dominic Dunne Ireland

6087. Bronagh Dunne Ireland

6088. Colm Ferguson Ireland

6089. Chloe Dunne Ireland

6090. Andrew Mc Cartney Ireland

6091. Christopher Quigley Ireland

6092. Liam Mc Cartney Ireland

6093. Bessie Mc Catney Ireland

6094. Julien Dufour France

6095. Touraille France

6096. H. Boerkamp Netherlands

6097. reneberends Netherlands

6098. Ines Weigl Germany

6099. HILPRON Eliane France


6100. PEGORARO Michaël France

6101. murilo martins Brazil

6102. Tom Loibl Germany

6103. Marike Jansen en Jorn Liefheid Netherlands

6104. bouillaguet France

6105. bouillaguet France

6106. christophe weill France

6107. GEORGERON Martine France

6108. Branchu Pierre France
"My best friend died in this plane. "

6109. gomez France
"It's time to act that this kind of event can't be arrived again.
It's enough."


6111. ratier colette France

6112. projetti danièle France

6113. Olivier France

6114. Olivier France

6115. stephen mc fadden Ireland
"have a bit a respect ye ballbag"

6116. PETAVY JOEL France
"Il faut arrêter de ce faire que de l'argent peut etre augmenter les places mais faire de la sécurité et de ne pas se dire ont verra"

"Il faut que tous les pays sans exception soient face à leurs responsabilité avoir de bons pilotes des gens payés correctement pour l'assistance et que l'on ne pense pas qu'au tourisme et rien d'autre la vie n'a pas de prix et de perde un proche cela est inadmissible surtout dans l'indifférence "

6118. Philip Sauren Germany

6119. catherine bernard France

6120. Christa Weigl Germany

6121. CHIRA France

6122. proy France

6123. Daniela Miketta Germany

6124. david porter United Kingdom

6125. navarro jean-claude France
"Il est très important que les parents et amis sachent les raisons de ce crash afin de faire leur deuil.
Un an d'attente est insupportable et injustifiée.
SVP faites le nécessaire pour faire cesser cet état de fait.Merci"

6126. FRANC THURGOOD United Kingdom

6127. Sebastian Bohmann Germany
"thank you for acting"

6128. bouillaguet France

6129. Gicquel France
"Il y a les bateaux poubelles qui tuent et souillent les côtes, la faune et la flore.
Les avions poubelles tuent les hommes.

Honte à ceux qui ferment les yeux."

6130. thomas marcel. France

6131. Adam Takach Australia

6132. Yidika stephanie Congo

6133. crespin France

6134. edith France

6135. Panchen France

6136. THERY Martine France
"En soutien à l'appel de Véronique 78, et au nom de tous les disparus du vol OG 269. Que justice soit faite !"

6137. Anke Schothorst Netherlands
"Do not close your eyes and just investigate this tragic flight!!"

6138. FEUVRIER Yannic France

6139. L Jellesma Netherlands
"Don't let this happen again. "

6140. daniel Thailand

6141. Planchon Hélène France

6142. Cartoixa France

6143. NICOLA HOOPER Zimbabwe
"I urge you to ensure that a proper and thorough investigation is carried out with regards to the crash that took place on 16 September 2007. My husband was killed in a plane crash in Canada and I thank God every day that if he was to lose his life it happened in a country like Canada where no stone was left unturned to get to the bottom of the accident - the people who are left behind after losing loved ones at the hands of others deserve to know exactly what happened and why. "

6144. Anthony Guagliardo United States

6145. BLAISON France
"en soutien à Véronique 78"

6146. PLANCHON myriam France

6147. Nathalie Bonafe United States

6148. Benoit Planchon France
"Stop the massacre! Make necessary adjustements!!!"

6149. PASQUIER Sophie France

6150. Jeroen Harleman Netherlands
"I almost !! lost someone I cared about on flight OG 269.
Take your responsibility !!!"

6151. Donald Harvey United States

6152. DOLO France

6153. Yvanie DIEUDONNE Germany

6154. baland France

6155. renard France

6156. Bettina Wintermeier Germany

6157. Gregory Doherty Ireland

6158. lyo souad France

6159. Dean Barrett Thailand
"By all means, investigate and if the allegations are correct then do something the Thai authorities seldom do - punish the guilty."

6160. Nuala Mc Nutt Northern Ireland

6161. Daniel Quigley Ireland
"Justice for Aaron Toland!!!!!"

6162. onwa Cote D'Ivoire
"scale company"

6163. Bérengère Pradeau France

6164. Kevin Walsh Ireland
"Sort it out!"

6165. Alphy Warburton Ireland
"Justice for the innocent!"

6166. emmet rodgers Ireland

6167. avril hepburn Ireland

6168. marchandise France

6169. Tanit Thailand
"As long as this corrupted government is still in power. Their will never be justice to the victums of flight OG269. The whole world must pressure the thai government and thai DCA inorder to bring justice to the victums. Udom has close ties with the thai goverment official and the thai DCA. That is why Orient Thai is still flying. "Amazing Thailand" right?"

6170. gemma arnett Ireland

6171. Elke & Andy Dämgen Germany
"Wir haben zwei liebe Menschen die uns sehr nahe standen verloren und wüschen allen Anhgehörigen und Überlebenden dass ein vollständige Aufklärung des Unglücks erfolgt damit in Zukunft so etwas nicht noch einmal passiert."

6172. gilardeau France

6173. Frank Meulenbeek Netherlands

6174. claire United Kingdom

6175. Imran Asif Bangladesh
"Put Orient Thai/One-Two-Go to trial and bring justice...PLEASE!"

6176. panupong Thailand

6177. Sabrina Ernst Germany

6178. Kate Hanni United States
"Please don't put any further lives at risk by not adopting FAA minimum standards for your airlines. The USA has the least accidents and the most customer confidence that they are safe. Wouldn't Thailand like to engender that kind of trust from the Traveling Public? I have 24,000 members in our organization and we are committed to seeing to it that these violations of safety are well reported to the media and that anything we can do to prevent some poor traveler from going to a country where there is substandard maintenance and total lack of oversight never happens.

Kate Hanni
Executive Director"

6179. sharoncoll Ireland
"need answers nw"

6180. Rupp Eveline Austria
"Bitte überprüfen Sie alles notwendige und entschädigen Sie die ÜBerlebenden, auch viele Menschen davon brauchen eine Therapie!!!"

6181. Caolan Mc Eleney Ireland

6182. ABDOU Senegal


6183. WILDE Switzerland
"If this is true, it is just unacceptable."

6184. PT Suonio Singapore

6185. Jeroen Krook Netherlands

6186. Milou Elich Netherlands
"My cousin and his girlfriend were on flight OG 269. After this shocking accident with its consequences for all passengers and relatives, we cannot ignore the terrible conditions airlines operate in! With human lives in hand, commerce should not be more important than risking passengers' lives!!"

6187. Iwan de Ploeg Netherlands

6188. Julia de Borst Netherlands

6189. Brigit Mulleners Netherlands

6190. Bernadette Harleman Netherlands
"I almost lost my dearest nephew Brent and his girlfriend Sarah to the pursuit of profit. If you do not want this to happen to you or your dearest relatives, please take the necessary measures. This concerns us all!"

6191. Jiska Willemsen Netherlands

6192. Njål Eide Norway

6193. frans elich Netherlands

6194. Marloes Carlier Netherlands

6195. alice pot Netherlands

6196. Stijn van den Brink Netherlands

6197. Marlice Draijer Netherlands

6198. Sjoerd Donker Netherlands
"Safe airlines are crucial to your flourishing tourist industry. Don't waste out trust, investigate!"

6199. sophie van de Laarschot Netherlands

6200. Christopher Marken Sweden
"I have no respect for your legal system at all."

6201. marion Netherlands

6202. Yvette Kapel Netherlands

6203. Marieke Koper Netherlands

6204. Guy Stansfield United Kingdom
"I am a pilot from the UK who should have been on OG269. I struggle every day with not understanding the reasons why I missed the flight due to not waking up in time. I guess someone was looking over me. It is a total disgrace to honest Thai people and the rest of the democratic world that as a nation you allow such dishonest activity. "

6205. Peter Merck Switzerland
"I won't vacation in Thailand again til there are clear signs that aviation safety matters to yout government."

6206. Jannice Örnmark Sweden

6207. Dee Mc Cartney Ireland

6208. S.R. HILL Australia

6209. Simon Smith United Kingdom

6210. Marina Amusin Israel

6211. lissonde France

6212. Justin Bronder United States

6213. James Smithy United Kingdom

6214. Michael Epstein United States
"Please help our family discover the causes and answer the questions of this tragedy."

6215. Matthew Faltynski United States

6216. Joel Godwin New Zealand
"Dear Prime Minister,

Do the right thing and launch an investigation. The people who want to visit Thailand need to understand that things like this will not go unanswered and that they can feel safe travelling to your country.

A friend of mine was on this flight, and luckily, he was one of the few survivors. For all those not so lucky, it is imperative that you honor their memory and see that justice prevails."

6217. Jan Mølbach Denmark

6218. Georgy Russian Federation

6219. Marcel Austria
"I will never in my life in an aircraft because there are too many crash there, through better Technology everything is just unsafe."

6220. irnea Austria
"I will never in my life in an aircraft because there are too many crash there, through better Technology everything is just unsafe."

6221. Samuel Penson United States
"Two friends of mine from Sweden were on the plane and thankfully survived, however many died on this flight and it should be investigated fully."

6222. Mike Clarke United Kingdom
"How can you possibly justify not investigating this man and this tragedy?"

6223. Jason Koehler Japan
"I had a trip to Phuket I canceled after this crash, and later found out my friend barely survived it!"

6224. julie rogers United Kingdom

6225. Nathan Shepard United States
"One-Two-Go airlines must be investigated. One of my closest friends barely lived a crash two years ago on your airline!"

6226. Zob France
"Real investigation shall be done to clarify this crash circumstances. "

6227. Robert Fisher Hong Kong
"The public deserve international standard departmental oversight of public transport. The allegations regarding Orient Thai and 1-2-go demand a full investigation."

6228. Michael Boothby United Kingdom
"A personal friend was involved in this crash. Its unthinkable that these irregularities are overlooked."

6229. Ciara Haran United Kingdom

6230. callen kusmik United States

6231. Jeremy Nguyen United States

6232. Douglas EMOND Canada

6233. Andreas Hautz Germany

6234. Alexandra Mann United Kingdom

6235. seth ridley United Kingdom

6236. Alexander Nyberg Sweden

6237. Peter Bond United States
"This man needs to be thoroughly investigated. He is giving beautiful Thailand a very bad reputation. I worked for this man as a pilot. He does not pay his staff only when he really needs them, which is around the Hajj. I am writing to the FAA & the JAA to inform them of his conduct."

6238. Brian Pritts United States

6239. Roger Smith United Kingdom
Why the delay in a Government investigation into this tragic accident. I would not visit or fly with any Thai Airline until I have an assurance that the pilots are fully qualified and aircraft are serviced correctly"

6240. elmerorellana32@hotmail.c Hong Kong

6241. DONTE DAVIS United States

6242. ALAN HAZARD United States

6243. SHANTRELLE WILLIS United States
"Please don't close this investigation."

6244. Melanie Dubois United States

6245. Jason Morgan United Kingdom
"I have a friend that lost his Son on this Flight. "

6246. Amy Houldey United Kingdom

6247. Peter Chapman United Kingdom

6248. Emma Bett United Kingdom

6249. jacquot France
"l'immobilisme des instances européennes est scandaleuse!"

6250. Mark T. Weaver United Kingdom

6251. sara williams United Kingdom

6252. sarah United Kingdom

6253. Britta Müller Germany

6254. Leobilla Armelle France

6255. Mrs Janet Edwards United Kingdom
"Why do you allow this to happen? One accident and death is enough, yet you allow and facilitate these people to endanger inoccent and vunerable fair paying passingers. Please do not allow this to continue to happen."

6256. Birgit Schmuck Germany

6257. Danielle Dalla Costa Germany

6258. Benjamin Parusel Germany

6259. Brent Boerkamp Netherlands
"My girlfriend and I didn't knew that flying in Thailand was so dangerous since we have horrible experienced it last year. So many people have lost their precious lives, and so many families have lost their loved ones. Can you sleep at night 'mister' Tantiprasongchai? I can't...
I thought that the FAA would be our safety guards and protecting us against mala fide airlines and aviation authorities but now I know they don't, they will only reward them. Is this the new standard?! Do you like to gamble and let your family fly in Thailand?! FAA, you have the power to stop this kind of criminal activities, why do you look the other way?!"

6260. Björn Wiese Germany

6261. Alice Cooke United Kingdom

6262. Wolfgang Schedlbauer Germany

6263. gavin Johnson United Kingdom

6264. maria hopkins United Kingdom

6265. Peter Guildford-Sharp United Kingdom

6266. Simon Gröschl Germany

6267. Vaast Martine France
Merci de prendre en compte toutes ces pétitions "

6268. Sylvia A Hempel United Kingdom

6269. James Pruitt United States
"A good friend was on this flight. Confide in the Truth, help your country, don't destroy it."

6270. martin revill Ireland
"my heart goes out 2 all those people"

6271. Kim Zeylmaker United States
"They say time heals all wounds..... I'm still waitng!"

6272. carsten reimann Germany

6273. yuriana germani longerni Mexico
"felipe calderon"

6274. lorena yuriana ramos sanchez Mexico
"felipe calderon inojosa"

6275. nikki toland Northern Ireland
"we need to know what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!"

6276. Pujol Isabelle France

6277. b.j.ghassabi Iran, Islamic Republic of
"i flied by one2go last summer,it was horrible. "

6278. Gerald King Canada
"in memory of Larisa Fayad"

6279. geoff fahey United Kingdom
"Please investigate Mr. Tantiprasongchai"

6280. liam mc swine Ireland

6281. majella United Kingdom
"its not just your own people your killing, its the ones whos families have to live in the knowledge that someone like you, careless and irresponsible has got away with Murder..."

6282. Felix Germany

6283. Jennifer Condren Ireland

6284. Nicola Burke Hong Kong

6285. Mike Shen United States
"This airline should be shut down!!!"

6286. stephen porter Ireland

6287. martin hegarty United Kingdom

6288. sabrina United Kingdom

6289. Kees Martens Netherlands
"Please do not let corruption win!"

6290. Froukje Borgo Netherlands
"I read the article. It is necessary for a government to do an independent and transparent investigation. "

6291. Wim Verdoorn, The Netherlands Netherlands
"Minister president please take all your influence for an independant investigation.Quality ought to be a high standard in this way of transport. It's important for the FAMILIES in the first place, and also for YOU and your COUNTRY!"

6292. Wim Verdoorn, Netherlands Netherlands
"Please Prime Minister take all your influence to launch an independent investigation. There ought to be a high quality in this way of transport. It's important in this case for the involved FAMILIES, and further on for YOUR RESPONSEBILITY and for YOUR COUNTRY. (Oh, see here number 6204! "Guy", what a lucky one you are!)"

6293. Dennis Van Poucke Belgium

6294. Glenn Govaert Belgium
"Do not mess with airline passengers safety."

6295. Roy Netherlands
"Change polici and make a great airline. That is your job. Secure safety, someone who has all the odd against him, should not be a boardmember. Cut the creap and make a wise dissision. Remove this mister, his part of the game has cost more than enough live's. Also your public. Hope you make the right one this time."

6296. Henk Heiden Netherlands

6297. Mario Verhagen Netherlands
"Thai people and tourists have the right to safe air transportation. And if the government is incapable to guarentee this, then a European black-list ban would be highly appropriate"

6298. S. Dieltjens Belgium

6299. Yorik Greve Netherlands

6300. Tony Schepens Belgium
"Thailand show show the exemple to the world and insure that all airline operators in Thailand are stricktly following the safety and security regulations. Tony/Belgium"

6301. ptheissen Netherlands

6302. Danny Li Netherlands

6303. Tarno Brugman Netherlands
"For the families who last somebody"

6304. Nils Netherlands

6305. mario uebleis Austria

6306. J H A Heijmans Netherlands

6307. verstraeten Belgium

6308. Werner Delcon Belgium

6309. Marcel Marra Netherlands

6310. Paul S Netherlands

6311. willemien Netherlands

6312. Roy Meister Netherlands